An Open Question to Zion: Why HERE?


rosie is roxy is roshan
by rosie is roxy is roshan

Yesterday, following Zion’s blog announcing the ceasefire in Gaza, I asked Zion twice why she had chosen this forum to participate on, once on that same blog and once on a different blog. Hajminator replied to me, mistakenly thinking I was suggesting Zion should leave. I wish to repost Haj’s post to me followed by my reply to him for the forum as an open question to Zion.

Hajminator wrote me: Yes, Rosie,

Thanks to noiZ, I read two good books: The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World - Avi Shlaïm, and Holocaust is Over - Avraham Burg

By her presence, if one can better understand her intentions and that she can spark such reactions among bloggers. So let it be, let her be here and help us find something we wouldn't search for otherwise.

My reply to Haj (with minor editing changes):

To Haj re Zion, I would be the last person in the world to...

suggest Zion (or anyone else) leave. Over and over when people have asked me do you defend her I've said, not her ideology but her right to be here and be moderated completely equitably (as you know). Over and over I said, if you don't like what Zion says you have three choices: debate, ignore or defuse (you know post a funny video clip, that kiind of thing..).

The question I asked on this thread and her ceasefire blog, Why are you here Zion ,is to be taken 100% literally. It does NOT mean go away, it means Why are you HERE? She winds up dominating every single discussion on Gaza and she attributes agendas to people the way Girl Scouts sell cookies. So she dominates and agendaizes, so I would like to know her agenda, or more specifically the rationale for her choosing to execute it here.

The question was first articulated to me by another poster comparing my rationale for being here which is transparent (I am a Persophile) with hers which is inscrutable. Does Zion really think for instance that this site is a hotbed of Islamic radicalism. Does she not understand that the volatile polarized language here all the time about mullah-licking Ommati Hebolaahi is a "family thing" that ultimately reduces to the question of "By what means and within what time frame do you suggest the IRI be changed into a secular democracy?" And that only the most deluded paranoiacs do not know this deep inside?

Why do I suddenly bring this why here Zion issue up now? Well, first of all that goldfish struck a chord. Second of all that comment here yesterday of Zion's about "tribal primitivism" of the people on this thread reminded me of the utter contempt in which she holds many Iranians, and that ceasefire blog simply chilled me to the bone. Not one iota of compassion for human suffering, not one. ALL IT DID WAS IMPUTE AGENDAS AND GLOAT. I am still shocked by the coldness of the wording,. So what is the rationale behind our being chosen as the lucky beneficiaries of such lovely words and agend-"exposing"? Why here? Why i.c..?

At the same time, yes Haj, I know Zion is an excellent source and serves an important function here (although gone way overboard through other people's collusion in incessantly engaging her...) and can at times be stunningly compassionate, as in her comment o the thread of DK's video on Arab/Israeli reconciliation.

Anyway, for anyone who's reading this who thinks for a second Zion's rationale for being here is she is an Israeli agent of some sort is falling into the thralls of the Iranian National Disease: paranoia. If that woman is an Israeli agent I am the Twelfth Iman. She has done more on this site to inculcate disgust and repulsion for Israel than the massacres themselves, as well as to fan the flames of anti-Semitism from people and in places I'd never imagined possible. Flames I've gottne singed by myself, an innocent by-stander. That compassionate ceasefire blog sure helped. Way to go Zion.

Zion, when you are displaying this particular side of your personality: you spread anti-Semtism the way an eagle spreads its wings. proudly, sweepingly and.. .

with a bird brain.

So...why here, Zion, why here?

Whether you answer me or not, whether you even know why or not you're here, I continue to defend your right to stay and be moderated by exactly the same standards as anyone else, and will continue to get sh-t thrown into my face for it no doubt... and will continue to wipe it off as usual. and procede

Rosie .




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free spirit

by Anonymous and still tired (not verified) on

mea culpa.

i'm sorry, i didn't recognize your writing and obviously you've changed names for a reason.

judge to your heart's content. :-)

natasha. you're absolutely right. i find the site to be quite toxic these days. humanitarian is hardly a description for iranians these days. it's quite depressing.


Someone mentioned me on this thread.......

by Nadias on

it appears that some believe that my not posting as much is due to rosie is roxy is roshan which is not the case.

I finally made my peace with her this week.

The reason, I spend less time on this website is because of personal goals outside of that I am trying to complete. Nothing more and nothing less.

On another note:

Why are any of us here on this website whether registered or anonymous? Who is to say that one person's contribution is more important than anothers?

Some times I think Zion is too toxic but then Q can be as equally toxic when he wants to be.

I simply have decided to spend less time in reading either of their blogs or comments. Life is just too short........

Be and let others be..............


Free Spirit


by Free Spirit on

Anonymous and tired to death

I have been contributing articles, blogs and poems under another name.

I have been visiting this website before the blogging came into effect.

I know a lot about many people on this website.


I "waited"? that's news to me

by Q on

I don't think there's anything here you have not heard from me before, Zion, multiple times. Rosie knows.

but I understand your need to trivialize the issue and change the subject so that you don't have to answer for anything. How typical.

We're all here for your enjoyment. Especially the Islamists, the anti-Zionist Jews, the United Nations and the IRI agents who run this site just to screw with your head.


Enjoying yourself Q? ;-)

by Zion on

It is the best opportunity to get it all out. Poor Q, you waited so long...but now its show time! lol.
Keep it up. You are always fun to read, pal.


"honest", "blunt", "open"??? I beg to differ

by Q on

To Anonym7 and others who admire Zion because they say she is honest and open, I respectfully disagree.

She has lied too many times for this to be the case. She plays too many games, too many cherry picking, too much public relations behavior, too much spin of propaganda with ruthless efficiency. Don't come down on Rosie for pointing out the obvious. If there was an ounce of fairness and moderation in Zion, Rosie would have found it by now. Trust me, there ain't.

Right now, she's fishing for sympathy. This is obvious (see my anlaysis on insecurity). You will not hear theses like "Jewish cultural superiority" and defense of racist israeli policies at the moment. Right now she's all about feeling "sorry" for kids being blasted by tanks, but not quite sorry enough to support a cease fire or admit in any -ANY- capacity to Israeli aggression.

Sure she has a "right" to be here, and has no moral qualms whatsoever comparing herself to "no Jews wanted" Holocaust-inspiring atmosphere just because Rosie has aked a simple question, she is not willing to answer.

Yet, she has told me and at least one other person no less than 5 times "Why don't you go live in your beloved IRI?"

If we talk religions, she points to Koranic verses, the essence of Islam, as flawed, primitive and violent. Doesn't matter what anyone does with it, it is corrupt from the source! (And historically inaccurate too!)

But if we talk about the Hebrew bible, ancient texts are all of a sudden "not the point". If you point out this hypocrisy, she says, "it doesn't matter, I'm not religious"!!!

You don't need to be religious to be a bigot.

When it suits the situation, she looks for historical commonalities with Iranians, praising the culture, etc. At other times, she's supporting bombing of that same culture and people who practice it.

When people have asked for restrictions on language and abuse of anonymous comments, Zion likes to pretend she believes in complete freedom of speech. Yet, as soon as someone talks about Israeli atrocities, all of sudden this site is antisemetic run by the IRI with the moderators in a conspiracy to silence the voice of "Zion" (can anyone say delusional?).

When people point to documented evidence of paid, pro-Israel infiltration of Internet opinions, we are all antisemetic conspiracy theorists. But at the same time, JJ and the moderators are islamist "moutpieces" who have an "agenda" to silence Zion but not make it too obvoius!

"honest" and "blunt" doesn't quite cover it. Hypocrite and narrow-minded is close. The correct word is "do-roo" in Farsi.

Zion is anything but honest. It is more than clear from all observation that she has a mission, an agenda and is here working toward that goal, while the rest of us are living and sharing our lives at an online second-home. Did we have nearly this much to say about Israel a year ago? Who was even talking about Israel before Zion arrived?
Again, I ask everyone to consider what kind of a person would undertake such a mission on a site about a narrow group of immigrants who speak a language she does not understand.

The fact that there are less articulate parrots (Mehdi Mazloom) sitting on her shoulder does not make her view popular or ethical.


isreal government hired tens

by king david (not verified) on

isreal government hired tens of thousands of blogers in different languages , so every forum gets a few

on of those blooger duty is to say MULLAHS ( islamofacist) are threat to the world to prep for next blood bath

cluster bombs , phospurous , tungestan DIME , depleted uranium that used on kids , mullahs got and used these ?

mullahs can only opress thier own , i dont consider them a threat to world .. not every creminal is as same level as them ..


Thought police on

by Ladan (not verified) on

Do you want to know something funny in the middle of all of this upheaval we have seen over the past few months? As an immigrant population all of us are so familiar with thought policing in Iran. Iranians are routinely under pressure to conform to the ideological ways and rules of a religious state which attempts to "direct" everyone to think in a prescribed way where censorship and persecution is an everyday fact of life. Many people have left Iran to protest those practices.

It seems these days on Zion and her friends represent a constant "thought police" , who attack and whip every single person who wishes to express an opinion in support of Palestinians or against Israel's actions in Gaza. If only you knew how similar the labeling and psychological pressure is to what is done in Iran, where every little voice of dissent must be immediately and severely dealt with, you would laugh with me at the ridiculousness of Zion’s attacks on everyone.

The irony is that while the website's credo is "Nothing is sacred," in reality these days it feels like Israel is very sacred and must be condoned at all times; "violators" are routinely dealt with in the comments section by this user!

This is an objection I would like to lodge with JJ. Abuse in the comments section should not be construed only as use of profanities and foul language. Comments should really be monitored and moderated for badgering, labeling and personal attacks. Repeat offenders should lose their privilege to be a member.

The good news is that just as Iranians have endured and flourished under such close scrutiny which has attempted to restrict their freedom of thought and expression, Iranians on will also find their way to not getting intimidated by bullies on the site, fighting their way through vigorous debate and reasoning. This is inevitable.

Thanks again for your efforts to mediate. I don't believe Zion is either sick or lost. This is her job.



by vaTan (not verified) on

‫به یکی از هم ولایتیها گفتن با وطن جمله بساز.

گفت: من به حمام رفتم وتنم را شستم.

گفتن بابا وطن! وطن با طی دسته دار.
گفت همون ! با طی دسته دار خودمو شستم ديگه

‫حالا اینم قضیه توِ. خودتو چسبوندی به این زیان − جان− حرف از وطن میزنی و غیره. نمیفهمی که یک همچی آدمی خوبی تنتو وطنتو نمیخواد. با کسائی هم که هم نظرت نیستن برچسپ ملا بودن میزنی که صداشونو ببندی.

فقط بدون که کسیکه ‫سنگ میزنه جوابش گلایه نداره.


it's just amazing how much time you're spending trying to

by Anonymous and tired to death (not verified) on

analize all this. all it does is just keep the fire burning.

zion: too fanatic. too defensive. correct about israels right to defend herself. in denial that israel has gone a little too far. correct that most iranians are anti-semitic but like to pretend they are humanitarians.

free spirit: you're new here. chill out a little and get to know the personalities and what they stand for before making judgements.

samsam: the ultimate iranian purist. comes off a little wacky at times but utterly devoted to iran.

souri: trying too hard to be mother teresa.

rosie: someone left the cage open. love ya, but get back on your meds.

irandokht: agree with the "privilege" and not a "right" comment. but you're getting a little too big for your britches. you're increasingly hostile and judgemental. who made you BMOC on

jj: careless in his control of IC. moderators are partial. allows certain negative behavior from some users and not others. indulges in favoritism.




اشکم تو چشمام جمع شد. ‫این دومین باره نوشتتو میخونم و احسنت میگم. نه بخاطر اینکه یکجور حرف زدیم و با هم هم عقیده ایم.

نه، فقط بخاطر اینکه نوشتهات صدای تار روحته و میبینم تار روح منم این صدا رو میده.


re: zion

by Kollangi (not verified) on

ولله چی‌ بگیم؟

ما ایرانی‌‌ها که خیلی‌ خریم، خیلی ها. اگه این خانمه یه ایرانی‌ بود، تا الان به قتلش رسونده بودیم. اگه اون بدبخته `هودر` بود، که هیشگی محل سگ نمیزاااشت. خانوم سوری هوای احساس ایشون رو نمیداشت. ولی‌ حالا که طرف ایرانی‌ نیست و احتمالا اسرأیلی هم هست، مردم گزشتنش رو چشم. هیچ اشگالی نداره که این شخص جنایت و آدم کشی رو هر روزه هفته پشتیبانی‌ میکنه.

خیلی‌ خریم. حرف و آمره هر خارجی جماعت که باشه ما باید بپرستیم و حفاظت کنیم.


tears for innocent children

by sami (not verified) on

Zion, I am sure you would shed tears of sorrow for all the Bernie Madoff's victims but not one for the genocide of innocent children in Gaza. if you do not have tears for the death of children, you should not call yourself a human being. go have your ash without must and be happy that you have followed all your religious duties.
the site should not be open to fascists, war mongers and those devoid of any human compassion and moral courage like you.
why do not you go and read Haeretz instead of the free kosher market paper you may read and try to educate yourself.


Who is our friend ZION?

by Fae (not verified) on

Richard Silverstein in his article: "flooding news websites with pro-Israeli comments" in The Gaurdian explains how people like ZION are working hard to orchestrate pro-Israel propaganda.
"...Here the foreign ministry's coordinator describes a meeting he attended at the government's official office:
Hi all,
I had a meeting in the ministry of foreign affairs today, and was very happy to hear that their metrics show that Israel's position in the internet is getting better every day. It means that you're doing a good job! MFA are concerned with the biased public opinion in Europe. So please focus your efforts on European media.
What can you do to help?
- Identify internet battle-grounds in different languages, and let me know
- Comment/post/vote in the listed links and others; you can use the material attached below
- Write letters to authors and editors. Identify yourself as a local resident
- Have your friends join this activity

This message was meant to encourage the pro-Israel activists in their work:
World governments are still patient with Israel's justified operation in Gaza. The [sic] public opinion, on the other hand, is impatient, to say the least. This gap will soon close – it always does.
It is our goal to shift the public opinion, as conveyed in the internet; avoiding, or at least minimizing, sanctions by world leaders. We need to buy the IDF enough time to achieve its goals...."
Please read the complete article in The Gaurdian.


best analysis of zion I have seen

by kollangi (not verified) on

چند کلمه فقط به فارسی

حالم از این همه نفرت که روی این سایت می خونم به هم میخوره. عق میزنم. از ته دلم. عق. نمیدونم بعضی ها چه مرگشونه؟ چی از جون ما میخوان. طرف اسمشو گذاشته صهیون. صبح تا شب و شب تا صبح کاری نداره الا این که بیاد سر به سر یه مشت آدم آواره’ خونه گم کرده’ راه گم کرده بذاره. دهنشو پر و خالی می کنه از نفرت، به من، به تو، به ایران، به تمام اون فلک زده هایی که صبح تا شب باید از آخوندای آشغال زور بشنفن و اینجا هم که اصلا نمیتونن ببیننش باید ندای نفرت این عفریته رو تحویل بگیرن. یارو که شده پا منبری این عفریته و حرفای اونو تکرار و احسنت احسنت میکنه، انقد توی نفرتش گم شده، نه فارسیشو می فهمم نه انگلیسیشو. چی می گه این آقاهه؟ همه عرب و سید و سیده هستیم؟ فقط اون ایرانی و آقاست؟ چرا این دو تا نمیرن یه جایی که ماها مزاحمشون نباشیم؟ ماها که خالص نیستیم. ماها که پاک نیستیم. ماها که ایرانی نیستیم و ویرانی هستیم. نشد ما یک جا بشینیم دو تا کلمه راجع به هرچی بخوایم بخونیم و اینا نیان به همه فحش بدن. فحش که همش خواهر و مادر نیست. فحش یعنی همینایی که اینا میدن. اعصابم خورد شد بسکه رفتم توی این بلاگ و اون بلاگ همین چیزای تکراری رو خوندم.


Boycott Israel: We need a complete list and a plan of action

by Observer (not verified) on

We need to continue our boycott of Israeli products and companies that help this savage regime. People like Zion only make us even more determined to support the downtrodden people of this world. Use the following link to boycott Israel:


Thank my good friends

by Zion on

Dear friends, thank you all again for speaking up. I really appreciate it. No worries, I'm going no where. This is not about me going anywhere, and I assure you, I am not being pressured or pushed over board. It's a different issue altogether. There are certain libels I refuse to give even to the thugs of Hamas or the likes of Ahamdinejad with such ease. It's just a matter of principle.
ghalam-doon, nice try. I actually feel extremely sorry for the death of children, [and there is no such thing as non-innocent children, so what is the point in dragging the adjective around?] from all sides. I just don't tear crocodile tears ion order to turn them into an ideological weapon.

[Oh by the way, the Lady is right. It is a private website and if the owner [and not those who have somehow led themselves to believe they are his mouthpiece] decides to put signs like "Private Property", and "No Jews allowed" or or "No Israelis allowed", or "No Jews or Israelis who do not submit to certain set of agendas allowed" [you know, a bit like the parliament in Iran] all the way to "Private Club, Do Not Enter if you are not one of us" and so on, that is perfectly within his rights. The only thing is, if that's what he wants to do he must actually do it and be willing to face the consequences: be they social, ethical etc. ]



by Hajminator on

You can also add, Moses, to your list.

No it's not my business what you use as avatar, if you think you can fool us by such a rude stratagem, it's because you have a problem yourself. If you think Mehdi is not a budge of honor on anyones chest and use it because you hate the emblem, so choose hate as avatar it's shorter to type

However, what's my business is that you come here and contemptuously compare us with what you believe on. Who you think you are?


I agree

by Boushehri (not verified) on

Irandokht I agree with you.

If for one reason or another Jahanshah were to decide to close this site tomorrow, what would we all be doing with our "right" dangling from our index finger?

Free Spirit

Accultured vs Assimilation?!

by Free Spirit on

I really don't like the term Assimilation. I prefer being Accultured as I am to various cultures.

Why must we be assimilated into anything?

Why must we also be labeled anything? I prefer not to be labeled this religion or this political ideology.

What does our name have to do with anything?!

 My birth name means Christmas child but I was born in February. My name selection was given to me in honor of my two grandmothers (peace be with them).



At least Zion is honest

by ghalam-doon on

The question is what are our expectations. We have brainwashed by the liberal nonsense so much that we expect everyone talk like a liberal.

But what if someone refuses to be a bleeding heart liberal?

What is the difference between what Zion says and what all those bleeding heart liberals say? The same poeple who have created this situation and support the Zionist state? Their support is unconditional, they claim Israel was defending herself, knowing very well that’s a big lie. They look very concerned when they talk about the innocent Palestinian children, they may even shed some tears, but at the same time they state it's all Hamas fault. What is the difference between Zion and all those hypocrites in their nice and tidy suits who still follow the line that those being slaughtered pose an existential threat to the survival of Israel.

The different is that Zion is honest. She advances her agenda without being a bleeding heart liberal. Would it be better if she had said "O Ma God, I feel so sorry for those innocent children, but..."  


Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

You have chosen Mehdi_Mazloom for being better assimilated - that educated iranians believe on you? Or you're converted to Islam but you keep a deep root on Judaism?

I am what I am, who I am, what names to choose, or the type of avatar used, and what religion do I believe, they are all my business - not yours.

(btw, you forgot to add, Moishe, Menashe', or manoocher to your list of names).

believing (or forced to believe) in Sharia law, is not a budge of honor on anyones chest.


The "right" to be here?

by IRANdokht on

Nobody has the "right" to be here.

It's a private website that its owner is allowing everyone to blog, post and comment for free. It's not a right, it's a privilege and when people step over the boundaries of decency their entitlement to this privilege is questioned.

Please stop with telling people we all have the "right" to be here! People who are here should show respect for the site and each other, but once someone decides to ridicule others views, insult them, label them etc...  they should lose the privilege. Even places you pay money to join ask you to follow their decency rules.

I think JJ is too laid back about this issue and his positive attitude has made some feel comfortable going overboard.



here is why I like Zion

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Rosie, usually Zion is pain in the neck, but I like her because she expresses herself bluntly....

Free Spirit

On a lighter note....

by Free Spirit on


Did anyone write that Women's Sexual revolution blog?

I want to make sure that I don't miss it.

Once I go back to work tomorrow, I won't have much time for the website until the weekend again.



by Hajminator on

I've already told you: you're born innocent.

By the way, why this avatar? Jewish names I know beginning by 'M' are: Meilseoir, Meir and Melchoir.

You have chosen Mehdi_Mazloom for being better assimilated - that educated iranians believe on you? Or you're converted to Islam but you keep a deep root on Judaism?

Free Spirit

Good Grief!! Persia

by Free Spirit on

Talk about adding to the flames on this thread. Aye!

Mehdi Mazloom

souri - you pretty much said it all.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

What I have detected is, when rosie can't cope with someone (like zion) on this forum on a rational and intellectual capacity, then she embarks on all that tried and truth tactics of pushing him / her off the board.

By asking zion, "why are you here?", she was not really waiting for an answer. Rather, her real motives was to put zion on defensive. Keep the pressure on her until she gives up and leaves the forum. After which, it is show time for rosies she won the battle.

That could work..................... except she underestimates zion, and for that matter other Israelis who wish to participate on this forum. (btw, most of us the Israelis are here because, by and large, we  feel to have common ground with Iranians here. Knowing the farsi language and familiarity of Farsi cultural and heritage is another reason to come here and share our views, with hope of bridging between Israelis and Iranian intellectuals. rarely if ever, you will read us writing disparaging comments about the Iranian people, or Iran's rich and glorious heritage).

Your post is very poignant and appropriate one. I am sure you were speaking for many others here on this forum. At least for me anyway.


To my good friend Q.

somewhere down there, you wrote: "zion is not a name, rather an ideology".

You know! every time I read your comments, I am reminded not to use that infamous "Q-tip" label on you. And every time I read crap like that, you pull me back into the "obys".

"zion", is an ancient name of Israel, and many Israelis (Sephardi) go by this name. (though it is out of fashion these days). If meant to say "Zionist", yes this is a political movement based of the idea of Jews return to ancient land of zion (pronounced tsi-yon)

Go and get a life. zion knows you far more then you know her, or her background. The fact that you resort to psychological psuo-analysis about her state of mind, it demonstrate the bankruptcy of your intellectual capacity to counter argue with her mano-to-mano on the merits of her argument. Rather you shift it to personal attack. "Yeah, zion, if you don't agree with me, then you must be an unstable individual. 

I know, I read her replies to you, mainly to counter your own argument with your own weapon. Trust me, she is far ahead of you & rosie, way over the head of both of you.


re the conflict

by Persia (not verified) on

I am an Iranian and formerly muslim. Currently an athiest with no religious affiliations. However I think I will support the Isreali side of view The following pro Isreali site will tell you all about your arguments and why things are the way they are.


You can also visit the famous athiest website: where you will see the same views re the conflict bewtween the pan _Islamists and the world


Dear All

by Souri on

I am rushing out now, I have a job appointment, please wish me luck !! Rest assure that I will read all your posts (and reply if needed) when I'll be back home.

Dear Hajminator: Once again,my letter to Rosie, was not about Zion and what she did/does here. Please read my blog another time and if you have any other question relating to my post, please do not hesitate to ask me.