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This is a continuation of a side conversation I started with Darius Kadiver here.  My comment became too long and out of respect for Cameron Batmanghlich and other participants, I decided to remove it and blog about it instead. 

Dear Darius:

I am honored you replied.  There is no need for you to have to express your steadfastness and courage in expressing your opinions.  I have been witness to it over time and like I said, I have admired your style and good manners in presenting your arguments and standing behind them.  If I could take stock of the situation, you don’t disagree with others in the root of their sadness for Palestinians and in their rage over Israel’s actions in Gaza.  Above and beyond being a movie buff, you have developed an “eye” for media’s constant manipulation of public opinion and you object to the way some people on the site may have fallen prey to such aggrandizements of facts.  (Forgive me if I’m repeating what you just said, I am really doing it for myself to articulate and understand the source of this atmosphere.). 

Dear Darius, what is it you would expect these people to do?  To stop featuring videos, news articles, and blogs that are manipulative?  How will they know which ones they are?  Absent fair and objective reporting on the situation, and you must know that this is true, because even I know that it's true, where would they seek that information and reporting to bring and share with others?

Let me ask you this Darius, and I hope nobody gets mad at me, and this may be a rhetorical question, but if we could go back in time and use the experiences and knowledge that we have about the situation today (minus the anger and unkind words and unhappy feelings), what would be the appropriate way in which we as a collective should have acted to avoid these rifts?  To continue discussing one of the most important events of recent times in a civil and fair way, and to come out of it still being caring fellow debaters? 

I think based on what you have said and the things I read from most of our fellow Iranians, you all don’t disagree at all about the situation and your personal evaluations of it;  rather, you disagree on the way facts and information about the situation is being presented, a matter of form and not one of content (and I am half-way smart enough to understand that if a biased form of presenting information is maintained, it will definitely affect the content over time, so I’m not playing games here.).  

You must be aware that some of the voices we are hearing on the site these days do not all share what we have just established you and others do.  I want to know why people are talking to you, an established, generous, interesting, and integral part of this community with the same language (either bad language or proper language laced with bad feelings) as the one they have been using to address some extremist new comers who are not revered and appreciated as much.  It is completely unacceptable that the language of discourse within our community should be degraded to the level where derogatory, rude, and hateful adjectives and nouns are used for addressing a fellow-Iranian, no matter how much we disagree with him or her. 

I hope you and others will help me and all of us to see the seriousness of the situation which is threatening our community and the style of public discourse you personally have worked really hard to establish and elevate.  It would be a pity for all of us to lose it and have to start all over again.  Any thoughts and ideas are welcome, but even if everybody’s contribution remains at the level of self-reflection and personal evaluation, I would still feel accomplished.  

I thank you my very special friend, Darius.  Our disagreements aside, nobody among us can deny the many valuable contributions you have made to Iranians in diaspora through your heartful and thoughtful labor of love to bring art, humor, and nostalgia to all.  What makes us specially proud is that you have done it on, a most valued home for all of us. 


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I disagree with you Rosie

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Rosie, by default I disagree with Zion, however I don't have any contempt for her and I value what she brings here. I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way, and I have been commenting here longer than many others....


DK's Response,

by Jaleho on

That was the most meaningful response I have ever seen from DK in this site :-) :-)


"leave us alone!" said Amiri Baraka the black writer/artist to

by Observer (not verified) on

the Jewish interviewer on the radio. I was listening to KQED public radion a few years ago while driving. Amiri Baraka was being interviewed by the Jewish host named Michael Crasney at 9:00 AM. They were talking about Jazz music, suddenly Mr Baraka got mad and said you Jews take our music and pretend you started the Jazz music. The Jewish host said to Baraka that he was anti-semite.

Baraka walked out. I was startled. It was the first time that I had heard any black complain about Jews taking the credit for their music and also accuse them of meddling in their affairs.

We at are experiencing the same thing. We are bombarded by non Iranian Jews trying to tell us how to think or feel about the world around us. Why don't you go and help your own people and leave us alone!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Oh, okay, good to know DK will be back, so no more..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

request to close blog. Thx


rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

so...what are  you doing on an Iranian website anyway Zion, if you're not Iranian and you're presumably not married to or working for Iranians or ever lived in Iran, and have such contempt for Persian culture...

the question was raised yesterday on a thread and now that there is for time being a ceasefire my curiosity has been piqued:

what are you doing here among people you have such utter contempt and vitriole for? Don't they make you feel...impure? dirty? just being around them?

Seriously. I'm curious.




by Iranian Goldfish (not verified) on

Re: Closing this blog, I don't think this blog should be closed.DK said he will come back to answer NG. He has not left. He posted several news items today, so stop the hype and wait.

In the meantime it's unfortunate that we will have to bear with Zion's zert o pert. Nothing new there, we've had to do it for a long time now. Thank god it's so full of nothing, we can skip right over her comments without missing out on any content.

I think we should wait for DK. Now, there's a non-trivial member of this site.

Re: Whining, Whining is not Zion's issue with us.She wants us to stop thinking and writing anything that shows us capable of thinking and deciding for ourselves.It is her gag order on us to stop expressing different opinions.She can dream on.

We didn't leave Iran to come and listen to some illiterate babbler tell us what to think and what to say. Specially when those gag orders are against expressing our rage against crimes against humanity.

As a user said, ignore the ignorant.


Sure my dear Anonym7

by Zion on

It is nothing complicated. I just found it interesting that the same group of lovely people who claim to be so fully and totally dedicated to the issues of Gazans because it has long ago surpassed boundaries and feels itself at one with the entire humanity and all round the globe, is at the same time so completely obsessed with the ethnicity and background of those who participate in 'their' website and who are so insistent to keep it all rein and pure. Don't you? :-)


Don't cry for me, I'll join the real Iranians and

by DK's response (not verified) on

the real patriots. I'm still studying the offers. As for my video clips and tidbits, I can tell you it's very easy. Go to google website or Utube website and enter a couple of words that have to do with the clip you want to see and you'll get a bunch of them.
For those who will miss my coverage of present and past Pahlavies, it's done the same way.

I need some time to unwind and figure out why I became so carried away with my words and hurt the feelings of so many people on website. Was it the encouragment of some of the annonymous comments who were supporting my abusive language? Unfortunately, at the end only Zion was defending me and we all know it's not good for one's reputation when Zion the Efriteh is standing with you. I'll need some time to decide what to do. Audio mon amy, audio mon sherry.



by Ajam (not verified) on

To CB, with all due respect, please show some dignity and stop treating people as if they are your subordinates! Up until last night you advocated Gaza as the most urgent worthy of everyone's focus, and suddenly now you find it imperative to discuss your pedigree and how your ancestors served in the Pahlavi army as credentials?!

Sir, if you're really trying to champion a cause, show some stability along with conviction and resolve!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay folks and Zion, since management decided to leave it to

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

YOU to decide when ENOUGH was ENOUGH and did not close this by now rancid thread when I requested it below, I will tell you something funny, Zion.

It is funny that you talk about all these people WHINING. Because just a couple of days ago I replied to a post by Jaleho in which he said that the Jewish people had made great business out of the Holocaust and come off financially better than anyone, how 60 million died in WWII but only WE profited, and how we got the land in the Middle East by WHINING to Britain.

And I said well Jaleho you know I often agree with you but we got the land by whining???? I said, terrorism yes, millions of refugees after WWII in displaced persons' camps yes, I said, Britian's betrayal of the Arabs, UN mandate, yes, but...whining????????? I said. Sorry Jaleho I said, I just don't find your time....

I looked for the post, Zion. I can't find it. Don't remamber which thread,? and search engine sucks. But that was basically it.


And you know the FUNNY thing, Zion, is that in attempting to locate this post of Jaleho's and of mine, I happened to note that his last blog is concerned with the rise of anti-Semitism as a consequence of these massacres...go figure..


You see Zion you think THEY'RE whining and they think YOU'RE whining...and...

so the world spins..

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the whiniest of them all?

Let us resolve that one with Jaleho first and then move on to the "primitive tribalism" part, shall we?


David ET

Sir Dariush Kadivar

by David ET on

I only wish, in very few words, to express my utmost respect to you and your care for humanity and especially for your own nation. You are a true patriot whose heart beats for his homeland , for his own people and for humanity in general.

Unlike some, your care for humanity has NOT been for sale, inconsistent, random, selective, self serving or politically motivated.  Yours has always been pure from heart.

I also wish to thank you for all your contributions to the Iranian culture and film society and I very much appreciate your efforts in creating a video archive of recent Iranian history and especially Pahlavi's. Let the record show that today I too am a monarchist.     


David Etebari


re: You realize...

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Zion, I don't follow you, can you elaborate.



You realize...

by Zion on

...of course that all this cheap talk on universal humanity, love and brotherhood is sort of in direct contrast to this primitive tribalism you exhibit in action right here? I mean this is yet another red herring to show all the loud whining is ideologically based and has really nothing to do with sharing all humanity's sufferings and all that. You realize this, right?

Cameron A. Batmanghlich

To Siavosh and all others … ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on


It is one thing to come with accusations and being rough in the heat of a debate and another thing to go out of your way to insult and bash someone … anyone.


Show some honor.  Kicking someone who is down is exactly what we are criticizing right now.

Stop this.

I don’t like what KD stands for, but he is one us … an Iranian .. . and whether we approve of his way, ideas, ideology and method or not, I believe that his heart is beating for Iran just as us all.


From now on anyone continuing this lynching must be aware that they are hurting another Iranian.


Confront him with your reason …  and not through attacking his person.  Especially ….especially if you yourself come with fake names and no ID.

I did insult and went rough on him during the debate.  I feel no good about it.  I have already expressed my regret.

If he has a love for the Pahlavi, that is his right and must be respected.  If you are wise, you show him that he is wrong with reason but not calling him names.  And if you feel that this is what he has done in the past himself, then show him better by demonstrating mercy and ‘Javan mardi’!.


STOP this blog now…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH … let’s go back and talk about Gaza… and children being killed,  and come with concrete measures to help as Niloufar Parsi has done here.


This nonsense serves only one thing … self-indulgence and a diversion from the humanitarian disaster unfolding in front of our eyes.  But most importantly everyone else is having a laugh seeing us beating each other on the head.

DK …  show courage and get back on line … post a blog or anything to show that you are not retreating.  Don’t take this all as a sign of being misunderstood.  You are older and wiser than that. 

Despite of what you stand for, you are one of us … an Iranian. 



Easy with that Ummah thingi Zion (to Kadivar also)!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Zion_jAn, don't get carried away with that Ummah thingi, that exists only in Mr. Samsam's imagination. Without people such as yourself and Kadivar (my favorite monarchist) this site wouldn't be as lively and vibrant ....
Here and there many of us including you two, have bad days and say some harsh words and get some harsh reaction ... that is all.
Kadivar_jAn, ghah nakon!



by Hajminator on

There are a lot of similarities between this phenomenon and Zionism.

Are you trying to tell us who Zionists are? 


The Ummah's reaction

by Zion on

The Ummah can't tolerate dissent, so when you speak your own mind to the Ummah, including things you personally think is true but the Ummah does not, the Ummah understands this only as an insult. The Ummah feels it is being insulted, the Ummah feels its "honor" is hurt, the Ummah feels it has been infiltrated and infested with outside impurities. So the Ummah demands its "honor" be avenged, its "purity" regained and the dissenters punished or banished.

The Ummah is indeed a very lovely phenomenon.

Asghar Taragheh

Dear Darius

by Asghar Taragheh on

You are a great Iranian who truly understand what has happened to our nation. Thank you for all you do and thank you for all the information you provide.



سیاوش، به فرانسوی پنداری‫ اینو میگن

قاسم (not verified)

Bon vent!

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

that this blog be close.d It has gone as far as it can go. All conceivable opinions in all conceivable variations toward one individual have already been expressed. It is about to turn into a gossip column for the crows.



Darius Kadivar is

by siavosh (not verified) on

tasting his own medicine that he has been prescribing to whomever he disagreed with on this site: humiliating and insulting. This Soosool-Saltaneh thinks that everyone should kiss his royal a** and accept his crooked ideology. Otherwise, he would label them as: IRI apologists, Moft Khors, lefties, etc.

Darius, if you have decided to leave for good, I wish you luck! I bet you can find other places such as or, etc. who would love your nonsense comments with irrelevant videos.



by amirkabear4u on

Capt said;

"Being a new kid in the block[of] the very first thing that hits one like a [Mack] truck is the amount and severity of the personal attacks and innuendos."

This is what I noticed even with my first blog. There are some people on this site who have PSYCHOPATHIC attitude towards middle east's situation. Put it this way, any one who mentions a hint about murder and mayhem without backing zionists he/she should be a victim. Do admite DK does not write like them but he is jon-joni friend of them. But as a democratic journalist he tends to be lossing his fair attitude as time goes by.

However if he wants to leave let him do so this is a free world. I wish him luck.


Israel's killing of children continues as we talk, protest again

by zionist detector (not verified) on

ist the war crimes of Zionist massacre. Write to your congress men/women, write to editorial pages of your local newspapers, talk to your co-workers, boycott Israel and companies that help this regime //

Go to the streets and protest against killing of Palestinian children by the shameless rulers of Israel.

Come to show your support and share your message to the children of Gaza who have been killed that we will never forget them, and that the children who are alive have our love and support!
Saturday, January 17th @ 3PM
AT Union Square -
Powell & Geary in San Francisco (if you're taking BART get off on Powell St. exit).

If in South Bay California Go to the demonstration on Saturday and Sunday at Winchester and Stevens Creek at 12:00 PM.

Staying quiet is not an option.


The assignment

by Ajam (not verified) on

Well said dear Mr. Yasari. In the face of all these emotional outbursts -- one minute attacking and the next apologizing -- I find your words those of reason and resolve. And may I add that what the Zionists and their supporters are trying to do here, has nothing to do with discourse, but rather carrying out an assignment (i.e. derailing the growing trend of sympathy with the under-siege people of Gaza) by imposing distractions, inundating the forums with embedded videos and...

This is not exclusive to Iranian sites. There are the same type of characters in forums of other communities (Turkish, Russian...) whose main objective is to deliver the same assignment!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Dear Captain Ayhab, whatever YOU do...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

just make sure you stick it out. We are doing great! You should've seen us just a year ago.  We have progressed from death threats to this!  :oP

Yes, it's true there's a lot of forty something to fifty something year olds here and we are all cracked in the head because of a schizoid upbringing. You see most of us left Iran as teens, some of us even went to study in high school or college abroad and expected to go back from summer vacation and there was no home to go to. The other weird thing is that the two groups who had to leave in droves were the secular leftists and the Monarchists so politics made strange strange bedfellows so lots of pillow fights. Not to mention three quarters of us are plagued by guilt about the Revolution.  Then on top of it all since Rasanjani when we could go back some of us tried to and found out after all these years of dreaming about it we're just not comfortable there anymore. And yet we're not totally comfortable living outside of Iran either because people don't understand our culture, they think we wear towels on our head outside of the bathroom,  especially in America, which is a nation of barbarians. And our children don't understand us and we don'tundertand our children and then here we all are on this website together pretending we're comfortable with this bizarre new technology that our kids know far better than we do as we face the autumn of our years... and despite the firm leadership of a mature stalwart  role model such as Mr. Javid, we  act childish....we don't know why... we can't help it..we just can't stop...

We are a generation lost at sea, Captain Ayhab, surely you can understand this as you hunt your white whale! Please be patient with us. We need yuor guidance. captain, we are all f-d up in the head!


I'm not Iranian, you see...

but I AM 49 and mucho f-ed up in the head! At least I know what THAT'S like!




DK, I wouldn't want you to leave either

by IRANdokht on

The video clip that you posted in regards to my username was great! Your "real" Irandokht was very attractive too. That movie production was very impressive, do you know where and when that was made and who the actors were?

I see that your clips have a lot of fans and everyone wants more of it, but please note that the use of movies and art to insult people and hurt their feelings is not a very nice thing to do.

I just think you're being too emotional. Hopefully after a nice weekend you'll feel better.


Azarin Sadegh

Dear Darius,

by Azarin Sadegh on

I just wanted to tell you that I admire you for who you are and what you have been doing on IC. Among so many hateful blogs here, your articles and blogs feels like a little space to I love the way you keep the dialogue on! Very original and entertaining!

You have always remained true to yourself and I think it is a rarity here. I also hope that you wouldn't should really ignore these noises bullying you. I know you're stronger than this...

But I would be interested in reading your reply to NG ...(especially if your reply includes interesting embeded videos!)

Your true fan, Azarin


Javad is right

by Respectfully Anonymous! (not verified) on

As always, Javad brings the focus back on the real issue and the subject of discussion. I wish more people would see as clearly as Javad does.
It's obvious that this blog was created to show DK how this small community cares about its Iran-loving members and how it is tearing apart now because of the constant assaults and insults initiated by the ones who really don't belong here.
This should be an eye-opener for all Iranians to pull themselves out of the games that are fabricated by the outsiders and realize and re-establish the strong bonds we have with each other.
It's sad to see some who call themselves Iranians attack others in support of the mischievous characters who spread the seed of hate and unrest in this community.
As long as Iranians are blindly approving of such characters, we seem to be doomed to witness DK insult the Iranians in favor of the Israelis.

There are more posts from DK insulting others than the other way around, I am guessing that's why he was given his own special blog as a wake up call.
What did these Iranians do to DK to deserve their own youtube videos and to be called names and ridiculed by him?

Whether or not he wakes up is his choice. He's not a kid, he might have good reasons for his biased ideas. But there is never a good reason to ridicule people who express humanitarian concerns and that's why he's on the wrong here.

DK, I hope you take a good look in the mirror and ponder about your aggressive and insulting behavior. People keep saying they care about you! I have not been able to see why... maybe because I have witnessed too many attacks and sarcastic jabs from you aimed at anyone who disagrees with you. But then again you told News Goffer that you don't really disagree about the crisis in Gaza! Maybe you're confused. Then a weekend break is exactly what you needed.
Have fun and come back with a fresh and positive attitude, it seems a lot of people here care.


I repeat : I will say good bye and good luck to DK if he leaves

by Souri on

Rosie : Don't never ever tell me how I should feel and what I have to say !

I told you before privately and now say it publicly, not to refer to me in your posts and not name me in your every other posts. Please forget about me. Just stay true to yourself.



Cameron A. Batmanghlich

Thank you Capt.

by Cameron A. Batmanghlich on

Thank you ... for your decency..

I hope DK and all others understand that in the end of the day no one will be looking after Iranians but Iranians.Let us show the unity that our ancestors taught us and which was the secret of keeping Iran intact to this age.My country is more important than my having you back, we show to ourselves and the rest of the world that no matter how much we disagree with each other, still we are all patriots, and that Iranians cannot be divided no matter their political views, religion or ethnicity.  This site is being watched by all sorts of people and agencies and our behavior studied very carefully.Cameron