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What do you think is wrong in the top picture?

a): Chest beating men in the mourning procession for the daughter of the prophe.

b): Happy care-free hijab-loosening girls, seemingly mourning for nobody.

c): The bus with broken windshield still in service.

With all due respect I asked you to think, and not necessarily write.................



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Fake & Phony!

by Demo on

The two girls' pictures & those of the chest beating men along with the Akhoond's have been superimposed over the scene! 100% photo shop amateur work!

The clues: the first clergy's shadow on the bus is missing, the mouring man right behind him is carrying his shoes, & the 5th man in the row is an akhood whose reflection on the glass next to him is not of his!

Oon Yaroo

Your questions are incomplete like most of your college courses!

by Oon Yaroo on

D) The leading mullah reciting poetries from the collection of Boshkeh Rituals in HEQ?