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This is a continuation of a side conversation I started with Darius Kadiver here.  My comment became too long and out of respect for Cameron Batmanghlich and other participants, I decided to remove it and blog about it instead. 

Dear Darius:

I am honored you replied.  There is no need for you to have to express your steadfastness and courage in expressing your opinions.  I have been witness to it over time and like I said, I have admired your style and good manners in presenting your arguments and standing behind them.  If I could take stock of the situation, you don’t disagree with others in the root of their sadness for Palestinians and in their rage over Israel’s actions in Gaza.  Above and beyond being a movie buff, you have developed an “eye” for media’s constant manipulation of public opinion and you object to the way some people on the site may have fallen prey to such aggrandizements of facts.  (Forgive me if I’m repeating what you just said, I am really doing it for myself to articulate and understand the source of this atmosphere.). 

Dear Darius, what is it you would expect these people to do?  To stop featuring videos, news articles, and blogs that are manipulative?  How will they know which ones they are?  Absent fair and objective reporting on the situation, and you must know that this is true, because even I know that it's true, where would they seek that information and reporting to bring and share with others?

Let me ask you this Darius, and I hope nobody gets mad at me, and this may be a rhetorical question, but if we could go back in time and use the experiences and knowledge that we have about the situation today (minus the anger and unkind words and unhappy feelings), what would be the appropriate way in which we as a collective should have acted to avoid these rifts?  To continue discussing one of the most important events of recent times in a civil and fair way, and to come out of it still being caring fellow debaters? 

I think based on what you have said and the things I read from most of our fellow Iranians, you all don’t disagree at all about the situation and your personal evaluations of it;  rather, you disagree on the way facts and information about the situation is being presented, a matter of form and not one of content (and I am half-way smart enough to understand that if a biased form of presenting information is maintained, it will definitely affect the content over time, so I’m not playing games here.).  

You must be aware that some of the voices we are hearing on the site these days do not all share what we have just established you and others do.  I want to know why people are talking to you, an established, generous, interesting, and integral part of this community with the same language (either bad language or proper language laced with bad feelings) as the one they have been using to address some extremist new comers who are not revered and appreciated as much.  It is completely unacceptable that the language of discourse within our community should be degraded to the level where derogatory, rude, and hateful adjectives and nouns are used for addressing a fellow-Iranian, no matter how much we disagree with him or her. 

I hope you and others will help me and all of us to see the seriousness of the situation which is threatening our community and the style of public discourse you personally have worked really hard to establish and elevate.  It would be a pity for all of us to lose it and have to start all over again.  Any thoughts and ideas are welcome, but even if everybody’s contribution remains at the level of self-reflection and personal evaluation, I would still feel accomplished.  

I thank you my very special friend, Darius.  Our disagreements aside, nobody among us can deny the many valuable contributions you have made to Iranians in diaspora through your heartful and thoughtful labor of love to bring art, humor, and nostalgia to all.  What makes us specially proud is that you have done it on, a most valued home for all of us. 


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rosie is roxy is roshan

Darius, what you just said to me was so..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

over the top. To begin with, last week I flagged a post directed to you by a goldfish saying in subject line you'd gone crazy and in text calling you a Ziopig. The post did not get deleted. Then I WROTE a post to the moderator strongly protesting this on grounds you are one of the most respected writers here and this is a cowardly fish (though btw not all fish are..)

Following that I read that article I posted below and saw your post with careful questions to an objective reporter and asked you a question about what to do to get more objective information (which is what Gaffer here also asks..) and you didn't reply. Okay, fine, whatever.

At about the same time  wrote a blog called: Are Deletions on Gaza Unbalanced? in which I described that situation with the Ziopig thing w/out mentioning you specifically but I think it was pretty clear. . Zion wrote a blog the following day w/a question to JJ about moderation and I complained vociferously to j specifically about the failure to properly moderate that attack on you. Using your name.

And then I wrote what I wrote here defending you and you wrote what you wrote attacking me, and also suggesting some kind of I don't know what with me and Zion. This is all very strange.

I said I KNOW you because I know your WORDS anSd PICTURES for now well over a year and words and pictures are all we have and that is how we know each other. Just the way people know me. If I don't "know" you then none of us know each other and what are we doing here? Let's all go get laid instead.

You can tell me I don't know you til the cows come home, mon cher, but you'll have to do it by writing, and the more you write, the more I'll argue..that...

see, I know you EVEN BETTER NOW. By your writing. .


PS when I say the real DK or the real whoever I base my assessment of the "real" person on what imho is the very BEST of that person. I always assume that their best is WHO THEY REALLY ARE. Always. Even in my own case, a-hole that I am. It's...a lonely road sometimes..but I like it.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on


So No Need to Remind me in a personal Email !


Thank You !



Ha ha ha... loved my share of your wrath DK

by Zion on

oy vey indeed! ;-)


Marge , arn't we having a double standard?

by curly (not verified) on

you say ;;; defending Zionism and Israelis isn't what is for. """
so do you think defending arabs is our problem????
my dear usually your arguments make , zions pale!!!!
she is your mirror, just the other side. trust me , this is how I see it.I do not support her being pushed out, she has as much right as you and I?!!!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Marge, if

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

defending Zionism and Israel isn't what i.c. is for then every single person here has the prerogative to completely ignore Zion and everyone who disagrees with her (which I am certainly not one of). This is definitely not the case so it seems like a helluva lot of people WANT it to be exactly for that. That is their choice. They could spend time informing people about humanitarian efforts for Gaza like Nilouffar instead of arguing with  Zion. They do whatever they do. They seem to be getting as "wet" as Zion over the wrestling match, so it must be a match made in heaven.

Darius Kadivar

You Are All Hilarious ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

Keep Em coming All You Last Minute Patriots and self promoted ANN TELECTUALS of the Kind for whom NOTHING IS SACRED, Not Even YOUR MOTHERLAND !

BY GEORGE YOUR FUNNY ;0)) Before reminding me of my Consciense. You Better give THAT ADVICE TO ( And with Due Respect to JJ)  The Vasectomite with a strange sense of masochistic humour who calls himself a  Jerk In London But Who instead could focus his attention more usefully By moderating the RAMPANT Neo Nazi Vocabulary here aimed at endorsing  HAMAS IDEOLOGY.  

A vocabulary Which YOU ARE ALL NOW ENDORSING and which will ultimately reflect Badly On OUR COMMUNITY when a unknown user will google Holocaust or Shoah and fall on and all the Crap you people have been writing without the slightest sense of moral responsability or accountability ( except under the "Bold Stance "of "Anonymity and nicknames" to hide your identity).


Since You have decided to a Personal Vendetta against me I suggest YOU MARGE and CAMERON Go Join Your Nazi Sisterhood and Brotherhood. You would feel more confortable. Maybe you can even do yourself good and adopt this poor 3 year Old and give him the HAMAS Training you so cherish. He seems to be Predestined thanks to his name :



Do Send My Warm Regards to the converted ARABDOKHT she has been replaced by a True IRANDOKHT :

As For Rosie I THINK YOU DON't EVEN KNOW ME So With Kind Regards Do yourself a Favor, Zion needs a companion too:



It Seems that Iranian History has Gone One Round Circle Once Again thanks to the Betrayal of its Own Undeserving ANN TELECTUALS who can Hardly Walk in the footsteps of Ferdowsi or his Epic and Timeless Talent !


Come down Your High Horses You don't Stand a Chance in terms of credibility.



You Wish to Distort my comments and intentions Aimed at ALERTING YOU by Adhering to This Gentleman's Revisionism ?






Dear curly

by Zion on

Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it, and the feeling is mutual.

BTW, I don't agree that Israel is a bully...well at least not an iota more than she needs to be sometimes in order to simply survive! ;-)

Take care my friend.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Iranian 123. No Sh*t Sherlock Holmes Jan

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Of course it's not "our problem", but unfortunately, people are dying and the same hemorrhoid that threatens Iran on a regular basis is at war. So naturally, we have to take a side. I think Israel is really good at making an ass of Israel. Iranians Africans Russians and others don't even need to bother be involved.

Israel = FAIL. Everyone knows it. No peace, never had peace, no constitution, shady politicians. God must be ashamed of such a "chosen people". They have damn good parties though. Palestinians, hurry up god damn it.

Israel is like a shampoo directions. Rinse lather repeat. There'll be another war in 2/3 years. Yawn. I'm so grateful to live in America.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

NO no. Iraj has a point. Zion is part of the PROBLEM

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Iranians have a hard time being united as it is. Let's spike this already gross punch with a Zionist and what? you expect us to be progressing? i do! rapidly progressing, that is. Toward lots of infighting and bashing. I especially like DK's squirming, personally. It usually includes lots of YOUTUBE rhetoric. Don't get so sad.

Zion is getting wet seeing us write these "go aways". But I just want to say that Iraj has a point. Zion doesn't support a good debate AT ALL. I think she has other issues to sort out, and defending Zionism and Israelis isn't what is for. 


I am tired of this separation between all of us

by curly (not verified) on

Why do we have to choose sides? why this Iraj khan is telling zion to leave this site? she has the same right as the rest of us. Why Darioush has to explain himself? just look at yourselves, you are acting just like Israel!! aren't you ? just bullying others to conform to your standards!!!
I love zion , she is so brave , she stands tall for what she believs.


Israeli/Palestinian problem is not our problem!

by iranian 123 (not verified) on

Israelis and Palestinians been fighting ever since craetion of Israel and Hamas would not have been punished this bad if Iran was not supporting them.This is the price that they paid for being Iran's ally.Iran's other ally Hezbullah was punished and now was Hamas 's turn.My suggestion to those groups is that when you are facing a country that has the most advance weapons do not give them an excuse to start a war.

rosie is roxy is roshan

The real DK/Part of the problem is...please bear with me

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

This was an ARTICLE a few days ago. Here you will see on the thread first post the DK I know. A compassionate person with an inquiring mind who is so interested in the Pal/Israel situation that he scrutinizes the Israeli military actions with a microscope to try to understand their strategy which he totally disapproves of.


Please also note my question to him at top of thread.

Part of the problem is this blogging community is getting so insular it is becoming like an echo chamber in a boiler room since this Gaza situation. These days articles are undercommented although they could be a breath of fresh air and in the case of the intervieew above seem to me to be about as objective as it gets.

While every jumpy over-reactive or sanctimonious diatribe blog or thread post on blog gets everyone jumping on the bandwagon with people cheering like a wrestlilng match insstead of saying hey this is what you may have in common or just chill out a bit please...

There is a box in the upper right hand corner of the home page which alternates with a floral design and other text and ads. One of the texts says:  Find out what your friends are saying. Read our blogs.

That speaks volumes. How insular can you get? The "friends" already read the blogs, that's how they became friends What about the half million hits from individual computers per month, what about our astronomically high google ratings bringing people from Shanghai to Argentina here? What about the ARTICLES fer crissake?

No WONDER everyone is going balistic. This blogging situation has become like a pressure cooker these days. Honestly the DK I've seen on some of the threads lately isn't the DK I've known. But neither are half of the other people I've known. These days.t's CLAUSTROPHOBIC here since Gaza.

What to do? Certainly the conversations shouldn't be abated. Maybe just REMEMBERING this would help. I hope I'm making sense to someone...


PS Thank you Gaffer. This is the first blog specifically addressed to a member these days that didn't make me gasp for air just reading it.

iraj khan

Zion, you are not welcomed at this website, Go Away!

by iraj khan on

1. You are not Iranian

2. You support the crimes of Israeli government

3. You threaten people who don't agree with you

4. You don't let a healthy dialogue to take form on

5. You are the most hated visitor on this website

SOLUTION: Go Away! Go somewhere else, Vamus, Disappear.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

In conclusion, DK is a the Bill Kristol to our Pahlavis

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

He is a human dildo and apologist. Let him be. Bill Kristol kinda looks like you now that I think of it Darius! How strange. Basically, don't upset our french poodle so much or he will accuse you of being a Hezballah soldier. Ouch my feelings are still hurting from when he did it to me in another blog.

The Mrs chat that happened here is a the perfect example. He accuses and dishes but he CANNOT take it back. Typical. 



by Zion on




by Hajminator on

very happy :)




by Zion on

Now that you insist. I'll say whatever those who have won the medal fields say. Happy now?


The main point hein?

by Hajminator on

Well, you should not. Much more intelligent israelis than you, (intelligent because they understand my english perfectly :) and have won the medal fields) condemn these acts as barbarics.




he calls the people who don't agree with his posts "terrorists"!

by Mohseni (not verified) on

He would use cuss words whenever he learns a new one. As Sadegh Hedayat the great Iranian writer put it "shashesh tazeh kaf kardeh". Its either his view or. Well at least he's exposed now and Zion the Efriteh is his only real support.



by Zion on

I'm not sure I can comprehend your high style of English all the time. A sign of my ignorance for sure. So what do you yourself think is the answer to whatever it is you are asking? :-)


It's not important, I really don't care

by Hajminator on

You asked a question, I asked you the same. For me a noiz among others ain't so important.

Just, truely answer me this question. Do you think that if you accuse crimes committed by Israel, you betraye your nation?



by Zion on

Why should that be so important for you?



by Hajminator on

I return you the question - Why you don't leave the stage, here where you are not welcomed?



what kind of an Iranian...?

by Anonymousssss (not verified) on


What kind of an Iranian are your exactly? An Iranian who cannot read/ write or understand Persian, but instead knows German?

Has anybody else noticed that she doesn't understand Farsi?



by Zion on

You don't need to believe me, you don't need to categorize everyone all the time. You don't need to have a file on everyone, you don't need to have everyone cataloged in "friend" or "foe" categories in order to converse and interact with them. You can just listen, debate, disagree and move on. Ever pondered why you are never able to do this?



by Hajminator on

You call yourself a friend of us, because you're against Mullahs?

So we should listen to you, a self-proclaimed friends of Iranians?

Let me raise some doubts about your real attentions. How can we believe you, when you say you have tears for human rights in Iran, and by the same time, you don't even dare to condemn barbarian acts committed by Israel against children?

Your human loving is double-standard? You hate arabs, or you just love Iranians? 

No, there is something missing in the equation.


Some friends

by Zion on

We "love" you but you just have to agree with all we say and demand. No way anyone with any level of independent thinking can be tolerated as a friend. Let alone someone who dares speak his mind against the official stance. That is a dilemma that has to be resolved. However since we "love" you, we give you this one chance to repent, confess to your sins and come back with tearful eyes to the warm and caring embrace of the big brother.

Cameron A. Batmanghlich


by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

Dear DK,

Just wanted to congratulate you on being able to successfully stealing the attention from 1.5 million people suffering in another part of the world in this site visited by so many that actually could make a difference.

One against 1.5mmillion … that is an achievement!


With bogus champions for Iran like you, Iran does not need an enemy.

Hope you can enjoy your weekend with such boost of ego    as no one can hope for such a thing for the suffering people in Gaza, Iran and many other places.




DK: I second the Iranian Goldfish...

by Souri on

"The dilemma most of us feel about you is that we actually like you"

This is one of the rare case, I'd like to be a gold fish ! 


Dear DK

by Iranian Goldfish (not verified) on

Please don’t get off track.Answer the kind words of friendship extended to you by News Goffer instead of using this opportunity to behave badly again.

If these days your best friends on the site say they are Zionists and you don’t do much to distance yourself from them, yet you continue to attack and distance yourself from other established site members who are showing compassion to the children of Gaza,it is hard for us to believe you when you say:


The dilemma most of us feel about you is that we actually like you.It is not hard for us to forget about the fake children’s rights activists or the horrible non Iranian who talks nothing but s*** about Iranians and the rest of the world, except for herself and her chosen people.We are done with them. We care about you. Please answer NG.Thank you.