Persian Gulf Bilboard in Toronto a patriotic act

Persian Gulf Bilboard in Toronto a patriotic act
by Saead Soltanpour

thanks to Zena shekar abi who is making money from Iranian and spending some of it for the right cause .

it is good other real estate brokers learn too.

such as Manada motamedi who got $ 90,000 for the commision from Khavari;s house sell in one deal plus some from other deals with Khavari in the past, too.

and no opology yetf rom the Iranian Canadian Community .

درورد بر خانم شکرابی که اقلا از درامدهایی که از کار با ایرانی ها در تهیه وام بدست می اورد بخشی از انرا خرج این بیبل بورد در خیابان یانگ در قلب منطقه ایرانیها کرده است ./

امیدوارم مشاروان املاک هم از هانم شکر ابی یاد بگیرند و بخشی از سودهای سرشارشان را که از قبل مشتریان ایرانی بدست می اورند در راه عزت جامعه ایرانی در کانادا هزینه کنند

جامعه ایرانی انها را فراموش نخواهد کرد

نمونه ان خانم ماندانا معتمدی که از محل کمیسیون خرید خانه خاوری رقمی برابر با 90 هزار دلار بدست اورد دریغ از یک معذرت خواهی از جامعه ایرانی کانادایی

بخاظر همکار ی با عارتگران سرمایه های مردم ایران


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So What?

by ghalam-doon on

While we are facing so many problems, this person has wasted good money to erect a meaningless slogan in public view.

Instead, she could use her money to put up a slogan that might wake-up the politicians both in Ottawa and Washington.

How about "sanctions are not only hurting Iranian people but also they are a ploy by the West to confront the brutal Iranian regime in its geopolitical war in the region. The won't lead to a free and prosperous Iran. They just make some people rich."

Too long or too intelligent for this person?

Soosan Khanoom

It is NOT Bound ... It is James Bound ..

by Soosan Khanoom on

Ok ..Ok ...Sorry ... couldn't help it !

: ))))) 

Mohammad Ala

Thanks for sharing.

by Mohammad Ala on

Mr. Soltanpour, thank you for sharing this about our beloved Persian Gulf.  We have proved that it is not about just the name of Persian Gulf, it is about our heritage.  Thanks.