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Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

Dear friends,
Thank you for your patience, sense of humor, understanding, tolerance, maturity and fairness. You heard me. I believe you deserve all those attributes, in different quantities.

Compared to when we first started, the tone of the comments has improved a lot. I think we're beginning to understand that telling our critics to shut up and hurling abuse at them will not make them shut up and they'll curse right back at you. So I see big improvement in discussions even though we still have a few years to go :)

In the past six months I did block two dozen people or more. Probably more if you include commercial spammers. Most others were blocked for a few days, few weeks and unblocked. It's the least pleasant part of my work. I hate interfering and playing the role of school master. Every time I block someone or delete an offensive comment I do think about the site's motto "nothing is sacred" and I wonder. Was I right? Was I wrong? I never feel completely justified in whatever action I decide take, and it wears you down.

If I judged your comments to harshly and deleted too many of them, I hope you don't take it to heart. If you got booted out of the site for too long, bebakhsheed. You're always welcome here.

My outlook on Iran is positive. The road ahead is long and treacherous, but democracy as an idea has taken root and growing fast. It's an idea whose time has come. Political Islam on the other hand has lost its intellectual vigor and ideological dynamism. It's become the protector of a dictatorship of a few in the name of god. The Green Movement is the future.


It's the Year of the Tiger, my Chinese sign. Soon I'm going to London for a few months with the option to travel all over Europe. So many places I want to see... Italy (especially Verona), Greece (never visited, dying to go), Prague (old wish), Amsterdam (makes me smile)...

Here's Hesam Deihimi's cover of "Koodakaneh" originally performed by Farhad.


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do not blame JJ to want to make $$$ & see Europe

by MM on

I do not think that JJ is leaving because he is fed up with the metal challenges of IC.  He tried to raise some money for the site and all the ca. 4800 registered IC users could come up with was $10,000.  It is our own doing to force him to look for another job that pays well and be able to travel as well.

As far as the so-called non-desirables on this site, we do need the extreme right (both Fredophiles and IRI sympathizers) in order to appreciate the saneness of our position.  And, to remind us what we are fighting against.

Nonetheless, I have to agree that posting gazillion useless non-Iranian related news bids, or blogs on bombing Iran gets annoying a bid.  But, all we can do is to remind these right-wingers that so and so place is by the Mediterranean sea, or to ask whether would they look for an Iranian bombing campaign if their loved ones were in Tehran or elsewhere. 

So, JJ: Thanks, have fun and we will see you later.



by yolanda on

I visited Press TV before and posted comments....they deleted the comments immediately......My comments are not Pro-IRI comments..... none of my comments ever got posted......they censored posts big time..... 


accusing IRI supporters as agents is delusional

by persian_yingyang on

individuals throwing such accusations are only delusional.

case in point: has a comments section which for the most part is not moderated.  i am not sure if it is now or not.

nasty comments have been left on there. you would think the so called agents would be making sure presstv's comment section is soldily pro IRI.

also, presstv has a program called the link , which has had amongst its guests individuals like mr hellrman and kenneth katzman.  They have taken a very pro- us/israel stance on presstv's programs.  You would think Press tv would not host such guests.

but it appears that some individuals prefer to live in a fantasy land.  as long as they're happy, that is no problem.  but it really looks like they are bitter and vindictive.

Anahid Hojjati

Site is not perfect but in leaving it is not the answer

by Anahid Hojjati on


I think Hovakhshatar and BenRoss have good points but leaving is not the answer. I see the point that JJ and Q have.  As far as calling people who are the most active defenders of IRI, to call them agent, I don't know how correct that is.  There is a chance that true agents of IRI, and Israel on this site, if there are any, would not be people that everyone would easily guess. 


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

There's a fine line between debate and ghor. This is the same conversation from the days when the site changed formats. I told you, Javid, this site tone is the same. It's not your fault. The people ghor, whine, and accuse. I love it. That is why I return. Just don't say it has changed. Baby it hasn't changed at all! 

Those of you who are announcing your dramatic departures: What's that supposed to mean? You're threatening Jahanshah or IC? Just take a break from the site. Daily visitation is too much. This site is a bit intense. Phantom is right. People here go very seriously about the topics. Most of them ARE serious. Just take breaks and breaths. There are millions and billions of other web sites on the WWW. And don't call each other Olagh. The American and European readers will think it is a real Iranian name.


Benross, Hovakh, throwing in the towel?

by divaneh on

I share your concerns, but you are doing exactly what these people want you to do. A plethora of ever present IRI supporters have hijacked the site and already cost us some good contributors. Your departure will just be a boost for them and a sense of loss for us. Look at the comments and see who is now celebrating your departure. It’s not JJ.

JJ, this is not only Hovakh and Benross who find this an abuse of expression and not its freedom. No one demands censorship, but freedom of expression is when a person expresses his/her own beliefs and not when someone continuously support a regime or a group. If these supporters never see any mistake on part of the regime and even try to put spin on daylight crimes and murders, then they are nothing but agents. Then we got the contributors with keyboards diarrhoea who repeat the same message day after day and have a permanent seat in the featured blogs for being original content creators. What is so original about keeping to hit the same spot like a woodpecker? Perhaps two blogs a day and even one is too many. One of the best contributors, Aghadarioush in response to Ari who demanded more posts, responded that he would if he could sort out the next month's mortgage, and he is not the only one. Not many of these good contributors post even one blog a week. I know of some others who now ignore most of the content and you definitely know of more.

I have not been a contributor for a long time but I like this community and hate to see it disintegrate. I do not say you have the answers to achieving the right balance between the freedom of expressions and preventing the abuse of such freedom by agents. I do not have the answers neither. But perhaps a blog on this subject and an open discussion at this point is far more important than the Haft Seen photos.


it's a free country

by persian_yingyang on

This is what my professor used to say.  You are free to do what you please but be ready to pay the consequences.

Regarding comments by some folks trying to limit what is posted by others, I say you too are free.  You have an option to stay or to leave and start your own website.  It's really that simple!

A few points that I would point out to JJ.  In the past month there was a virus- specifically a Spyware that was embedded in your website making it unsafe to visit your website.  One Anti-Birus program, Avast, declared this website harmful.

After downloading multiple programs and cleansing my computer of the viruses.  I was again infected with the same one because I went to another website.

What I found out was this: the virus is one which advertises for AntiVirus Soft software.  It is completely sham. 

Also, the virus attack, I can solidly confirm was due to ads by "Trader King" stock brokers.  Upon visiting to read a news on Iran- Pak_india oil pipe line, I noticed the same ads and my computer was re-infected.

This company apparently is targetting minoirty community websites.  Perhaps because the average Iranian or Indian is more well off than average american.

Also it was very strange that "Trader King" stock brokers had plastered your website with 3 ads on the first page.  Somewhat  very strange.

I hope that you look into the source of some of the companies that advertise to check if they are fronts for spyware and maladwares.

The Phantom Of The Opera

where else on earth can a shepesh go to the opera?

by The Phantom Of The Opera on



First off; You didn't have to call me out; as a matter of fact,
this kind of confrontational behavior is part of the problem@IC.

I can't relate either to those who, in your words, kiss his(fat!) ass,
or the idea of administrative interference( of any shape, or form ) to
(hypothetically) improve this virtual community; which would remind me of the
Dark Ages of our beloved land under the rule of the corrupt Pahlavis.

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


Rare praise for Javid and goodbye to those who can't take it

by Q on

Everyone knows how critical I can be, especially of our "dear" leader's so-called "free speech" decisions.

But I have to praise this excellent answer to divaneh:

You have to live with people, whether they are pro-Israeli or pro-IRI. If they contribute something to this site, you an either reply to them or ignore them.

It's really that simple. I, too, invite whoever can't handle this simple proposition to show him or herself the door as soon as possible!!!

Of course we know how the game is played. Multiple ID's are a real problem, Peter Pan. Half the self-rightous characters on this site regularly lecturing everyone else on what free speech is or isn't, will just "zerti" come back with new fake names and the cycle will continue.


The Phantom Of The Opera

by Shepesh on

I think JJ welcomes input and constructive criticism from his Users. And can tell the difference between those that mean well and refrain from kissing his ass all the time. Ofcourse you are welcome to your opinion, but there is no harm in trying to improve the standard of comments on the site. People will not leave because of it, but just know that they will no longer get away with pushing things too far. When people are set standards, they usually start to comply.  

Peter Pan

"I hope, IC stops the use of multiple IDs..."

by Peter Pan on

Maybe, you should stop hanging out with, and listening to delusional folks.


JJ Jan

by minadadvar on

I hope, IC stops the use of multiple IDs.  I have heard some pretty nasty stories about how,  some people( including the old/trustworthy) members, play "Good Cop/Bad Cop",  in order to have fun at the expense of the readers.  Immature and unethical.

The Phantom Of The Opera

JJ this, JJ that, Some of us take ourselves way too seriously!

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

To whoever doesn't like the way this site is run: Good-bye.  

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.



by Shepesh on

I hope you seriously consider the points raised by Benross and Hovakhshatare . It would be a shame to lose contribution from good posters. I know of some who have stopped contributing already which is a real shame. I refer to Hovakhshatare's remarks as I feel the same. 

"said goodbye a while ago but pulled back by many of those I come here to read. Many of them have now been less active or silent for a while. This goodbye as a symbolic gesture for responsible bloggers like benross, however, is permanent."

Happy New Year. 


jj, I do not recall a censorship demand by anyone.

by Hovakhshatare on

at least not those who are giving you friendly criticism and suggestions. I truly hoped for higher quality responses from you.

Your view of 'freedom of expression' is very esoteric & somewhat myopic. IC certainly is no stellar example of freedom of expression, citizen journalism, or clarity of purpose. A community it is. A community that can and has been readily hijacked by extremes and sophistry. When I referred to human & international standards, that is a baseline for engagement and elevation, not a barrier to entry. When the resources of IRR are at play via their many representatives here, despite an array of websites and media they own and from which they propagate their extremism, that is a form of censorship, take over, dilution of 'community' and deforming it. Defending atrocities of IRR, from Neda's murder, to rape & imprisoning of Iranian youth and anything that resembles expression of discontent, or spewing what we have seen including benross's example and many others is not freedom of expression and exchange of ideas. It is drowning & suffocating it. What you heard is a call to a more astute & focused management of IC and what it can and should reasonably reflect. These are not normal times for Iran or for the world and we as Iranians in diaspora have a heavy burden, if we are willing to shoulder it. You and IC are no exception. What you called school mastering.

The erosion and dilution has been happening and painfully apparent. You just lost benross, that any fair minded person would agree has been a valuable contributor to this site. He and many others here represent a majority that is not so active and loud as those whose noise is externally funded and have made this site what it is now.

I said goodbye a while ago but pulled back by many of those I come here to read. Many of them have now been less active or silent for a while. This goodbye as a symbolic gesture for responsible bloggers like benross, however, is permanent.

 I wish you and IC all the success in the world.


I'm out

by benross on

No, it's not my workplace. I read it somewhere here in IC.

About Howard Stern, I stand corrected. 'Nothing sacred' is what makes this site what it is. But this 'community journalism' produces also that piece about Kasravi. There is always a 'selection' involved in packaging the content and the guideline for this packaging is a community journalism that doesn't take itself seriously. I didn't say it's right or wrong. I just gave you my perception. If this truly reflects the community then I'm sure it will change.

btw, I never advocate censorship. Editorial work is something you are doing day in and day out. But we don't communicate in the void. We are children of some history, some culture and some values. We go from there, trying to evolve. When a comment pokes fun on someone who has tragically committed suicide, had no public role whatsoever to be accounted for, and the content of comment is intentionally using our cultural heritage to be as rough and as offensive and degrading as possibly can be, only a Howard Stern fan can ignore it. This is not reflective of our community... or at least, I don't belong to that community.

I'm out. 


Eyde hame mobarak

by Sid Sarshar on

24 floral images taken in the past few days in the spirit of Norooz.


Jahanshah Javid

Censorship &...

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks benross. I hear what you're saying. I don't know if Howard Stern is my "idol" but I do enjoy listening to him for a daily dose of comedy -- and common sense, believe it or not. But is not the Howard Stern Show. Where are the similarities? Nothing is sacred? Perhaps... but the content is very different.

If your office banned because of nude photos, that says something about censorship in the office place. The Maryam photo essay was the first and only of its kind on this site. Does that put in the same category as pornography?

If you and others don't like some of the people who frequent this site, I'm afraid that's life. I don't like some of them either. But I'm sure the feeling is mutual and we're learning to live and let live. I don't feel threatened or intimidated by anyone on this site.

As for journalism, I've been in this profession for a long time and use my skills every day here. On the other hand, is not an experiment in journalism in the literal sense. I mean when we say "journalism" we are talking about news organizations, newspapers, TV and radio networks, etc. They have checks and balances. They have editors and chief editors. They journalists who make dozens of calls and interviews for their stories. is more a reflection/collection of who we are and who we want to be. A model for professional journalism it is not. Citizen journalism, maybe. More like a community.

Jahanshah Javid

Live with it

by Jahanshah Javid on

divaneh, love your posts. Always something interesting. You have to live with people, whether they are pro-Israeli or pro-IRI. If they contribute something to this site, you an either reply to them or ignore them. But they will not be banned just for expressing their views.

Have a beautiful new year!


Happy Norooz JJ

by benross on

Hovakhshatra said the bulk of what needs to be said. Here is my two cents.

Your honesty and transparence -and hard work- keep this site running. Experience in journalism of-course also has something to do with it. It is not that you don't see what Hovakhshatara is saying. It's that you don't believe in it.

And this, brings us to your preferences in journalism. Howard Stern, your idol in social journalism, has a lot to do with it. And I can't ask you not to follow what you think is the best journalism, because then you will not be true to yourself and the 'trust' that this whole website is based on, will shatter.

Carry-on the way you think is right. But if you see some value in outrageous acts and shocking value (and I see as well) see also that posting Maryam for example in front page caused IC to be filtered in many work places! Don't change your approach. Pay more attention to practicality of your decisions.

'Don't take yourself seriously'. This is a good advice you are giving, for someone who is carried away with anger. It's not a good advice for a communal site of a community with such profound predicament. We have to take ourselves seriously. We have no other choice. Maybe you don't want to carry the heavy burden of our communal activity. I'd say as you shouldn't. But don't water down some serious stuff that is happening in this site just because it's too heavy load for you. You don't have to lift the load. You are just the journalist, allowing it to present itself. That's all.

I won't say do this or do that. You are a professional journalist and you know what you are doing. I just gave you my perspective. What you do about it, depends on how much it is valid to you and how it affects your general picture about IC. It's never about what to do. It's about what IC is committed to be.


All right Tiger

by divaneh on

Are you seriously going to Europe JJ? If so be careful, I heard that in Europe “Khoshgelaa ro migirand”  (They arrest the good looking ones).

I like to thank you for creating such a wonderful forum of all people with interest in Iran. I had so much pleasure reading the posts by so many articulated writers. I however worry when I see some of my most favourite contributors have reduced their contributions to the site. I hear their words of dismay and their dissatisfaction with volume of materials posted by IRI and Israel supporters and sympathizers.  This is in line with Hovakh comments that IC cannot be everything to everyone. I hope that IC can soon achieve the right balance. For now, thanks for all your hard work and enjoy Europe.

The Phantom Of The Opera

JJ & more than Haft "Sin"s...

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

It's, somehow, good to know that your Amnesty International thing is being tickled. Should I see a dim light at the end of tunnel for a couple of my cousins in your "Kahrizak"? Too early to know! 

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

Jahanshah Javid

Haft Seen

by Jahanshah Javid on

By the way folks, I putting together a photo essay of this year's Haft Seen by any and all of you who would like to share their beautiful spread.

Send your photo(s) to

This first batch will be feature in an hour so.

Looking forward to your Haft Seen.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Sid. You are too sweet :)

It was great seeing you at the comedy show.

Wishing you and yours a lovely new year.


IC and JJ great resource for us

by Sid Sarshar on


I wanted to thank you for creating a forum for the armature (and professional) artists.  Where else can one publish an essay and have it viewed by thousands around the globe in days for free.  I find IC a very valuable asset and as Ari once said “a national treasure”.  IC is a complete newsletter with something for everyone and every taste.  You are a pioneer.

Nice seeing you the other day at the concert and best wishes on your London gig.

Happy Norooz.

Sid Sarshar

Jahanshah Javid

Public hanging

by Jahanshah Javid on

I love your idea Faramarz. Next time someone behaves badly I will do a public hanging in the blogs ta darse ebrat besheh :)))

PS: Amnesty International has already issued a statement condemning capital punishment against abusers.


The title of your blog should have been: I'll be back!

by MM on


He cannot stay away.  Just like Luna, he will be back.


JJ's Norooz Message

by Faramarz on

Dear JJ,

Happy Norooz and thanks for all your hard work and dedication in managing this site.

I like the idea of the Norooz message from you. If Obama and Hillary can address the Iranian people, you are definitely entitled to passing on a few words of wisdom to this community. But next year, let’s do a video clip with Haft-Seen and Norooz stuff in the background!

I think that you should emphasize the major accomplishments of this site over the past year. For me, the no-anonymous policy (No Mas Anonymas!) was a major step forward. Before then, there were too many drive-by commenting. Now, folks stick to a name and you can construct a profile in your head and decide if you want to read their contributions or not.

Also, the coverage of the developing news in Iran by Shifteh Ansari has been outstanding. It is even better than CNN or the Huffington Post. Congratulations on that!

The issue of people getting banned from the site keeps coming up. Here is an idea.

How about doing a “police blotter” type item everyday and inform the readers about the latest wrongdoings and the associated punishment. It could read something like this. “Last night Boz Boz Ghandi called Khaleh Sooskeh a bad name, so he is being banned for two weeks!” Or, “Because of the good behavior, Agha y Shaaki has been re-stated as of today!” It is similar to Safeh e Havaades in Etela’at Daily.

Thanks for the great work.


Hi JJ Jan

by minadadvar on

Thank you for creating such a great site.  Educational, funny and at times "nerve wreacking"!!

I have never been blocked.  But, I should confess, I have received a warnning and a few of my comments were deleted. Yet, I named you as one of my favorites in my last blog.  I find your transparency, fairness and patience refreshing and admirable.

Happy Norooz and enjoy your trips.   

Anahid Hojjati

JJ kind of responded but I agree with Hovakhshatare & Maziar58

by Anahid Hojjati on


I liked comments by Hovakhshatare and Maziar58.  JJ kind of responded to their comments.  I write kind of because JJ's response was not too convincing to me.  I still think Hovakhshatare and Maziar58 's comments are important constructive criticism.   I have brought up the same issue as Maziar58 about Multiple Ids few times.  Once, JJ resplied that he has no way of preventing that.  If this is the case, I guess, we just have to live with it.  But I still like to write that as a reader and writer on this site, I agree with Maziar58 and Hovakhshatare 's comments on this thread.