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News Goffer
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This is a continuation of a side conversation I started with Darius Kadiver here.  My comment became too long and out of respect for Cameron Batmanghlich and other participants, I decided to remove it and blog about it instead. 

Dear Darius:

I am honored you replied.  There is no need for you to have to express your steadfastness and courage in expressing your opinions.  I have been witness to it over time and like I said, I have admired your style and good manners in presenting your arguments and standing behind them.  If I could take stock of the situation, you don’t disagree with others in the root of their sadness for Palestinians and in their rage over Israel’s actions in Gaza.  Above and beyond being a movie buff, you have developed an “eye” for media’s constant manipulation of public opinion and you object to the way some people on the site may have fallen prey to such aggrandizements of facts.  (Forgive me if I’m repeating what you just said, I am really doing it for myself to articulate and understand the source of this atmosphere.). 

Dear Darius, what is it you would expect these people to do?  To stop featuring videos, news articles, and blogs that are manipulative?  How will they know which ones they are?  Absent fair and objective reporting on the situation, and you must know that this is true, because even I know that it's true, where would they seek that information and reporting to bring and share with others?

Let me ask you this Darius, and I hope nobody gets mad at me, and this may be a rhetorical question, but if we could go back in time and use the experiences and knowledge that we have about the situation today (minus the anger and unkind words and unhappy feelings), what would be the appropriate way in which we as a collective should have acted to avoid these rifts?  To continue discussing one of the most important events of recent times in a civil and fair way, and to come out of it still being caring fellow debaters? 

I think based on what you have said and the things I read from most of our fellow Iranians, you all don’t disagree at all about the situation and your personal evaluations of it;  rather, you disagree on the way facts and information about the situation is being presented, a matter of form and not one of content (and I am half-way smart enough to understand that if a biased form of presenting information is maintained, it will definitely affect the content over time, so I’m not playing games here.).  

You must be aware that some of the voices we are hearing on the site these days do not all share what we have just established you and others do.  I want to know why people are talking to you, an established, generous, interesting, and integral part of this community with the same language (either bad language or proper language laced with bad feelings) as the one they have been using to address some extremist new comers who are not revered and appreciated as much.  It is completely unacceptable that the language of discourse within our community should be degraded to the level where derogatory, rude, and hateful adjectives and nouns are used for addressing a fellow-Iranian, no matter how much we disagree with him or her. 

I hope you and others will help me and all of us to see the seriousness of the situation which is threatening our community and the style of public discourse you personally have worked really hard to establish and elevate.  It would be a pity for all of us to lose it and have to start all over again.  Any thoughts and ideas are welcome, but even if everybody’s contribution remains at the level of self-reflection and personal evaluation, I would still feel accomplished.  

I thank you my very special friend, Darius.  Our disagreements aside, nobody among us can deny the many valuable contributions you have made to Iranians in diaspora through your heartful and thoughtful labor of love to bring art, humor, and nostalgia to all.  What makes us specially proud is that you have done it on, a most valued home for all of us. 


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Leave DK alone!

by Simin A (not verified) on

What do you expect from an aristocrat? What does he know about the misery and suffering of regular people. Someone says here that DK loves his country Iran!! What a joke! His only love of Iran is the deposed Royal Family; that's all he knows about Iran. Yes, he has a heart, but it beats only for the Shahanshah and Shahbanoo, not the Iranian people who have suffered during his beloved Shah's regime and now the IRI dictatorship.

Mr. Kadivar please wake up! Life is not just about clips of old cheesy movies that you find in YouTube and get so excited.

rosie is roxy is roshan

I didn't know that DK had said he was

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

thinking of leaving the site but IF it is true (and if it isn't I DON''T want to spread an urban myth) that would leave a hole in the site as wide as the Marianas Trench which no one could ever fill ever not in a milllion years. It was through DK that I first found out about the Bouramand sisters, about Bakhtiar. He has an uncanny ability to choose submissions which are reconciliatory for most Iranians. Whatever you think about the Sha,h as a visual historian of the era he is ubeyond nparalleled on this site and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the tops in the world. A lot of people really appreciate his general film submissions too.

He's not someone you just say good-bye good luck to. Sorry Souri. No one should be really but least of all him. You lose DK here you lose a piece of the history of Iran that the new generation will never replace and that of our genertion no one else here seems to chave taken on so no doubtwon't in future. This site will lose the century. It will lose its historical moorings and the compass of its Iranian identity in recent history. You will be very very sorry.

Cameron, thank you for the lovely post. 





New Kid[NOT] in the block

by capt_ayhab on

Being a new kid in the block[of] the very first thing that hits one like a [Mack] truck is the amount and severity of the personal attacks and innuendos. 

At the expense of sounding ignorant, I think I might not be too far off if I assume the average age of the most of the ladies and the gentlemen of the contributors is well within 40's[exceptions noted]. Simply put, I gather most of the participant are of mature age and mentality.

With that said, the level of childishness and humiliation that some of commentators demonstrate is absolutely astonishing.  I, myself am no saint, as I am guilty of the same behavior at times. And I am not going to justify my own actions by claiming [self-defense]. But I do find this type of attitude totally disheartening to say the least.

As for me, my purpose for coming to this site is NOT and never been to impose my ideology on other. Rather my objective is to LEARN. Learn the viewpoints, discuss other angles of the same issues, and most of all, FEEL and be part of a group of educated and intelligent people who share at least ONE common denominator with me, and that is OUR shared LOVE of Iran, and LOVE of each other as member of HUMAN RACE.

I do not always agree with the comments and ideologies that are presented here, and if in the course of defending my view points , I have [unintentionally] disrespected ANYONE, in any CONTEXT I hope you find it in your forgiving hearts to pardon me. I will make a promise to keep my postings civilized, and worthy of the time you ladies and gentlemen spend reading them.


capt_ayhab [-YT]

Javad Yassari

What do we have here?

by Javad Yassari on

This seems to be a post written by a site member who obviously cares about this site and its members.  How did it become the stage for Zion's popularity award?  No need for an answer because the premise is preposterous.  Zion defends and promotes policies and practices of a country which has unleashed death and destruction on innocent people in Gaza.  Just like in the wake of Israel's actions on Gaza there has been death and destruction, in the wake of her presence on this site there has been the same.

Why are responsible Iranians speaking against Israel's actions?  Because those policies are wrong, inhumane, and shameful.  Zion and her cronies want to shut up decent Iranians on this site who speak against the atrocities.  As you can see, we are one sorry excuse for a unified group.  Every little fascist-wanna be can come here and disrupt our interactions and dialogue, walking away laughing at the lot of us.  There is only one isn't just an Iranian thing which can be manipulated and quieted down by intimidating a few and coming up with phony Anonymous fishie comments support for it.  It is a worldwide movement to object to policies which have brought nothing but ugliness and hate for decades now.  All over the world people are protesting those policies, not just here.  Those policies are wrong, Zion is wrong, and her well-wishers are imposters or naive.

I hope as a community we will learn our lessons here.


Dear Cameron

by Souri on

You don't need to apologize to DK. I don't need to apologize neither.

DK has insulted you more than you did to him. He even insulted me indirectly, while he knows I am his friend and always showed my respect and support to him. 

True, that we regret his sadness, and believe that he does not deserve the offensive words and attack he got form some of the readers, but he did it too much, too.

I would say, like you, and as I already said before, we should agree on disagreement and on the mutual respect for each other. We have opposite views and opinion on some serious political subject, but we do consider each other as true Iranian and true nationalist. I hope this is also DK's opinion of us.

If he wants to leave us, I really deplore his decision but wish him lots of success and say good bye friendly, but never ask to forgive me and other friends whom he really hurt with his offensive words.

Cameron A. Batmanghlich

I did it and I was wrong.

by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

In my previous posts I did attack KD’s person more than once and in different fronts.  I was wrong.

I sincerely apologize to DK for all the hurtful things I said.

I do not take back what I meant (him posting irrelevant video clips in lieu of this disaster, stealing the attention, his – in my opinion – skewed outlook of patriotism, his lending support to Zionists –even though it was not direct -  etc.), but I regret the way I said it as they were rightfully interpreted as a personal attack.


In all fairness, I must admire DK for posting his real name and photo. 

I may never have said this, but I do admire your courage for this.


I still strongly disagree with your political view, but I am against a lynching of DK.


DK … me and you may be on the opposite side when it comes to politics.  But I want you to know that you have the support of us all in defending your honor and persona.


I am the first to apologize for my personal attacks on you …  instead of focusing my criticism on your ideas.


I sincerely hope you accept my apologies and that all others stop with such things.


I still condemn your IDEAS (not you) of promoting a system that has been tested, failed and caused much agony in many societies – monarchism. 


I also felt sad when you questioned my patriotism, or accusing my of supporting or IRI or even worse terrorism.  I come from a long lineage and old family whom all were in the service of our homeland in the military for a few hundred years.  I am sure you know that.  I myself, even if I never joined the military, tried to do my best to contribute to the integrity of Iran … its culture and people.  I may have not done enough but I have tried and still trying.


DK …  don’t get TOO defensive.


I, for one, don’t want to see any rift between Iranians.  I may argue with you passionately and in the heat of the moment get carried away (as I have done) but I value every single Iranian who is voiding their opinion, regardless their political, religious or ethnic affiliation.


Come back and talk DK …

This time around I will stand by you, Monsieur Chevalier!   J

 Be a good sport!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

DEAR ANN - Jews need to be perfected

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You're a piece of leggy garbage Ann coulter. When you said "jews need to be perfected", I wondered, what if you were a MUslim Mullah Imam???? 

rosie is roxy is roshan

I want...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I want a cartooon for my avatar too.




I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Curly, my hair color has nothing to do with it. Freedumb!! is it

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Nice try! Anything to defend your lady Zion. All this love for a lady who bomboards us here... At the very least, I hope you're getting something REALLY SATISFYING out of it. But maybe if you WERE, well... this would all be different.

K. Warrior!!! You're wrong. NO one is "hating" here. We all love each other and that is why we are discussing this. I love iranians and, as nutty as we are. It's OUR community. Even Darius. We need a Darius I suppose, it's part of dealing with our historical issues. These are problems, they aren't going to be cake walks, but they are OUR problems, and outsiders, if you haven't NOTICED do not usually help Iranians do this.

Hopefully, Iran will be attacked and we can have crap soup for all 3 meals for the next 5 years. Bon Appetit.  

Do you really think Israelis give a SH*T about Iranians being able to take off their veils and dance the tango in Tehran in the street? Of course. FREEDUMB FOR EVERYONE right? 

HOWEVER, Zion? Are you kidding? What if someone came and said Hitler was good and right, killing innocents in the name of "defense" is right? You could argue the same about the Jews and look what they got out of it. I hope the same happens for those Palestinians.  


This is your # 6 Iraj:

by curly on

6. You can't threaten other people to stay quiet. Being Jewish does not entitle you not to be criticised.

Really, this is what YOU are doing and the others who think shame is on all of us?!!Why should we all agree about Palestinian issues on this site? why should we be bullied to stay aloft or quiet about our feelings in this mater?So , can I ask you? are you a Muslim and that is why you defend Palestinians?

this is how it looks to me as an observer.


Dear kurdish Warrior

by Zion on

I know what you mean, and don't worry. I couldn't care less. Thanks my friend.


To Marge,

by Ann (not verified) on

Thanks so much for thinking of me. Here is an autographed picture.


Peace Now.

Love always,



by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I've seen so much hate on this site that I'm used to it. Just ignore them. And no I'm not Jewish if anyone wonders, I'm muslim.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Iraj your questions to me especially re my Judaism and Zion's

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

in your post to Curly reiterating the questions, you asked me which I replied to partially but which crossed your post to Curly.

 1. Is Ms rosie defending Zion?

  My views and Zion's views on Israel/Palestine are diametrically opposed. I am a non-Zionist pacifist, she is neither. I am defedning her right to speak when I feel it is necessary. I have no interest whatsoever in engaging her on Gaza here. There are others far more qualified than I with facts and figures to do so and my presence on these threads as a non-Zionist Jew speaks more than I could possibly say to rebut Zion in these discussions. Right now I am trying to sift through all this hate on ALL fronts, I do ont feel it would be a worthwhile investment of my time to debate Zion on Pal/Is for the nine millionth time. 

2. If she is defending Zion, is it because they are both jewish?

No I am not defending Zion's views. I am defending her right to be on this website and everyone else's right to agree or disagree, and if disagree, to debate, ignore or whatever else as long as it is in the parameters of civil discourse. I don't care if she's a druid.

I have done the same for ultra-Shaahis and staunch IRI supporters.erotic writers and so on.  I am a first amendment absolutist. Equally I defend the right of so-called Holocaust deniers to speak and oppose their incarceration in Canada. I defend Louis Farrakhan's right to blame every single problem the blacks ever hadin this country on the Jeews eventhough my parents were civil rights activists in the sixties.

Do I feel a cultural bond with Zion because we are "landsmen"? Well yes, of course, wouldn't it be strange if I didn't?  Isn't that why YOU are on this website? Because you feel cultural bonds with your hamvatans, from Shaahi to Tudehi and all across the spectrum?

3. Does Ms rosie expect us to take the Zion's abuses and stay quiet?

See #2 above and my reply to you below.  I couldn't care less what you do.It's none of my business.

4. Is Mr Kadivar Jewish? (I already know Ms rosie and Zion - who is not a man but a woman and for some unknown reasons hides this fact - are jewish).

No DK is not Jewish.

Any other questions please feel free to ask, except no more abotut DK. Please ask him about those.

Best regards,


aaj sr

by hendooneh on

well said, you are a true democrat

everyone here needs to take a couple valiums...or bong hits

my soution to the war in gaza/israel: drop bales and bales of ganja over the whole area (buds..not bombs)


Marge and you are not????

by curly on

so.... zion is after attention seeking? and you are not? ya, right blue hair and loud???

darling you are the queen of attention seekers;D



Dear aaj sr

by Zion on



Mr. Kadivar,with all due respect

by Anonymous iranee (not verified) on

You are posting a lot of irrelevant and repetitious video clips and it takes too much space .
Make sure when you write about Pahlavis to send a copy of your blog to them.You never know,may be USA decides to bring the self proclaimed Reza Shah the second back like they did in Afghanistan and when Reza Pahlavi become Shah of Iran he may return your favor and make you a minister in his government.Do you have any preferences? :)


Dear Mr. Kadivar

by aaj sr (not verified) on

It's very sad and disappointing to see the amount of hatred, ignorance here.
I believe, in the next regime in Iran, we have no choice but accepting participation of all type of parties, ideologies, from extreme right to extreme left and anything in between, looking at these comments here, must make us all feel disappointed that even in Diaspora, where we have all kind of freedom and openness, we cannot accept a simple dialogue, how can we manage to run a free,and democratic country ?
I am so surprised to see some have the audacity to ask others like ZION to not participate in bloging here, as if this media is created for themselves exclusively, and every one must follow and cheer their dogmatic opinions and as if this media is their father's inheritance ( Erse babashoonone).

DK: I have read many of your articles last couple of years, I enjoyed most of them, even though I may not agree with all of them, but I find that you love Iran more than anything else and for that I respect you very much. Keep doing whatever you were doing before and importantly do what you believe in.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Zion puts the Unity in Community! The Ann coulter way!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

That's what I meant. I swear! Yea! Keep churning out those wonderful, complex, thoughtful messages about Israel "defending" itself like Darius does with his Youtubes.

To person 38902390 who said this site is not for defending arabs, sorry NO SH*t award goes to you too! Wow. This site is exploding with ann telectuals (Kadivar, post 349083428902390)

I didn't defend any arabs. They have plenty of defense. What I said was encouraging a hypocritical policy because it makes you feel sexy in front of Iranians who are like nomads on planet earth because their f-ing kingdom was a house of cards that fell over at a the fart of a mullah is sad.

It's funny to go into a site as a non ethnic of that site. Not know the language, the literature, the deep history, the grudges and tell them they are stupid or religious fanatics. If we were, we'd be fat cats in IRI. 

Rosie you are just fat wrong. Not the first time. But you are my darling sweet. Zion or his type targets these sites for attention. She got it. HOORAY HOORAH! That's what I meant by getting wet over cries for her to leave. 


My opinion

by Ghezel Aala (not verified) on

Please don't any of you compare established members of the site Darius Kadivar and Rosie to any others. Those two have been around for years and will stay on for years to come, too. Zion is not and has never been a member of this community, not that she has ever even tried to belong. Her presence here is really a big question mark for many of us. Darius Kadivar is a proud Iranian and Rosie is an educated individual who has studied our language and our culture in depth and at length. Zion has none of those characteristics. She is abusive,demeaning and insulting to our culture and to anything and anyone who says anything positive about Iran. She does NOTHING to add to any conversation she parttakes in, except to repeat her babblings and supply the fuel, whether she signs in as herself or any of the other not verified names she uses.

To those of you who call her a member of this community, show me one good thing she has ever said about Iran and Iranians. She is uneducated and unwilling to learn among the hundreds of interesting and informed voices she hears here. She creates rifts among users and beats on drums of division and divisiveness. Please, if you haven't been following the debates recently, reserve your opinions about this user whose motivations are a source of doubt and ambiguity to those of us who have been following the debates.



by Hajminator on

Because I want to know.
is not a reason, janam!

Bush too, advanced the same reason and invaded Irak. Bacheh que digueh nistim, azizam.

iraj khan

Curly, you can smell what ever you want, My questions are simple

by iraj khan on

and easy to understand.

1. Is Ms rosie defending Zion?

2. If she is defending Zion, is it because they are both jewish?

3. Does Ms rosie expect us to take the Zion's abuses and stay quiet?

4. Is Mr Kadivar Jewish? (I already know Ms rosie and Zion - who is not a man but a woman and for some unknown reasons hides this fact - are jewish).

5. Why do I ask these questions? Because I want to know.

6. You can't threaten other people to stay quiet. Being Jewish does not entitle you not to be criticised.

7. Sienfeld the Jewish comedian has a very interesting episode making fun of the Jews who scream "Anit-semitism" when they don't agree with somebody. so you can smell whatever that you want to smell.




Dear Pope

by Zion on

It was a very generous and kind gesture on your part. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I didn't  TELL you to stay quiet when Zion speaks. I told MARGE when SHE implied people should stay quiet because Zion's getting "wet" from the attention, that so are those who choose to tango with Zion. It was a comment to Marge SPECIFICALLY about her post.

I don't expect ANYONE to be quiet about ANYONE. Basically we all have three choices when we don't like someone's views: debate, ignore, or defuse (ya know, a funny video clip, that kinda thing...) I couldn't care less who chooses what and with whom.

Why do you assume I do?

I have opinions about how "you" should "behave" because all you're doing is KILLING each other with words since I came back Jan. 1. I have the same "opinons" about how you should blog as all the other five hundred people that JUMP on these blogs directed to this one and that one and tell each other how to blog. In fact half of the blogs WRITTEN lately have been this one and that one addressing the other one about how they should or shouldn't blog.

I have some controlling aspects of my character, absolutely. I also have some very liberating ones which are expressed with difficulty in the highly controlled context of this new and almost exclusively verbal and somewhat restrictive technology here.

Why do you ask me to "let" you have your space? Please do not endow me with special powers over you.

Ignore me. Set yourself free of my tyrranical grip. It will give you more time NOT to ignore Zion.  :o)



Gotta give credit where credit is due...

by ThePope on

A lot of people on this site have serious issues towards one particular member who might not be Persian but still is a part of this community.
This sensitivity towards this particular member is not something new, and it's not only related to all these articles, blogs or comments about the Israel-hamaast conflict that has occurred during the past 20 days or so, but this allergy is rooted much deeper than that....

It's as if, it has become a trend to bash Zion at any given opportunity that comes along, and often the bashing is done by means of "ganging" up on her and insulting her as much as possible.

But I gotta give her some credit...She's always been under attack and insult on this site, but yet, not only she can take it well and handle it, but she also stands firm in her beliefs and continues to defend her country (right or wrong) by responding intelligently and without demeaning other members.

Zion, as I know your character, you do not need anyone to support you in what you say,,,you are smart enough to stand up for yourself, and I gotta give you credit for that!



What is this iraj Khan? lynching Jews?

by curly on

You started with zion , now Rosie, and dariush! what is wrong with being a jew, do you have a problem with it? I can smell anti se....

by the way I am not a jew, but can not stand you behaving towards Rosie, and others. 


Baleh Darius Souri Rast migueh

by Hajminator on

By the way, in which part of  "ANN TELLECTUEL" you put yourself?

iraj khan

Ms rosie, why do we have to take the abuses of Zion?

by iraj khan on

We can't stay quiet when we see her comments against Iranians/Muslims/Arabs. What does entitle her to abuse us here? Is it because you are Jewish too and protecting one of your own? I believe Mr Kadivar is Jewish too, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Madam you have a controling character too. You've re-joined the iranian website few weeks ago but you have many "OPINIONS" about how we are supposed to think, feel, behave and blog. Let us have our  space to communicate with other Iranians too.



by Souri on

Are you leaving this site ?

If this one was an " A dieu" please rest assure of my utmost respect for yourself and know that I have and will have always  lots of esteem for you.

If you will stay which I hope, please consider myself one of your friends who don't share your political views and opinion, but still have an utmost respect for your person.

By the way : Perhaps if you had answered NG's questin sooner, this would avoid much frustration to both parties, you and us.