Solution to the hijacking of

Solution to the hijacking of
by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

Since great analysts and ardent contributors Farhad Kashani, samsam1111, and their usual par-gheychees have now through their tireless efforts and research revealed that and its founder JJ are hijacked by un-Iranian elements, I propose the following:

1) Stop whining and form your own site -- a site you make sure no un-Iranian can hijack. You can use JJ's motto with a small variation: Nothing is sacred but some nothings are more sacred.

2) Membership in the site can be granted upon receipt of DNA results certifying non-existence of Arab genes.

3) And finally a picture of the applier with a half open shirt revealing a hairy chest where a golden Faravahar hangs from a ¼ pound chain rivalling those of Hip Hop bands.

There could be other restrictions and I’d welcome reader contributions to the above list. Let us all help this pure Iranian, Non-Muslim, Non-Un-Iranian group achieve their goal of creating the perfect site.

P.S. 1: I would suggest they make the hits counter of their site be hidden to avoid embarrassment.

P.S. 2: They can save their energies and just use the site.


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Web Site /JJ

by Nader Khan (not verified) on

Dear JJ thank you for a great Site.
your harwork is Appriciated.
PS if anyone does not like
Plz watch Fox news( Unfair and unbalanced)

Ba tashakkor
Nader Khan


If you think this site is filled with hate...

by eroonman on

Before you get too carried away with complaining about this site and it's relatively tameness. Just try a real American site. I suggest that everyone mosey on over to Ann Coulter's main article site and see what real vitriol and hate-filled speech is! I dare you to submit a comment and not cry afterward as they hand you your A** in seconds. An average article has over 500 pages of pure unedited (and unmonitored) pure American racist snaark.

So, it is indeed an honor and a pure pleasure to be able to attack a fellow countryman (or woman), and in return be lambasted for the insolence. At least here, you can be heard. The people on Ann Coulter's site are seriously mean. 



by mehrnaz (not verified) on

Dear J.J. If the site is infected, it is not your fault. I think most of us are grateful to you for this site. If we are invaded, there must be something good here to invade, and that is a credit to your work and the forum you have provided. But it is certainly up to the good users of this site to be alert and shout when they smell a rat ..


Please read carefully about Agha Mazloum

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Dear All, I did not follow this thread and have just seen it again. To clarify, Mehdi Mazloum GHALAT KARD that said he did not know Farsi so that he can cover up the fact that he is Neither Mehdi ... Nor Mazloum. There are more than one person behind that name, at least.

One of them, if you get into his blog knows Farsi:

On this thread he refers to Khandaniha and an article about zionism that he has read amongst other things: //

And on this one:

nu nu nu, labeling people!!!!
by Mehdi Mazloom on Fri Jan 30, 2009 07:25 PM PST

aghaha ye Mehrnaz ve smhb.

Not only does he not know that Agha does not go with Mehrnaz but he does not know that Agha does not become plural with "ha" but with "yaan".

He is an Israeli operator who has infiltrated here and of course he is not the only one, he is just the one who has caught caught.

Niloufar Parsi

Hi Jack!

by Niloufar Parsi on

the enemy is violence. intolerance. rejection of the other. the royalists did it to everyone under the shah. the mullahs do it to everyone now.

the whole modernist project did it to the spiritual, in most countries over the past 2 or 3 centuries. if not at the beginning, then when the secular forces did finally get into positions of power, they turned openly rejectionist and full of conceit or even dictatorial in some places as their power grew.

politicised religious movements sprang up, again, as a reaction after a long period of retreat when they had been convinced of their own 'irrelevance', and 'backwardness'.

on return, they adopted the same tactics once they realised there was no way of being heard by the 'enlightened secular nationalists' who looked down their noses at anything 'old fashioned' and 'reactionary'. 

both 'sides' are now acting the same way. don't mean this as a 'thesis' on world history! it is not from deep historical research. it just comes from a realisation that all sides of this clash are failing to show basic respect for human beings to hold their own values close to their hearts and be respected and allowed to just be who they want to be.

there are many shades of grey in this power struggle at the material and ideological levels, but we all need to chill and leave others be.



by capt_ayhab on

soooooooo, is the thread back on track yet?

I see that all the non-Farsi speaking 'Farsi' language scholars rejecting the Dehkhoda Dictionary as well.

I believe the dear author of the thread has realized how site gets [hijacked] we saw it in action.

I do have a suggestion though. These non-Farsi scholars of Farsi language organize some sort of class for Farsi speaking folks and call it [MISSION ACCOMPLISHED]


capt_ayhab [-YT]

P/S on khanoome [mo abi] ham ke har gahi miad o maro ba yemeghdar fosh o ehanat  mostafiz mikoneh o mireh. hamina bayad be ma komak konan keshvaremono az daste akhunda nejat bedim. jaye taasofe.



Dear maybokhor

by true persian (not verified) on

majority of the population in Iran is Islamic & the politically correct name of Iran is "Islamic Republic of Iran" so if they are Islamic and more fanatic in Islamic ideology to have built an Islamic theocracy in Iran why aren't they considered Arabs unless they are Iranian athiest like myself? I don't think Jene is the only thing that counts here.

Majority of Iranians are much more Arab than Arabs themselves. Even rulers of saudi Arabia are much more civilized and peaceful than the Mullahs ruling Iran.


... نه کاشان

‫دوزاری (not verified)

‫البته اضافه کنم که این دوبیتیه خیلی قافیه نداشت. میخواستم به جایه «امید برکن از» − «لعنت به» بذارم. ولی گفتم به سانسورش نمیارزه.


...نه کاشان

‫دوزاری (not verified)

نه قم خوبه، نه کاشون
‫امید برکن از، هردوتاشون


شنیده ام

pesar amoo (not verified)

شنیده ام بسیاری ازشما دوستان سیاستمدار هستین ،خوب
چطور است که بعداز این قرنها که دشمنان مختلف حمله کردن و و و ......... خیلی اتفاقات افتاد (که خارج از این بحث است) بیاییم
ودراین جا هم سیاست به خرج بدهیم؟
مگر نه این که دانایان همیشه از این روش استفاده میکردن؟ خوب ماچرا بیکار نشسته ایم؟ یادتون هست خدا بیامرز سر کار استوار را؟ همیشه در حال پولیتیک زدن بود..... البته شاید منظور او کلک بود ولی ما منظور مون همونه که
سیاست به کار ببریم . کاری کنیم دسته جمعی که آنهایی که خیال کج درسر دارند را کم کم کنار بگزاریم. طوری که خودشان هم نفهمند که چی شد چطور شد از کجا آمد و اینطوری شد!!!
البته این را هم بگم من خودم در حال تمرین هستم.
با مید برای موفقیت همه ایرانیان....وهمه مردم دنیا ، آ نهایی که استحقا قش را دارند.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

oh my god. Kashani! Why aren't you publishing a book of wisdom?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I swear I yearn for the days when I enter a bookshop and see long textbooks teaching people how to think and act like you fine men. Title ideas "how to scare women (cept Canadian Jews named Zion - Oh Canada!), sound insane, and miss the mark on stuff". 

Listen, this IRI is really bad. They are jailing and torturing and you're sitting on your wheely chair hurling accusations at members! WTF? You are the worst opposition since those Hillary Clinton women who voted for John McCain. 



by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Kashani says: "the silent majority has woken up"

Kashani_jAn, does that include you? Does that mean we'll be deprived from reading any more of your amusing dreams and hallucinations, like the ones in your last "profound" article?



by Zion on

think of it this way. This time, instead of the usual conspiracy craps or innuendos that you people love to talk about as was intended in the blog itself, people discussed a linguistic matter and actually learned something. I know that makes you upset, but hey, that's life. Why don't you go back and get yourself busy with your little game in the other thread, and let everyone else do something productive for a change?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

ON behalf of IRI, I think IRI is right

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Aside from the awful human rights record and intolerance of IRI, I think I love them for the entertainment I get in the United States (calling MPD paging MPD). Look at these funny Iranians accusing each other of being spies and apologists. Farhad is a warrior, samsam111111111 = patriot, and Zion = the ringleader. It's too funny. What a cast of fools. Sorry, but with "opposition" like you all, I think IRI deserves to win. To quote a very wise woman from Allahska, "Thanks but no thanks!"

samsam1111111111 dearie pooh stop deleting your eloquent and wise blogs. How else will IRI feel the fire under their ugly smelly feet? 


Rosie, I think Maybokhor got carjacked & hijacked in the way

by samsam1111 on

She is gone missing..goftam kamtar bokhor . May be she is with pashminova sibilovich....looool...or may be she was already here , just too shy to talk ::))


Farhad Kashani

These IRI apologists are

by Farhad Kashani on

These IRI apologists are funny!


One of them calls me “an Israeli with an Iranian name!!” (Literally that made me laugh!), and now they have “suggestions” for us!!!! Hilarious!!


Here are our suggestions:


1-     YOU start your own site, why should guys who stand with the Iranian people in Iran, leave this site? One of your “great intellectuals” whom I’m not going to name, once accused JJ of “selling his website to Pentagon and Israel” because he saw us on here!! So, I guess you should do the right thing.

2-     Stop supporting, apologizing and justifying the non-stop crimes of the IRI against our people and our country, and you will find us Iranians on your side.

3-     One of your other “great intellectuals” accused me couple of days ago of trying to become a “revolutionary leader” by posting on this site. (I actually don’t know if it’s an accusation!!!, but nonetheless!). Well, the reality is that it is YOU guys who are making a revolutionary leader out of me since you get so disturbed, paranoid and unbalanced after I make any comment! You guys illustrate that things that I and other guys who care about Iran, say, hits a nerve with you guys! So, I guess I should become a revolutionary leader!!!!

4-     News Flash: WE, the Iranian silent majority, whom are no longer silent, will NOT let you hijack the Iranian voice. You have done that in the past, yes, but not anymore. So I don’t know where you got the idea that you were “successful” in hijacking this site or other forums of exchange of ideas among Iranians.

5-      What you people is sadly unable to realize is that the silent majority has woken up and is speaking out. Because you guys always look back, you can never understand what today and tomorrow looks like. Iranians are speaking up against this regime everywhere, in magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, Internet, Streets of Iran, Exiled Iranians, expatriate Iranians, …and the list goes on, Iranians are speaking out against what your beloved regime stands for. If you really start using your brain, you can see that lot of the things said by the regime is out of desperation, because as result of the Iranian people speaking out, the regime has started to doubt itself, that’s very obvious, and that’s why its becoming more vicious and dangerous, because Khamenei and his thugs, don’t have any wisdom or common sense or rationality. This is a golden opportunity to take advantage of this situation and get rid of the regime. This regime will not change, ever. The day it changes, is the day that its gone. It will not change by negotiations, by “reformists”, or by “begging” for Democracy from Khamenei. This regime only give away when it finds out Iranians are SERIOUS about getting their country back. And now, Iranians are becoming SERIOUS. And they need International support, like any people under oppression, and my wish is for them to get that support.            

rosie is roxy is roshan

sidetrack the blog???!!!

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

sidetrack the blog from what??? this blog was sidetracked before it was even written!



agha mission accomplished

by IRANdokht on

What's this all about? we're not competent enough to have our own website now we need non-farsi speaking foreigners to teach us when "agha" is correct and when it's not?

Mehdi Mazloom already told us he doesn't speak farsi and is from Israel. He calls ahmadinejad "akhmage" too thinking that's one way to make fun of him and he thought Mehrnaz could be an agha! 

justifying that mistake by others is just nonsense and meant to sidetrack the blog.



Raah hall

by pesar amoo (not verified) on

آ غایان و آقایان عزیز،

بقول این دوستمان آخر کار سوژه اصلی ختم شد به «آغا» ؟
چرا به دست بعضی ها که عشقشونه که حال بقیه را بگیرن نخ میدیم ؟ نخ که چه عرض کنم طناب میدیم ؟
بقول مش قاسم ،ما یک سر عمو داشتیم در ممسنی که جون میداد که حال اونهایی که باهاش موافقت نمیکردن را بگیره!
حالا فرق نمیکردکه سوژه چی بود.... عشقش حال گرفتن بود. حالی میکرد اگه باهاش درموری مخالفت میکردن!
مگه دیگه خدا رو بنده بود ؟ نه به جون عزیز خودش!
اونقدر میگفت و میبافت و دلیل های ریز و درشت می آورد و کله همه را تو کماجدون میکرد که که همه باکله درد بی درمون فرار میکردن .
چرا این کار را میکرد؟
آخه در بچگی این پسرعمو، زن عموم به این یک قلم بچه اش هیچ توجهی نکرده بود. اینم خوب اینجوری شده بود.
توجه میخاست و توجه..... و توجه بیشتر. حالاچه مثبت چه منفی فرقی نمیکرد .... بعضی مواقع من فکر میکردم
که توجه منفی را ترجیه میده برای این که بیشتر میتونست عرض اندام کنه و چونه تکون بده.
کار به جایی کشید که مردم از دیدنش در میرفتن و قایم می شدن. ولی بلاخره به این نتیجه رسیدن که درمان درد این مرد جوان جواب ندادن به اوست.
و به این ترتیب هم خود را از چرندگویی های مفرط بی اندازه اون نجات دادند هم اون بیچاره حالش یک کمی بهتر شد.

حالا خودتون میدونین.... از ما گفتن. بقول خارجیها - ایگنور - کردن بهترین جواب است!
ایگنور -ایگنور-ا یگنور ......امتحانش کنید. اولش حرس آدم در میاد از چرندیاتی که مشنوه ولی نتیجه میده .



by Zion on



Dear Meybokhor......

by Majid on

Yor own blog about "solution to the hijacking of" is being hijacked !!!!LOL

What to do now??






فکر کنم که موضوع اصلی ( راههای جلو گیری از راهزنی ایرانیان دات کام ) وسط های راه سرقتیده شد!!

حالا باید یه بلاگ جداگانه در مورد موضوع اصلی نوشت در حالی که آقایون و آغایون دارن اینجا یقه جر میدن!



by capt_ayhab on

Where did the main subject go??? seems like it got lost between and Agha and Aqa  ;-)

capt_ayhab [-YT]


‫آغا پوپ

Agha (not verified)

مشکلت اینکه سوات−موات درست حیسابی نداری، فارسی نبفهمی. حالا بعد از آخوندا میخوای بیای افسارو بگیری تو دستتون؟ اون موقعه خدا بهمون رحم کونه.


Dear Pope

by Zion on

I know about the place of Persian in the court of later various Mongolian rulers, including the Mughal reign. You don't need to provide extra proof for this. But this is something different from words with Turkic and Mongolian roots. I don't see how one contradicts the other.

As for Turkish pronunciation, again among Arabs themselves there are a wide range of different ways of pronouncing the letters. I again fail to see how that is relevant.

In any case, I have provided references to various reliable sources including Iranica, online etymology dictionary and wikipedia. They also give their own references and so on.


sorry to intrude on you, but

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Agha ThePope! Please do write a minimum of 2-3 pages or have your books posted to you from good old Persia and please go on enlighten the rest of us with your vast pool of knowledge. I will be the first to read them all, otherwise give it a rest, will you?

sincerely yours
Agha Fatollah



by ThePope on

By writting 2-3 lines with some weak arguments, along with a lame link, no one can prove that the word is purely of Persian origin (or not!) and how the turks/mughuls have been steeling aspects of our culture (language) for centuries. I would have to write a minimum of 2 or 3 pages to prove how wrong you are, which is not worth my time...
But, if you do a little research by yourself, you would find out that the mughuls totally restored the persian tongue/language as their the primary OFFICIAL language. Unfortunately, my books on this matter are in good old Persia, otherwise I would have scanned it and posted it online...

Now, the most funny thing is that turks can't even pronounce the arabic consonant "ghayn" or "ghaaf" ,,, they pronounce it "gaaf" (which is recognized to be a Persian consonant)!!! 
And some claim that it is a turkish word and they link it to the word 'eunuchs'...just because one king was castrated in qajar times!

Also, Zion, don't forget the few 'nations' who were able to defeat the Persian empire, learned and found out about civilization (with democracy) and stole our traditions, culture, language, etc... but at the end they wrote history upside down (in their own favor) just to make their past look more 'humane' and to say they have an old civilized culture...  



by Hajminator on

We are 100% with you. The sins of the last 20th century were extremist and cupidity. No matter if the ones who perpetuated them were Christians, Jewish or Muslims. It’s just a mater of humanity! And, people now continue their silliness and stupidity by first labelling groups of people that they don’t like by names in order to have a justification to eradicate them.

Savage, disgusting and shameful.

I'm wondering if I should offer a singueh-payeh Ghazvin to those who search to be cleansed from all their sins before God on Yom Kippur.


btw , Pope is right in a way

by samsam1111 on

in Iran , most of the ultra religious or so called"motedayen" families in presence of strangers refer to the female siblings as either agha or a male nickname out of religious teachings keeping female presence secluded . Like , if you go to a mullahs house , his wife is refered to as agha javad or agh nabi  . In sentences like this "Me and Javad have 5 kids alhamdolelah " . I have personaly witnessed such things as a kid .