Bullies are delusional liars, act out of fear and hate not "protection"


Bullies are delusional liars, act out of fear and hate not "protection"
by Q

The basic thesis of Zion's article is exactly what Israel apologists say on CNN: Israel is launching a war to protect its citizens.

But none of this could possibly be about "protecting her citizens".

Since the start of the cease fire not a single Israeli had been killed by HAMAS. There were no suicide bombings and the so-called rocket attacks were just a little more effective than stone throwings, and were in all likelihood done by independent activists in defiance of HAMAS-brokered truce.

Any school kid knows by now that the actions of Israel have increased likelihood of serious violence against Israelis not decreased them. Anybody would have to know that launching a war will not help "protect her citizens". Logic and history are clear on the matter: it never helps "security" for Israel to kill innocnet Palestinians. It never, ever has, and it won't now.

This campaign was in the planning stages for two years. Just like the Lebanon campaign, it had nothing to do with the immediate excuses given. That was just Israel doing what it does best: Propaganda. There is no cause and effect relationship between HAMAS "threat" and Israeli "strike" for "protection".

This is pure, unadulterated propaganda by this well-known Zionist propagandist.

So, why did Israel really do this?

1. face.

Israeli reputation was seriously damaged by the Lebanon war. The ruling Kadima Party is behind in the polls because the biggest thing they are judged by is the Lebanon war which they lost.

Paranoid Israeli hawks who have used fear and intimidation to subdue Palestinians for years, are afraid that their house of cards will crumble if they show the slightest weakness. The weakness was already shown in Lebanon, so they have to do damage control by "winning one" decisively in Gaza. As all desperate bullies do, they pick a battle they can't lose, against an imprisoned civilian population whose water, power, communications, food, water and medicine they themselves control.

2. HAMAS sanctions didn't work

Just like Bush neocons who excused that "Clinton Sanctions on Iraq was not working", the Israelis put severe sanctions on Gaza to starve out the HAMAS Government.

HAMAS is "unacceptable" to US and Israel as a rule. They already knew this before the 2006 elections held in the Palestinian territories. They just thought it would make a much better "story" if the Palestinians chose to "reject" HAMAS in the polling booths, so that Israel and the US didn't have to deal with it, and could say: they Palestinians voted against "terror." This is perceisely why they did everything they could from giving concessions to Fatah (HAMAS' rival in the elections) to illegally funneling money to help with election campaigning against HAMAS.

The whole thing was a sham. US and Israel never had the slightest interest in democracy if it didn't validate the side they wanted to win. It was just a show for the world to say that they support the will of the Palestinian people.

But it didn't work. In 2006 Palestinians in all of the territories awarded the elections to HAMAS.

At this point, once again, US and Israel thought they could circumvent the will of the Palestinians by keeping Fatah in power artificially. Even though they had lost the elections, the corrupt and US/Israeli backed Fatah faction was holding on to power, refusing to give it to the new government which by law was to be formed by the winning party: HAMAS. Most importantly there was never any intention to give HAMAS access to the millions of dollars of international aid which was meant to the Palestinian Authority. This was the source of the corruption for both Fatah and Israel. Fatah officials were skimming of the top, and Israeli companies who controlled all the services and utilities would get the rest anyway.

Again, they took the Palestinians and the world for fools. They thought they could just pull a fast one and get rid of HAMAS even though they won the election. Fatah refused to hand over security and foreign relations operations to the newly elected government. Fatah, Israel and US were determined not to let HAMAS receive any of the international aid meant for the Palestinian authority. In 2006, Israel arrested half the elected cabinet members and essential security personel to set up a coup situation paralyzing the new government and setting the stage for a Fatah takeover.

HAMAS preempted its own total destruction by taking over all government posts in Gaza and kicking out the Fatah officials. This is something HAMAS had a right to do according to the constitution, after it won the election, but Israel and US propaganda claimed HAMAS had staged an "illegal coup".

At this point, Israel went to plan B, which was to starve out HAMAS. They turned Gaza into a big prison controlling food, fuel, medicine, air, ground, water, electricity and communications.

Using their time-honored tactic of treating Palestinians like dogs and trying to "break their spirits" so that they "reject terror" they tried to inflict as much pain as they could on them, so that they naturally figure "HAMAS = pain" and they would rise up against HAMAS. That didn't work either.

So, now they are left with the least "PC" option which is to physically kill HAMAS members and at the same time blame the whole situation on HAMAS (still in desperate hopes that idiot Palestinian dogs think it's all HAMAS' fault). So more pain, more devestation, more killings.

What they are looking for is something they will never get:

- HAMAS to formally declare they are resigning from the PA in exchange for cease fire.
- Israeli public to be satisfied that killing Gazans would "help protect" them in Israel
- Arabs and Iranians to be "scared" that realize that Lebanon was just an anomoly and that Israel is still a "bad ass" in the neighborhood, so "don't mess with it".

The one objective which they WILL succeed in is this one:

- Silence the political opposition and rally support before the Israeli elections. You can't criticize the government "while our boys are dying" (except they are not!)

Instead, I think what they will achieve long term is nothing short of the destruction of Israel itself. The operation will not be a success. It may or may not allow Kadima to hold on to power, but it will show the world, that Israel does not respect democracy and can't tolerate any ideological rivalry, even in theory.

It will kill the peace process and the 2 state solution, something Israel hawks have always hated. They will be happy with this in the short run since it means they don't have to give up anything. But in the long run, killing the 2 state solution means only one thing: A one-state solution, or the End of Israel as a "Jewish" state.

(Picture: Anti Israel demonstration in downtown Seoul, South Korea, earlier this week)


more from Q

Divide and conquer

by Meyti Mazloom (not verified) on

What the international community, including Washington, has to see more to finally understand who is the aggressor and who is the victim? After Lebanon in 2006 and Guernica of Qana, it's the turn of Ghaza, the martyrdom since 1948 and falling again as a martyr in 2008. Sixty years later, Israel does not intend to change her face, nor her vision. Israel likes Palestinians indeed ... but dead ! Israel is the product of death and can only spread it to exist. Israel, the IDF's war machine, its repression, its oppression, prison, torture under the eyes of the international community which seems to be accommodated.

The latter, headed by the Arab states who continue to maintain diplomatic and trade relations with the Jewish State, is complicit in the murder committed by a state against civilians. Palestinian factions are complicit in the genocide in Ghaza as well.

The Zionists are the enemies of humanity... They exploit the religious myth to justify their racism instrumentalizing before the Holocaust to extend their influence from beyond the Jews and blame the West, which is now political and security reasons to hatred of Israel against the Palestinians, who pay for sixty years for all the crimes of the West against Jews.

The world has allowed it to happen because of geopolitical interests and mercantilists with Israel, or submission to Washington who is defeated and the world at its convenience or economic mood. The Arabs are being manipulated by U.S. government for decades while Washington has never done anything for the Arab cause, or for the interests of Arabs.

In the aftermath of the Oslo accords in 1993, some Arab capitals were quick to open major arms to receive diplomatic or commercial Israeli while the Palestinians are not torn or earned in this transaction fooled. But the most regrettable is the breakup of the unity of Palestinian ranks which were always united in the worst moments of their resistance against the occupation. The addict Divide and conquer has worked perfectly in their case.

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

from Rosie: ID, David, Q, anybody

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

ID I saw your article about Amnesty Internation.  Thank you.

I saw another article on page 2 of the newsfeeds, it is called Zionist Crimes, the Politics of the Gaza Massacre. I can't get the link but I think it's good.

I wrote a blog for New Years Eve, that's why I came back, that's why I'm visiting, please click on my name, I'd like some of you to read it.  You may be surprised at the song I chose at the end. It is a song that was written in celebration of Israeli expansion into occupied territories in the '70s.  It has many Biblical references and really only ONE objectionable verse:  from Jericho to the Dead Sea. I don't see it that way. I see it as everyone living together from Jericho to the Dead Sea.  The song and the singer are wonderful. It may be objectionable to some people that the children all wear yarmulkes (skull caps), however these are similar to those worn in many Muslim countries.  There are also a few Mogen Davids (Star of David) thrown in the lighting in the background. Some people may find this objectionable. I don't care. It was the only youtube clip I found of the song.  And anyway I am kind of tired of being ashame d of the Mogen David just because it is "Zionist". It's not, it's Jewish. And it's more than that. It has the same symbolism as the cross, the Yin Yang, the Swastika (an ancient Indo-European (Aryan) symbol as you probably know). It signifies the reconciliation of opposites. It is a universal symbol.

There was a German Jewish poet of the Reich and he wrote these words;  I am proud to be a Jew (Ich bin stolz darauf).  I may as well be proud because I'll be one whether I'm proud or not." I may as well stop being ashamed of the Mogen David.



Kaveh <- wake up

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Since the begining in 1948, the Israeli army systematically occupied the Palestinian villages and towns, expelled by force the population and in most cases also destroyed the houses, looted their belongings and took over their material and cultural possessions. This was the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

During the ethnic cleansing, wherever there was resistance by the population the result was a massacre. We have more than 30 cases of such massacres where a few thousand Palestinians were massacred by the Israeli forces throughout the operation of the ethnic cleansing. The Israeli army became a bit tired toward the end of the operation and the Palestinian villages became more aware of what was awaiting them and therefore in the Upper Galilee the Israeli army did not succeed in expelling all of the villages. This is why today we have what we call the Arab-Israelis or Israeli-Arabs.

This is a group of 50 to 60 villages that remained within the state of Israel and its population was steadfast and was not expelled over to the other side of the border - to Lebanon or Syria.

The international community was aware of the ethnic cleansing but the international community, especially in the West, decided not to confront head on the Jewish community in Palestine after the Holocaust.

And, therefore, there was a kind of conspiracy of silence and again the international community did not react and was complacent and this was very important for the Israelis because it showed them that they can adopt as a state ideology ethnic cleansing and ethnic purity.

Zionists are kidnapping the world and not Palestinians, that's why you see all these comments against the occupier and not the reverse.



by Princess on

Happy New Year to you, too. As you can see our friend NG has persevered! I suspect he will respond...

I shall withdraw into the background again to listen and learn. :)

Best wishes! 


This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

ID, I saw the words "sick of them crying about the Holocaust...

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

it doesn't MATTER what came after, they are two separate clauses.  The people who saw Khomeini's face on the moon were the wretched of the earth (Franz Fanon).  When the European Jews  went to Palestine in the first two MAJOR separate waves escaping pogroms and after the Reich (everyone, all parties, Jews. Muslims, Christians thoroughly betrayed by Europe) they too were the wretched of the earth. Anyway, I'm not really sure who the "they" are of whom you speak...are they the morally bankrupt leadership, are they the insane Orthodox settlers (who don't even believe in the Jewish state?), ;are they ordinary people, educated, uneducated, Ashkenaz, Sepharad, Sabra, are they the refuseniks who go to prison and as soon as they get out, are re-drafted to go again and waste their entire youth? Some of these young people still are Zionists.  Who are "they"? Could you clarify? I always tried very hard to distinguish between the Khomeinists, the different Ayatollahs, the educated Muslims, the poor, uneducated, the Islamic "left", the Reformists, and so on...who are "they"?

It is terrible.  When I was a child growing up in the '60's and went to Hebrew School after public school it was still early enough to have the terrible poster from the '50's--A Land WIthout a People for a People Without A Land". This was one of the most meretricious acts of propaganda of any leadership of the 20th century. It was a wiping off the face of the map, pages of history of the existence of an entire people. As a child I had this psychic splitting, I was somehow able to reconcile an empty desert made to bloom by "us", by  while at the same time understanding it was Palestinian Arabs who killed the Israeli athletes at the Olympics in 1970???, the Black September Movement.  How is it possible to carry these paradoxes? I can't say.   Was I "they"? I'm not even sure if you mean Israelis or non-Israelis. I think a better way of phrasing might be, I understand the crying of the ordinary people but I can't stand their justifying these depradations. And I distrust the whining of the leaders and I can't stand them period. I think we could easily come to some kind of agreement.

The language is ALL we have on ta website, and it goes wherever the images go throughout the world media. We have to be very explicit in our language when engaging in political polemics and very careful not to alienate the people we want to convince. I am not an expert polemicist like Q or Jamshid or Mammad or Zion or Soraya, etc. but I try my best. Please, I hope you understand me. Thank you for replying.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

First of all, Happy New Year. :-)

As to the deletion, I can only guess that someone obviously felt threatened by posts that contradict their personal beliefs.

C'est la vie.

I was going to tell NG was that I appreciate the fact that he/she (forgive me for not knowing) spoke up against all of the bloodshed. I questioned NG's assertion that this is an anti-Zionism matter and not an anti-Judaism matter, since Judaism is central to the whole concept of Zionism since its inception, making it near impossible to separate the two.


Oh well...

by Princess on

I guess Annie Lenox and other celebrities are also IRI and terrorist supporters! 





gee Fred, you're right, there are a lot of strong emotions

by Q on

in the air, and much of it against Israel.

Is there any kind of event or international news that has occurred lately that could possibly explain it?

Can you think of anything at all that might account for this "Islamist takeover" as you call it?

Thank hard.


And liars are also...

by Ajam (not verified) on

...forgetfull. The main bully spokesperson, Condoleezza Rice, was asked today about the prospects of a ceasefire, and she kept repeating the exact same answer as in summer 2006, only replaced Hizbollah with Hams: "We believe the Hamas is responsiblem blah blah... and the a change to... status quo ante, and Hizbollah's capapbility to launch rockets blah blah, until a... sustainable and viable ceasefire balah blah, U.s. will blah blah...

Doesn't she remember that she gave the same speech in 2006? What ever happened to the sustainable and viable ceasefire blah blah...?!

News Goffer

Dear Kaveh

by News Goffer on

I'll try this again.  If you meant to include me in your blanket anti-jew accusation, I object.  My presence and my track record on this site shows that I am against terrorism of any kind by anyone and against anyone, anywhere.  I am particularly against state-sponsored terrorism, and most particularly I am against state-sponsored terrorism against a state's own people (such as in IRI).  I am categorically against anyone killing anyone.  I even oppose capital punishment, for I see no other thing more sacred and precious than human life.  Of course I mourn and object to the lost lives of school children on a school bus or in a crowded market, whether that bus is driving on Tel Aviv streets or Gaza.

I would like to say that the literature and comments I have referred to here are Zionist propaganda and not Jewish literature.  I expect you know the difference, Kaveh, and that you'd know better than to mix up the two, even for the sake of heating up the conversation.  When the dust settles on all of this, we can all tell the cheap shots from earnest discussions.   



by Fred on

Just like during the Islamists’ takeover of the Iranian revolution, hate inspired herd mentality is once again the impetus for disregarding demonstrable facts. No matter how the Islamist spin doctors twist the facts, the Islamist republic’s role in instigation of the current tragedy, as it was back in 2006 in Lebanon, is undeniable.  As usual the victims are hapless people being used as cannon fodder/human shields so the Islamists can extend their vampire-like existence.


David ET

by Mammad on

With all due respect, and I sincerely do mean respect, you are wrong about the 2006 war in Lebanon. What the UN Security Council mentioned in its Resolution is not relevant, because who drafted that Resolution? U.S./France/Britain. What did you expect? Glorify Hezbollah?

But, "victory" and who was "victorious" depend on one's definition of victory: 

Yes, if victory is destroying everything, then surely Israel won the 2006 war. As a matter of fact, Israel always wins such victories. Why not? It has one of the most modern and trained armed forces in the world, armed to the teeth by the most modern US weapons.


(a) if victory was preventing potent attacks on Israel deep within its territory with hundreds of missiles, then Israel lost because even on the last day of the war after Israel had supposedly "destroyed" everything, the missiles kep coming. 

(b) If victory was destroying infrastructure of Hezbollah and eliminating it as a potent military/political force, then Israel lost. Hezbollah today is stronger than 2006. It dictated its will on the Siniora government after it foolishly fired the chief security of Beirut's airport, and has veto power over all the decisions of the Lebanese government, which it did not have before the war.

(c) If victory was having the minimum number of military casualties, but inflicting the maximum on the other side, then Israel lost. The ratio Hezbollah fighters/Israel soldiers killed was about one. Hezbollah lost 137 to Israel's 110. 

(d) If victory was not letting Hezbollah know when and where they would be attacked, then Israel Lost. Israel lost the intelligence war very badly.

(e) If victory was reaching Litani River through land invasion, eliminating all the Hezbollah's hideouts, and destroying its infrastructure there, and not just airborning some soldiers there to take a photo there on the last day of war and then evacuating them in a hurry, then, Israel lost.

(f) If victory was to demonstrate the invincibility of Israel's Merkava tanks, then Israel lost.

(g) If victory was demonstrating that Hezbollah has no answer to Israel's navy, then Israel lost. 

(h) If victory was not allowing others to learn a lesson on how to defeat a modern army with asymmetric warfare, then Israel, and indeed the West, lost. As General John Abizaid, the then U.S. commander in the Middle East, said in his testimony in the U.S. Senate, "may be they were showing us [samples of] the things to come if we attack them."

(i) If victory was to begin a "new" Middle East in the image of Condi Rice, Bush, Cheney, and Ehud Olmert, then Israel lost. It is still the "old" Middle East. 

(j) If Israel "won," then how come there was so much angry debate in Israel after the war? Why did Israel Chief of Staff (Dan Halutz) resign? Why did Olmert's approval rating sink to 6%? Why was there a commission studying the war?

By the way, do not take these from me. Read Jonathan Cook's excellent three-part articles on that war. He is a journalist living in Israel, not an Islamist.

It is in the long-term interests of Israel's citizens to protest as strongly as they can the violations of Palestinians rights by Israel's political/military establishment. It is in their interest to pressure their government to retreat to the borders before the 67 war.

But, what Israel is doing is making the two-state solution increasingly difficult. If that solution and a viable Palestinian state disappear, then, Israel will have only two options:

(1) Absorb the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and complete the already in place apartheid-like system there.

(2) Or Absorb those areas and make it democratic, in which case Israel as a Jewish state will disappear.

Palestinians are not going anywhere. They will be there a 1000 years from now. Hamas and Hezbollah cannot be eliminated, because, like it or not, they have strong support among the masses. They are the symptoms of what Israel has done to its neighbors. Symptoms do not go away, as long as the root-cause of the problem persists.

Mark my words: Hamas will come out of this stronger than ever.


P.S.: Happy 2009



by IRANdokht on

Did you stop reading the rest of the sentence?  did you see the  part that followed "while" ? Are you saying the crimes of Nazi Germany of 60 years ago justifies the 40 year illegal occupation and all the bombing and killings of the civilians for all this time?

I have no problem condemning the atrocities of the Holocaust, but that doesn't justify what happened next and they can't keep killing people and cry about holocaust every time someone questions their actions.


PS: oops just noticed I forgot to say hi Rosie and welcome back. It was not intentional my dear


Kaveh Nouraee

by Princess on

Yes, I saw NG's message as well and was puzzelled why it was deleted. I have noticed this a few time already and it is REALLY annoying. I don't know who this moderator is who does this. Why doesn't anybody respond???


not at all David ET,

by Q on

First of all, there are no winners in war. I firmly believe this philosophically. So the real loss goes to those who gave their lives and most of them were Lebanese.

I'm not quoting IRI propaganda. I'm quoting Israeli media, and Israeli public opinion that considers the War a complete failure. That's exactly why the "face" issue is so important for Kadima.

It's not the only premise for what I'm saying either.

In military terms there is a clear definition for loss in a war: "failure to achieve the objectives."

Israel had a few clear stated objectives (I'm talking about the public ones, I don't think they are the true objectives). They were these:

- return of the kidnapped soldiers
- driving Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon
- discrediting Hezbollah leading to its dissolution
- disarming Hezbollah

Israel was unable to achieve any of these through its military campagin. The soldiers were not returned. Hezbollah was not disarmed and it was not discredited, in fact the opposite. On the last day of the conflict, Hezbollah sent in more rockets than ever.

The war was largely seen as a gross failure of Israel inside and outside the country.

This is what Yesterday's Jerusalem Post wrote about that conflict. Read carefully:

The Winograd Committee's scathing dissection of that conflict portrayed an IDF unprepared to battle Hizbullah, and a political leadership - headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and defense minister Amir Peretz - too arrogant and inexperienced to realize this.

The consequence was a bumbling and hesitant confrontation, in which Hizbullah's tenacity was underestimated, as was the capacity for its thousands of Katyusha rockets to wreak havoc throughout the north of Israel. The initial air assault failed to achieve the decimation of Hizbullah that the Israeli leadership had unfoundedly predicted. And the ground forces were short of training and supplies, and poorly marshalled.

As you can see, not only was it a failure but it also damaged the ruling party politically, hence they are in need of face saving before the next elections.

You also make the mistake of assuming the just signing a treaty means Hezbollah lost. It doesn't work that way. There are always treaties at the end of conflict. Nixon, for example signed a treaty with North Vietnam where they promised not to invade the south before pulling out all the troops. Do you think US won the war in Vietnam?

You also simplify resolution 1705. Hezbollah agreed to disarm by becoming part of the Lebanese military. The Western backed government tried to do this by cutting out the Hezbollah leadership and rushing integration of the forces on the terms dictated by US and Israel. It failed miserably because it did not have the support of the people. Later Hezbollah and Sunni government came to terms on a new head of the Army and a new President which is supposed to oversee the integration. It will occur but it it will be gradual and Hezbollah will not marginalized.

I'm not saying Hezbollah are nice guys who really want to be model citizens, but Israel has no business dictating the internal processes inside Lebanon, and externally Hezbollah has held its end of the cease fire.

But I am just making a point that your whole theory of Israel trying to save face after loss in Lebanon is nonsense.
Now you know that this is nonsense! :)

Have a nice day.

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

from rosie: Irandokht, if you are sick of them crying about

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

the holocaust, you will never have insight into the underlying psychology which allows the ordinary Israeli and/or non-Israeli Zionist to be so easily led by meretricious morally bankrupt leaders, in much the same way as ordinary Muslims have been in IRI, etc. The first MAJOR problems began in Paelstine because the United Nations felt guilty and carved this Jewish state after Britain having made promises to the Palestinians.  Of course we all know where the first MAJOR influx of refugees came from.  Even back to Herzl, a terrible colonialist and wiley politican, he wrote his manifestoes in response to a worsening of pogroms throughout Eastern Europe (not to mention the Dreyfus Affair in France). 

The ordinary Zionist's psyche is split in much the same way as the Germans were during the Reich. The psyche is capable of holding irrational paradoxes as a defense mechanism. Khodadad asked this question on his blog, how could such an oppressed people do such things be, and I explained to him in part the psychological mechanism of the ordinary survivor or children of Holocaust (or pogrom) survivors.  You may wish to take a look.

If you can't stand their "whining", you will never understand or be able to confront the mechanism at the root and win the heart or mind of one single Zionist. That refusal will make you part of the problem rather than the solution.  I know my people very well. Very well. 

Shanah tovah. Shalom.



Kaveh Nouraee

Who is deleting?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

News Goffer responded to one of my comments and it was deleted while I was preparing a response in kind.

There was nothing in NG's post that constituted anything offensive or improper, and unless it was NG who deleted it, it shouldn't have been touched.



by Anonymous888 (not verified) on

There is nothing amusing when human beings are killed. Israelites keep people on a narrow land, that you can call a ghetto and do with them what they want. That’s not war that’s mass murdering.



by Mammad on

Thank you. You said it succintly.

In addition to your two reasons as to why Israel is doing, in another post I mentioned other reasons:

(a) Attack when there is a leadership vacuum in the US during the transition.

(b) Attack when Bush, the official, but irrelevant, president of the US and a Christian Zionist, call still issue supporting statements.

(c) Attack to set the parameters for the incoming Obama administration.

(d) Attack to create a Palestinian problem for Egypt, the only other nation that has a border with Gaza.

(e) Attack to test the GBU-39 bombs that the US gave Israel in October. These are designed for hardened walls and ceilings. This is a test for attacks on Natanz.

A prison, a university, a hospital, and numerous mosques have been attacked. There was a headline today in one of the political websites: "Israel is running out of places to bomb." That is just a small indication of of the depth of devastation that these criminal attacks are bringing onto the Palestinians. 

According to UN statistics, in 2008 alone, 108 Palestinian children (i.e., under the age of 18), have been killed by Israel.

Yes, democracy is good when it goes these guys' way. In addition to her usual excuse after the 2006 elections that, "nobody thought Hamas would win," the dumbfounded and clueless Condi Rice also talked about how the Arab world needs "directed democracy;" That is, one that goes the U.S./Israel way. How different is that from the IRI and the Guardian Council?



Javid Shah,

by Inquiring Minds (not verified) on

You should be one of those who have leaved Iran before Shah, like do rats from a sinking ship. Now, you think that you can buy back your conscience by coming here anonymously and treating everyone as Islamists, or what ever you want. Shame on you!


How many children die each day in Africa?

by Anonymous Gone Mad (not verified) on

1 child dies every 3 seconds.
30,000 African children under the age of 5 die every day.
Malaria kills 3,000 African children every day.

While I was reading this article another 200 children died in Africa.

This whole planet has gone mad.



by Moses from heaven (not verified) on

There is nothing surprising you dig your girl friend’s comment. Her hate has already killed all you got of humanity on you.

Hamneshineh to as to beh bayad, ta tora aghlo dine biafzayad

David ET

OH come on Q !!

by David ET on

You keep repeating the propaganda of Hezbollah and its boss Islamic Republic that Israel lost in Lebanon and then draw many conclusions based on that, where in fact they did the propaganda just to cheat their masses about the treaty they had to agree to.

Here are some the terms of the security council resolution that Hezbollah victoriously! signed as condition to the Lebanon cease fire:

"Emphasizes the importance of the extension of the control of the government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory in accordance with the provisions of resolution 1559 (2004) and resolution 1680 (2006), and of the relevant provisions of the Taif Accords, for it to exercise its full sovereignty, so that there will be no weapons without the consent of the government of Lebanon and no authority other than that of the government of Lebanon;

Disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon, so that, pursuant to the Lebanese cabinet decision of July 27, 2006, there will be no weapons or authority in Lebanon other than that of the Lebanese state;
-- no foreign forces in Lebanon without the consent of its government;
-- no sales or supply of arms and related materiel to Lebanon except as authorized by its government;

Requests the secretary general to develop, in liaison with relevant international actors and the concerned parties, proposals to implement the relevant provisions of the Taif Accords, and resolutions 1559 (2004) and 1680 (2006), including disarmament, and for delineation of the international borders of Lebanon, especially in those areas where the border is disputed or uncertain, including by dealing with the Shebaa farms area, and to present to the Security Council those proposals within 30 days

The sale or supply to any entity or individual in Lebanon of arms and related materiel of all types, including weapons and ammunition, military vehicles and equipment, paramilitary equipment, and spare parts for the aforementioned, whether or not originating in their territories, and;

(b) the provision to any entity or individual in Lebanon of any technical training or assistance related to the provision, manufacture, maintenance or use of the item  listed in subparagraph (a) above, except that these prohibitions shall not apply to arms, related material, training or assistance authorized by the government of Lebanon or by UNIFI "

(and I am not even posting 2004 and 2006 resolutions that are re-emphasized in this resolution)

and you know what the Hezbollah's representative in Iran said the next day? "There will not be disarmament, the UN resolution has not demanded that
," !!!!!!!! (Now you tell me who is the "dilusional liar"?)

Any kid can see who was the loosing party in this treaty if they read it. Haven't you also noticed Hezbollah (comparing to the past) has been behaving themselves better because of the treaty they had to sign under pressure from the public in Lebanin and now are part of the political process (Having IR behind them of course there is no guarantee that they will continue that way)

So please Q do not repeat the empty IR propaganda without basis that Israel lost in Lebanon insulting readers intelligence unless you did not bother to read the terms of cease fire and fell in the IR victory propaganda too which in that case now you know the truth.


But I am just making a point that your whole theory of Israel trying to save face after loss in Lebanon is nonsense.

My point is if Israel gets anything like that resolution before letting Hamas go, they will be very happy to let Ayatollahs and Hamas and you claim empty victory and slogans while they have achieved their goal and that is exactly why is repeating what they did in Lebanon.

 By the way Happy New Year :-)

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

None of you who cry over these Palestinian civilians who are killed because these Hamas and Hezbollah thugs use them as human shields say a word when Hamas or Hezbollah blows up a bus, or a marketplace filled with Israeli civilians.

It's a total tragedy that civilians are being killed, but the lives on one side aren't more valuable than the lives on the other. But when people are so enveloped in their inexplicable hatred for anything related to Jewish people or Israel, they won't see it that way.



News Goffer,

by Hajminator on

Missing you around here and Gol Goffti aziz.

News Goffer

Dear JJ

by News Goffer on

With apologies to Q for side-stepping his post subject...

I am very disappointed in your decision to feature the referenced Israeli propaganda by Zion on the first page of Iranian.com.  You have featured this less than mediocre piece of writing among the works of real scholars, analysts, and writers of your site.  I know for a fact that you have high standards for publishing articles.  I'm baffled to see that short and silly piece of writing has passed your standards!  Additionally, haven't we already heard enough from user Zion about her chilling and scary ideas about humanity in hundreds and thousands of hate-filled comments she leaves for everyone on the site?  Have you been watching and following this user's ways of addressing other users on your site?  Have you been following the comments and blogs which show your community is heartsick at the damage this user has been causing the collective spirit?  Sorry for the intrusion.  Just checking JJ.


Bullies are delusional liars, act out of fear and hate not

by Javid Shah (not verified) on

"Protection" and these delusional bullies are the Islamic Republic of Iran, their supporters and excuse makers.


What "Peace Process"?

by farokh2000 on

The Israeli Government doesnot want "Peace" with anyone.

Their main objective is to take land and build more Settlements, with U.S. Tax Payers' $$, of course.

Every single time their Prime Minister comes to Washington D.C., he is asking for more money for new settlements(money to bring more Jews to the Country, attracting them with housing, jobs and stipends), weapons, or fences/walls to separate and isolate the natives.

This is not a Government after "Peace". They are the only Nuclear Power in the Middle East and non one is supposed to talk about it. "The only democracy in the Middle East", they are NOT.

They have Never listened to UN resolutions, condemnations, or rulings.

They like to live in the Middle East, but have you ever seen them participate in any Asian Sporting competitions?, No, they are NOT from Asia.

Of course all of this is with 100% support of their Puppets in US. You cannot win any political Office in this Country, if you ever criticize any of their criminal actions.

Well, when you have the largest Military Industrial system in the World on your corner and you already own one of the largest Nuclear arsenals yourself, who is going to stop you, except you, and  your own people.

A good majority of the people they are "trying to protect" are against their criminal agressions and one of these days the "House of Cards" will crumble from within, if there is any justice in this World. 


Coincidence or strategic planning?

by Hajminator on

The timing of the attacks during a period of festivity is another evidence that they have been premeditated since long ago. Welcome to the true world of falscification and lie.



by IRANdokht on

If they thought they lost face in Lebanon, this recent action destroyed whatever chance they had to pretend they're righteous in their claims. As a witness to all this, I am sick of them crying about the holocaust while justifying decades of illegal occupation, criminal bullying and murdering civilians.

Thanks for explaining the real true story.