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When the people at "Fred" advocate war and economic hardship against the people of Iran, this is what war looks like.

When the Admins of feature the war advocacy of Fred on the main page of this site, this is what war looks like.

When the owners of pocket money from a pro-Zionist, pro-war against Iran advertiser, this is what war looks like.

When the Admins of censor dissenting views against the two post per day effort by the "Fred" propagandist effort advocating war and economic hardship against the people of Iran, this is what war looks like.

Take a good long look all you anti-Iran chicken hawks advocating war and economic hardship upon the people of Iran. Take a good long look.

Note: These atrocities were all committed by forces from Fred's "sane world."


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Mola Nasredeen

Let me

by Mola Nasredeen on

break it to you: Your Zionist responses are worthless. I've heard them all before and it's a bunch BS, period. 

1. You and your team are here to push Israel's line on this Iranian website.

2. We are familiar with your writings and techniques of 'Demonization' and 'Distraction'. You and your tag team that works under FredCo is well known to us.

3. You have used the 'Provocation' technique to eliminate your opponents on this website just like what you've been doing to Palestinians and Lebanes, Syrians, etc, before bombing them.

4. The crimes of Israeli regime is well known throughout the world as it's being committed against all the nations in Middle East (killing innocent Iranian scientists is just one example.

5. Israel is occupying Muslims holy land and 1.5 billion Muslims will fight you till the end of time to get their holy mosque back.

6. Israel better stop while it is ahead and return to 1967 boders and stop bombing, terrorizing other nations in the Middle East.

7. As an American tax payer I am sick and tired of paying for your governments atrocites and feel frustrated by the criminal activities of your beloved government Israel.

Get the hell out of other peoples' land and let them live in PEACE

Stop the misinformation and warmongering propaganda against Iran.



by Simorgh5555 on


 Defamation Islamist style 

"I hope Natenyahu drop an atomic bomb on Iran"

If you can show the thread where I have mentioned the alleged sentence then I will cancel my user name on and contribute to a Palestinian charity of your choice. 

Like most Islamists you spread misinformation and you are calculatingly deceptive. I have supported surgical strikes in order to help assist an Iranian national liberation army or mass movement to overthrow the mullahs.

Your outrageous lie and deliberate misrepresentation of my view point is a vituperative  reaction to your inability to accept that Ayhatollah Khomeini - your beloved Spiritual Leader and former father of your so-called revolution was a perverted child molester. 

Furthermore, your concern for the plight of the Palestinians is totally fake .  Your inability to condemn the gross human violation towards Ahwazi,  Khuzaestani Arabs  and Sunni minorities let alone the rest of the Iranian population demonstrates only the fact that you at best astonishingly ignorant or at worse using Israel as an excuse to vent your Jew hate. 

For every ten Palestinians killed by Israel show the same sympathy to at least ONE of your OWN compatriot who is murdered in their hundreds in Iran every year by the evil regime.  


Mr Nasradeen

by Delavar1 on

Did you know that over the last 1400 years, 270 million innocent human beings were murdered by jihadists? Jihadists like minded to todays Al Qaeda, Hezbollah or what have you similar to your beloved leaders in Republic of Islam in Iran. They destroyed the Christian Middle East and Christian North Africa. It is estimated that upwards of 60 million Christians were slaughtered during this bloody conquest. Also, half the Hindu civilization was annihilated and 80 million Hindus murdered. They also destroyed over 10 million Buddhists. As for the Invasion of Iran by the Jihadists you know the story your self. The story still continues by them not only killing our nation but also raping them in Evin Prison.


 Here is a famous quote from you beloved leader Ayatollah Emam Khomeini: War is a divine blessing, a gift bestowed upon us by God. The cannon's thunder rejuvenates the soul. Emam Khomeini, September 1980.


 The only nation that tried and kept it's culture despite the scope of Jihadist invasion is the Iranian nation and I am proud of that. Even if your Hezbollah rapist regime stays in power for another100 years, Iranians will never submit. We have Cyrus the great and you have Khalkhalies and Shikh Nasrallah as you heroes. Congrats to you.



Loveofliberty: Only if you could apply your logic universally

by Bavafa on

"Simply put, if Hamas didn't want dead children, then they shouldn't have done things that helped put those same children in harm's way"

This would be to justify a thief that comes to your house and in the process rapes your wife and children. Had you not kept your kids in that house, they would not have been raped.

With such logic and passiveness to fight for one's liberty, I would strongly guess that we would still be under the rule of British in America. "Long live the King"


Mola Nasredeen

Don't hide

by Mola Nasredeen on

behind Iranian flag

the star of david

shows already

how do I know?

I know your kind, many readers on Iranian site have exposed your evil intentions for Iranian people. 

Look! Who killed these innocent children?


Were their parents 'Demonized' first and then bombed?

Isn't your plan for Iranian nation?

Look! Israel is a criminal entity and has to be exposed for its crimes against humanity.

Who says so?

The whole world says so, United Nations says so, U.S. presidents say so, human rights organizations say so.

Even the jewish human rights groups who are being rounded inside Israel say so.

Don't you have no shame? You supporters of murderers.  


molla Nasredeen

by Delavar1 on

  Your lies do not work anymore. When you have no logic, you call everybody zionists instead of responding to questions with logic. You have been taking the Iranian nation hostage for the past 32 dark years of post "Islamic revolution", accusing Iranians to be "Zionist spies", "American spies", "communits" , "Monafegin", "Bahais", etc and killing them, stoning and raping them one by one. Did you you that eversince the new year 1 person has been executed for every 8 hours in Iran for being accused and cathegorized as one of the above? have you no shame? You and your leaders in Iran cannot continue this path for much longer. You and your likes namely sarod pirouz are amazing. You keep calling everyone who has a different view than yours and who rejects the terrorist rapist regime in Iran to be either "Zionist" or "anti Iran". So , I guess to you guys the only true Iranains are the ones that support terror, and the Hezbollah regime of Iran? It is interesting that I have been called "Zionist" by you guys , while my Grand Grand father was a Cleric(but a nice peaceful one) in a Village near Gorgan, in Iran. My father a "Toodeyee" before the revolution(but changed in ideology after the Islamist terrorist revolution of 1979), My mother who never cared for politics. Myself being a Moderate Liberal and not consider myself to have any religion; And have been called "Zionist" by you guys for loving Iran.  But you know what? When I think about it I think you maybe right though. I mean you are not far off  in calling me a Zionist. After all King Cyrus was the first Zionist ever accoding to the definition of Zionism which means the "right of Jewish people to return to their homeland if they wished to". According to the Literature "Ever since the Jews were exiled from Israel, during all generations, many Jews aspired to return to their ancestral homeland. They immigrated as singles, in small groups, with or without immigration permits, and requested to live and be buried in their own Land of Israel. The first in the this category was that the Jews returned to the land of Israel  following a decree by the Persian King Cyrus. The term "the Return Zionism" was later on borrowed from this event, and adopted as the definition to all the modern immigrations of Jews to the land of Israel."  King Cyrus the great  also declared the first Charter of Human Rights known to mankind. One interesting thing I just recently read was that Cyrus was even against terrorists of even that era. Quotes from King Cyrus re terrorism: "I did not allow any to terrorize the land of Sumer and Akkad. I kept in view the needs of Babylon and all its sanctuaries to promote their well-being. The citizens of Babylon... I lifted their unbecoming yoke. Their dilapidated dwellings I restored. I put an end to their misfortunes". Therefore I as a staunch supporter  King Cyrus and follower of the true Iranian culture would be considered a "Zionist" if you will. I have no animosity with the Jews or any other Minorities. I fully support the right of any country to exist (including Israel). If that makes me a Zionist in your eyes, then let it be. I have no religion but if I had to choose any, I would choose the "Zoroastrian religion" which is the true religion of my ancestors although I do respect any other religion as long as they are peaceful(including Islam) . As I have mentioned before I fully support the war on terror for the reasons mentioned to you earlier. Todays war on terror is based on self defence, of yourself, your fellow soldiers, your country or your country's civilians, is a perfectly legitimate goal founded not upon inherant evil but on perfectly reasonable human instinct even if it causes unavoidable collateral damage. Self defence, as such, cannot nor can ever be considered "criminal" in a military necessary act motivated by self defence.



by LoverOfLiberty on

Mola Nasredeen"Why don't Israelies revoke the death of the above children?"

Well, arguably so, if Hamas didn't decide to indescriminately fire rockets into southern Israel, then perhaps there wouldn't be any Gaza War deaths of children to revoke.

Simply put, if Hamas didn't want dead children, then they shouldn't have done things that helped put those same children in harm's way.

But, I guess to you, and to some other people here, there is only one side to this story...<<rolls eyes>>


Mola Nasredeen

You can't

by Mola Nasredeen on

revoke what Nazis did to others

and no amount of trickery by Israelies

can revoke the racist criminal nature of Israel.

Why don't Israelies revoke the death of the above children?



by LoverOfLiberty on

Mola Nasredeen: "What regime in the world is designated as a racist regime by the United Nations?"

Actually, UN resolution #3379 in 1975, which equated Zionism with racism, was revoked by UN resolution #4686 in 1991.

So essentially, Israel is not today-nor for the past 20 years or so-supposedly "designated as a racist regime by the United Nations."

But, I guess, why should these facts stand in your way...

Mola Nasredeen

How low?

by Mola Nasredeen on

How inhuman

How racist

How mentally disturbed

one could be

as a supporter of Israel when he declares:

"Israel deliberately kills Palestinians and their children BUT they don't do that that to their own children."

The same Zionist criminal on a different thread Without no shame indicates : "I hope Natenyahu drop an atomic bomb on Iran."

The racist (according to the United Nation) ideology of Zionism has created criminal minded followers such as S5555.

While others who stand up to these atrocities get kicked out of IC, go figure?



by Simorgh5555 on

Which leader of a country writes a book on Islamic jurisprudence stating that sexual intercourse with nine year old is Halal and touching and fondling under nine year olds is acceptable so long as no sexual penetration takes place?

Which leader of a country writes a book condones sex with sex sheep provided the Believer does not eat its flesh and burns the animal afterwards?  

Which leader of a country executes thousands of Iranians after a so-called revolution and orders the purge of prisons without trial in 1987 because he likened his act to the prophet Mohammed? 

Please tell me which one is more acceptable: A disgraced former Israeli President convicted of rape in a country where law and order prevails or a country where Spiritual Leaders are above the law and kill with impunity?

Here is the moral conundrum:  Katsav the Rapist or Khomeini the Paedophile and serial murderer. 

You also missed the point: Israel deliberately kills Palestinians and their children BUT they don't do that that to their own children. Not even animals in the wildlife Kingdom sink so low

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

regime in the world

has a president who

is convicted of being a serial rapist?


What regime in the world is designated as a racist regime by the United Nation


Whose bombs have killed these children above?


Shame on Israel and all her supporters.



by Simorgh5555 on

The point is that Israel has not attacked Iran and the opposite is true with the Islamic Republic funding of Hezbollah, Hamas and Fateh over many years.

Finally, regardless of what you think about Israel it does not savagely beat its OWN people like dogs, hound them in the street, torture and rape them in jails and make them sign false confessions before stringing them up on gallows. If Israelis kill Palestinian children AT LEAST they don't do that to their own children.

If you care about Arabs then talk to the ARAB population of Ahwaz and Khuzestan and ask them what they think about the IR.

You are confused and deluded, Mr Nasrollah.  

Mola Nasredeen

This is what

by Mola Nasredeen on

Israelies are wishing for Iranians

or anybody who stand on their way

These dead children are the result of Israeli bombs



by Simorgh5555 on

We were just discussing Iran's fake support of Palestinians on the Mousavi thread //

The IR is actually the most anti-Arab regime which has ever been unleashed on Iran. The Arab minority of Ahvaz and Khuzestan have been treated with total contempt whilst the hypocritical regime pretends to lend support to the Palestinians. Its rather ironic that the Arab minority in Iran never encountered such institutionalised racism during the Shah. 

The truth is Iran thrives from the existence of Israel and some will argue vise-versa as well. Israel serves as the necessary bogey man by which to demonise and eliminate its political opponents and to use it as an excuse to restore social order and have the people rally around to support the regime when it is under threat from international powers. As the Iran-gate scandal demonstrated, the Mullahs are perfectly willing to deal with Israel for its own survival and the Palestinian struggle for statehood is insincere and a complete complete farce. I actually feel sorry for the Palestinians in this regards - they have been duped alongside the Iranians by the IR and their incompetent leaders.  The fact that simpletons such as Mehdi and Mollah can be succesffuly persuaded to hate Israel notwithstanding far worse problems in Iran is testimony to the successful propaganda campaign the Mullahs have been using on the people of Iran.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Mehdi: I am not going to fight Israel because they are not the problem. We Iranians do not have any issues with them. 

Over 1400 years ago Arabs by military force managed to expand and took a lot of land. Now things are defend Israel is back and powerful. They will defend their nation. I support their right to exist. They have the same right as anyone. Why was is right for Arabs to take al those nations and force them into Islam. If that was right then Israel is also right. They took back their land and are not giving it back. Get use to it or take Simorgh advise. You are welcome to risk yourself for Palestine but I won't risk mine.

Iran is not the guardian of Arabs and owes them nothing. 



by Simorgh5555 on

Go ahead and try. The fact is Israel is armed to the hilt with more nuclear arsenal than any Middle Eastern and Asian country in the hemisphere after China. When you do advocate a war with Israel and risk the annihilation of Iran then ask what it was for? For Iran - a country which never had a bone to pick with Israel territorially, historically or culturally or do you fight for Palestine? If you want to die for Palestine. Go right ahead. Just leave the Iranian people out. 


Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

Let's get rid of it!

Thank you! 


Roozbeh Gilani / vildemose

by norooz on

Actually, the extra "t" that Mula Nasriddin used is correct. It is to emphasize the word "Khodeti". It is like when you say "Borro"  VS "Boro".  In other words by saying Khodetti or Borro, one is really saying "Khar khodeti".   Instead of using the word "Khar"  an extra "t" or "r" is used.  One must really be an Iranian and know Farsi very good to understand these details. They are not in text books. They must be in your blood.  These details tell me where a commentator is from.  

Mola Nasredeen

"Demonization" at work again, Technique # 1 from the handbook

by Mola Nasredeen on

for Zionist activists

but what's your answer

to the dead children above?

Planned and excuted by Israeli army

Israeli generals who have warrants for their arrest by many European countries.

Look at the Israeli government, ex presidents charged with taking bribe or convicted of rape,

Generals charged with land grab, war crimes or genocide, ministers charged for corruption.

This is the country that you Zionists represent here, you represent the most hated county in the world, Israel.

Who says so? Go to any news site today and it's there. Read their pages about Middle East and you see it every day. 

You can fool


of the people


of the time

But we Iranians are nobody's fool

We are an ancient nation

We are a wise nation

We will prevail. 


Good Catch Roozbeh jan

by vildemose on

the emphasise on "t" gave the game away, go ask your hamdlers for a lesson in advanced farsi ,"akhi") LOL 



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Sweet accent! Is it south lebanon or Gazan? LOL

(the emphasise on "t" gave the game away, go ask your hamdlers for a lesson in advanced farsi ,"akhi") LOL 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

I see

the star of David



the Iranian flag.



Molla Nasredeen

by Delavar1 on

 Supporting the war on terror has nothing to do with supporting Zionism, communism , Imperialism , Hinduism or any other type of "ism". Today you also have Islamic countries that wage war on terror. Examples include Pakistan. For your information your beloved Republic of Islam also accused all Bahaies in Iran whether chidren, adults , man or woman, old or young to be "Zionists" and has been exeuting them one by one.This terrorist Islamist regime that you have fallen in love with  has raped, stoned to death, tortured and maimed numerous Iranians since it's existance 32 years ago.

But listen,even your enemy that is us the true Iranian nation despite all your vicious attempts to terrorize them, rape and torture them , stone them to death, certainly enjoy infinitely more emotionaly than terrorist Hezbollahies.  Despite all of your efforts for the past 1500 years Iranians will stay Iranian , and guess what, the Persian Gulf remains persian, King Cyrus will always be a legend.

Make no mistake about it. You are nothing but a prisoner!  You don't have the freedom to leave the cult of republic of Islam and Hezbollah , Hamas and Al Qaeda even if you had the dignity, integrity and self-respect to do so.  Do you know that your prayers go unanswered?  Do you know that strapping dynamite to your chest or on to the chest of your 12 year old son will send neither of you to Paradise to hump an endless stream of virgins?  All the bogus promises of an Islamic Heaven filled with young virgins (both little girls AND little boys) should be an insult to any sane human intelligence.  By the way, when was the last time an Islamic cleric, mullah, or a fat pedophile rapist of Evin Prison ever volunteered to blow HIMSELF up?  Believe me, THEY are a lot smarter than you!!!

The cult you worship was a cult Hezbollah and Al Qaeda created by the psychopaths and spread in all directions by his gangs of like-minded freaks bent on plunder, murder, vandalism, mayhem, rape and pillage. Is THIS what makes you a proud Hezbollahy?

Why not unload this heavy baggage and become a good Iranian citizen like most proud persians... or, at the very least, ACT AS ONE.   Our true Iranian culture preach love, compassion, compromise and justice... not Jihad, Holy War and suicidal martyrdom.   Within a generation or two your progeny will thank you.

Mola Nasredeen

There's only one

by Mola Nasredeen on

terrorist regime in the Middle East and that regime is the racist criminal regime of Israel.

The ones who support killing little childern in the name of fighting terrorists are accomplices of terrorist regime of Israel. Unfortunately for the rest of Iranian dotcom readers, Zionists supporters have found a safe home here.


Re war on terror

by Delavar1 on

The unfortunate fact is that you cannot fight a war without causing collateral damage, at least not with today's technology. And fighting a war to win is not an evil act. Churchill did it, George Washington did it. These men are considered national heros. Yet they all caused collateral damage. One might say that there is no difference between those who wage a war on terror and the the Islamist terrorists themselves since the end results is the same(i,e civilian death). No matter how precise you want to be in war against terror, there is always civilian casulaty. However I think there is a huge difference between the 2 cases discussed. Fighting on terror is with the intention of killing only the terrorits but the sad thing is the civilian casuallty and collaterral damage no matter how how sugical your strikes maybe. It is always the bast thing to avoid wars by trying to compromisewith your enemy but , how can anyone compromise with let's say Hezbollah and the rest of the Islamists including the mullahs running our country?

I actually support the war on terror since sometimes there is no alternative but war. Imagine the Nazi Germany during WW2. So many civilians died in the war against Hitler by the allied Forces. Churchill ordered the bombing of Dresden which it turned out had almost no military valueThe end result was Liberation. . Could we have avoided WW2? I believe not.  Washington ordered artillary strikes near his own civilian's homes knowing that a few of them would almost certainly be hit.

Todays America, Russia and Israel Phillipins  or any other's war on terror resulting in civilian casualty is not because they were evil people who took some sadistic pleasure in killing civilians but it is because they try to defend themselves, their fellow soldiers, their country and  civilians from the threat of terrorism.

On the other hand terrorism and murder is killing somebody with intent to cause grevious bodily harm. A terrorist regime such as republic of Islam in Iran is an example where the Iranian civilians and potitical prisoners have been subjected to rape, torture, executions, stonings and hangings for the past 30 dark years of post Islamist terrorist revolution. so terrorists such as Islamists are a level well beyond normal criminals.


dear all god-fearing, free-thinking, self-valuing Iranians,

by merlin on

here's something markedly different than the anti-Iranian, anti-patriarchal, corrupting, perverting, valueless and so on messages that usually appear in this domain that is run by enemies of its audience, in opposition of its audience wittingly or otherwise. have you ever wondered why, with supposedly almost a million members in this powerful nation, the Iranian community lacks even an iota of political power or influence? further, why are Iran's enemies so powerful in contrast that they seemingly direct the minds, values and behavior of Iranians here and abroad in opposing and destroying almost everything that is inherently and naturally desirable: self-determination, rule of Iran by Iranians, pride, dignity, freedom, our traditional cultures and values that are unrivaled in beauty and power? some of your neighbors literally cheer in your face and pat themselves on the back for the boasted murders of your tribes' scientists and educators. are your people too primitive or base to pursue knowledge and application of nuclear technology? no, clearly, what this tyranny fears is the start of an even playing field. their leashed media boasts daily about bombing and killing entire families waking up for school, work and general service of their communities. this is absolute terrorism. they dont want peace on even terms they want absolute control and power over every aspect of your existence. while they have countless ICBM packed with nuclear warheads, a fine gift from american taxpayers, they propogate propaganda and more destructive attacks against iran for setting up a centrifuge. they fear justice. these are complex issues but realizing that the national community has absolutely no authentic counsel is a good start. The PAAIA is financed by enemies and opponents of Iranians' natural interests. the rosenberg foundation is a good example.


by merlin on

the character known as MLK was a zionist political and social tool


thank pirouz for addressing some truth

by merlin on

almost every element of this sight is rancidly anti-Iranian! a more realistic tagline for this domain would be "nothing iranian is sacred" or "nothing is sacred besides israel and related interests."


Re War on terror

by Delavar1 on

please see the revised version