Bullies are delusional liars, act out of fear and hate not "protection"


Bullies are delusional liars, act out of fear and hate not "protection"
by Q

The basic thesis of Zion's article is exactly what Israel apologists say on CNN: Israel is launching a war to protect its citizens.

But none of this could possibly be about "protecting her citizens".

Since the start of the cease fire not a single Israeli had been killed by HAMAS. There were no suicide bombings and the so-called rocket attacks were just a little more effective than stone throwings, and were in all likelihood done by independent activists in defiance of HAMAS-brokered truce.

Any school kid knows by now that the actions of Israel have increased likelihood of serious violence against Israelis not decreased them. Anybody would have to know that launching a war will not help "protect her citizens". Logic and history are clear on the matter: it never helps "security" for Israel to kill innocnet Palestinians. It never, ever has, and it won't now.

This campaign was in the planning stages for two years. Just like the Lebanon campaign, it had nothing to do with the immediate excuses given. That was just Israel doing what it does best: Propaganda. There is no cause and effect relationship between HAMAS "threat" and Israeli "strike" for "protection".

This is pure, unadulterated propaganda by this well-known Zionist propagandist.

So, why did Israel really do this?

1. face.

Israeli reputation was seriously damaged by the Lebanon war. The ruling Kadima Party is behind in the polls because the biggest thing they are judged by is the Lebanon war which they lost.

Paranoid Israeli hawks who have used fear and intimidation to subdue Palestinians for years, are afraid that their house of cards will crumble if they show the slightest weakness. The weakness was already shown in Lebanon, so they have to do damage control by "winning one" decisively in Gaza. As all desperate bullies do, they pick a battle they can't lose, against an imprisoned civilian population whose water, power, communications, food, water and medicine they themselves control.

2. HAMAS sanctions didn't work

Just like Bush neocons who excused that "Clinton Sanctions on Iraq was not working", the Israelis put severe sanctions on Gaza to starve out the HAMAS Government.

HAMAS is "unacceptable" to US and Israel as a rule. They already knew this before the 2006 elections held in the Palestinian territories. They just thought it would make a much better "story" if the Palestinians chose to "reject" HAMAS in the polling booths, so that Israel and the US didn't have to deal with it, and could say: they Palestinians voted against "terror." This is perceisely why they did everything they could from giving concessions to Fatah (HAMAS' rival in the elections) to illegally funneling money to help with election campaigning against HAMAS.

The whole thing was a sham. US and Israel never had the slightest interest in democracy if it didn't validate the side they wanted to win. It was just a show for the world to say that they support the will of the Palestinian people.

But it didn't work. In 2006 Palestinians in all of the territories awarded the elections to HAMAS.

At this point, once again, US and Israel thought they could circumvent the will of the Palestinians by keeping Fatah in power artificially. Even though they had lost the elections, the corrupt and US/Israeli backed Fatah faction was holding on to power, refusing to give it to the new government which by law was to be formed by the winning party: HAMAS. Most importantly there was never any intention to give HAMAS access to the millions of dollars of international aid which was meant to the Palestinian Authority. This was the source of the corruption for both Fatah and Israel. Fatah officials were skimming of the top, and Israeli companies who controlled all the services and utilities would get the rest anyway.

Again, they took the Palestinians and the world for fools. They thought they could just pull a fast one and get rid of HAMAS even though they won the election. Fatah refused to hand over security and foreign relations operations to the newly elected government. Fatah, Israel and US were determined not to let HAMAS receive any of the international aid meant for the Palestinian authority. In 2006, Israel arrested half the elected cabinet members and essential security personel to set up a coup situation paralyzing the new government and setting the stage for a Fatah takeover.

HAMAS preempted its own total destruction by taking over all government posts in Gaza and kicking out the Fatah officials. This is something HAMAS had a right to do according to the constitution, after it won the election, but Israel and US propaganda claimed HAMAS had staged an "illegal coup".

At this point, Israel went to plan B, which was to starve out HAMAS. They turned Gaza into a big prison controlling food, fuel, medicine, air, ground, water, electricity and communications.

Using their time-honored tactic of treating Palestinians like dogs and trying to "break their spirits" so that they "reject terror" they tried to inflict as much pain as they could on them, so that they naturally figure "HAMAS = pain" and they would rise up against HAMAS. That didn't work either.

So, now they are left with the least "PC" option which is to physically kill HAMAS members and at the same time blame the whole situation on HAMAS (still in desperate hopes that idiot Palestinian dogs think it's all HAMAS' fault). So more pain, more devestation, more killings.

What they are looking for is something they will never get:

- HAMAS to formally declare they are resigning from the PA in exchange for cease fire.
- Israeli public to be satisfied that killing Gazans would "help protect" them in Israel
- Arabs and Iranians to be "scared" that realize that Lebanon was just an anomoly and that Israel is still a "bad ass" in the neighborhood, so "don't mess with it".

The one objective which they WILL succeed in is this one:

- Silence the political opposition and rally support before the Israeli elections. You can't criticize the government "while our boys are dying" (except they are not!)

Instead, I think what they will achieve long term is nothing short of the destruction of Israel itself. The operation will not be a success. It may or may not allow Kadima to hold on to power, but it will show the world, that Israel does not respect democracy and can't tolerate any ideological rivalry, even in theory.

It will kill the peace process and the 2 state solution, something Israel hawks have always hated. They will be happy with this in the short run since it means they don't have to give up anything. But in the long run, killing the 2 state solution means only one thing: A one-state solution, or the End of Israel as a "Jewish" state.

(Picture: Anti Israel demonstration in downtown Seoul, South Korea, earlier this week)


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This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009


by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

I agree with Irandokht, / David ET

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

Qumars wrote this blog to speak specifically about the realities, root causes,  behind the current massacres in Gaza (and rocket shootings into Israel) as he perceives his truth. He opened this up for debate and it's a hot one. We're all very upset.

I have websearched the situation in Iranian Kurdistan (the home of the first Persian man I fell in love with, btw) and it is terrible, journalists have been barred (as per Reporters without Borders). I think this is a noble subject for a different blog. Thanks for informing me, DK, I haven't been keeping abreast and really didn't know about it.

Actually I also think that certain aspects of the Iranian role in this conflict may be worthy of a separate blog, some are related, others are not, of course it is a VERY complex issue, has been since days of the Shah... 

I do not find it helpful for people to be using the same ol' silly terms like IRI apologist, bla bla bla. As J. would say, "Be more creative!" Nobody here has to apologize for anything because of the fact that you are all here together. (That's my opinion, anyway).

ID in her recent newsfeed also suggested we write to Condoleeza Rice and condemn her condoning of the situation. Sarkozy I found is planning to go to Gaza next week, the lame duck Bush administration is going to sit in Washington and quack their heads off.  Isn't this a good idea, to DO something, even if it feels like it's a pebble in the ocean, to use our rights and prerogatives as members of democracies, to test those waters?. That's what David ET always tries to remind us:  WHAT ARE WE DOING?

iWhat are we doing?


Mola Nasredeen

Gaza, Isn't this what Nazis did to Jews?

by Mola Nasredeen on

What Israel has been doing to Palestinians is the very definition of Holocaust. Lets read how Holocaust is described by the historians:

"The persecution and genocide were accomplished in stages. Concentration camps were established. Specialized units called Einsatzgruppen murdered Jews and political opponents in mass shootings. Jews and Roma were crammed into ghettos. Gaza is a big concentration camp.

" Every arm of Nazi Germany's bureaucracy was involved in the logistics of the mass murder, turning the country into what one Holocaust scholar has called "a genocidal state".

Israeli army is the Nazi army and Israeli government is the Genocidal State. All you have to do is change the names.  Replace the word "jews" and "roma people" with "Palestinians"

Javad Yassari

دوستان عزیزم:

Javad Yassari

 دوستان عزیزم:

من دست یکایک شما را می بوسم و از شما برای خویشتن داری و ارایه’ متمدنانه’ نظریات خودتان ممنونم.  به این میگن مباحثه.  از این که درگیر دام بلا نشده اید ممنونم.  گفتم بگویم که بدانید حواس ما هم هست که اینجا چه خبره و ایرانی های آدم حسابی این سایت چه کسانی هستند.  مخالفت کنید، موافقت کنید، توی سر همدیگر بزنید (ببخشید)، اما به ایران و ایرانی بودن و انسان بودنتان وفادار بمانید.  محل دو به همزن ها هم نگذارید.  آقا کیو دیدی که هرچه کردی افاقه نکرد؟  بی محلی تنها راهش است.  یکی این کاکوی شیرازی ابر مرد را هم بگیرد این را بهش بگوید.  نصیب آدم ناراحت همان پنجاه تا سخن از پیام گذاران ناشناس بس.  شاد باشید و بحث کنید.  متشکرم و توجه شما را به پند حافظ عزیز جلب می کنم.

نقد صوفی نه همه صافی بی غش باشد

 ای بسا خرقه که مستوجب آتش باشد

صوفی ما که ز ورد سحری مست شدی

 شامگاهش نگران باش که سرخوش باشد

خوش بود گر محک تجربه آید به میان 

 تا سیه روی شود هر که در او غش باشد

خط ساقی گر از این گونه زند نقش بر آب

ای بسا رخ که به خونابه منقش باشد

ناز پرورد تنعم نبرد راه به دوست 

 عاشقی شیوه ی رندان بلا کش باشد

غم دنیای د نی چند خوری باده بخور

 حیف باشد دل دانا که مشوش باشد

دلق و سجاده ی حافظ ببرد باده فروش

گر شرابش ز کف ساقی مهوش باشد

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

No, DK! Could everybody read this, pls, it's important I think..

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

I'll be brief.

Darius asks why I talked about him in connection with Colonel Hemayat, ultra-ultra-shaahi.in October 07 Wild Wild West  It's only DK because that was the first time you and I interfaced (see my reply to you on my blog, :o) )  But the thing about Sarhang Jenab and me was that when we became friends I explained to him that as a member of the new left, the Red Scare was over, and he agreed to stop cursing and after a few weeks he admitted to the community (most of whom throughly detested him) that indeed the Shah had tortured (the man HONESTLY had convinced himself otherwise, he loved the Shah you see..) and he said he wanted forgiveness and that it was time to forgive EVERYONE, he was 78 years old and he wanted to make peace before he died. Then people began to embrace him in the community and I was very proud to be a part of that mediation.

Unfortunately he vanished. Napadid shod. I don't know what happened to him, he may be in a better place but if he is he has forgiven and been forgiven and if he is still here I am sure he has evolved in the winter of his years.

I BELIEVE THAT EVERY SINGLE PERSON HAS THE POTENTIAL TO CHANGE AND GROW IN UNDERSTANDING.  He influenced me as well.  He wrote poetry for me in Persian. I miss him. He was a good friend to me.




by Q on

Please provide the evidence that the video is a "hoax" or that Robert Baer is less credible than yourself.

Second, please provide the evidence for the civilians deaths that I asked for. I'm not talking about 20 years ago. IRI has committed lots of crimes, some against the Kurds (ie. my own family) and I have condemned it.

I'm now talking about the comparison that you made among Gaza with Kurdish rebels regarding my article.

Third, I assumed you called me an apologist because normally, when you leave a comment in my article and address no one specifically it is assumed to be addressed at the author.

David ET: I really don't know what you're talking about. I quoted you Israeli sources that say the war was a failure. If you want to feel good about yourself, you are welcome to no reply and continue thinking I contradicted myself.


Darius jan

by IRANdokht on

As I mentioned before I was just throwing in my two cents. When it comes to human tragedy, I wish it to stop, regardless of who is on which side. That's what my comment was all about. I am sorry you took that as opposition to your views.

I agree with you that people are showing no interest in the real issues and are hung up on trivial stuff which cause such long debates. I still don't know what causes the lack of interest, I know a few of the folks who are engaging in these series of debates who genuinely care for Iran and Iranians. Low level of interest in signing petitions bothers me but I won't accuse them of supporting IRI or being apologists. 

If everyone agreed that human life and human rights are sacred and have to be respected, then you wouldn't see 300+ opposing comments on a news item about this recent massacre. Unfortunately by bringing up excuses and what can be only described as going off on tangeants, a simple rise against inhumane actions turns into: IRI crimes are worse than Israel and people get labeled unnecessarily.

Thank you


Darius Kadivar

Dear IRANdokht

by Darius Kadivar on

I don't see any contradiction between my comments and yours ?

I don't see why you took my comments opposing some of the views expressed here as contradicting yours ?

I said "Gentlemen Petitions" because when it comes to feeling victimized be it for the nucleare issue or the movie "300" Iranian Men in particular are the first to express their outrage but they fail to applying the same indignation when it comes to Human Rights Violations in Iran that take place on a nearly daily basis  they chicken out.. You yourself observed that with Shirine Ebadi's Petition in her support. How many have signed that one since you posted it ? That is less important I suppose than the movie 300 or outrage over Azar Nafisi's book ?   

As for the GAZA crisis I think I have been Very Clear as to what I see as a shared responsability. But this tragedy is also being recuperated by Iran ( A Foreign Power) and for personal strategic reasons which have nothing to do with the poor civilians slaughtered in this conflict. I simply believe it is important to mention this fact which gives no excuse for Israel's clumsy Policy to date nor  its counter productive military aggressions in the region and its responsability in the death of innocent civilians. 

Israel needs to change its general attitude in the region but that cannot be achieved by Israel Alone.

And Rosie I do not see what you mean by me knowing Colonel Hedayat ? Do you mean that I share his radical views or language ? I don't think its the case ...

As for Trita, well I am glad that he responded to Baer and contradicted him. That is all that CIA Spy deserves ...

Kisses and No Hard Feelings,



Domeh Khoroose ya ghasameh hazrateh abbas

by samsam1111 on

The issue is not wether one is "Pro IRI(IRV)" becaue thats one question , they dodge fast , offcourse not, no one admits to be with IRI . How ever the issue is about the choice between being "Idle & okay with status quo" or "Opposition to status quo" . Usualy people who refer to the term "iran" whenever talking about regime are most probably pro regime . sentences like this "..But Iran didn,t break any  UN regualtions " "..But Iran had no hands in arming hezbollah"..here they clearly legitimize regime as representing Iran . You see the fine line , subtly relayed .


So Monsieur Darius, next time ask the question the right way ,like this :)   ; Considérez-vous que le régime islamique gouvernement légitime de l'Iran en scène internationale . Considérez-vous qu'il est légitime d'être une entité iranian. Considérez-vous que les dirigeants du régime pour représenter les Iraniens?

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

Uhh...massacre, anyone? /Haj

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on



PS Thx, Haj, I definitely will, tomorrow, okay?



by Hajminator on

IRI will be recognized as highly responsible of its crime against the Iranian civilians and I condemn what Hamas thinks, does and perpetuates in the name of Palestinians. But, one must render to Caesar what is Caesar's. The Genoncide in Gaza – which mostly involves children and innocents - dates back to the late 40 ties and it is perpetuated by the 21st century lesson givers.

At the beginnig of its creation, it is true that Israel searched to protect her identity. But, she had entirely the possibility to reach a peaceful solution with Palestinians when she was able to defend herself against the Arab countries.

Many people believe that Israel has problems, nowadays, because of anti-Semitism, or because it is surrounded by dangerous enemies that threaten their existence. Israelis themselves like to emphasize that so called, "the whole world is against us.". But this is a nonsense: Today, Israel is armed to the teeth, she is better equipped than any other generation of the Jewish history. Israel has a terrifying army, she is obsessed by her security, but she enjoys more safety than one can dream on the United States ... In 10 years, there were unfortunately 400 civilians killed in Israel by rocket shots. In the US, I don’t have the exact number but one can find that it is much more than 400 in a year. Anti-Semitism is ridiculous, and completely harmless, given the strength of the Jewish people today.

The problems of Israel are self-inflicted problems. In particular, the main cause of the problems of Israel is the legacy of the Holocaust, which has become ubiquitous, obsessive, daily life in Israel. No day passes without at least a mention of the Holocaust in one Israeli newspaper. The fact is that children of Israel are taught that they are all survivors of the Holocaust. The result is that the Israelis (as well as most American Jews, for that matter) are incapable of having a healthy debate about the world around them. They think that everybody in ambush for them, and that Palestinians are no different of the Nazis. Given this desperate, Israelis are convinced that virtually all are good ways to counter their enemies. The truth is if less emphasis is made on the Holocaust, the Israelis will change their way of seeing "the other" in a radical way, and that this would enable them to reach a settlement with the Palestinians, which would lead to a more peaceful and more decent.

Voilà mon cher ami, on vit dans un monde où le plus fort tue le plus faible au nom de la vérité !


Dear Robin,

by Hajminator on

I use not to mix love with friendship on iranian.com ;) I however will be glad to discuss the Brug’s book with you. My email hajminator@ymail.com

Darius Kadivar

Re: Q

by Darius Kadivar on

That Report with Robert Baer is A Hoax and if you looked carefully I explained in long detail on that thread why I considered it as an unprofessional and innaccurate report. So I won't go back on that issue for a second round.

But I don't think you ignore that Iran has been fighting Kurdish Rebels for decades including killing civilians in their operations in the region. I even know personally people who can testify on the crimes commited by the Islamic Republic against Iranian Kurds for they were fellow Iranian compatriots who Fled Iran through Kurdish territory.

I don't see why you felt targeted by my comments on IRI Apologists and Supporters ? John Carpenter III is one of them.  

But Do Feel Free calling me a Monarchist Apologist ... I AM ONE ;0)

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

I AM AN IRI APOLOGIST and since I am not an Iranian I shall

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

be the first to confess, because I feel that I probably will not be stoned to death, and anyway recently I've been relegated to visitor status. So here's the way it was.  I came here in October 2007 because I was a Columbia alumna and I got excited about Mahmood's visit to my alma mater, because I hated Bollinger with all my heart and soul, because he is an Imperialist.  And so I enjoyed watching the wrestling match and everytime Mahmood got in a jab I said Go, Mahmood, go!  And I didn't mind a crane-hanging or two just to get Dick Cheney's goat...

And then I wound up here and my very first friend was Colonel Hemayat, ultra-Shaahi (Kadivar knows..) and he said you are a leftie hippie hypocrite and cursed the shit out of me, and I cursed the shit utr of him back, words he'd never even heard in a barracks and we became the best of friends. And as time passed I befriended people of all ilk and I began to say IRI sucks and Bollnger sucks too.

But you're always an apologist, it's like a disease. You always want to pick up again, especially when you are around other IRI apologists, it's like being a bartender in a bar.  Hello, my name is Rosie and I am an IRI apologist. . God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to face the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

And nobody here has anything to apologize for at least any more than anyone else. Cheers (Tequila...)




Dear Darius

by IRANdokht on

My interest in this thread and many similar ones is soleley based on the human tragedy side of it.  It bothers me to see arguments such as:

- since IRI supports Hamas then whoever is against Israel's attacks must be IRI supporter

- we have enough problems in Iran we shouldn't bother with them

- Hamas started it (which we know is not accurate if we bother to read about it)

- Israel is against IRI so we have to support whatever it does

- if you speak against these killings you hate all jews


I went to listen to Baer's speech about his book which turned into a debate with Dr Parsi and faced with Trita, Baer had nothing to back his ideas with. I wouldn't take his word as "facts". He was a CIA agent in the middle east and we all know how out of touch they are with middle eastern mentality and dynamics no matter how many years of "field service" they might have. 

What's going on in Gaza is a human catastrophe and I will not put a stamp of approval on it just despite IRI. I blame the last 41 years of illegal occupation and constant disregard for human life and people's property and human rights for the tragedy not just the IRI.

I know I am not one the gentlemen in this discussion, so I'd just throw in my two cents and go away

Thank you 


David ET

Dear Dariush

by David ET on

Right to the point!

But you know well when there is an agenda: Koo Gooshe Shenava?!


Darius Kadivar

IRANdokht I refered to "Gentlemen" ....

by Darius Kadivar on

Not you. And did not call you an IRI apologist, But if you do not see any on this thread then you need Eyeglasses ...

My Position is that expressed in my answer to Hajminator ( who was not being Targeted either )

David ET

Mammad Jaan

by David ET on

I marked your words althought I will not come after you with them anyway, no matter what !

but you are wrong! Neither Hamas or Isreali extremists will come out of this strong, NEITHER!

Hamas will not even hardly exist in our life time!

Q is rights , WAR is terrible and there are no winners...

Extremism is the ulimate loser DOOMED to fail long term


Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Does your Objectivity take into account Iran's clear responsability in the finanacial, technical and military contribution to the HAMAS' Terrorist actions ?

I blame Iran's leadership for a large part in the massacres caused by the Israelian Military Strikes and therefore the death of civilians in the GAZA Strip. Iran has encouraged the HAMAS' Hatred towards Israel beyond reasonable proportions.

Were Iran out of the Picture in the past years this quagmire of violence would not have continued to such proportions. Even the Syrians have become a little more responsible in their attitude and are trying to gain some respectability by warming up their relations with the West.

The actions of the IRI in the region are known by everyone and for once the use of the term "Proxy WAR" (to quote that double Agent Robert Baer) is Far from being an exagerated term in this specific context. Iran is at War with Israel both through its Bellicose Language and through the HAMAS and the HEZBOLLAH which it finances and arms. Do you deny that this is Proxy War ? Or you think that the HAMAS gets its military weapons directly from an Office in Heaven and with God's Benediction ? 

Now Iran is crying for their fellow HAMAS brothers which has been the WORST Thorn in the PLO Leadership who they in contrast have long given up terrorism since the Oslo Accords.

Why Doesn't your outrage target the HAMAS for jeopardizing the Peace Process and not giving up terrorism ? Unless you believe that they are not terrorists ? I believe they Are.

Does that make their children Terrorists ? Not necessarily ... and certainly not when they are kids. So Yes only from that humanitarian point of view seeing these civilians become victims of such radical military strikes by Israel is indeed unfortunate and should be denounced.

But trying to Vilify Israel and overlook Iran's responsability in this conflict and its criminal interference in a conflict that is of no concern to them is truly hypocritical of the Iranian Leadership and their supporters. We have no common Frontier with Israel or Palestine so why should our government interfere by its illegal presence in GAZA ? As Iranians we should at least feel some guilt that our country has contributed in perpetuating this conflict rather than soothing the Hatred in the region. Iran did not play a responsible role as an intermediary for Peace BUT on the contrary has put OIL on the FIRE by encouraging HAMAS' HATRED for Israel!

Iran hardliners register volunteers to fight Israel (Reuters)

After all we ( and by "We" I mean the Iranian Government and not us individuals) are not living in that region so to try and decide who is the culprit seems more like an interference in the affairs of another State.  

And Don't bring in the Nuclear debate here cause you know as well as me that Iran could have avoided Israel's Scorns had it not brought in the Holocaust Issue and taken a Stand in favor of Wiping Israel off the Map. So Israel's Concern is all the more justified in the case of Iran's Nuclear Ambitions ( which does not mean that I approve everything in their hypocritical stance on this question, if you have doubts read my responses to Zion on various Blogs and threads). 

The victimization of the HAMAS is also a GOLDEN OPPURTUNITY for Iran in destabilizing EGYPT and formenting revolution against Hosni Mobarak and the entire Egyptian establishment. A Fundamentalist Egypt would be a Dream Come True for exporting the Islamic Revolution and Khomeiny's ideology into North Africa and the Mediteranean Peninsula. Its funny none of you seem to have any worries in that regard ...


David ET

Dear Q ..et al

by David ET on

I am glad in lieu of the FACTS that were presented, you had to politically revise your position(s)...we can now jointly live with those together ! ( I know you will deny but thats Ok too and irrlevant. I am not here to score a point!)

Solh, Peace , Shalom and salam

and that's what matters !

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

Can We Talk To Each Other? /Hajminator

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

Why do we hide?  Why do we hide behind screens and pixels?  Do we have private e-mails?  Do we have telephones? Do we have domestic plans in the U.S..which have a flat rate (free) cost all over the country?  Do we know how to dial? Do we have voices? Do we know how to talk? Do we live in the same cities or cities nearby?  Do we drive?  Do we take buses? Do we know how to drink coffee?  Or tequila?  Or promegranate juice? Together at a table?

Do we know what a table is?

WHy do we hide from each other in our apart-ments sitting behind plastic when the situations EVERYWHERE are so dire? bicker bicker harf o barf, four months later, everybody so "civilized", not a damn thing has changed.

Roxane (Rosie), New York



tanhaa sedaast keh mimundad...

(so what if I get three phoney phone calls, do I give a shit? So sick of it...so sick of it...)


PS Haj, than kyou so much.  I have to read it very carefully. I have things to think about.  :o)


Q's Hypocricy & Fact Twisting at its best!

by John Carpenter the 3rd (not verified) on

"This is a well-armed guerilla group who have killed many Iranians. They are using the border area as a base, they don't live there and they are not fighting for their own land or freedom. Compared to HAMAS, these guys are like a modern army."

I guess Hamas is not a well armed group with Grad Rockets, RPG's, the weapons they captured from the PA and thousands of weapons transferred to them from the Egyptian border with the help of the Islamist in Iran. Hamas is using civilian areas to lunch attacks. Civilians will be killed as a result. Period.

"They're not even wanted there by the Iraqi Kurdish authorities."

Do the Egyptians want Hamas? Does the PA want the Hamas? Do the Jordanians want the Hamas? Do the Saudi's want the Hamas?


Shattering the myth!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Dear Mammad, I agree with you completely. Although deeply sadenned by the death and destruction iflicted by the Israelis on Lebenon in their fruitless incursion of 2006, I however, found the silver lining in shattering the myth of Merkava tanks' invincibilty. The site of the Merkavas blowing up left and right was a determining factor to convince the IDF to put its tail between its legs and withdraw!

Look for more myths to shatter should Israel dicide to embark on ground invasion of Gaza!


First of all Darius, Where are the civilian deaths?

by Q on

Don't call me an apologist unless you want me to return the favor.

This is a well-armed guerilla group who have killed many Iranians. They are using the border area as a base, they don't live there and they are not fighting for their own land or freedom. Compared to HAMAS, these guys are like a modern army. They're not even wanted there by the Iraqi Kurdish authorities.

Second, as far as I know no civilians are involved here at all. (Please provide information on any civilian casualties). These are high mountain bunker positions and supply depots. Last I heard Iranian artillary had killed only a few armed relbels in an "attack" on a "village" that turned out not to have any civilians.

by contrast these guys are holding about 12 or so Iranian soldiers and have killed dozens or more in their western funded offensives.

Again, where are the civilians I'm supposed to mourn for? How do you justify the term "genocide" ?

Watch this video (minute 17:00 on) to see if this is even comparable with what the Israelis are doing in Gaza:



Dear Dariush

by IRANdokht on

I am not an IRI apologist/supporter and I do not consider paletinians lives more sacred than any Iranians. You see me speak up here, because I see some folks justifying these criminals acts and I disagree with them. 

When everybody agrees on a subject, you won't see a huge number of comments on the post, especially if they have not much to add. If I had found a link to a petition or anything I could have added to your news item, I would have left a comment there too.





by Hajminator on

Nobody, here supports IRI. In the past year, we were all concerned about barbarian acts committed by Mullahs. There are events now, which will change the course of our lives. These events are caused by the State which repeats the same mistakes than the one which inspired to its creation (Germany). 

I was referring to Burg's book about Holocaust. Burg shows very clearly that the Israeli thinking on the Holocaust has changed over time. The leaders of the Yishuv (the Jewish community in Palestine before the creation of Israel) had hardly moved a finger to address the extermination of Jews in Europe when it occurred . They wanted not a waste of emotional energy that could be much more useful to build the Jewish state. Moreover, the Israelis had not focused much attention on the Holocaust, during the first decade after 1948, and had shown a shocking lack of sympathy towards the survivors who immigrated to Israel just after the war. But everything had changed, everything had climbed dramatically in power in the 1960s, from the Eichmann trial, but especially after Israel's conquest of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in June 1967 and the beginning of the Occupation.

So, in my humble opinion we have to stay objective and not to fall on emotional comments which may lead evil prevail again.

Darius Kadivar

Any One Cares about the Kurdish Genocide by IRI ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Just Wondering if your Selective Indignation applies to your own Beloved IRI ?

Oh But Of course for IRI Apologists and Supporters the Fate of the Poor Palestinians is More Sacred in their Eyes to that of the Kurds they Willingly Kill OFF !

Where Are Your Petitions Gentlemen ? ...



Dear Robin,

by Hajminator on

You may be interested in Avraham Burg's new book The Holocaust is Over. In his book Burg shows different insights of this event. I hope that the book will be read and widely discussed, as it develops an argument to be heard and taken into account by Americans in general, and especially by those who feel a deep attachment to Israel. The fact that someone like Burg wrote the book is already in itself extremely important. He's Jewish and comes from a prominent family in Israel. Burg is also deeply engaged in the Israeli political consensus since the beginning of his adult life and is someone who, unequivocally, likes Israel.

Avraham marks over a nice point in his book, but I would particularly like to point out (in my view) its central arguments. The core of his message is that Israel is experiencing a serious internal crisis, and there are good reasons to believe that things might deteriorate in a horrible way in the future. He stressed that Israel has changed dramatically since 1948. In this regard, he cites his mother: "This country is not what we built. We found a different country in 1948, but I do not know where it has disappeared? "Today, Israel, he writes," resembles a frightening way to countries that we would have wanted to look at any price. "Regarding the ongoing shift from Israel to the right, over the years, he made this comment to make out the eyes of the head, that" Jews and Israelis have become thugs."

Burg shows how disturbing there are similarities between Israel (today) and "Germany just before Hitler." This raises the obvious question: Israel could eventually engage in a criminal devastation against the Palestinians? Burg thinks that this is possible. He writes: "The notion that this can not happen to us because our history of persecuted people would have immunity against hatred and racism is extremely dangerous. An examination of Israeli society clearly shows that the erosion process has started. "It raises the possibility of a civil war in Israel, which" is not a war between members of the Jewish people belonging to different shades of religious faith, but take the form of a life and death struggle between good people and bad people in all walks of life. "



Ommati regime & Co, cause & love this palestinian blood bath

by samsam1111 on

Don,t be fooled by Chameleon Ommatis crying wolf . They love to see more palestinian blood to feed their fake Arab cause & extend the occupation in Iran .I am absolutly positive that most of the crying wolf crowd , are laughing & having orgasm to see all this blood bath of Arab kids & civilians since the Qadesiyeh regime has directed & logisticaly supported Hamas to keep sending Katyusha for last few yrs to piss off Israel to create hundreds more phony martyrs(tactics of 79 revolution) just so mullahs have a cause to brainwash more masses . $450 mil in 3 years , to the point of even paying the whole Hamas government budgetary funds for 2007, picking Hamas officials, & practicaly running Gaza via point men . After all , all these closet regime chulos  been praying and hoping(2006 revisited) for this blood letting , every Arab kid,s death brings joy to an Ommati & these hypocrite Chameleons .

Ommatis , stop the blood bath & inciting hatred . leave Palestine & Israel alone to figure it out on their own .

Javid Iran va 23 tabareh javidan




by Xerxes (not verified) on

These Islamist IRI supporters will never understand.