An Open Question to Zion: Why HERE?


rosie is roxy is roshan
by rosie is roxy is roshan

Yesterday, following Zion’s blog announcing the ceasefire in Gaza, I asked Zion twice why she had chosen this forum to participate on, once on that same blog and once on a different blog. Hajminator replied to me, mistakenly thinking I was suggesting Zion should leave. I wish to repost Haj’s post to me followed by my reply to him for the forum as an open question to Zion.

Hajminator wrote me: Yes, Rosie,

Thanks to noiZ, I read two good books: The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World - Avi Shlaïm, and Holocaust is Over - Avraham Burg

By her presence, if one can better understand her intentions and that she can spark such reactions among bloggers. So let it be, let her be here and help us find something we wouldn't search for otherwise.

My reply to Haj (with minor editing changes):

To Haj re Zion, I would be the last person in the world to...

suggest Zion (or anyone else) leave. Over and over when people have asked me do you defend her I've said, not her ideology but her right to be here and be moderated completely equitably (as you know). Over and over I said, if you don't like what Zion says you have three choices: debate, ignore or defuse (you know post a funny video clip, that kiind of thing..).

The question I asked on this thread and her ceasefire blog, Why are you here Zion ,is to be taken 100% literally. It does NOT mean go away, it means Why are you HERE? She winds up dominating every single discussion on Gaza and she attributes agendas to people the way Girl Scouts sell cookies. So she dominates and agendaizes, so I would like to know her agenda, or more specifically the rationale for her choosing to execute it here.

The question was first articulated to me by another poster comparing my rationale for being here which is transparent (I am a Persophile) with hers which is inscrutable. Does Zion really think for instance that this site is a hotbed of Islamic radicalism. Does she not understand that the volatile polarized language here all the time about mullah-licking Ommati Hebolaahi is a "family thing" that ultimately reduces to the question of "By what means and within what time frame do you suggest the IRI be changed into a secular democracy?" And that only the most deluded paranoiacs do not know this deep inside?

Why do I suddenly bring this why here Zion issue up now? Well, first of all that goldfish struck a chord. Second of all that comment here yesterday of Zion's about "tribal primitivism" of the people on this thread reminded me of the utter contempt in which she holds many Iranians, and that ceasefire blog simply chilled me to the bone. Not one iota of compassion for human suffering, not one. ALL IT DID WAS IMPUTE AGENDAS AND GLOAT. I am still shocked by the coldness of the wording,. So what is the rationale behind our being chosen as the lucky beneficiaries of such lovely words and agend-"exposing"? Why here? Why i.c..?

At the same time, yes Haj, I know Zion is an excellent source and serves an important function here (although gone way overboard through other people's collusion in incessantly engaging her...) and can at times be stunningly compassionate, as in her comment o the thread of DK's video on Arab/Israeli reconciliation.

Anyway, for anyone who's reading this who thinks for a second Zion's rationale for being here is she is an Israeli agent of some sort is falling into the thralls of the Iranian National Disease: paranoia. If that woman is an Israeli agent I am the Twelfth Iman. She has done more on this site to inculcate disgust and repulsion for Israel than the massacres themselves, as well as to fan the flames of anti-Semitism from people and in places I'd never imagined possible. Flames I've gottne singed by myself, an innocent by-stander. That compassionate ceasefire blog sure helped. Way to go Zion.

Zion, when you are displaying this particular side of your personality: you spread anti-Semtism the way an eagle spreads its wings. proudly, sweepingly and.. .

with a bird brain.

So...why here, Zion, why here?

Whether you answer me or not, whether you even know why or not you're here, I continue to defend your right to stay and be moderated by exactly the same standards as anyone else, and will continue to get sh-t thrown into my face for it no doubt... and will continue to wipe it off as usual. and procede

Rosie .




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Souri Jan

by Hajminator on

Believe me I do not hate the person who uses the avatar Zion. I even find that what she says makes sometimes a lot of sense. In the past she had unfortunately taken radical positions about her standings and outraged everyone who disagreed with her. I am one of those.

I accepted that, everyone in this world ain't an angel or my mate or everything you want. But, when it came to what happened in her country she furiously defended EVERY bad actions and massacres.

I didn’t tolerate this, in one hand she stands for human rights in Iran and calls for democracy in Iran. In the other, she doesn't condemn atrocities that she frenetically condemns in Iran. Can you tell me why, or how do you analysis this behavior?

I once understood that it's because of her love to her nation and that by accusing these actions she will be judged or think that she’ll betray her country Israel.

That was fine to me, but THEN she wrote a Blog of enchantment about the end of these atrocities. Please go and read it yourself.
I really believe that her reaction is nothing less than racism as I mentioned it earlier in this blog.

Now, my question is: would you believe a racist who openly says she ain't Iranian but she loves democracy in Iran.

In chieh akheh, shoma beguid?



by Yachov on

At least she didn't start a blog called "Does Zion have the right to exist?"


Dear Hajminator

by Souri on

Everything you said there is right, but don't apply to the subject of my letter. You hate Zion, you call her efriteh, she called you names....and so on. I am disappointed, I am outraged, I am sad about all this, but didn't say anything to you (I'd already told Zion about her bad way twice)

All this is called: Hate ! Rosie, is a good member of the site who is against the hate speech, yet unknowing to herself, she add fuel to the fire. 

My letter is all about this. 

What you are talking about is the subject of another discussion. Yes, I do agree with what Sadi said, but did Sadi go up to the end of this philosophy ? Where does all this hate speech will lead us ?

Please dear, believe in my respect for yourself and don't think I'm defending Zion's behavior. She is also wrong in my opinion and she is well aware of this.


Artificial Intelligence

Dear Cyrus

by Artificial Intelligence on

I think laws banning hate speech or speech about Holocaust denial are stupid. Look which countries have them? France for example, a country that also bans Muslim Head scarfs in school; a country with 10 million Muslims. I like and follow the American First Amendment jurisprudence. I hope this answers your question.

And Rosie, I will follow my own advice and ignore your statements to me. You are acting like a Yenteh. A bad Yenteh. No one here asked for your mediation services and as far as I remember your moderating privileges were taken away the last time you tried ago at this type of behavior. Here, you only managed to expose your die hard liberal anti Israeli views and fan the fire of hate directed at Zion from her blogging enemies as evidenced below.  




by Hajminator on

‫اینجا سؤال از رفتار شنیع مخاطب این بلاگ است.

همانطور که میدانید ‫ناصر خسرو در این باب میگوید:
بدان که هر چه بکشتی ز نیک و بد فرد       ببایدت همه ناکام و کام پاک درود

‫و همینطور سنائی
این سخن حق است و حق زی مرد حق گستر برند  هر چه کاری بدروی و هر چه گویی بشنوی

‫و سعدی
چو دشنام گویی، دعا نشنوی         به جز کشته خویشتن ندروی

‫در آخر حافظ میگه
هر کسی آن دِرَوَد عاقبت کار که کشت



by Souri on

My logic is : If someone (Zion) does a WRONG thing, this should not be a reason for others to follow them. What is worng, is wrong. Never mind if someohe did it before or not.

As Hafiz said :

eibe darvish o tavangar be kam o bish bad ast

kaar e bad, maslehat aan ast ke motlagh nakonim


An open letter to Souri

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

Hi Souri;

I am turning the table on you. Zion is questioning everyone's motive and existence on this blog and when Rosi asks her a question she conveniently decides to ignore her ?
Where do you get your logic? LOL


Open letter to Rosie

by Souri on

Dear, let me tell you something as an observer:

The core of this actual problem is not Zion, but it is you.

You asked Zion a question as to "Why she is here" , she didn't reply.

You asked her the same question for the second time in another blog, and she again remained silent. What this mean to you ? To me and all others, it means that zion doesn't want to answer this question, which is her absolute right !! Do you agree with this or not ?

Then why you blog about it and bring this question as the title of your blog? What's the purpose of doing this ? Humiliating someone ?

You know I don't agree with Zion's view, neither I do agree with her way of talking to the people here. But leave aside Zion's manner, we are talking about you and your act and your part of responsibility for all this mess.

You blog a question you had already asked her, and she never replied to. Why ? Why do you think that if you blog it, this time she will come here and explain why she is here ? Why do you think that you have a right to do this ?

You are deliberately attacking a personal freedom, are you aware of this ?

You don't agree with zion, you have been ashamed of her blog of cease fire, then say it. Confront her about her view and her opinion.

What you did to her, was absolutely wrong. Then you get mad at her when she thanks Mehdi ? You say : I have always spoke for you, remember there and here and there..........etc. 

What did you mean by this ? Are you aware of your real intention, yourself ? What did you expect from Zion? That she comes here and thank you for having asked this question as a blog ?

Do  you think that now, especially now, is a time of blogging about ONE PARTICULAR member ? What has gone for DK, was already wrong and painful. What is this tendency to write a blog about ONE person here, recently ? Is that a new fashion ? Is it a new model of freedom of speech ? Is it human, after all ?

What is this ?

For my part, I'm tired of all this. Like Nazy said in her blog, I am disgusted. Yet, I don't believe there is too much HATE in here, but too much ANGER. 

People (You especially) do not think about the sensitivity of the others. They don't realize that, behind EACH AVATAR, there's a PERSON. A human being. They open their mouth to say anything that comes to their mind, just to have the last word and to show that they are BRIGHTER than others !!! DISGUSTING.......

You, think you are a MEDIATOR, but dear, you are not. You are a very good person but here in this site, you act as a boll shitter !!

Sorry for being direct but this is exactly what you do here. You go trough all the BS and shake them, while sometimes it is not needed.

They say I am a BS detector  in this site, but I never took the advantage of this "Position" to claim myself as a MEDIATOR !!!

Why you think you are one ? Let people be the judge !! Let them tell you what they think about your acts. 

You are doing too much my dear. You are almost in every blog and talking with everybody, and even reply to the people who say their post have been deleted ! You act as one of the staff, saying to them to report the exact problem then you will talk about that with JJ ?????? And this, in the middle of a hot discussion where you are the main subject ?

Who you think you are Rosie ? I am not asking you why you are here, but really why you think you are who you think you are ?

Let people breathe a bit. We are tired of all this mess. All these discussion between ex-friends and who is right and who is wrong.

Don't bring people's names in your blogs. Stay general. Stop this pointing out people in  your posts, talking about what they did and what they said was right or wrong. Don't take side. Just be yourself.

My post was too long, I am sorry about that.



Farhad Kashani

Zion, Don't let these

by Farhad Kashani on


Don't let these brainwashed Islamist Socialists get to you. They ask you why you're here, where infact, someone needs to ask them why they're here!!!

Zion, you stand with the people of Iran, and thats all it matters. You and I are well aware that most Iranians share your views.

Keep up the good work and we will always have your back.



wooooooow rosie !

by Ameerah (not verified) on

what's matter with you rosie ? you did the same thing to nadia, a good blogger,you kept harassing her till you pushed her she barely says something or writes a blog.happy now! now it's zion's!
what's wrong with you?it's of NO concern to you really why zion is here.the real question is why are YOU here on community? ha?
shame on you and others who add fuel to the fire of hate.are you looking for attention?this is a sick way of getting it.just sick and disgusting.

Zion, i support are more IRANIAN than some of these phony characters.



by Zion on

I know this is a question of AI, but since I am sort of embedded in the context I'll give you my answer if you don't mind.
I'm not sure this is what happens in Canada, I don't know, but I don't think so. Anyways there are such laws in certain European countries. I totally agree with you. I think this kind of "law" to imprison Holocaust deniers is stupid, wrong and counter productive. It only gives ammunition to the likes of you here and there. It is much better to let them spew their shit and get responses. This way, the memory of Holocaust is not only kept alive, not only people are made aware of all the horrendous details, but it will be done in a manner that is not a cliche, and it will take any excuse away from the walking anti-semite jerks who say such things and exposes them as walking and talking filthy stinking garbage that they are.

I hope this helps.


OK Robin.

by Zion on

I had intended to ignore you until you come to your senses, to prevent you from making a greater fool of yourself than you have already done here. But that is all over now. You want an answer, you'll get one. It is about the blog? Fine. I'll analyze that blog line by line:

Well It's Over Folks, and Thank You
by Zion
Sorry to disappoint a particular group of people right at the beginning, but this is not what you think. :-)

Analysis: This is not about me saying goodbye or quitting. It is about something completely different.

I am talking about Israel's unilateral ceasefire.

Analysis: That is what this is going to be about.

Israel has done what she needed to do and now has reached the assessment that the main military objectives are met on the ground.

Analysis: A statement of facts. one might as well have heard this in a news bulletin.

So on 2 am local time Israel will unilaterally end the military operation and declare a cease fire.

Analysis: Ditto.

the Hamas thug cowards will as before escalate their rocket assaults in the last hours, now that they know Israel has finished her military offensive, in their usual vain attempts to save face in the last minute, to pose as if they had coerced Israel out and thus to declare their usual "victory" cries for their minions and useful sympathizers around the globe.

Analysis: A viable prediction, based on previous conduct of Hamas. Actually corroborated a few hours later.

If Hamas doesn't do something really stupid this time around, which is most improbable given their track record of cowardice, this is over.

Analysis: Ditto

I just wanted to thank all the self-declared "bleeding heart universalist" folks whose efforts had exactly zero impact on the way this war was fought and was later declared finished.

Analysis: Pretty much a fact. Could be debated, but given the official lack of any significant reaction from any major power [or minor ones including IRI for that matter] except for some usual rhetoric, it is a fair assessment. A bunch of demonstrations here and there could not have been a factor in Israeli decision making processes.

I thank them because through their loud "efforts" they managed to reveal for the rest of us a lot more than they probably realized themselves about where their true alliances lie and what were the true ideological reasons behind all the loud noise they have made these past few days.

Analysis: Let's see...We have seen clear and outright defense of Hamas and Hizballah, and a denial of any rights for Israel to exist by people who shed tears for "Palestine". We have seen calls for sanctions on Israel from the exact same crowd who renounced and still do renounce any kind of sanction on IRI for "humanitarian reasons" as an excuses. We have seen the people who denounced any call for regime change in Iran as idealism, non-realism or imperialism asking to change not just Israeli policy but the entire state of Israel to something different. We have seen vicious attacks on anyone who dared disagree with this group, even when they criticized Israel, vicious attacks on anyone who also denounced Hamas, vicious attacks even on students in Iranian universities who risked a lot by speaking against Hamas, vicious attacks on respected contributors of this site, all forms of anti-semitic libels and personal attacks. What is more, almost all of the above cases have been met by the enthusiastic support of the rest of this crowd. I'd say these people did indeed reveal a lot about their real motives and character to a lot of people reading their stuff.

So thank you and we are looking forward to witnessing more of you come out of the closet.

Analysis: A bit sarcastic, but honest. I do appreciate further chances to get to the bottom of these kinds of motives and revealing behavior. It exposes the future attempts to cover this kind of ideological stance under the guise of "humanitarian concerns".

Way to go Israel.

Analysis: Kudos to Israel For defending her citizens. For having learned from the mistakes of the Lebanon war, for not falling into propaganda traps by not beginning with high emotional rhetoric, for its adaptability, for its countless efforts to gather intelligence and use surgical strikes against terrorists, for informing Gaza inhabitants of impending attacks in various ways, in trying to minimize civilian death while maximizing destruction inflected on Hamas, and for killing a number of high Hamas officials responsible for a lot of crimes. Some might still disagree with some of these facts, I however know them to be true, and what is relevant here, have been stating them as my belief many times before.

That is it. You got your response from me. I hope it helps you in your dilemma.

Now pay attention Robin. Pay close attention please. I don't want to hear anything else from you addressed to me, no explanation, justification, admonition, depictions of your inner struggles or any kind of apologies from you. Nothing.

Make sure you understand this clearly. I'll say it only once:

Do not speak to me ever again.


Freedom of speach

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

Artificial Intelligence writes in support of Zion:

(If you don't like Zion or her blogs, don't read it.)

To that I have this to offer. A German immigrant in Canada named Art Zundel was debating whether it is true that 6 million Jews perished by the Nazi in the camps. He was imprisoned and later deported back to Germany.

So by the same logic AI uses this German guy had every right to enjoy freedom of speech.

Artificial Intelligence; what do you have to say about that ?

rosie is roxy is roshan

Zion, I had to go through this. I am not in the habit of

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

talking about other people in public in the third person as though they were in a Petrie dish. But that blog and your CONTINUED DEFENSE OF IT created a reactioni in me that was..uncontrollable..and I had to work these things out in my head and my heart RIGHT HERE ON THIS THREAD in front of you with other people until I could come to terms with the situation.

My strrategy won't be to denounce you to others and remind them how...damaged you are and how...lost you'll be to say it directly to you.

This illness...this illness..we've inhertied...from our tormented history...can I tell you something REALLY AWFYL ZION..for ALL the work I've done here getting people to STOP comparing the Israelis to the Nazis..

when I read the coldness...the coldness..of that blog of you know what I thought?


And here's the thing Zion. You're not LIKE that all the time. You ween't like that when yo watched DK's video Strangers.

Can't you just say I LIKE the person who loved DK's movie MORE than the person who wrote that blog and I want to be the FIRST person MORE of the time?

Or do you not see that those two people are completely different? Do you TRULY not understand that that blog you wrote is WRONG?

I have ALWAYS been sympathetic to your and everyone else's grievance in this conflict.


You're a very intelligent person. You wrote about integers and decimal points elsewhere Zion.




You write ONE blog, ONE blog like that for a ceasefire, and it discredits EVERY SINGLE THING YOU EVER SAID ABOUT THE ROCKETS< THE THUGS, THE HISTORY OF ATTACKS..

and do you know why it discredits it Zion.

Because that the blog..of a sadist.

And nobody trusts a sadist. 


Laylah tov




by Zion on



Sorry Q

by Zion on

These are documented instances of this. No conspiracy here. Only a bunch of lovely moderators with a little tiny bit of agenda. That's all.

[To moderators: No disrespect intended, no need for a notice. Please. Told you before, I've learned my lesson. :-) I'm just trying to relay a point to Q. OK?]

[BTW, Sure is nice to be a "saint". You can say anything and the only people who would ever dare respond to you and remark on your hypocrisy* would by definition be "sick". ;-)]

*like these:
'the blogger was congratulating herself on her ideological benefactors’ victory over poor, hungry, and defenseless civilians and children'

as if Hamas (target of Israel's military operations) does not even exist or is comprised of "poor, hungry and defenseless civilians" over whom a victory had to be declared. Very "saintly".

rosie is roxy is roshan

PS To clarify,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

when she says HORRIIC things I will get ANGRY at the WORDS and I will BRIEFLY denounce her. I will no longer assume a mediator role. I will DENOUNCE and I will be angry at the WORDS.

But I will be sad...for her. And for my people who are so...sick. So..sick.

ANd I will REMIND people when I angrily denounce her outrageous words that they have to remember that we haven't overcome our tragic history and that the pus we spread is the same pus from the same wound that was inflicted upo us by Europe.

That is to say, that upo n humanity bu itself.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Q, to write something like that post of Zion's I reposted in

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

my last long post below to NAZY KAVIANI is SICK.


It's borderline psychotic.

Agreed. There is the troublesome question of the PSYCHOPATHIC element. To be a PSYCOPATH means to have NO GUILT but to have a very clear (often far clearer than most ordinry people's) grasp of consensus realtiy, which hence the individual is able to manipulate for their own perceived needs, which are power and pleasure ones, NO OTHERS. Being a psycopath (or soicopath) is very problematic for psychiatry and any reformative penal system because it IS a mental illness but it maifests as a LACK OF CONSCIENCE, ie NO GUILT, and...essentially the acts of these peopel are what in theological terms are called "evil."

To be psychotic means to have not a firm grasp on the consensus reality. To be delusional is somewhere in-between having a good grasp on consensus reality and say...thinking you're Napoleon. The delusional person doesn't think (s)he's Napoleon so she knows she's Jane Smith but she thinks her mud pie business will become an EEEEEEEEEEEEMPIRE.

Zzion is SEVERELY delusional...this attack on Nazi is...borderline...borderline..psychotic. At the same time there are these psychopathic tratis as well, the lack of sense of guilt.

However when Zion for example REPOSTS her disgustingly offensive "ceasefire" blog tto the SAME POPULATION she has degraded in it as proof of her "innocence" from blame...what ccan one say?

What can one think?

And msot importantly I thnk for the purposes of this forum, what cn one DO? And what SHOULD one do about this Zion "phenomenon." (Because not I or not anyone else here who views her as primarily SICK, ddeply ILL, can cure her in a world of boxes and pixels on a screen.

And I agree with you. For the purposes of the forum she DOES do good. Hajminator talked about her good sourcces. She doesprove our diversity and inclusiveness. She does give people who wouldn never have one an opprortunity to undertand this psyche (WHICH IS THE FUNDAMENTAL ISRAELI PSYCHE--oh btw I do believe Zion actually DOES live in Israel..I didn't think so but I have my reasons now to suspect..). She IS a reductio ad absurdum of her ideas. She HAS an inalienable right to stay within a democracy. And so on.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut...huge but...

the extent to which she has become THE centerpiece of ALL discussions on Gaza is just...a bit too much. It has defocused some of us from doing more productive things, liek the kind of discussion that started on Arash's blog, which is leading to serious consideration of should there be boycott, sanction, what realistically are the long-term possible prognoses for Is/Pal, in other words, WHERE ARE WE REALLY, where could and should be FEASIBLY be going, and what should we AND shouldn't we do to get there. We will differ as individuals but such productive debate will help us as individuals to clarify our particular vision and role.

So I think this has to be born in mind. Zion CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO BE THE CENTERPIECE OF EVERY SINGLE DISCUSSION ON IS/PAL. The REASON why Arash even GOT to write his new blog in response to his first one is BECAUSE I DECLARED THAT BLGG A DMZ WITH NO FIGHITNG SO EVERYONE JUST IGNORED ZION.

My decision from today will be to debate Zion AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE because she is THOROUHLY undebatable because delusional and to foucs when necessary on reminding people of this, and also that it is the Israeli National Disease and the disease of no small few Jews in general, and must be understood as such, as an illness. An illness the effects of which are to be combatted by any means necessary, but which should never be forgotten. Thtat will be my strategy which I have decided through the discussion on this blog. It will be fluid and subject to change over time as all things are.

You must find a strategy too. Perhaps your strategy is debate to expose the fallacies of the ridiculous arguments, but not debate TOO much like you used to for days on end last year before you realized whaat she's really like, perhaps that will be your strategy fluid and subject to change over time as all things are.

The point is, every single conscientious person on this website MUST havee a STRATEGY for dealing with the Zion "phenomnon."

PS I think your analysis of why she's here is brilliant. She hoped to be able to convert certain people who displayed affinities with Aryanism or yltra-Shaahism or simply reactions to IRI leading to a kind of "isolatinism" (like David, Irranian concerns are Iranian concerns only...) into her kind of rabid Zionism and anti-Arabism.

I can't think of one single solitary convert she's won here. Not a one. You should be proud of your hamvatans for that Q. REAL proud.



Zion, of course, it's all about YOU!

by Q on

I'm sure the site operators sit around making sure they can save face on your account, constantly scheming to disprove your "theories" about them.

It's a conspiracy. Everyone spends all they thinking how they can best screw you without getting caught!!!

How full of yourself are you exactly?
You are much better street cred than I thought.


Well, Q

by Zion on

There is still the need to try to "save" some face, for moments like this and people like you to take it up.
You know, functioning in the United States and all that... .
[but nice try]


I'm glad you still cry censorship

by Q on

yet are allowed to print this freely (let me reprint it for you, so even IRI agents don't "censor" your words)

[I just want to correct a claim about the website being "balanced" and "without agenda" (as if) It so happens that the site routinely and systematically deletes and censors comments in favor of a particular side, namely yours. and it so happens that the owner of the site is on record officially sanctioning this policy and condoning it. Just that you know.]

Zion, Of course neither me nor anyone with a brain should believe your characterization of anything, but whatever the limitations of this site are (and I have talked at length about those), I trust them a million times over the kind of job you would do in their place. Just that you know.


Disagree with this part, Rosie

by Q on

This is about a human being who has obviously been so traumatized by a confluence events historical and personal in her life that she really is not resposible for the things she does.

You should know that anyone with even a slight personal experience with this kind of death and genocide couldn't possibly act this cruel and inhuman. This is a case of a virgin bragging about sex and thinking no one can tell.

For a very revealing analysis of your own projection of your mental and psychological condition.

What can I say? The maturity of your arguments are really quite stunning. "That's you but what am I?" is just about the level of response I expected from you.


Sorry-double post.

by Zion on



Thanks Q

by Zion on

For a very revealing analysis of your own projection of your mental and psychological condition.

[I just want to correct a claim about the website being "balanced" and "without agenda" (as if) It so happens that the site routinely and systematically deletes and censors comments in favor of a particular side, namely yours. and it so happens that the owner of the site is on record officially sanctioning this policy and condoning it. Just that you know.]

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on


This is a very serious situation here, and anger is not an appropriate response. Compassion and concern is the appropriate response. This is about somoone who is ILL. This is about a human being who has obviously been so traumatized by a confluence events historical and personal in her life that she really is not resposible for the things she does. For a long time this has been my thesis regarding the eerie similarities between the treatment of the Palestinians and the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto...the tortured becoming the torturers, a common phenomenon in psychology. I don't apply this indiscriminately to ALL ISraelis, many are not prey to this illness and others do bad things because they're just greedy for power.. Nor do I by saying so whitewash Hamas or PLO or anyone else of "sin". But it is clear here that we are dealing with a very sick person, sorry Zion but that's you...and if we don't accept this and show compassion we are wrong.

How do I know that Zion is sick? I am going to repost her reply to Nazy Kaviani on her blog just posted. Nazy Kaviani is an avowedly apolitical person who purposely stays out of all political discussions, has repeatedly articulated this on the website, normally writes about personal relatinships such as romance, and is also a QUIT oerson who has articulted publicly that while she READS almost everything onsite, she rarely comments because she doesn't wnt to sound phoney or intrusive.  In Nazy's blog she expressed indignation similar to mine over Zion's so-called ceasefire blog.

This is what Zion wrote to Nazy:


It's always fascinating to see mouthpieces of lefti-islamic propaganda machines act like they care about innocent children and preach others on hate. Like how in her enlightened circle all the pro-palestinian side are filled with human emotions but the spouses of Jews have to learn tactics to dodge "slurs" from their in laws or recount emails by evil rabbis. Very balanced and enlightened and void of tacit bias and still cryptic hate mongering. Just like the love for humanity that Hamas feels for everyone.

Here is a kind advice: if you can't take it when people speak up against your hate mongering in the guise of crocodile tears and withstand the avalanche of hate from the general directions of your "lovely band", if that brings tears and heaves out of you, if you can no longer handle to watch your propaganda being disputed and debunked... you don't need to:
Just don't come back to read them.


To repeat, this is what Zion wrote to Nazy Kaviani. Not to me, not to JJ, not to Q, not to Marge, not to Soraya, not to Ommani, not to Ebi, not not to Cameron, not to Mammadd. To Nazy Kaviani.

This person is ill. The ISraeli people as a people are ill. I ask you as a Jew to understand how the unbearable circumstances of ou history have made us ill and to forgive us and to understand us and to be patient with us and to HELP us find our way back to the true light of Torah.

I can't stand it. It's so painful for me. But my question has been answered. I know why you're here Zion.

You're here because you're...



nice picture, Rosie!

by Q on

Even more offensive to me was the Zionist duo's response to the story about Palestinian Doctor whose children were murdered live on TV.

"Mehdi Mazloom's" first response is to cover for Israel by saying that the Israeli TV anchor has a "sad expression" on his face. And Zion, of course agrees. THATS' really the first thing that came to your minds? Really? How do I salvage some moral high ground Israel?

Any "criticism" for the person who pulled the trigger and killed two little girls? Of course not. Israel did it, it must be right.

This story makes it all too clear.

You know my opinion on the subject, Rosie. Zion thinks of herself as a soldier fighting for Israel, possibly born out of insecurity ingraned into a lot of young Ashkenazi who live outside of Israel. "People there are putting their lives online for the Zionist dream, what are you you doing for the cause ?"

Look at the name "Zion". It's meant not to be a person but an ideology. As if she has already shed all other aspects of her life (which of course is never talked about, unless to be used as a too of argument), and is only concerned with this one narrow issue.

It's about repetition, propaganda, making it seem like there are two equal sides to Israel's genocidial massacres. But mostly about insecurity and deep allergy to co-existance with contrary opinion, not unlike fanatics these people claim to oppose.

There is no other reason why someone would spend so much of their time in single-minded propagandistic exercises for a site on a country she's not from and a language she does not understand.

Some of us here like me are staunchly against Israeli policies, there is no hiding that. But how many would go to an Irsraeli forum and start preaching there? How many of you/us would feel the psychological need to cram propaganda down their throats, at a pretty damn high expense to personal time? I know almost everyone here hates Hezbollahis. How many of you would do that at a Hezbollahi forum?

And let's ask ourselves another, important question. What kind of a person would go to a Hezbollahi forum, day in and day out trying to "convert" or "educate" them?

Not only does this reek of an inharent superiority complex (that we need "Zion" & Co. to "educate" us about what Israel is "really" doing, despite our lying eyes), but it's such a transparently futile effert that it makes you question the sanity of the individual.

Does Zion really have such a negative stereotype of Iranians that she wants us to be antisemetic? Does she crave it when people make Nazi comparisons to Israel, just so that we could conform to the kind of ignorant image we have in her mind?

Or is that she's really truly threatened when she is reapeatedly out-argued, out-smarted, out-evidenced and out-classed by people who are demonstrably not antisemetic? Is that such a big threat because she knows these arguments are persuasive and not easily dismissed with classic cries of "antisemetism" ?

I don't know the definitive reason why she or anybody else is here. I sense that it is deeply personal, psychological, comes from internal fanaticism and insecurity. So, I don't blame her for evading the questions, even when she lies (which is often) she reveals more about how she thinks.

But I'm glad she is here. Now that almost everyone has turned against Israel, in no small part due to Zion, the presence of Zion is great 'street cred' on No one can say this site is "islamist" or "pro IRI", when popular antiwar or anti imperialist articles are printed here. It's an invaluable service actually. I honestly hope she never leaves.

And there's more. At the same time, she gives us a fascinating view in the mind of fanatic Zionists, how they think, how they justify racism and devaluation of "other" life, etc. How they absolutely value Israel's public relation goals above and beyond any lives and suffering of real human beings.

There are many Iranians here, including some younger ones who have probably never held a real deep conversation with a self-described Zionist. That means, Zion's open double standard when it comes to value of life, is their first and perhaps the only exposure to Zionists. She is openly robbing her own side of making a good first impression, if such a thing is possible.

I gather she found her way here, because we, too have our own fanatics of course. Such a quality is hardly reserved for Zionists. There are many of use that hold subtle (and not so subtle) racist, anti-Arab and islamophobic views out of mostly misguided notion of trying to "flaunt" our anti regime qualities. She has noticed these and thought that we would be a natural "native" ally to her own brand of racism and bigotry.

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

it's possible you may not have noticed the link MPD gave us to an inspirational poem on love and humanity.

I think it's by Walt Whitman.

I didn't notice it myself at first. You have to click on the word poetry in his (their) post.

Ah yes, ah yes, there are at least two of each of the case of mpd, nine, in the case of Noiz...

theoretically thousands.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Dear MPD, you are right.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

You have given me a good idea.

I think we should move this discussion over to Alene's blog "Comment Queen" (now featured) and interrogate her as to her views on the Israel/Palestine conflict, then have her read Zion's ceasefire blog to find out where she stands on this issue..

and then..

we should take everything out on her. Make her the sacrificial lamb.

Why not give it a shot?

Welcom eto the Hotel California... warm scent of colitas rising in the air...



Multiple Personality Disorder

by Hajminator on

Love of God make's us sometimes ... Hate.

That are two different characters of our personality which simultaneously coexist on us :)

By the way, if you find that your post misses some comments, invite noiZ to visit your blog and you'll see the difference.

Multiple Personality Disorder

I had no idea,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

no idea there was so much hate in this world

I knew there was hate

but I never knew there was this much of it 

I wish people would read more poetry instead.