Bullies are delusional liars, act out of fear and hate not "protection"


Bullies are delusional liars, act out of fear and hate not "protection"
by Q

The basic thesis of Zion's article is exactly what Israel apologists say on CNN: Israel is launching a war to protect its citizens.

But none of this could possibly be about "protecting her citizens".

Since the start of the cease fire not a single Israeli had been killed by HAMAS. There were no suicide bombings and the so-called rocket attacks were just a little more effective than stone throwings, and were in all likelihood done by independent activists in defiance of HAMAS-brokered truce.

Any school kid knows by now that the actions of Israel have increased likelihood of serious violence against Israelis not decreased them. Anybody would have to know that launching a war will not help "protect her citizens". Logic and history are clear on the matter: it never helps "security" for Israel to kill innocnet Palestinians. It never, ever has, and it won't now.

This campaign was in the planning stages for two years. Just like the Lebanon campaign, it had nothing to do with the immediate excuses given. That was just Israel doing what it does best: Propaganda. There is no cause and effect relationship between HAMAS "threat" and Israeli "strike" for "protection".

This is pure, unadulterated propaganda by this well-known Zionist propagandist.

So, why did Israel really do this?

1. face.

Israeli reputation was seriously damaged by the Lebanon war. The ruling Kadima Party is behind in the polls because the biggest thing they are judged by is the Lebanon war which they lost.

Paranoid Israeli hawks who have used fear and intimidation to subdue Palestinians for years, are afraid that their house of cards will crumble if they show the slightest weakness. The weakness was already shown in Lebanon, so they have to do damage control by "winning one" decisively in Gaza. As all desperate bullies do, they pick a battle they can't lose, against an imprisoned civilian population whose water, power, communications, food, water and medicine they themselves control.

2. HAMAS sanctions didn't work

Just like Bush neocons who excused that "Clinton Sanctions on Iraq was not working", the Israelis put severe sanctions on Gaza to starve out the HAMAS Government.

HAMAS is "unacceptable" to US and Israel as a rule. They already knew this before the 2006 elections held in the Palestinian territories. They just thought it would make a much better "story" if the Palestinians chose to "reject" HAMAS in the polling booths, so that Israel and the US didn't have to deal with it, and could say: they Palestinians voted against "terror." This is perceisely why they did everything they could from giving concessions to Fatah (HAMAS' rival in the elections) to illegally funneling money to help with election campaigning against HAMAS.

The whole thing was a sham. US and Israel never had the slightest interest in democracy if it didn't validate the side they wanted to win. It was just a show for the world to say that they support the will of the Palestinian people.

But it didn't work. In 2006 Palestinians in all of the territories awarded the elections to HAMAS.

At this point, once again, US and Israel thought they could circumvent the will of the Palestinians by keeping Fatah in power artificially. Even though they had lost the elections, the corrupt and US/Israeli backed Fatah faction was holding on to power, refusing to give it to the new government which by law was to be formed by the winning party: HAMAS. Most importantly there was never any intention to give HAMAS access to the millions of dollars of international aid which was meant to the Palestinian Authority. This was the source of the corruption for both Fatah and Israel. Fatah officials were skimming of the top, and Israeli companies who controlled all the services and utilities would get the rest anyway.

Again, they took the Palestinians and the world for fools. They thought they could just pull a fast one and get rid of HAMAS even though they won the election. Fatah refused to hand over security and foreign relations operations to the newly elected government. Fatah, Israel and US were determined not to let HAMAS receive any of the international aid meant for the Palestinian authority. In 2006, Israel arrested half the elected cabinet members and essential security personel to set up a coup situation paralyzing the new government and setting the stage for a Fatah takeover.

HAMAS preempted its own total destruction by taking over all government posts in Gaza and kicking out the Fatah officials. This is something HAMAS had a right to do according to the constitution, after it won the election, but Israel and US propaganda claimed HAMAS had staged an "illegal coup".

At this point, Israel went to plan B, which was to starve out HAMAS. They turned Gaza into a big prison controlling food, fuel, medicine, air, ground, water, electricity and communications.

Using their time-honored tactic of treating Palestinians like dogs and trying to "break their spirits" so that they "reject terror" they tried to inflict as much pain as they could on them, so that they naturally figure "HAMAS = pain" and they would rise up against HAMAS. That didn't work either.

So, now they are left with the least "PC" option which is to physically kill HAMAS members and at the same time blame the whole situation on HAMAS (still in desperate hopes that idiot Palestinian dogs think it's all HAMAS' fault). So more pain, more devestation, more killings.

What they are looking for is something they will never get:

- HAMAS to formally declare they are resigning from the PA in exchange for cease fire.
- Israeli public to be satisfied that killing Gazans would "help protect" them in Israel
- Arabs and Iranians to be "scared" that realize that Lebanon was just an anomoly and that Israel is still a "bad ass" in the neighborhood, so "don't mess with it".

The one objective which they WILL succeed in is this one:

- Silence the political opposition and rally support before the Israeli elections. You can't criticize the government "while our boys are dying" (except they are not!)

Instead, I think what they will achieve long term is nothing short of the destruction of Israel itself. The operation will not be a success. It may or may not allow Kadima to hold on to power, but it will show the world, that Israel does not respect democracy and can't tolerate any ideological rivalry, even in theory.

It will kill the peace process and the 2 state solution, something Israel hawks have always hated. They will be happy with this in the short run since it means they don't have to give up anything. But in the long run, killing the 2 state solution means only one thing: A one-state solution, or the End of Israel as a "Jewish" state.

(Picture: Anti Israel demonstration in downtown Seoul, South Korea, earlier this week)


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Mehdi Mazloom

Q-tip size comments.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You never get off your nonsense do you. Done-yah ra aab bord, to-ra khaab-bord.

Your bankrupt ideas and expression about Hamas and their real objectives in the region is overwhelming with their Q-tip size logic and common sense.

you wrote:

Since the start of the cease fire not a single Israeli had been killed by HAMAS.
There were no suicide bombings and the so-called rocket attacks were
just a little more effective than stone throwings, and were in all
likelihood done by independent activists in defiance of HAMAS-brokered

The real reason suicide bombing was stopped, it because of the decisive action and the defensive walls which Israel had implemented to defend its citizens. Not because hamas decided to stop. They can't.

In regards to rockets. I do hope you live in S. CA close to the Mexican border. Now, imagine some right wing Mexican fanatics who never accepted sovereignty of US over CA, AZ, NM & TX. decided to "liberate" these "occupied" territories by force of terror. Launch rockets from Tijuana and other cities bordering US into San Diego & LA. One of them falls on the school where your small kids (or brothers and sisters) attend.

I am sure you would NOT excuse it with type of noneselse diatribe as you are attributing to the Israelis trying to protect their civilain.