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by Jahanshah Javid

Dear friends,
Thank you for your patience, sense of humor, understanding, tolerance, maturity and fairness. You heard me. I believe you deserve all those attributes, in different quantities.

Compared to when we first started, the tone of the comments has improved a lot. I think we're beginning to understand that telling our critics to shut up and hurling abuse at them will not make them shut up and they'll curse right back at you. So I see big improvement in discussions even though we still have a few years to go :)

In the past six months I did block two dozen people or more. Probably more if you include commercial spammers. Most others were blocked for a few days, few weeks and unblocked. It's the least pleasant part of my work. I hate interfering and playing the role of school master. Every time I block someone or delete an offensive comment I do think about the site's motto "nothing is sacred" and I wonder. Was I right? Was I wrong? I never feel completely justified in whatever action I decide take, and it wears you down.

If I judged your comments to harshly and deleted too many of them, I hope you don't take it to heart. If you got booted out of the site for too long, bebakhsheed. You're always welcome here.

My outlook on Iran is positive. The road ahead is long and treacherous, but democracy as an idea has taken root and growing fast. It's an idea whose time has come. Political Islam on the other hand has lost its intellectual vigor and ideological dynamism. It's become the protector of a dictatorship of a few in the name of god. The Green Movement is the future.


It's the Year of the Tiger, my Chinese sign. Soon I'm going to London for a few months with the option to travel all over Europe. So many places I want to see... Italy (especially Verona), Greece (never visited, dying to go), Prague (old wish), Amsterdam (makes me smile)...

Here's Hesam Deihimi's cover of "Koodakaneh" originally performed by Farhad.


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I love visiting IRAN and Iranians

by persian_yingyang on

it is such a good feeling to feel you can visit your country anytime you want to.

It such a great feeling to know that there are so many diverse groups of people in Iran that have yet to be discovered.  Geez, where should I begin.  Should I spend 2 weeks in Shiraz, 2 weeks in Kurdistan, 2 weeks in Bandar Abbas...there is so much to be discovered but so little time...

It's such a great feeling to know that thanks God Iran is no small country that can be invaded overnight like Kuwait was.  It's a nice feeling.

It's even a better feeling when you go to a land where everyone is like you.  Same rasm wa adab.  If people look at you funny for picking up a watermelon and tapping it, if people look at you funny if you try to get a free second pair of glasses, if people look at you funny as you feel the quality of linen, you know there is always a country of 70 million where everyone is as crazy as you are.

it's a great feeling that all in all, my relatives have stayed out of politics and are free to conduct usiness with whoever, be it government organs or a group of anti-IRI. 

It is great to walk in the grass and lay down and see other folks doing all the things you like to do too; like eating "Japanese" seeds, drinking tea and seeing their kids play with the Iranian plastic football - yes the red/white one.

It is great to be in your country and know that even if you don't pay your insurance, never renew your driver license, you can never get kicked out of your homeland.

It's a great feeling to be walking in the street and see a few parrots for sale, and say heck yeah theee parrots are Iranian too.

Oh, how I cherish the times I spent at Azadi & Argentine Bus Terminals...and all the crazy fools I became friends with.  I remember those "Lavashaks" that are supper thin and super salty....yummy yummy....kept eating them even though I knew I would get diarrhea soon...but no problem....kept eating them..

I remeber the Kurdish Taxi driver I rented next to Laleh hotel.  After paying $90/night at Laleh, I wanted to have some fun.   I would ask , How much for "dar bast" --he replies minimum is 4 much 3000 Toman Dar-bast.  After 8 hours, I would pay him 30,000 Tomans...His name was Alireza...a Kurd in Tehran with 2 kids...with a plan drive around the block and in the streets, slow down around university, if I hear a cute girl saying "Ferdowsi"....then you yell back "Ferdowsi"...cute girl hops in and I would make some small talk- ofcourse polite and ba adab-- introduce myself and maybe if she wasn't a "Taghooti" type get her number....

I look forward to repeating that this JUNE.  Hmmm that means, I got until May to wrap things up --shoot that is only 40 days away


نوروز خجسته


در تبعید بدنبال عطر وطن آمدم و خانه ای در سایت ایرانین دام کام یافتم. جهانشاه عزیز، ممنونم.

تاریخ این سایت، حکایت رشد و بلوغ سیاسی اعضای آن است. وظیفه پاسداری از سنت ایرانین دات کام بر دوش همگی ما هست.

سال نو مبارک...


So, get on the boat with them and buzz ...

by MM on

This site is for Iranian-related issues.  If you are proud to take arms with the palestinians, then down the road, make a hard right at the Gaza strip and as you were told before: send us your video.


thanks Onlyiran, see what I'm saying MM & Divaneh

by persian_yingyang on

I take it as a complement that you do believe I might pick up a klash and head over to Palestine.

The problem is that I don;t think you have the courage to do that.  Rather sit on the couch and eat your popcorn (as you admitted) and fight against IRI by "cheering" for the protestors in Iran.  So classy. PS: I ran out of the Cowboys cheerleading uniforms, sorry must do with a Laker's one

MM, do you see now who is changing the subject.  I think part of the reason anti-IRI keep mentioning the Palestinians is because they seem to be in the same boat as the Palestinians.  They feel dispossessed and homeless.



Tabrik and Tashakor

by Emrooz on

Tabrik and Tashakor to you too Jahanshah. I have always appreciated the existence of


Persian whatever

by Onlyiran on

my blogs are my opinions, just like your stupid drivel here is (are) your opinions.  Seriously, I don't think that you can afford to embarrass yourself by picking on one more person on this thread.  Now, buzz off.  Your country-Palestine-needs you.  Go pick up a Kalashnikov and head on to Ramallah.  Send us a videotape of yourself in action.  We would love to watch it as we have bowl full of popcorn! 


Onlyiran, one request only please

by persian_yingyang on

Since you are working on a blog regarding thise jackels, please I request that you do not submit your findings to Mr Ban Kee Moon or the Security Council.  I fear your blog might just convince China and Russia to go along with the sanctions.

 So please, onlyiran do not make your blog public and more importantly do not present it to the European Union or the UN Security Council.  Remeber if you do, they would ask you to come and testify before them regarding the classified info you have in your possession and that might mean you will miss a day or two of work.


MM & Divaneh

by Onlyiran on

Excellent comments. I totally agree.  I am working on a blog about these jackals and their endless passion for every cause except that of the Iranian people.  


پرشن الک دولک


Tell us,

You come here criticizing us, and meanwhile praising a regime that murders, rapes and tortures its own people.  OK, can one of us, or you, go to Iran and criticize Khamenei or Khomeini without being called a mohaareb and executed?

PS, I do not blame DK for being pissed off since two innocent Iranians were just executed for merely belonging to the Monarchist movement and at best, they were just learning/curious about DK's group.

Nepotism, corruption and terror run deep in the divine cesspool.


Its not a change of subject Ding Dong

by divaneh on

and you know well it is not. I reminded you that if you think everybody has to go and fight the guns with empty hands, you may as well attend your own fight in Israel. MM comments were about blogs posted to divert the attention and not parallels to show up cheap comments.

And you are not a green supporter, dont even try it.


What was this blog about again?!

by anonymous111.2 on

King of the World-Jahanshah- (BTW, isn't that the meaning of the word(s) "Genghis" also?  I remember reading that somewhere)-anyway, good job, man.  Happy new year and happy travels.  I want to visit Prague as well.  As you may know, Prague has become a favorite location for American and European film production studios.  I have been trying to leach on to a project that may take me there for free for sometime now, but no luck so far. 

Anyway, keep up the good work and your good site.  We will keep visiting for years to come.

Norouz Pirooz! 



MM, can you respond to Divaneh

by persian_yingyang on

MM complained that so called "IRI agents" try to discuss un-Iranian matters in this site.  Well, maybe he should see who is trying to change the subject

Divaneh said:

"Now that you are such a brave fighter, I suggest that you stop wasting your time in wherever you are and head to Palestine to fight the Israelis. Or are you just cheap talk? "


I didn't even discuss anything unrelated to Iran, yet here we have Divaneh trying to chang eth esubject and I will not fall for it.


Dear DK

by divaneh on

I earlier flagged the tabriz_balasi for his/her/its hateful comments in the Hafezieh blog. He is the same person who has appeared in the site with many different names including yahoo_yabo and bomani_ali. I would just ignore the parasite.


cultural exchange? in exchange for what? hostages in Iran & ..?

by MM on

Dear Persian alak-dolak,

We did not get off the banana boat yesterday, as a dear friend used to say.  Please do not get down that low.  Your slip is showing.


DK, unfair

by persian_yingyang on

DK, you are totally unfair. Name one comment i have thus made that is considered foul, intimidating or threatening. 

I have conducted myself pretty well.  When someone like MM starts and says what are IRI supporters doing in Satan's Land, I think I have every right to respond in a civilized manner.

Also, I see most of the complaining coming in from "older" folks who are not yet ready to embrace open exchange and new technologies.

They are still stuck in the mentality that is still the best and can't come to grips that Google has smashed Yahoo to pieces.

You are bothered by what some folks may say about you.  Yet you find nothing offensive when you try to misrepresents Iran's Green movement as a quest for Monarachy or abolishment of the RUle of Jureisprudence.  You are within your rights to ascribe whatever adjectives you feel is necessary to show the Green Movement the way you like to portray it.  Yet you have not a single fact that would stand a court's delibrations to back what you are saying.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of videos from the accepted leaders of the Green Movement who are clearly on record stating that they still pledge allegiene to Khomeini.

Facts upon facts that show the Green Movement wants certain changes, yet in clear daylight some commentators come and distort the obvious and truth.

If you tell them Mr Karroubi and Mousavi are not against the overthrow of the government, they will say well Mr Mousavi is not the leader, the movement has no leader.  Clear tactics that are meant to misinform. 

So if you feel hurt because some commentators (not me) have "offended" you, just take a second and understand how offended the brave sons of the Green Movement are when certain folks try to twist their message.



You are not smart enough Ding Dong

by divaneh on

I told you that you cannot fool me. We are everywhere and that is your nightmare. Its pity that they waste the Iranian wealth on unworthy individuals like you but hey I am even not sure you are in the US.

Now that you are such a brave fighter, I suggest that you stop wasting your time in wherever you are and head to Palestine to fight the Israelis. Or are you just cheap talk?



by yolanda on

You don't need to lecture me on Persian New Year.....I understand that IRI pays your tuition, room, and board, you have to return the "favor".....sorry you don't have the freedom to speak against IRI...I know you have heard the calling to defend IRI and Press TV, it does not matter how many people IRI are still pro-IRI.....


Divaneh, poor analysis

by persian_yingyang on

I guess, I would have to add you too Divaneh to the cheerleader roster.

It's very nice of you to be a cheerleader while the football players are sustaining the injuries and blows in the playing field.  I guess, it's more comfortable to stay away from the streets of Tehran and "cheer" for freedom...

Now, please inform me,  do you prefer the lakers yellow/blue skirts or the Cowboys blue/white tightpants?

Darius Kadivar

I don't Like to be lectured by Anonymous Newcomers ...

by Darius Kadivar on

with no contributions who jump in and start lecturing me on my style of writing or personality or why I blog or say what I say or start playing the political correct tone or simply by pure jealousy.

I can name them clearly here from the likes of the ever attention seeker like Souri to hajminotor, the Phantom of the Opera to more recent ones like persian_yingyang, Qioumars to tabriz_balasi ALL OF WHOM are Anonymous or have in the last cases mentioned here NEVER Contributed to a Single Blog and who allow themselves to make a threatening comment or damaging remark to give the wrong impression on me or my personality to others who may not know me.

I find that Unfair and rather arrogant on behalf of the editors to allow this behavior towards people like me who have worked hard and contributed significantly to this website through my contributions.

I have got hundreds and thousands of emails privately over the years from fellow bloggers or readers who appreciate my contributions but I don't go around bragging about it. Some even think they know me over the years because they have followed me. If I write it is first and foremost for those who like or appreciate what I do. I try to find my freedom of expression in order to satisfy that readership not just any bloke who thinks he has something to prove to me by pure provocation or animosity justified or not.

Being a veteran to some extent on this website and having earned hardly and dearly my Freedom of Expression at first as a Feature Writer which was truly an honor to belong to that small but important group of pioneer contributors who contributed greatly to turning this website into a forum of debate and intellectual discourse :


I nevertheless have become overly frustrated to see many of these former writers simply leave and stop contributing eversince all this Blogging business started.

I like them had to truly sweat and work hard to get published and get some form if not of respect at least recognition.

All this has been blown to smitherins with the way some people on this website participate in Vendettas or think of themselves as some kind of Moral Authority to lecture others on their behavior and when they cannot respond due to lack of humor or creativity or simple jealousy.

That is not to say that I am perfect myself. I have used Profanity against some people ( ALL OF WHOM were ANONYMOUS with the exception of MON Q who has a name but not his face to represent him which is a common trait amongst nearly all IRI supporters ) but never against a person with a clearly identifiable name and avatar who was accountable for their opinion.

I respect and admire someone like Abarmard (with whom I differ on nearly all opinions he expresses) but who is a real debator and someone who at least does not hide behind some fake avatar and at least physically is accountable for his opinions. I respect that attitude.

Unlike "FLAG-GET's" like MON Q who will look for every Cheap Opportunity to distort your comments and even dedicating an opinion blog on you to tell everyone that this fellow said this or that and is not entitled to an opinion, Abarmard has always had the honesty of engaging in a debate in an adult way.

I never shy away from a good an honest debate when it deserves it. But when it comes to dishonestly engaging in a debate like MON Q or in the case of anonymous commentators ( or the same under different ID's) who try to stab at you only to get even or satisfy their overinflated and Jealous Cyber EGO's I find that not only annoying but simply unfair. To Top that  they then start Flagging You on grounds that they are victimes simply because they are being challenged in return and are neither creative or imaginative to respond is something which I find is hypocritical.

I don't expect anyone to share my views but at least I am accountable for them and besides I don't feel I have to apologize for those views either.

Now the latest ANONYMOUS person who is hitting back at me is this bloke tabriz_balasi  who feels he has the Right to Hate me ...

Well Is suppose if he is a Man then he also has the Right to be ...


If these fellows and this mentality is to be the basis for drafting a new Bill of Rights for the Freedom of Expression on IC ...

Then indeed I think that Benross is actually doing himself a favor rather than wasting his time making quality contributions to a website that needs some cleaning from time to time even on the First day of Spring.

I think the least would be to not allow non contributors to comment. Or that they can only comment once they have contributed to a minimum of blogs or articles. Otherwise it is truly a Cheap Shot at others who have earned their freedom of expression painstakingly over the years. And I admit that at times it can truly drain ones energy to waste time responding to such anonymous cheap shots !

My Humble BUT OPINIATED Opinion, And I hope to be able to continue as such without having to be apologetic ! 


PS: As for MARGE I can Handle Her as She can Handle Me ... LOL




putting two and two together Yolanda

by persian_yingyang on

PLease show respect to commentators and refrain from nasty and foul language.

I am not sure if you know this but today is the first day of the Persian Calendar and we normally celebrate and have fun.  I think it is in extremely poor taste for you to curse and use foul language. 

With Norooz, We celebrate Life, Spring, Youth , Energy and Happiness and customarily we put on a good mood and happy faces....

now I know this may be difficult for you to understand, after all El Dia De los Muertos is not exactly a celebration of life, but more of death and cursing.

Please don't confuse the two. Persians don't curse in holidays,,.  thanks for understanding


Agent Persian Ding Dong

by divaneh on

You don’t fool anybody here. How daft is your answer that you are a cultural exchange in US because some US citizens go to Iraq or Saudi. And for your response there are 70 million MMs in Iran and you will soon hear them. You are just one of the same IRI gang and you have proved it in less than 24 hours.

Now that you are in the US, try to lose your Basiji attitude. Accusing Yolanda of leaving nasty comments just because she has shown you up is just cheap. Everyone knows that she is the last person to leave a harsh comment. And where did you get that knowledge from? Or are you a blind supporter and beneficiary of Iran's plunder by IRI. I don’t think you are Iranian and your abuse of word Persian does not fool me.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

what a place ?!!

jj's  tabreek va tashakor room turned to dble.5  instead of eyd ,deed-o- bazdeed room!!.....

jj  march and april are not good time to visit verona ,unless you've umberella and don't mind the leaks.  Maziar



by yolanda on

Wow! Someone is the cultural exchange you write Pro-IRI posts on IC, and then IRI gives you a scholarship to study in the West......Wow! It makes perfect sense! He mentioned he has a professor......I started to put two and two together!

    Wow! it is how IRI operates in the West! I am "enlightened"!



by yolanda on

I don't use foul language!!!!


re: yolanda and presstv

by persian_yingyang on

I visited Press TV before and posted comments....they deleted the comments immediately......My comments are not Pro-IRI comments..... none of my comments ever got posted......they censored posts big time..... 

yeah, if you curse and use foul and nasty language it is normal for other commentators to flag your posts.

I think you can go back to the archives and see the comments posted on Press Tv.  Do a google search regarding a news item from several years back, you might see an archived copy of the Press TV article and all those nasty comments left.

marhoum Kharmagas

Rare praise for Javid (to Q)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

"You have to live with people, whether they are pro-Israeli or
pro-IRI. If they contribute something to this site, you an either reply to them or ignore them."

I agree Q, JJ was not perfect but he deserves a praise in that respect. Eariler in this blog I asked him if I were among those whom he addressed, ironically I was going to tell him that he deserves praise for resisting various groups, from the leftover Todehi Stalinists, to ultra right wing monarchists and the "green" extremists who have been trying to manipulate him so that he restricts the freedom of speech in this site.



poor argument MM

by persian_yingyang on

I don't understand why

anti-IRI, if they really are against IRI and for freedom.  What are they doing in lands thousands of miles away?  Aren't you supposed to be in Iran fighting for freedom?

Or are you just pansies?  Maybe you are cheerleaders.  Then please make sure you wear something cute and sexy like the Dallas COwboys cheerleaders.

To answer your no so smart question...what are IRI supporters doing in the West....well, you can actually call it a cultural exchange.  Americans contractors go to Iraq, Saudi Arabi and Kuwait, and IRI supporters come over to the US

But you still haven;t answered my question, what  are you doing to fight IRI?  Please don't tell me you send in $20 every 6 months to AMnesty International.



good catch Yolanda - censorship at IRI sites is not big news tho

by MM on

and anyone who tries to convince us otherwise is a dreamer.

As far as accusing the IRI sympathizers of being agents

1. If they love IRI, what the heck are they doing in the land of the infidel?

2. If they love Iran, why do not they participate in the debate instead of posting about non-Iranian affairs and trying to change the subject towards "you-know-who"?

2. If they are in Iran and use IC, they most likely are using wide-band without filters, which is not available to everyone.  So, there you go.



by yolanda on

Press TV censors photos, too. This Iranian guy won world championship for rowing...he wore a green wristband at the medal ceremony, Press TV cut off his arm in the is so despicable:


Here is the uncensored photo:


When you visit Press TV, you have to filter out the garbage!


Persian Ding Dong

by divaneh on

It’s good to see you are so knowledgeable about the commentators in IC merely 15 hours after your registration. Please also in your praise of that chamber of freedom Press TV, do not forget to write a few lines in praise of that other beacon of press freedom the Kayhan. I think Yolanda's response suffice to show who is delusional.