آنچه در آخرین سفرم به ایران آموخته ام

آنچه در آخرین سفرم به ایران آموخته ام
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

۱ - هیچ گهی نبوده ایم ؛

۲ - هیچ گهی نیستیم ؛

۳ - هیچ گهی نخواهیم بود !

پس لااقل دست از جفتک پرانی برداریم - تا هم خود زندگی‌ کنیم و هم دیگران!


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Iran 2050


by Iran 2050 on

The first thing we need to do is to make ourselves better people. Without that, nothing will change.


Iran 2050

by iamfine on

We, Iranians, like to talk without taking any action in order to solve our problems in Iran. That is why in my last email I mentioned "what did you do for your country lately"

Iran 2050

Bfarahmand, Time will

by Iran 2050 on


Time will resolve some of the problems, and by time, I mean the time that the Fascist IRI regime is dumped, but it won’t resolve ALL the problems. we, as Iranians, need to start changing things within ourselves that led to all this, things like racism, intolerance, thug mentality, “pedar sokhtegi”, ..and things like that.

Until many of us think charlatanism is a form of “zerangi”, we will have these problems. until we think we are some unique “Aryan” chosen people nation, we can never be embraced by the world community. Until we make fun of Arabs, Balouchs, Kurds, Turks, ,,,etc, and we feel glad that we are NOT them, we can never be liked. Until we don’t start teaching our children that all humans are equal (Not teaching them how to be a racist Aryan!), teach them to have manners in public (not just at home), teach them to speak their mind without fear, teach them to be honest in trade, business with others, teach them to be fair with everyone in society, ..etc…we will have these problems.

Once we change those, we can truly become a 21st century nation and people.


Take it easy

by iamfine on

Time will resolve all problems that we currently have in Iran. Iran with all minuses still is a dynamic country. After all, we all are Iranians and it is not fair to make a stupid statement like this. What did you do for your country lately?

Iran 2050

There is no doubt that this

by Iran 2050 on

There is no doubt that this romantic picture that Pahlavi regime painted of Iran as this “unique” land, and this “great Aryan culture”, and this Aryan supremacy BS that they invented was absolutely false. The sad thing is that most Iranians have bought into this propaganda of ultra Fascism Nationalism, and this is devastating for Iran’s future.

We are no better than anyone else, and no one else is better than us. ALL cultures in the worlds are respected, including ours, and all cultures of the world have good and bad things to offer, just like ours.

Nader Vanaki

در باب سخنان گهربار شازده

Nader Vanaki

حالا اینقدر سخت نگیر.  چون توی ترافیک گیر کردی، اسهال گرفتی، گرما اذیتت کرد، در و همسایه تحویلت نگرفتن، جلوی پات گوسفند قربانی نکردن، دلاری هم که بردی اونجا خرج هیچی نشد به جز خورد و خوراک، کفش و لباس هم هرجی دیدی از جنس چینی بود، هیجکس هم به خوشحالی خودت پیدا نکردی، حرفهات هم یه خورده شوت و پوت از آب دراومد و دوستان بهت خندیدن و خلاصه هرچی اِفه اومدی کسی خریدارش نبود، دلیل نمی شه اینقدر زمین و آسمان رو بهم بریزی و ملودرام بیای.

Multiple Personality Disorder

هیچ گُهی نیستیم یعنی،،،

Multiple Personality Disorder


هیچ گُهی نیستیم یعنی هیچ گُهی «مهمی» نیستیم.  یعنی گُه هستیم ولی نه گُه مهمی.  یعنی گُه بودن ما از گُه بودن دیگران مهمتر نیست.  بطور کلی بشریت هیچ گُهِ مهمی نیست.  سغدی میگه:

بنی آدم انواعِ مختلفِ یک گُهند
ولی در آفرینش ز یک پیکرند 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

moment Friends moment

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

MPD jan: I said we have been no GOH ... why do you try to find a ManShoor (Aftabeh) for our history?

MG dear: you're too kind and too good to ever see the dark side of our truth ... I hope that you'll always keep your kindness and goodness.

RedWine jan: in moderation my friend ... only a glass or two every other night. C2H5OH is a poison and a depressant, and I'd be damned not to mention that to good people.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

چند روزی بود که پلکِ چشممان میپرید و قسم که منتظرِ خبرِ خوش بودیم و

به‌‌ به‌‌ ... شازده جان بازگشتت فرخنده بادا ... نبودید،جایتان سبز بود و ذکر و
خیرتان با دوستان .

نیکو باشد که به افتخارِ حضرتِ شازده همین حالا بزن و بکوبی راه انداخته و
بساط عیش و طرب به پا کنیم... شرابِ مخصوصی داریم که به میمنت همچین شبِ خوبی‌
بازش کرده و نوش به خاطرِ گلِ رویِ شما.

سلامت و پاینده باشید .



at least our country is

by IranMarzban on

at least our country is very beautiful




I don't agree with the

by comments on

I don't agree with the third one.

You are so humble Shazdeh:)

Immortal Guard

How come the administrator does not remove this blog?

by Immortal Guard on

How come the administrator does not remove this blog?

Persepolis Hich Gohi Nist

Be Goh Khoraash Marbooti Nist

پرسپولیس هیچ گهی نیست

به گه خوراش مربوطی نیست




Even Jason Robards would have condemned you ,

by jasonrobardas on

for such lack of self esteem  , had he not joined eternity a few  years ago .

Mash Ghasem

گه گیجه تاریخی

Mash Ghasem

گه گیجه تاریخی

چنین است خاستگاه " گه یت "  این "قوم به جان باخته" . میرزای عزیز  هیچگاه از یاد مبر ، سانفرانسیسکو به نام تو زنده بوده ,  است و خواهد بود."ثبت است  در جریده عالم  دوام تو."

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Le temps de dire au revoir

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Thanks dear Mehrban, but I am too tired now - for your welcome, for any welcome. Tired of the past, tired of the present, and really sick and tired of the future.

I have said what I could say, what I should have said. I've paid my dues to god and to man. Right now, I am just too tired for the truth.

Forgive me as I throw away the rest of my Persian tales. They were gnawing on my tired soul like leper wounds. Can't let them get to me anymore - can't let them get to you either - must hide them, must bury them.

I am tired. I am wishing for a tomorrow which can make all my stories and all my feelings, irrelevent. A new day to make the dark black night disappear. Until then, it is better to keep myself busy with the routines, with the fleeting pleasures, with the sweet lies.


Multiple Personality Disorder

گُه بودن ما ریشهء عمیق تاریخی داره

Multiple Personality Disorder

این بر می‌گرده به ٢,٥٠٠ سال پیش که اولین من‌شور برای پاکسازی حقوق گُهی بشر به دستور گُه‌روش کبیر ابداع شد.  البته چند هزار سال پیش از آن هم ما گُهی بودیم ولی هنوز من‌شور نداشتیم.


le temps ne fait rien à l'affaire :)

by Mehrban on