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This is a continuation of a side conversation I started with Darius Kadiver here.  My comment became too long and out of respect for Cameron Batmanghlich and other participants, I decided to remove it and blog about it instead. 

Dear Darius:

I am honored you replied.  There is no need for you to have to express your steadfastness and courage in expressing your opinions.  I have been witness to it over time and like I said, I have admired your style and good manners in presenting your arguments and standing behind them.  If I could take stock of the situation, you don’t disagree with others in the root of their sadness for Palestinians and in their rage over Israel’s actions in Gaza.  Above and beyond being a movie buff, you have developed an “eye” for media’s constant manipulation of public opinion and you object to the way some people on the site may have fallen prey to such aggrandizements of facts.  (Forgive me if I’m repeating what you just said, I am really doing it for myself to articulate and understand the source of this atmosphere.). 

Dear Darius, what is it you would expect these people to do?  To stop featuring videos, news articles, and blogs that are manipulative?  How will they know which ones they are?  Absent fair and objective reporting on the situation, and you must know that this is true, because even I know that it's true, where would they seek that information and reporting to bring and share with others?

Let me ask you this Darius, and I hope nobody gets mad at me, and this may be a rhetorical question, but if we could go back in time and use the experiences and knowledge that we have about the situation today (minus the anger and unkind words and unhappy feelings), what would be the appropriate way in which we as a collective should have acted to avoid these rifts?  To continue discussing one of the most important events of recent times in a civil and fair way, and to come out of it still being caring fellow debaters? 

I think based on what you have said and the things I read from most of our fellow Iranians, you all don’t disagree at all about the situation and your personal evaluations of it;  rather, you disagree on the way facts and information about the situation is being presented, a matter of form and not one of content (and I am half-way smart enough to understand that if a biased form of presenting information is maintained, it will definitely affect the content over time, so I’m not playing games here.).  

You must be aware that some of the voices we are hearing on the site these days do not all share what we have just established you and others do.  I want to know why people are talking to you, an established, generous, interesting, and integral part of this community with the same language (either bad language or proper language laced with bad feelings) as the one they have been using to address some extremist new comers who are not revered and appreciated as much.  It is completely unacceptable that the language of discourse within our community should be degraded to the level where derogatory, rude, and hateful adjectives and nouns are used for addressing a fellow-Iranian, no matter how much we disagree with him or her. 

I hope you and others will help me and all of us to see the seriousness of the situation which is threatening our community and the style of public discourse you personally have worked really hard to establish and elevate.  It would be a pity for all of us to lose it and have to start all over again.  Any thoughts and ideas are welcome, but even if everybody’s contribution remains at the level of self-reflection and personal evaluation, I would still feel accomplished.  

I thank you my very special friend, Darius.  Our disagreements aside, nobody among us can deny the many valuable contributions you have made to Iranians in diaspora through your heartful and thoughtful labor of love to bring art, humor, and nostalgia to all.  What makes us specially proud is that you have done it on, a most valued home for all of us. 


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by Hajminator on

Are you sure to know who’s who?

Enemies of your enemy are in fact enemies of Iran.

They have overthrown Shah 30 years ago and want to make you feel they are your friend. But in reality they aren’t. They have a fascist Ideology to force other nations be under their boots.

This is the big trap you’re falling in to.

از هواي آدميت سينه را معزول كن  گرد همت گرد تا بر اوج گردون پر زني

Darius Kadivar

old friend ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I prefer nowadays to consider the "Enemy of My Enemy" as  My Friend. It's Less Treacherous and Less Hypocrite if you see what I mean ? But For You Poor "Anonymous" Soul and Lack of Personality I don't think you can.

Go Join your Army of Ignorant "Anonymous" Collaborators



DK yes you ARE the subject

by Anonymous (not verified) on

DK yes you ARE the subject of this blog. Does that mean that you want to get into a pissing contest with everyone? Well not everyone, I mean others who don't agree with you. After all this blog was written to bring your attention to an issue. What is that issue? That is the question not how well you can argue (not debate) and haggle with us. Otherwise this will be same old same old. You want to be same old?

Darius Kadivar

Anonymous Apparently Not ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Personally ? It Seems to be the other Way Round ? After I AM the Object of this Blog and entitled to Justify Myself for my Transparent and Un Ambiguous opinion and Not Any of you writing under the "Bold Stance" of Anonymity !

I Rest My Case,



DK, ignore some of these ignorant individuals from

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

anti semitism (racists) to IRI apologists. I may not disagree with some of your political views (we are all humans and can't have same views) BUT You are one of few on this site whom I see as true Iranian. You have always defended Kurds, and published how the fascist Iranian regime treats its own people while others are to busy with issues of another nation. Keep it up my friend.

News Goffer; I totally agree with you my friend, regards DK contribution made to Iranians.

Darius Kadivar

So Do I Khanoum "TheMrs" !

by Darius Kadivar on

You PRoved my Point Also !

I Rest My Case Also and Prefer my Blue Shirt to Your "Angelina Jolie" Under Cover Personal Attacks.

Che Sera, Sera Indeed !





Zionist Detector - Here we go again with your faulty programming

by Islamist / IRI Supporter Detector (not verified) on

Please refrain from attacking people with your pro IRI/Leftist propaganda. Instead, read what Mr. Kadivar has to say and learn something for a change. Mr. Kadivar is teaching your radicals a great lesson on what actions ARE ACTUALLY considered a:

Ethnic Cleansing

To your dismay (and to the dismay of all the radicals, leftover communists, IRI supporters and Antisemites) what is happening in Gaza does not qualify as any of the above. Now please try to learn something.

As stated earlier, Zionist Detectors are full of rage and hate. The detection systems are faulty all over. There is no logic behind their idiotic propaganda. Just view the computer program software code installed in the Zionist Detector's Software system:

1) If someone on hates the IRI but loves Iran and Iranians then go to "Zionist"

2) If someone on wants the Israelis and Arabs to live in peace than go to "Zionist"

3) If someone on complains about IRI policies than go to "Zionist"

4) If someone wants to have a conversation with Zion to show him the moderate Iranian view and to try to reason with Zion on certain issues than got to "Zionist"

5) If someone on correctly calls Hamas's indiscriminate rocket fire into Israeli population centers just as reprehensible as Israeli actions then go to "Zionist"

6) If someone on reminds us that Palestinians are not friends of Iranians, supported Saddam and hate Iranians then go to "Zionist"

7) If someone on questions IRI's stupid support of Hamas while not supporting the PLO and Palestinian Authority then go to "Zionist"

8) If someone on questions the use of suicide bombings and violence as a tool to ending the Israeli occupation than go to "Zionist"

9) If someone on wants to clarify the difference between GENOCIDE, ETHNIC CLEANSING & HOLOCAUST, GO TO PHALAVI, ZIONIST, ISRAEL, ZIONIST... HECK GO BERZERK.

As you can see, this computer code is very primitive and useless. Its only good for Friday prayers in Qum, Esfahan, Tehran and Mashad. This computer code is apparently very useful for radicals who have just witnessed the decimation of an IRI ally Hamas and can't express their sadness except for calling it a "Genocide".


DK don't take it personally

by Anonymous (not verified) on

You don't think you might have maybe, just maybe, SOMETIMES cast a bigger net that needed? Like killing an ant with a sledge hammer?

I personally think you have attention issues. Don't laugh but when something becomes a hot topic like Gaza you suddenly become more active. Your comments longer and youtube galore. It is as if these poor Gazans should feel guilty of being the center of attention. I can assure you this is not their intention. They could care less about attention if they didn't have to die.

So take this blog for what is trying to do and look at mirror instead of telling others to look in mirror. You are not our WIFE! I could talk more but what does it matter if it only encourage you to argue back? to fight back as if we're trying to put you down or insult you and stuff.


DK Thank you for your response

by TheMrs on

Your response goes to further prove the point I was making. I rest my case.


I love Darius Kadivar!

by Farnoosh on

I love DK and I always click on his blogs to see what he found for us now. I hate what is happening on this site. Why are people attacking each other? The world is talking about what horrible things are happening in Gaza. Why can't we talk about it, too, like decent human beings?

Darius Kadivar

NewsGofer As I said I will answer you in due Time ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Just to say that My comments here are not the answers I intend to give you regarding your kind Note and questions.

Stay Tuned, and thank you for your patience !



Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

I Write with my Full IDENTITY and AM Accoutable for my Opinions EVEN if It does NOT Fill In YOUR CRITERIA !

I Bet You have NOT EVEN READ ANY OF MY Reasoned Arguments and are Jumping to Conclusions that I endorse the Killings of Civilians in GAZA.

Fine  go ahead and Just Remain Convinced by your Own False Interpretations and Incapacity to understand things beyond your comprehension.

This is Not about You and Me it is about Our Collective Co Existence and Responsability as People who claim to be Intellectuals writing and expressing opinions on a Public Platform.

I'm Not interested in being the Joon Joony of ANYONE just to satisfy the individual opinions or sensitivities of various contributors ( including most respectable feature writers who since have left this website due to the level of mediocrity and insults they have either been subject too or have seen others like me be subject to such attack but who contributed highly to turn it into the public forum on which you and I can express ourselves Freely) Including the Editor of This Website who claims to have NO EDITORIAL POLICY !


As Far As Insults Are Concerned I HAVE NEVER INSULTED ANYONE ( Except When Attacked personally or when My Integrity was questioned).

So Unless have Decided to Cast YOUR JUDGMENT on ME Like Those who love to assist to Public  Executions like In Iran, or back in the Wild Wild West,


I suggest you to Look in the Mirror before. Unlike people in IRan You ( In England) and Me (in France ) have the Luxury of not having to  make a choice. THAT IS NOT THEIR LUXURY !


But You are Indeed Free to Join the MOB As Usual :





The Coming Out of Mr Dariush Kadivar

by zionist detector (not verified) on

He finally has decided to come out, loud and clear announcing his pro Israel/Pahlavi views. To him the protestors on the streets of Paris were "Arabs" and he didn't not want any of it as he stated in his comments about demonstrations in London.

He bombards the site with video clips, 50% or more having to do with Pahlavies, pictures of them, interviews, gatherings, photos and more. He publishes 4 or blogs a day on and fills the space on blogs page. 50% of these blogs are about Pahlavies. His frequent blogs pushes other blogs off the main blogs page.

He over-use the site for his own political views. Anybody who disagree with him in a serious manner he would call them IRI supporter etc. And he has come out, finally.



by Hajminator on

Being Anti-IRI AND a human are not mutually exclusive. For example, I am against IRI (for sure) AND I TRY to be a human.

What is going on now, would affect your future and those who are perpetuating it. So, if you don't want to see the world turn worse as what it is, stand up against unfairness. This will not take anything, from your opposition toward IRI. 

That's the claim nothing else.

By the way, you have strangely anonymous supporters as you dislike to confront usually ;-)



by maziar 058 (not verified) on

Bravo to Mr Dariush Kadivar and his countless memmorable contributions to this site.
you guys please come up wiyh a plan to save Iranians
from the western entrapment of the middle east conflict,we are persian......


Callous Kadivar?

by old friend (not verified) on

Is this your new name, Darius?

I too have always admired your cultivated bearing and even your loyalty to the Pahlavis, whether or not they deserve it. Why in the world do you throw in your lot with those newcomers that NG talks about? You do not have the required veqaahat. You are not cut of the same cloth.


The man with the blue shirt goes hysterical again

by TheMrs on

DK routinely insults people with personal attacks; here it’s by calling people who disagree with him, have a different appraoch or are otherwise not jumping on his band wagon traitors and hijackers. I find many of his posts very offensive. But perhaps some clarifications are needed here. What is typically understood is the following:


A holocaust is “any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life”. There have been many holocausts throughout history, and there is a Palestinian holocaust taking place right under our noses as we speak.   


A genocide is “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.” This is also happening in Palestine.   


The Shoah is “The mass murder of European Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

//-->” This definition is also clear. The Shoah was a heinous event in history but some what unique. However, the term doesn’t address the many homosexual, handicap or others who were burned during the Nazi era.


As for the guy (I mean Bush not DK) who made “you are either with us or against us”, he is out the door and leaving death, destruction and economic catastrophes behind. “Hijacking of our patriotism”, “bunch of traitors”, “sacred land”…what are you smoking these days DK?   



I didn’t look at the links; I have a pretty good idea of what they’ll show. So what’s the point? Everyone here knows about the problems of Iran and the brutality of the IRI. Does that mean we can never sympathize with any other people under distress? We can never identify with their oppression?   


 I don’t know about DK’s identity under fire. But I’m clear and confident in mine, at least as far as Iran is concerned. I am Iranian. If there are social actions against the tyranny there, I join when I can. But when I see Gaza burning, I see no reason why my Iranian-ness should hold my compassion only for my compatriots. It doesn’t make me any less Iranian or suggest I’m unaware or care less about what’s going on in Iran.

Those who are very concerned about Iran and feel they can have an impact are free to organize and mobilize and voice their anger against the IRI. Surely many would support them. If they’re sitting at home in front of youtube, what does it have to do with the rest of us?

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on






More on This LATER !


‫ما زن و مرد جنگیم، بجنگ تا بجنگیم




ذات تو كجا و آدميت                         آدم نشوي به آدميت
از قصهء شب ترا خبر نيست            چون گوش تو هيچ گوش كر نيست
تا چاشتگهي، به خواب مستي          گوشت به دهل زن سحر نيست
رسواتر از اين نمي‌توان گفت            دشنامي از اين صريح تر نيست
مسخي تو چنانكه خانه‌ات را              حاجت به حليم و مغز خر نيست
اين شاخ كه از گل تو سر زد            جز طعنهء مردمش ثمر نيست
هر دشنامي كه مي‌توان گفت           رويش ز تو در كسي دگر نيست
هر فعل بدي كه مي‌توان گفت            از سلسلهء شما به در نيست

داند همه كس كه اين دروغ است  نتوان گفتن كه ماست دوغ است


60 MILLION died in WWII, 40 million civilians

by Jaleho on

(I wrote this in Cameron's blog, but I guess it belongs here)

at least 10 million Chinese in Japanese crimes like Nanking massacre. Why are you so hung up on the massacre of Jews only after 70 years?! Cause the victors of WWII write the history to brainwash everyone the way they like?! Or is it the repeated Spielberg movies where Kadivar is so in love with, or is his total insensitivity to the genocide which is going right in front of his eyes? 

The term holocaust was firts suggested to be used for Armenian genocide in Turkey, the jews opposed it nervously since they want to have the sole proprietorship to whining on victimhood, because it has been a good business.

Jews are the best paid victims history has ever seen! None of the families of the other 40 million victims of WWII got paid. The Jews even stole a entire country by whining, courtesy of Palestinian homes and gardens, who now can't even complain when being massacred becasue Darius Kadivar can't live without Spielberg for few days!! Aren't there films about 10 million massacred Chinese DK?

Read the "Holocaust Industry", an international best seller by one of the greatest Jewish historians of our time, Norman Finkelstein.

Darius Kadivar

News Goffer

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you for your letter, I will respond to you in due time.

In the Meantime Please take your time to Watch this:

Here are the latest developments in YOUR COUNTRY, Or what is Left of OUR IDENTITY:

درگيري مأموران نيروي انتظامي و عزاداران شهر خميني شهر اصفهان

More Here:


tirandazi mozdaran rejim be mardom dar homayonshaher 

// 26 dei Esfahan (1) // 26 dai Esfahan (2) //  26 dai Esfahan (3) // 26 dai Esfahan (4) //



News Goffer, thank you my friend

by Hajminator on

سرانجام بشر را، این زمان،اندیشناکم،سخت.بیش از پیش.

‫که می لرزم به خود از وحشت این یاد .

نه می بیند،نه می خواند،نه می اندیشد،این ناسازگار،ای داد!

‫نه آگاهش توانی کرد،با زاری.

نه بیدارش توانم کرد ، با فریاد!

‫نمی داند، براین جمعیّت انبوه و این پیکار روز افزون .

که ره گم میکند در خون، ازین پس ، ماتم نان میکند بیداد!

نمی داند، زمینی را که با خون آبیاری میکند، گندم نخواهد داد!


your recent behaviour

by parinaz (not verified) on

I too don't understand your recent behaviour!
All of a sudden (or perhaps not) you have become heartless.
I know what you said on the other blog as to there is no comparison to the Holocaust-- but Darius, there isssss!
And remember that was WWII, and we as human beings were supposed to have learned from that horrible, gruesome atrocity.
But here are the children of those same people
who are committing this same kind of mass-murder !

So no one, not even the ones who suffered such abominable crimes learned anything!

How incredibly SAD!


To Darius Kadivar

by amirkabear4u on

I been using this site for over 1 year. I wanted to make a blog for this but did not think it was worth a blog.

I am not backing anyone but I noticed that sometimes you have an extraordinary response to blogs. For someone who call himself a democratic journalist and someone who has a job reading and writing, shouldn't he first understand the writer before responding?

Not being rude, but I never heard your name as a professional journalist. Maybe this is why.