by SargordPirouz

When the people at "Fred" advocate war and economic hardship against the people of Iran, this is what war looks like.

When the Admins of feature the war advocacy of Fred on the main page of this site, this is what war looks like.

When the owners of pocket money from a pro-Zionist, pro-war against Iran advertiser, this is what war looks like.

When the Admins of censor dissenting views against the two post per day effort by the "Fred" propagandist effort advocating war and economic hardship against the people of Iran, this is what war looks like.

Take a good long look all you anti-Iran chicken hawks advocating war and economic hardship upon the people of Iran. Take a good long look.

Note: These atrocities were all committed by forces from Fred's "sane world."


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SP read my post

by Agha_Irani on

I don't write about war - I write about the terror that Iranians have been subjected to at the hands of this foul regime - now if you want to call that a war - perhaps genocide would be more accurate - then please go right ahead.

Furthermore note that I differentiate between Iran and the islamo-nazi terrorists - they are not a true representation of Iran - just a dictatorial tyranny that forces its will on the Iranian people - through torture, rape and murder. 



Well Agha...

by SargordPirouz on

Sure, link to photos of civilian victims killed by Iranian military forces in wars Iran started.

Let's see now, when was the last time Iran started a war? Was it Nader Shah in the 18th century? 

Looks like that'll be a problem--photography hadn't been invented yet for that one. 


Doctor M

by SargordPirouz on

I have relatives in Iran, as well. 

You say you have an ID--did you vote in '09?

You say you're anti-war? Great. Are you also anti-sanction?

Regarding the polls, to be sure there are margins of error. But their consistency should tell you something. And your summary dismissal is indicative of bias.

However, being anti-war is the main thing, Doctor M. But realize this: demonization of Iran here in the US goes a long way towards contributing to the hawks' push for war. Don't forget that.


To strike a balance

by Agha_Irani on

I think its only fair that pictures of all the innocent Iranians that have been hanged, shot, tortured, beaten and raped by the ISLAMO-NAZI TERRORIST REGIME should also be shown.  

Sargord is talking about a possible war - it hasn't happened yet.  But the crimes of the  ISLAMO-NAZI TERRORIST REGIME are historical facts and well documented - lets put up some pics of all the innocents murdered at the hands of this terrorist regime to strike a balance between the reality of this grotesque regime and a hypothetical future war.


more for you to record

by behsaba on

while you are recording and preserving everyones accounts i would like you to record these against my name as well...

i would like to go on record as saying that for a country as important as iran and with the circumstances iran is in and has had, the current system is doing very well.

also that contrary to popular belief, the entire iranian population is not made up of the north of tehran and los angeles. there are a few others.

the people that are executed EVERY 8 HOURS are not biscuit-thieves, in fact they are your enemy as well, you just dont know it. anyone who has served on any of irans borders would know what im talking about.

could you also record that its easy enough to whinge and moan "we dont want this, we dont want this" but its harder to put up a suggestion for a proper system that would work better than the current system for iran's benefit and noone elses.


You're right, norooz

by SargordPirouz on

I have jewish friends that are highly critical of Zionism. But then, they don't advocate that residents of occupied Palestine be subjected to war or extreme economic hardship. They advocate a peaceful resolution be fairly applied, and if that means non-Jewish control of the territory, so be it.



by Doctor mohandes on

Repeating the same talking points yet again

so wait. let me ask you this. Would it or should itmatter to someone like me and i am certain there are plenty more like myself. with relatives and immediate families in iran? I have An ID by the way, If you must know.

You or no one else is able to actually and scientifically prove that those polling efforts are really credible. Polls all over the world come with a certain degree of bias and a moderate to major degree of huge margin of error. The "most" in your assertion is one Big variable factor and unless you are conducting a poll every week, You can not Prove that is still the case.

So... So.. What youi need to do first is quit drawing conclusions on the basis of these not-so-reliable information that you have, in the poll format, to paint us into any specific groups, Particulary and intentionally in the one That would necessarily wish for the destrution and mayhem and all the rest of your accusation. That have been repeated so many god damn:) times...

Socially downgraded??? Downgraded?? WHoa there Buddy. Go easy on that one. How do you define being downgraded man? Ha? BY all means please do Explain. Make it absolutely clear what you mean by that and if and when what you bring and present as proof made TOTAL sense THEN You will be in the position to make all the accusations that you are making now, Until then, You are so seriously out of gas Bro,

And one last thing here. If You were paying close attention many of us have been active in turning those pro-war policies into anti-war ones through various Organizations, NIAC being one amongst many. So That is being Taken care of.

JusT remember this. Neither one of us can really Not care about what goes on in iran and just throw up our hands and leave it to them. That just can happen. MAny of us will eventually go back, Virtually all of us have family members in iran.

So. Instead of worrying about What attitudes we have, Start pondering deeply on those other issues, those familial and cultural ties that i mentioned. In hopes of developing a brand spanking new fresh perspective.

George Lopez sends his regards:)



by norooz on

You wrote,   When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews--make no mistake about it."

But there are many Jews who are criticizing Zionism!!! Many Jews are criticizing Israeli actions toward their neighbors and spying, kidnapping, terrorizing, using forged documents, manipulating, bribing, threatening, building underground torture facilities and etc in rest of the world.  

So who is making mistakes? You, or them? Here is one of them.


The reality is that all the three countries, (US, Israel and Iran) that we argue about here have been guilty of crimes in one way or another to certain extends. I prefer to see us improve our thoughts and find a Just and peaceful solutions to the issues so we can see laughter and happiness instead of such images, regardless of one's religion, nationality, ethnicity and etc.

There is a solution to resolve all the issues. There is an expression in Farsi: "Before you stick a nail to others, stick a needle to yourself"  This will change the violence to humanity and self interest to common interest and respect for each others rights, 


How does it matter VPK?

by SargordPirouz on

You don't live there.

Do you have a current Ntional ID?

Did you vote in the last election?

Leave Iran to the Iranians inside Iran. If you care enough, vote in the elction.

If no to all above, contend yourself with what's going on in your adopted settings. There's plenty of improvement needed here, that's for sure. Like for starters anti-war advocacy. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

It matters

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


A GREAT DEAL what we think; and the polling is good for nothing. BTW: We are giving SP way too much attention. Now you see why I did not want him banned? Now he gets attention he never dersrved.



It's funny, this "support" accusation...

by SargordPirouz on

that's so readily bandied about. 

You know, it matters little what ANY of us here think of the IRIG. That's for Iranians inside Iran to decide. And credible polling efforts show that by a wide margin, THEY support their form of governance. Not everybody, to be sure, but most do.

So you folks don't, and have left. Because you don't, you wish for those that do and remain, be subjected to war, destruction and economic hardship? You've been socially downgraded by your own self-exile into a less familiar culture-- so you wish to get back at the country of your origin as a sort of blame-game based on emotion? This is both petty and immoral.

It's just such an attitude that I really wish you people hadn't come to my country.



Mola, I wrote you a post below.

by DelilahNY on

 Could you have a look at it please?

How many Iranians does it take to fit a face on the moon? None. It never quite fits.



by DelilahNY on

 The last time you admitted you were wrong, and hopefully this time you will do the same.

No I did not. But although granted there's always wiggle room for modification of some of the word choice I may have used here today --with me as with anyone-- why would I bother to explain or offer alternatives, or even admit I was wrong if thought I was,  since you told me you're not going to answer me?

How many Iranians does it take to fit a face on the moon? None. It never quite fits.


MOLA - Did you say Martin Luther King?

by Simorgh5555 on

Do you mean Martin Luther King the known Zionist? 

 " You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely 'anti-Zionist.' ...When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews... And what is anti-Zionist? It is the denial to the Jewish people of a fundamental right that we justly claim for the people of Africa and freely accord all other nations of the Globe...When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews--make no mistake about it."


SP, Mola et al,  the

by vildemose on

SP, Mola et al,  the "peace" activists???Hahahah

Priceless...Thank you for the laugh.

Mola Nasredeen

J.S. Happy Martin Luter King's Day

by Mola Nasredeen on


the nonviolent civil rights leader

Who sang:

"We shall

we shall not be removed,

We shall

we shall not be removed"


Simorgh and Mola

by J.S. on

Simorgh: majority of Americans distrust Islam and anything Moooooslem, IMHO. Case in point many suspect thier own comander in chief is a ¨secret mooooslem¨


Mola: last part of your reply you need to mention they want you to ¨keeps on truckin (sic)¨



by Simorgh5555 on

According to Sargord the Islamic Republic and Iran are one and the same thing. They are in-seperable. 

Given that most polls show that most ordinary Americans have supported US military adventures including hostilities with Iran then most Americans are therefore anti-Iranian.

I put this question to Sargord - and I put it to you. How do you feel that your fellow American citizens hate you and would support the bombardment of Iran? 

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

You are a thorn on their sides.

You call it as you see it.

Then the first technique is used against you: "Demonization". It goes as this: "If you can't win in a war of Ideas against your opponents then Demonize them". We see this technique used extensivey in the United States too.

As an American tax payer you have the right to express your opinion about war and peace. You love Iran and Iranians while you love Americans too, you are one.

They don't like it, they'll try to provoke you to get pissed off and leave or get banned and leave. In case you are not distracted by these methods they'd ask the editors of IC to ban you. They always have been local about blocking others. They behave as only they are entitled to have opinion and no one else.

But we know better.


  On Average, One Person

by vildemose on

  On Average, One Person Executed Every Eight Hours in 2011 Iran on “Execution Binge;” Immediate Moratorium Urged

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran



VPK: Agreed. Non of IRI

by vildemose on

VPK: Agreed. Non of IRI supporters on this site should be banned. Their statements and support of IRI should be preserved and documented.


The Islamic regime of Iran

by vildemose on

The Islamic regime of Iran executed Hossein Khezeri

Hussein Khezeri, a Kurdish political prisoner has been reportedly hanged early morning on Saturday January 15, in central prison of Oromeyeh city, West Azarbaijan province. The execution took place in secret without knowledge of his lawyer and his family members.  

Khezeri was sentenced to death on charges of moharebeh (waging war against God). The Iranian regime has said that he was a member of armed opposition groups. In an open letter, published few months ago, Hussein denied all the charges against him. He told the people they made him to accept the charges by torturing him.

Hussein Khezeri was the third political prisoner that was executed in secret for the past three weeks. Khezeri was one of at least 15 political prisoners facing execution on various national security-related charges including moharebeh.

via hooshang tareh-gol:





Hossein Khezri

Political prisoner on deathrow Reports indicate that there is a possibility that Hossein Khezri was transferred to Evin prison for execution! His family heard the news but did not confirm his exact location since they are unaware. There are no legal avenues to take to save his life. Our only option is to raise our voices and send emails to world powers and organizations. TAKE ACTION!


from freedommessenger20




by J.S. on

I reregistered. Been back for a month.

Onlyiran. Rosie pretty much said it all.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Simorgh Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I do not think anyone really thinks SP is for peace. He is simply an IR supporter. Therefore his claims have no credibility. 

There are two threads:

  • The so called claims of SP. They are bogus. He openly condones Iranians selling organs to live. Then sheds crocodile tears over dangers of war.
  • The other is the old "who offended who" thing. I want SP to post. I want all to see and read his claims. SP is his own worst enemy. His words speak for themselves.


Peace Activist Sargord

by Simorgh5555 on

A peace activist who supports the crack down on demonstrators during the uprising of summer 09.

A peace  activist who fails to condemn the bogus trials and executions by the IR because other countries do it as well. 

A peace activist who opposes the questioning of human rights in Iran by  human rights groups


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Please do not associate me with SP. If you don't see the difference between us then you have not paid attention. All I said was that he has a point about war.

I say again: I oppose censorship. I do not see this blog as an attack on Fred. I do see your comment as an attack on me. But I have the decency not to flag it. Nor do I want it removed. Please admin: keep the remark. I want everyone to see the unfairness of it.

Ta mard sokhan nagoftehbashad eibo honarash nahofteh bashad.



by Shepesh on



But "Everybody" this is what war looks like...

by SargordPirouz on

When you advocate war, this is the consequence whether you like it or not.

It's not like the movies. It's not John Wayne. It's not Rambo II or III. It's men, women and children being killed and maimed. It's billions of dollars spent on death and destruction.

You want war? This is what war looks like, fella. 

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Wannabe-Sargord Basiji, I don't know Fred but I assume like

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

any other decent Iranian, he is not advocating death and destruction upon innocent Iranian citizens. Death and destruction upon the IRR regime, their family memebers, their killing machinery IRGC's/basiji, and supporters are universal wishes and totally another story and the more collateral damage incurred by them the better!?

BTW, the images you have posted here are all victims of the crimes committed by the elements of hezbollah and basijis supported by and on the payroll of your Mullah masters in IRR.


Why should pointing out the Fred blog seems to consist of

by SargordPirouz on

multiple users be a flagging offense?

If the Fred entity responded by stating it was only one person, and presented us with any humanly details about their self, naturally I'd cease with the A, B, C, D, Alpha and Beta distinctions. But they don't.

It sure seems to me there's multiple writers involved in that anti-Iran effort, and multiple writers using one username should be the flagging offense (not that I flag, mind you) and not the act of pointing it out.

But hey, the Admins think differently. One set of rules apply for those that adhere to the anti-Iran narrative and another applies to those that don't--that's now perfectly obvious.