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Republican جمهوریخواه
by Republican جمهوریخواه

Nuclear technology is our national right, it's our legal property. It's
totally independent from the regime, any regime,
within..................it's our justifiable and legitimate
means...................It will help our survival in the region and in
the world........................It's there to stay and grow in all
peaceful dimensions, regardless of whether or not Cyrus saved the Jews
or Muhammed spent them........................



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Pendar Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

You are correct. Nuclear fuel, if used correctly and safely is a clean carbon-free energy. 

But nuclear fuel is not our only right and legal entitlement. Infinitely more important is our human rights. You know, the boring stuff, Pendar Jan, such as a moratorium on executions, freedom of and freedom from religion and social freedoms and equality. These things cost nothing and you don't have to enrich uranium or sign up to a non-nuclear proliferation treaty. Nuclear technology will not save us from the seed of destruction started by the mullahs.

The regime matters, Pendar Jan. Nuclear technology in the hands of the mullahs who have the intention of developing nukes is not just an act of defiance against Israel but it will tell all Iranians both inside and outside Iran that it is invincible. With nukes it will be able to cut off the hand of any opponents and demonstrators who stand up  against the regime. 

Think about that with your coffee, Pendar Jan.  


National right?

by Demo on

The right to the 'nuclear power' is nothing more than a decoy to distract our people from their GOD given right to their 'national wealth.' The deposed Shah of Iran was acting like he & his honorable! family owned such & was either plundering it or wasting it to buy all the 'F's' fighter planes from the US! And now we have 27 or more 'nuclear sites,' drinking coffee, listening to the music, & are proud of them! while the ever increasing 'impoverished sites' are all but out of our sights!

PS: Too mch coffee might also make us forget about what happened to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake & tsunami! Perhaps 20 years from now we could write blogs after blogs about its devastating effects hidden from public today!