The Problem with Problem-Solvers


The Problem with Problem-Solvers
by Shazde Asdola Mirza

Bacteria in a Petri dish with some food and water would create the above growth-decay (g-d) curve. This type of g-d cycle and its key phases are common to all life forms, small and big. Animals and humans follow the same cycles, even higher “beings” such as stock markets and civilizations.

Human society, unlike the little ignorant bacteria in Petri dish, is multi-faceted and proactive. Although each civilization has gone through the g-d cycle many times, the overall human existence has followed an upward climbing spiral; due to the creative elites and their strength in knowledge transfer, and in “dealing with the problem”.

As long as we live, we are faced with the problems of Growth, Stagnation and Decay. Don’t believe the “Problem-Solvers”, because we are the problem. Revolutionary problem-solvers (who claim to have the final solution, ideology or religion) usually end up destroying entire societies. Look at the Iranian revolution, the Hitler fascism or the Cambodia communism. An ultimate problem-solver becomes an ultimate destroyer, in pursuit of the “final solution”.

Sadly, when we are stuck in one part of the cycle, it is hard to see the bigger picture. The 1970’s Shah Era rapid expansion turned us Iranians cocky and crazy. Everyone was expecting everything, fast! We wanted it now, and we felt that we deserved it all. If it wasn’t there … it was Shah’s fault ... it was America’s fault. So the problem-solvers prescribed revolution.

Now, the Ahmaghi Nutjob decline is causing much depression and dejection among most Iranians. We feel totally trapped, with no way out. Regime lobbies announce that Iran is just about to crash and burn into 100 miserable pieces, if people rise to ask for their basic human rights. So the problem-solvers are prescribing inaction.

We can also learn from the more advanced civilizations. Considering the large number of educated and knowledgeable Iranians, I am hopeful that these dark nights will be soon over. Although some collapse and destruction is inevitable, it can lead to revival; and is definitely better than inaction.

Will a democratic government solve Iran’s problems? No, as long as we live and breathe, we will be the problem! Democracy, free-enterprise and human rights can only open our minds and hands, to be enabled to “deal with the problem”.


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That chart applies to all humanity, FirstDay dear

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

The real issue is not about Iran alone, it is about how to go about the problem of human condition.

Utimate Solutions are proposed by Problem Solvers. Here, I am saying that each of those "ultimate solutions" actually create more gruesome problems.

The best way to "Deal with the Problem" has been found in Open Societies. But even that is not going to "solve" the problem; hopefully, because we are the problem!


Dear SAM: This is a

by firstdayofmylife on

Dear SAM: This is a fascinating topic and does need to be explored in all its ramifications. Given that religious authoritarinism/facism has been  institutionalized in IRI's cultural and political DNA, any action to change the regime or its behavior (reformers) will be faced with severe retaliation as we have seen in the past 33 years.

People in Iran suffer from 'revolution fatigue', however, they also don't have access to free flow of infomration; they are bombarded by propaganda 24/7. Confusion reigns supreme even among  those that are anti-regime but at the same time "good and obedient muslims".

The regime projects dominance and "harness" submissive souls. It knows how to exploit religious undercurrents of masochism and guilt. It knows how to focus people's anger in directions contrary to their own interests.


It is   easier functioning within the religious box they put them in. No need to think or have any feelings towards anything. They direct it all as "God's purpose on earth" and the sheeple follow the dictates without even being aware of them doing so.  This is what makes it so much harder for Iranians who are mostly muslim to rise up against those they have internalized as "their spiritual leaders and protector of their faith". It's complicated to say the least.