Stupid Republican Tricks -- Glenn Beck

Stupid Republican Tricks -- Glenn Beck
by Q

It's so funny to watch Glenn Beck's paranoid conspiracy theories. This is one of the funniest bits I've seen in a long time!

but for areal laugh see this:


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He's not the only one

by beckfan on

I wish the USA was full of people like Glenn Beck. Right now in congress is a bill that will give Pres. Obama control of the internet, he can shut it down when he wants.  Didn't that happen in N.Korea?  Socialism is not the american way.  Where is the reward for working hard?  I don't want anything handed to me, pride i guess. 

Mola Nasredeen

"Hajagha, what's the meaning of FAUX?"

by Mola Nasredeen on

I asked.

"It means FAKE" Said Hazrate shotor.

"How is faux pronounced?" I wanted to know, you know.

Hajagha stopped watching CSPAN and looked at me and said: "Like FOX..."

I interuppted him and said: "Like F..KS"

"You got it" and he went back listening to Senator Edward Kennedy's eulogy by President Obama saying: "...Purpose, Love, Joy"


I thought...

by KouroshS on

That we were not supposed to address each other directly. remember? Rules set by your own? Why aren't we respecting that then?

Fouzul Bashi

He's not the only one

by Fouzul Bashi on

Good post Q!

Not only you exposed how ridiculous FOX is, it helped me realise what a dying breed we are! The good ol' US of A is full of Glen Becks!!!


knightmerc, welcome aboard...

by Ostaad on

This site has a lot of "useful idiots", according to you, and always in need of some "uber-idiots" to complete the circle.  By posting, "... the US is in danger of being usurped by a communist dictatorship", you've proven you are the kind of "idiot" this site needs more of.

Welcome, my freedom-loving born-again chum. Don't let those pesky tweets distract you from the freedom path! 


Call me biased, but I have...

by Ostaad on

"blocked" Fox News on my cable due to the fact I deem it unfit for family viewing. It should be rated "XXX" as far as the news is concerned.


The Joke is on you 'Cats'

by slyfork on

Joke around about this now all you want for the time is coming soon when you will not have the right to comment since you will be instead doing things for the government, speaking their language, and wanting your freedom of speech and computer back.



by knightmerc on

As an American looking in, I can let you know that this post attracted the attention of somebody on Twitter.  Probably the reason that a bunch of new registrations are happening as we type.

In any case, the attitude from Q is one that I would expect from the less mentally agile Socialist Democrats in the US.  The sneering and jeering with no examination of content or context, a standard leftist approach.  Outlined in Saul Alinski's Rules for Radicals, the approach in pushing the socialist ideoligy is to attack the individual rather than the opposing ideology.  That's where the sneering and jeering comes in.  Sometimes the leftist is acting as one of Vladimir Lenin's "useful idiots", with no knowledige that they are acting a script, and other times they have actually picked up a book (such as Rules for Radicals) and are actually aware of what they are doing.  In any case, the leftists advocate (knowingly or unknowingly) the most murderous ideoligy that the planet has ever known.  Socialism has collectively murdered over 130 million human beings.  Fascism gets a bad rap with around 16 million dead, but Communism has the lions share of Socialist murders, with over 125 million human deaths.  You could say that anyone that throws in with the socialist ideology is a murderer by collusion.  Q would do well to bear that in mind.

Presently the US is in danger of being usurped by a communist dictatorship. It isn't funny and it isn't a joke.  If you wouldn't laugh at the murders in Iran then i don't see where the humor is here either.


I don't have the stomach to

by vildemose on

I don't have the stomach to watch this imbecile. What is he up to these days?

I thought he was sacked...

I hope Lou Dobbs is next.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Stupid IRI Tricks ... beat, confuse and conquer

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Q and the rest of Information Ministry boys, good job!

How the hell do you fathom that the general IC readership can believe that this banal post can have 4,000 views so far?!

Are you guys plain dumb, or have taken the universe to be so?


The truth is the truth regardless

by oneunhappydemocrat on

Listen up folks, when it comes to the truth or the persuit of the truth it does not matter if your Dem or Rep.

As an unhappy Democrat, I watch, Listen and seek the truth no matter where and from whom it comes. 

Therefore, this Democrat stands behind Glen Beck even though i dont agree with everything he says, or believes. 

I voted for Obama, and this is not the change I voted for. He lied to me, he continues to lie to me and I will not stand for his radical agenda next election, you can count on that. 

If you want to continue to just stick your head in the sand and pretend you trust the powers to be... your sadly mistaken. 

I am a democrat have been and always will, but i'm no fool either. 

The Unhappy Democrat






This is no conspiracy

by GreenStallion on

This is no conspiracy theory. Its laid out with FACTS!!! Do some research you clowns!! When he is right about this all his wealth is gone, if he is wrong he is discredited and no onw will ever listen to him again!! So tell me where does he gain ANYTHING!!!!! Another thing im curious about IF it is ALL EVIL LIES....WHY is no one calling his bluff?!?! Explain that to me please. OH and FYI Im not wealthy by anymeans I make 35,000 a year and I want to keep my healthcare!! 


Glenn Beck and Republicans

by CGPlayBoi on

Are two totally different things. Glenn Beck is a Independant. He at this point Dislikes with a passion Democrats and Republicans, cause they both are corrupt...


Major Sponsors

by CGPlayBoi on

No they didn't drop him, cause his show is a fox network show. They can't actually "drop" him without dropping fox. They simply said not to verbalize their affiliation.



by Q on

Pay closer attention people...

LOL, look at the board again.


What misspelling?

by KouroshS on

He is trying to make a point and is asking a question using Y as a symbol... he clearly says THERE IS A LETTER MISSING AND Y?

Pay closer attention people...


OH yea, AK, I'm sure I'm making a huge mistake!

by Q on

Fox News and Glenn Beck have nothing to do with Republicans. OK!

Louie Louie

Ey mordehshoureh khodesho oon hemoroidesh ro bebaran

by Louie Louie on

Key in khafeh khoone marg migeereh. Olegarhy? And I guess Obama is a MUSLIN.

And how about those blue dog Democrats? They're bunch of traitors. I'm sick and tired of all this.


Didn't his major sponsors

by desi on

Didn't his major sponsors drop him?  Wasn't that enough to make him take a respite and actually go home and crack open a book.


Dear Q...

by AK69 on

- You let the hate for "Republicans" cloud your understanding. He is no more Republican than Ahmadinejad is Catholic. Funny how so many on this site scream that blaming islam for the sins of IR is wrong becuase they are not practicing pure islam. Well Q, it is very apperent that neither Bush nor Beck is practicing pure "Republican" ideology.



Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan


Sorry Q

by IRANdokht on

I stopped watching when he started drawing circles around the letters... didn't know where he was going and didn't care. 

Sorry for my venting. I shouldn't comment when I don't fully read or watch the video of the post.



it IS funny, the way he misspelled "oligarchy"

by Q on

in the first video.

By the way, I just want to clarify that I consider child molestors to be the most dispicable and ugly human beings on the face of the earth. I will denounce and oppose them everwhere and with every breath.


How can we laugh at this?

by IRANdokht on

I get really sad when I see parts of his programs on other shows. There are actual morons in this country who buy this crap! That's the scariest thing to live with...

Universal Health Care is a very important subject to me and to see these idiots try to ruin our chances based solely on their hate and racism is painful to watch. The decade old process of dumbing down the nation has worked hence the high FOX ratings. It's just painful to witness.