An Open Question to Zion: Why HERE?


rosie is roxy is roshan
by rosie is roxy is roshan

Yesterday, following Zion’s blog announcing the ceasefire in Gaza, I asked Zion twice why she had chosen this forum to participate on, once on that same blog and once on a different blog. Hajminator replied to me, mistakenly thinking I was suggesting Zion should leave. I wish to repost Haj’s post to me followed by my reply to him for the forum as an open question to Zion.

Hajminator wrote me: Yes, Rosie,

Thanks to noiZ, I read two good books: The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World - Avi Shlaïm, and Holocaust is Over - Avraham Burg

By her presence, if one can better understand her intentions and that she can spark such reactions among bloggers. So let it be, let her be here and help us find something we wouldn't search for otherwise.

My reply to Haj (with minor editing changes):

To Haj re Zion, I would be the last person in the world to...

suggest Zion (or anyone else) leave. Over and over when people have asked me do you defend her I've said, not her ideology but her right to be here and be moderated completely equitably (as you know). Over and over I said, if you don't like what Zion says you have three choices: debate, ignore or defuse (you know post a funny video clip, that kiind of thing..).

The question I asked on this thread and her ceasefire blog, Why are you here Zion ,is to be taken 100% literally. It does NOT mean go away, it means Why are you HERE? She winds up dominating every single discussion on Gaza and she attributes agendas to people the way Girl Scouts sell cookies. So she dominates and agendaizes, so I would like to know her agenda, or more specifically the rationale for her choosing to execute it here.

The question was first articulated to me by another poster comparing my rationale for being here which is transparent (I am a Persophile) with hers which is inscrutable. Does Zion really think for instance that this site is a hotbed of Islamic radicalism. Does she not understand that the volatile polarized language here all the time about mullah-licking Ommati Hebolaahi is a "family thing" that ultimately reduces to the question of "By what means and within what time frame do you suggest the IRI be changed into a secular democracy?" And that only the most deluded paranoiacs do not know this deep inside?

Why do I suddenly bring this why here Zion issue up now? Well, first of all that goldfish struck a chord. Second of all that comment here yesterday of Zion's about "tribal primitivism" of the people on this thread reminded me of the utter contempt in which she holds many Iranians, and that ceasefire blog simply chilled me to the bone. Not one iota of compassion for human suffering, not one. ALL IT DID WAS IMPUTE AGENDAS AND GLOAT. I am still shocked by the coldness of the wording,. So what is the rationale behind our being chosen as the lucky beneficiaries of such lovely words and agend-"exposing"? Why here? Why i.c..?

At the same time, yes Haj, I know Zion is an excellent source and serves an important function here (although gone way overboard through other people's collusion in incessantly engaging her...) and can at times be stunningly compassionate, as in her comment o the thread of DK's video on Arab/Israeli reconciliation.

Anyway, for anyone who's reading this who thinks for a second Zion's rationale for being here is she is an Israeli agent of some sort is falling into the thralls of the Iranian National Disease: paranoia. If that woman is an Israeli agent I am the Twelfth Iman. She has done more on this site to inculcate disgust and repulsion for Israel than the massacres themselves, as well as to fan the flames of anti-Semitism from people and in places I'd never imagined possible. Flames I've gottne singed by myself, an innocent by-stander. That compassionate ceasefire blog sure helped. Way to go Zion.

Zion, when you are displaying this particular side of your personality: you spread anti-Semtism the way an eagle spreads its wings. proudly, sweepingly and.. .

with a bird brain.

So...why here, Zion, why here?

Whether you answer me or not, whether you even know why or not you're here, I continue to defend your right to stay and be moderated by exactly the same standards as anyone else, and will continue to get sh-t thrown into my face for it no doubt... and will continue to wipe it off as usual. and procede

Rosie .




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Hajminator --write some more poetry

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

yes Haji azees, thanks for your poetry. I am an Esfahani with everything in the package religious wise and ethnic wise! Please write some poetry for Irandokht to make her day better too! (unfortunately my poetry talent is mostly limited to khAkshir-e Esfahani)


Anonymous 7

by Hajminator on

I'm extremely mellow :)

So, you come from Esfehan... Esfehan nessfeh jahan right, but Esfehani people from ALL RELIGIONS are still Persians.  

I adhere to Shekar's line - I'll add a rhyme on that (Hafez mano bebakhsh)

Hajmia, Ello-Addab varz que roo site JJ     Harkeh ra nist adab layeghueh sohbat nabovad



by IRANdokht on

I don't think people should feel free to insult others until they're asked not to! what kind of excuse is that? nobody is debating Q anywhere here, so this is definitely not meant to make light of a debate! it's insulting and it's meant to ridicule. 

Maybe you're iranian and maybe you're not, maybe you knew what Q stands for or batman in batmanglich is not a comic book reference, maybe you didn't, but to actually encourage people who don't know it, is not right. (common sense)

About your track record: I am not really sure what you're being called or what your stance is. All I know is that you are supporting zion every chance you get. I don't know, many people can be writing under the same anonymous IDs.



Dear Shekar : Great speech !

by Souri on

Thank you. You have always the best analyze and the best way of describing the subject. I adhere to your school!!



by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Hey Haji, I though you Parisians were more mellow, than a bad Esfahani like me?


Ignore the ignorant

by Shekar on

If you set aside Zion's rude form of debate which makes you angry, what you see in Zion is no different than what you see in any other ideological zealot who lives in the world.  The content of what she says has roots in ignorance, much like extremist Muslims, or the women who are circumcizing that girl on the home page.  You can try and debate with her, but like any other fanatic, she believes in being absolutely right and this makes debates impossible and unproductive.  Many have tried and have found it fruitless.  She reads off a template and she attacks her opponents viciously.

My advice all along has been to ignore her on grounds of her ignorance and unwillingness to engage in productive debate.  Her arrogance is the icing on ther very bitter cake that makes up this character.

She doesn't deserve this much attention.  Move on you guys.  If every one of you pledges to ignore her, you can use your time and energies better when you spend it on Iranian issues and your fellow Iranians, some of whom really do need enlightenment and could benefit from a fair and civilized dialogue. 


Dear Hajminator are you kidding?

by Iranian Patriot (not verified) on

Your statement to the effect of "I have a problem with Zion's behavior. Have you read what Rosie and Q said ?"

Q says to go jump off the clip so you are going to agree and jump off the clip? Q is one of the biggest propagandist IRI supporters in the closet on this site. The last person I or any one should trust on a judge of Character, or any other issue, is Q.

As to Rosie, I won't even go there. Just look at how she proclaims to be a "mediator". Would an honest "mediator" try to assassinate the character of the people they don't agree with?

I have not seen any specific example of "psycotic" "liar" "racist" out of Zion on this thread or other threads that are a subject matter of this blog. If you have any specifics show them. Rosie's die hard liberal views were violated by what Zion wrote so she went on the attack. As to Zion, "arrogant" and ultra-nationalist "maybe but aren't we Iranians Ultra-nationalist and arrogant as well?



by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Irandokht, you are going too far with this. I actually agree with Q on many things (just ask him). Many of us including Q, DW, and myself insert some funny phrases in our comments to make the debates more enjoyable. sometimes you may not find them funny and I don't fault you for that...
BTW, IF Q tells me he is offended, I WILL not hesitate to apologize to him, as you may know many of right wing extremists in this site call likes of me "apologists"!


Dear Souri

by Hajminator on

I'm the one who says that zion HAS to stay here. Who am I from preventing people to come, go or decide who have to live in this site or not?

My comment to Rosie (at the top of this page - have you read it :) ) goes also on this way.

You raised something interesting:  it is not very civil manner to talk about that someone constantly and trying to denounce or ridicule them at all and any occasion or blogging about them. I believe this is not the point of all these discussion in this site.

That is exactely what she and her friends do here! They put a label on everyone who disagrees with them, make fool of user's avatars and so on. Zion is a trouble maker and what's the matter to say it?

She HAS the right to stay here but if she continues to rib people she has to wait a response as nasty as what she spreads.

Har kessi an deravad aghebateh kar que kesht



Dear Hajminator

by Souri on

I agree with anon7 and MM, in this matter. My dear friend, zion is not someone new to us whom you would denounce now ! We know zion since more than a year. Everybody who is interested to the political and religious trends, has already a taste of what zion stand for.

So, I don't think it is necessary to analyze zion's personality or talk about her way of thinking while you are not addressing her directly in a debate. We are not gathering here for analyzing the member of the site, not only Zion, nor any other person  of the site, for it matters.

Like it or not, Zion is a member of this site and she write here frequently. This does not belong to us the readers, to determine if she has the right to remain a member and continue writing here or not !

This site has an owner, who is actively managing it under the rules of the freedom of speech.

While it is natural and human to get verbal during a heated debate with someone, it is not very civil manner to talk about that someone constantly and trying to denounce or ridicule them at all and any occasion or blogging about them. I believe this is not the point of all these discussion in this site. We discuss the ideas, not the people psychology.Believe it or not, unfortunately there are many poeple with kind of Zion's idealogy and way of thinking. The best way of fighting is: confrontation not rejection.

very friendly,


tasteless and yet so persistent? then I have no choice...

by IRANdokht on

I think subtle hints have proven useless, so I am going to be more direct here. My previous question was not to ask for a clearer explanation since I have no problem remembering the TV show, it was to show the irrelevance and tasteless comments about the name.

To go to an iranian website and ridicule their names is totally disrespectful. It'd be like me going to a jewish website and calling a user by the name of moshe "agha mooshe". I am sure nobody would find it funny and laugh along...

This also happened in regards to Cameron's last name which was very disturbing because any Iranian knows that last name to be a prominent family name in Iran. The ignorant ones thought it was about a comic book!

If you have disagreements with Q please by all means don't hold back, he's more than capable of defending his point of view, but do not stoop this low as to ridiculing his ID which happens to be the abbreviated version of the very beautiful Iranian name Qumars. 



Anonymous 7

by Hajminator on

Jaanam look: when I see a cat I say that's a cat not a dog. I've lived 25 years in Paris and believe me I know what a racist is.

Zion is arrogant and contemptuous, she goes superficially on every human sufferance, I've never heard any word of compassion from her. In contrary, she gloated over a tragic event. You may not be a fan of Rosie, but her analysis of why Zion behaved like this on this issue is very accurate.

I copy-past what I wrote about Malraux's definition of a racist:

Malraux says that contempt is inspired by a sense of superiority, whether real or imaginary. In your case this force of superior quality comes from your (Zionism) nationalist ideology and is based on the certainty to have the real truth, and embody an elite in which others are excluded.
Arrogant contempt, is typically an expression of racism – It’s a reaction against your fear that our beliefs and passions escape you.


Hajminator -- I don't agree

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Haji, I have read what Rosie and Q say, yet I don't agree with your unnecessarily harsh comment about Zion. Furthermore although I respect both Q and Rosie, they are not my spiritual leaders!
I have disagreed with Zion many times, and pissed her off many other times. At least in one occasion I found her statement racist, and you know what, she did not argue with me when I told her about that specific instance .... it would be unfair of me to keep calling her racist ... and dwell on that. None of us are perfect, Zion is a hot headed person just like many of us (albeit with a lower fuse amperage!).


MM & Anonymous 7

by Hajminator on

Hey, please wait.

I have no problem with the person nor the avatar Zion. Telling it, is unfair and yet, minimizing the problem.

I have a problem with Zion's behaviour. Have you read what Rosie and Q said ? (By the way Q stands for Qumars - the first Persian king, who says, he has a problem with this avatar est un vrai trou de cul).

The problem is what mentionned in their texts. Zion shows herself as a psychotic,ultra-nationalist, liar, racist, and an arrogant person. I have a problem with that, not you?


Hajminator -- I agree with MM

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Haji, you said: "Zion is a ....... Yes I agree."

Haji, politically I am at odds with Zion as much as you are or more, but I find your comment unfair. What is gained by that kind of comment about someone else?

Mehdi Mazloom

Hajminator - Why?

by Mehdi Mazloom on

the question is why would you have problem with someone's style, instead of the content of his / her posts..

There are people who call themselves khar, or Q (like the Q-tip).

why don't you stick to subjects of substance rather then the avatar they use, as s/n name.

maybe next time I will go by the name ghorme' sabze'

Free Spirit

Tired Anonymous.....

by Free Spirit on

It is okay......several people have already figured it out.

It was only a matter of time........:o)

Besides....I wasn't really trying to hide anything.

It was simply  time for a change.



looks like this blog is dying a slow death,

by tired anonymous (not verified) on

thank god. time to move on peeps!

N. i always loved your name. hope i didn't "out" you without your intention. sorry :-(
but you're just too sweet to hide!

souri. well, it was just a little bit sarcastic. i won't lie to ya, but much more on the side of real appreciation. lately you've been getting a little opinionated and it's like whaaaaat!. lol

seriously. TIME TO MOVE ON. let's get PRO-active about something instead of all this incredibly negative energy.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Edited last post, it's more readable

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Sorry, I wrote it very late and did not proofread, also something is wrong with my keyboard,


the truth is that i am not

by martian (not verified) on

the truth is that i am not from mars, but for a moment i had to imagine if i were and came here what i would think of zion provided i could comprehend the words here.

i would not like zion he/she/it or whatever it might be.

that is all


"An Open answer to " Roxie: "Why here?"

by NOYB (not verified) on

Everyone has own reasons same as you do but they do not have to answer you why, because that is:



In Sum,

by Hajminator on

Zion is a psychotic, ultra-nationalist, liar, trouble maker and a racist. Yes I agree.

I’ve also found this out. That’s why I take her Mirror symmetry noiZ in order to support her smell.

Rosie, it's not a new blog you should write, though you'll beat your audience record :) But a book about this lovely character.


On Mother Teresa........

by Souri on

I never try anything hard in this website, not in any other website. Not my first choice, not one of my priorities.

But, this is an honor for me if you think I had even tried a bit, to be "your" mother Teresa.............She was so much NEEDED and helpful for the orphane kids :O))

rosie is roxy is roshan

I got the answer I was looking for last night both about

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

the hatefulness of Zion's blog and more specifically why Zion is here, so I am not going to comment further to ANYONE on this blog but if anyone, especially Zion, wants to continue this discussion with me you can start another blog and I will do it there. I am not doing it here as a symbolic gesture to show that I REALLY FEEL I GOT THE ANSWERS. They are depressing to me. Zion's specific reply to me which gve me the answers, her analysis of the ceasefire blog, is long so I would suggest copying and pasting, Zion, if you wish to raise its points again.

The ceasefire blog is hateful from the title to the opening words. The title is hateful because it makes the whole thing sound like Zion is emceeing a TV show. It's over folks, thank you!

The opening words, that Zion is disappointing the people on the side of the Gazans (which means anyone who sympathizes with their plight, not only those with a concrete ideology vis a vis Israel, even up to Nazy Kavani), implicity accuse these people of hoping the massacres would continue just to prove Israel wrong. Which brings up again the question, WHY did you choose US on THIS website as the beneficiaries of SUCH agendaizing  of our motives and such hateful scorn.)

Interestingly this is a tactic which has been imputed to hardline Israeli Zionists during WWII, somehow supporting the non-entry of Jews anywhere to further their cause that a homeland is necessary.  I hope the imputing is wrong because I don't want to believe my people did it. I am just saying it is interesting.

Zion started off here by ignoring my questions to her in the blog title and throughout and just telling Mehdi "thanks for speaking up." "Speaking up" implies a person or group is so persecuted they need other voices to defend them. This is ridiculous because I've never attacked Zion for her views until now ( if you construe this blog as an attack), rnot even criticized her that much, at times defending her which has subjected ME to much attack here.

Zion only spoke up when I questioned her not speaking up in extremely sharp fashion. Cat got your tongue? I said.

The fact that Zion used her same ceasefire blog early on this thread for the very same people she virtually slandered in it  thinking it could possibly sway anyone puts Zions judgment severely into question. The fact that Zion still cannot see this is a rencourous, billious blog proves this to the nth degree. Therefore it also answers my question in the title which Zion never addressed about why Zion is here. Zion's thinking on the issue is so distorted that the question is irrelevant.

The reason it is all depressing for me is that I am dying to be able to believe that the motivations of the hardliner Zionists  in supporting Israel's actions in general and their use of what seems to me to be clearly excessive force in Gaza (and even worse in Lebanon) are justified. And things like Zion's replies here make this impossible for me to do, so all I can do is grieve for their sickness.

I want to stress to the forum that it is only ultra-Zionists who are impossible to reach, which is manifested by the fact that so many Israeli and worldwide Zionists have been swayed. I want to encourage you to continue engaging them, they are more malleable than Zion (and his "ilk" to use a word she often employs to express her disdain for majority of Iranians here; however I will not go so far as to accuse Zion and her "ilk" of tribal primitivism" as she just did Iranians at the end of the DK blog)

I want to stress that you should have the utmost compassion for the horrific historical roots of this psychological disease ,it appears to be a moral one but it is usually not. . What the Jews have gone though, in living memory is just unspeakable. You should have compassion for Zion because she is clearly one sick puppy.

I want to stress for the umpteenth time that you refrain from comparisons of Zionist actions with the Nazis, especially in titles and photos because it is:

1l unethical-hurts so many suffering people so mcuh.

2) strategically lethal--it will only push malleable moderates into the arms of the fanatic rightwingers because you will terrify them.

3. In case of EQUATIONS, i.e Nazi State of Israel, Zionazis, Zionsts ARE Nazis, because it is inaccurate. Nazism is a specific ideology which began in the 1930's and which targets specific groups, especially Jews. It also conjures up things like medical experiments on twins and many other extremes,which Israel doesn't do. Exactness in languge is essential to politcal discourse and abandoning it under any circumstances degenrates the discourse into a circus.

If you want to patiently discuss the parallels of Israeli actions with those of the Nazis once you have established a healthy link with a Zionist using these terms it is fine if you do it in a patient and conscious way. I would also avoid the word genocide at the beginning of discussions because its meaning has not been clearly established and iit absolutely conjures up the Nazis for Jews.

Again, I am not going further in the analysis of Zion's blog because if she is so blind as to not see the hatefulness in it from the get-go it is pointless to go further with her.. I will do it in a separate blog generated by her as I stated above if that is her wish, point by point and painstakigly.

I really do wonder about the agendas of non-Jews who won't see the contempt and coldness and hatefulness of that blog  but I won't impute any because for the life of me I can't figure them out. Just getting at the "omattis" doesn't seem to clinch it.

I willl continue to support Zipn or anyone else who accuses JJ and the moderation team of biased moderation IF AND ONLY IF THEY DO IT ON A BLOG OF THEIR OWN CREATION, I won't do it by going to the trouble of blogging about it on my own as I did last week when  they only "whined" about it on individual threads-- to use another term used by Zion to degrade the feelings of all people here who support the Gazans in their plight).

To summarize, I see the question of why Zion is here as irrelevant because her thinking is distorted on these issues.. I grieve for the psychological sickness of my people and all the damage it does. I encourage people to keep engaging them in discussion, but patiently and with extreme care especially in the use of Holocaust terminology. I will continue to support the Zionist side on their right to a complete response by JJ on any moderation. I will not address any more comments on this thread but I will address them if they are blogged directly to me or come up on other threads.

I thank Zion for the detailed reply and all others here.  I encourage you to continue debating on this thread to explore ,challenge, and hopefully achieve some reconciliation. Good luck. I will continue reading all the posts carefully. 

Because the PalIs conflict is far from over and ceasefire aside, seems intractable, and because of all the other wars and depredations going on in the world, I sign off once more:

Peace Now,




by Anonym7 (not verified) on

you seem to be confusing me with someone else. I have always been a coward and written as anonymous. I first saw Q being referred to as the guy from star trek in one of DW's comments.

Free Spirit

Excellent! You figured it out.....

by Free Spirit on

I thought posting side by side......sort to speak of would help. :o)

I know that some times it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but I still believe that there are many Iranians with great big hearts.

Iranians that see beyond religious or political views.....see "HUMANS" first.

I too become weary of the toxic levels at times.  

It was not my intention to judge.......but to hope. :o)

For a greater understanding amongst us.

 PS: Thank you for calling me Natasha. It brought back some fond memories of my grandmother, whom liked to call me Natasha long ago. :o)


Star trek?

by IRANdokht on

what's with Star trek reference?  I heard that before and I can't imagine what's so funny about this joke to being repeated with ID or anonymously all over the place?



Q, that was hilarious!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Q says: "The fact that there are less articulate parrots (Mehdi Mazloom) sitting on her shoulder does not make her view popular or ethical."

Q, I can't stop laughing.... this is a good one. I told you she sparks interesting debates!


the guy from Star Trek! (to Q)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Q, don't you think that despite many of those issues, some of which you correctly pointed out, Zion speaks whatever is in her mind?
BTW Q, as you may know, she has not deprived me from her kindness too, has accused me of being a paid IRI agent ..etc!, but I like it that she speaks her mind, many times in an insensitive (blunt) way. ....she sparks many good discussions many of which involves the guy from Star Trek!