Iran needs a new flag

by jimzbund

Apart from the present temporary flag of IRI, the main flag that all the Iranians are using and promoting needs to be changed for the following reasons:


1- the flag was amended by the Qajar Dynasty which included a sword , representing Ali's Zolfaghar sword. No  flag needs to have any impression of violence . The claim for representation of justice is futile .

2- the color Red which represents the blood of martyrs should be done away with as we have had enough killings for martyrs and Infidels .

3- The Green color representing Islam needs to go away too as Iran needs to be secular.

4- The White color representing peace can stay along with an Icon for Iran .

Let's have an Iranian flag which represents true Iranians .  


paayandeh Iran  



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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Good luck!

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

You are going to need it to convince them to agree on one Flag



Flags of Iran

by Parsa9 (not verified) on

Khar Gir

Majid jan

by Khar Gir on

I tried to answer your question and tell you and everyone else where I got my avatar from, but I guess Jimz or some of his types didn't like it and my explanation comment was removed.



Dear Wannabee

by jimzbund on

They are trained by their British masters to blame US and Israel nd divert attention from the greatest sleezy country in the world with its hands bloodied by the  blood of people from the 5 continents ( for the information of some resident village fools here , it is the Great Britain or in their understanding " Engelestan". US and Israel are upfront and they say whet they want to do , but the cunny British always smile at you and screw you, add mullahs on top of that " kaari keh Mollah mikoneh adamo dollah mikoneh" and see why these IRI apologists are so screwed up !


Bund, Jimz Bund


Dear MiNeum71

by jimzbund on

As I mentioned to Ali P. these are just ideas that I am throwing in so that we Iranians can think beyond Monarchy and IRI.  


Bund, Jimz Bund


To Ali P

by jimzbund on

I believe one white color background with the Iranian Eagle /sun/fire would look nice but haven't got the time to put it in graphics. These are just ideas to expand our horizons . We seem to be narrowed down to pre and present IRI ideologies and thoughts. 



Bund, Jimz Bund



by Iranian wannabe (not verified) on

Jim my friend be said Islam and now everyone is going to hit the roof and call you Israeli spy
don't you know Iran's problems and its cultural destruction has nothing to do with Islam or Arabs? its all Israel and Americas fault...I think we should all put on Arab Turbans and put 2 swords on the flag on a bloody background and chop someones appendage off when we don't like them...Also hear those white sheets to wear are very comfy on the genitals during hot summer days.
every sentence in the government and public announcements start with Arabic anyways so we are almost there my friend

Allho Akbar

by mostly Arab


Dear "jimzbund",

by MiNeum71 on

Great idea, although I´m afraid it will fail.

Iranians living free societies and stable political circumstances still walk along with the fascist Shir-o-khorshid flag: not Shir-o-khorshid on a neutral background, but Pahlevi´s Shir-o-khorshid green-white-red flag. And they don´t understand the difference. 

Ali P. wrote it already, most Iranians like the gree-white-red flag, because they like acting the fool. They are Bee-savad and don´t know anything about the meaning of the colours.

Any idea?



Khar Gir

by Majid on

With my apology to Jimzbund for off the topic comment, but.......

Khar Gir, where the heck did you get that pic. of your avatar?

I can't stop laughing everytime I read your comments....:-)))



by Passer By (not verified) on

I like to replace I guess ALAH which is kind of look like Penguin with a big Red Rose representing famous flower in Iran. The three color remain the same.



Khar, your picture says it all !!!

by jimzbund on

Your Islamic upbringing and heavy load of hatred ha sput you unbalanced in the air. Unless you are trying to copy a Me'eraaj by Muhammad.!!! If you got nothing to say don't Arrrr Arrr.


Bund, Jimz Bund

Khar Gir

JimzButt, I don't know about that but ...

by Khar Gir on

... I have a better idea.

Yeah, Jimmy! Why don't we make it light blue and put a star of David in the middle of it? No, it might look like the flag of your country.

How about this Jimbo, we can still make it light blue and put your picture on it? No, I don't know how we can hide your long ears and the rest of your features.

Come back to akhor and stop trying to use your brain. It might give you a head ache.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

I don't know Jimmy...

Most Iranians like the 3-color flag (either with the lion and sword, or with the IR thing on it).

Design a new one and we'll tell you what we think of it.