Holocaust Remembrance Day

Republican جمهوریخواه
by Republican جمهوریخواه

As our learned friends are certainly aware the president of the US of A issued a statement on Thursday for Holocaust Remembrance Day in which he said: "We must resolve that 'never again' is more than an empty slogan"........... Now, I'd like to invite you to take a look at HERE, before getting some info on Gilad himself.................





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Arash Kamangir

Message of Holocaust: NEVER AGAIN

by Arash Kamangir on

The message of holocaust and the state of Israel to its enemies are: NEVER AGAIN and that is why Israel would do anything to stop IR from getting the Bomb including the right to hit first.


relax :)

by mousa67 on

take a dive in your local swimming pool before giving yourself a heart attack. im only playing with you. dont panic.  :)



Mental disorder of religious fundamentalism

by Thought on

The obvious childhood abuse makes one thirsty for blood in a mask of Zionism, Nazism, or Muslim Fanaticism. They put their Yakama or turban and preach hate for hope of peace and prosperity. They read their books moving back and forth thinking superior than others since now God loves them alone.

Garbage religions from different ends. Those from outside see the similarities and from inside hate their own mirror image.



not 20% but 100% entertaining :)

by mousa67 on

i thought i was promised there would be no follow ups. word pathetic springs to mind. not to mention the latest avatar which remoinds me of where i dispose of my bodily garbage every morning.



Thought of the day

by Thought on

Being a Jew is one thing and being a Zionist is another. It's like being a Muslim and being a Taliban.

Fundamentalists spit garbage as they take it in from their religious leaders.


mr republican: thanks for the attention.

by mousa67 on

being a grade 10 i failed to understand your angry outburst. but talking big and attacking jews anonymously on internet shall remain your undeniable right till we decide otherwise.so  dont give up and limit yourself to mere 20%  so easily like your leadership by saying

"no follow up will be posted"

LOL and PEACE :)


Followups will be posted under 1 of 3 user IDs

by AMIR1973 on

Including Republican, Pendar-e Neek, and Comrade. Am I missing any of our repeatedly banned, West-residing IRI Groupie's user IDs?

Republican جمهوریخواه


by Republican جمهوریخواه on

It takes more than 100% of fake Fouladi and Yousef and its pathetic next generation to get it...........I'm sorry, it's not for attention seekers....never been and will never be........

No follow ups will be posted..........


mr.republican: thanks for remembering us jews.

by mousa67 on

excuse me for not clicking on any of the links you provided. i was concerned it could take me to a child porn site.

as for "empty slogans", i doubt one could beat the "undeniable right to nuke bomb" slogan. could you?

but enjoy the 20% my friend for now before we change our mind. while we enjoy our 100%. and that is 300 times over.

LOL and PACE to you.