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Dear friends,
Thank you for your patience, sense of humor, understanding, tolerance, maturity and fairness. You heard me. I believe you deserve all those attributes, in different quantities.

Compared to when we first started, the tone of the comments has improved a lot. I think we're beginning to understand that telling our critics to shut up and hurling abuse at them will not make them shut up and they'll curse right back at you. So I see big improvement in discussions even though we still have a few years to go :)

In the past six months I did block two dozen people or more. Probably more if you include commercial spammers. Most others were blocked for a few days, few weeks and unblocked. It's the least pleasant part of my work. I hate interfering and playing the role of school master. Every time I block someone or delete an offensive comment I do think about the site's motto "nothing is sacred" and I wonder. Was I right? Was I wrong? I never feel completely justified in whatever action I decide take, and it wears you down.

If I judged your comments to harshly and deleted too many of them, I hope you don't take it to heart. If you got booted out of the site for too long, bebakhsheed. You're always welcome here.

My outlook on Iran is positive. The road ahead is long and treacherous, but democracy as an idea has taken root and growing fast. It's an idea whose time has come. Political Islam on the other hand has lost its intellectual vigor and ideological dynamism. It's become the protector of a dictatorship of a few in the name of god. The Green Movement is the future.


It's the Year of the Tiger, my Chinese sign. Soon I'm going to London for a few months with the option to travel all over Europe. So many places I want to see... Italy (especially Verona), Greece (never visited, dying to go), Prague (old wish), Amsterdam (makes me smile)...

Here's Hesam Deihimi's cover of "Koodakaneh" originally performed by Farhad.


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Kharmagas - JJ DID "ask" you to leave this site!!

by Onlyiran on

In fact, he did much more than "ask" you to leave this site.  He blocked you!  In my book that is a serious signal that he didn't want you on his site.  But instead of standing by your [fake] principle and acting on your [fake] grandstanding, you registered under a different name and returned to the site, just to bore us again with your endless accusations and your endless name calling of everyone who doesn't march lock step behind the IRI.

So, I hope that now that I have clarified the matter for you, you will move on with your life and leave the site as you promised you would!


marhoum Kharmagas

Speaking of leaving this site! (to Ayhab)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Ayhab Jaan, don't worry about Benross leaving this site! Since when are taking Monarchists seriously!? Yours truly however, will leave this site the moment your friend JJ tells me: 'get out of my site'......... I will get out out his site and his site, and will give him my word not to come back mordeh or zendeh!

Darius Kadivar

persian_yingyang Might as Well ask Akbar Ganji ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Why he went on a Hunger Strike ?

Prisoner of Conscience: Akbar Ganji and Costa Gavras' Confession BY Darius KADIVAR

And I am No Akbar Ganji but I am Equally Entitled to believe in something I feel is Right for Iran as Passionately as he or anybodyelse.

There are other ways of Sacrificing precious things including one's health and time for a cause one believes in than going on a hunger strike or rushing towards martyrdom ...

I have no other merit than to write for what I believe in which Transcends The King to Be Reza Pahlavi, or his lovely and gracious mother whom I consider my ONE and ONLY Shahbanou until my death !

And That is the Restoration of Our National Dignity and Identity embodied by a Democratic Constitution inspired by our Forefathers a Century Ago.

HISTORY FORUM: Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution

HISTORY FORUM: Nader Naderpour on Iran's Constitutional Revolution and European Rennaissance (1996)

What Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi or his mother thinks  or likes is irrelevant to my concerns. What matters is to know that he is commited to living up to the role he was born into and whether he is commited to the democratic Principles of our Founding Fathers who initiated the Constitutional Revolution ? I believe he is !

Reza Pahlavi's message on the Anniversary of the 1906 Constitutional Revolution in Iran:


And that he is taking up the mantle where another Great PAtriot left it:

Shapour Bakhtiar on Regime Change and the Constitution of 1906:


Patriotism is Not something that will bring me Fortune or Personal Gain.

I do it because I believe it is a DUTY as each and every Iranian of my generation and older to do anything in their power to bring down this UN IRANIAN Regime that has brought nothing but misery to our nation.

MOST IRANICANS but Also ALL IRANIAN EXILES would be well advised to spend be it One minimum contribution to helping their fellow compatriots back home one way or another. One interview of a human Rights activist is as important and worthwhile an effort in that direction as an Article on one's Holliday to Europe.

One reminder that we have a Flag and Heritage to Respect rather then encourage People to Burn the Sun and Lion Flag or oppose it to the Green Flag Hypocritically would help mutual respect rather than exclusion.

Probably I will die Writing my last lines for the dunno ?

Some prefer to write about their personal lives and struggles or cocerns ranging from Gay Rights to Vasectomy and Suicide all of which are legitimate interests to their contributors.

I write about what I consider as Priorities to a NAtion on Hold who depends on those outside who are lucky enough to voice their concerns and why not make suggestions for whatever they are worth and why not help human causes regardless of ideological dogmas ...


Saving Nazanin By DK 

TAKING A STAND: Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Former Miss World Canada 2003 ... by DK

The Struggle Continues! By DK

BREAKING THE WAVES: Iranian Women of the Diaspora Seduce French Media By DK

No one asked the Unknown Soldier if he Died for a worthy cause. I can only hope more modestly that I have not written for vain.

My father died 5 years ago from cancer after dedicating his life to others and saving lives as a surgeon. His last wish was to see Iran Free and Democratic one day.

He operated and saved lives of equally Republicans, Revolutionaries and Officers or soldiers of the Imperial Army at personal risks for his own life.

One Revolutionary who was a young 19 year old boy student at Shiraz University was Shot in the balls during the clashes. The boys last words in my Fathers Arms was to say "please tell me that I won't die in vain ..."

My Tearful Father told him he did not die in vain to reassure him before the boy finally died.

Shortly after the Revolutions triumph an Officer of the Imperial Army in Shiraz who was wounded but under arrest was operated by my father. The Revolutionary Guards waited for the operation to be finished only to take the man to the execution squad !

These are all true anecdotes that my father told me.

His anecdotes are not the only genuine ones Alas :

BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

As for myself I had a Comerad in Shiraz whose own father was executed after Khomeiny declared a general amnesty for all political prisoners and former Imperial Regime loyalists and government officials. My classmate's name was Kamran and his father was accused of being a SAVAKI.

No one in my class knew that Kamran's father was what the Revolutionaries claimed. He was an engineer and a very gentle and kind looking man and certainly not a profile of a torturer.

I discovered Kamrans Fathers Execution on TV and the following day Kamran came to school. All my comrads went to comfort him and he just gave us a sad smile. No tears just that sad smile.

I will never forget that smile ...

Kamran left school never to come back. Some said his mother who was pregnant at the time lost the child.

Whatever was the case Kamran was the victim of our Collective wrongdoings as a nation.

We Are ALL responsible for the turn of events in our own rights. Maybe not my generation who was only 15 at the time with no adult responsabilities. But the Nation as a whole be it the Shah, Khomeiny or The People are responsible COLLECTIVELY and INDIVIDUALLY for what happened.

So We have Two Choices:

Either Blame One Another to the End of Time and Reach no other conclusion to 30 years of seeing our nation be plundered and raped. And Remain Hypocritically NEUTRAL and Choose to remain Impotent in the face of all this injustice  


Reconcile against ALL ODDS and find common ground to overthrow this DISPECABLE AND UN IRANIAN Regime Unique in abjectivity and cruelty since Chenghiz Khan's invasion of Persia.

I do Not see Any other path but the one that consists of responding to Reza's Call !

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

Just like others are doing right now :

Be it in exile

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... By DK

Or inside: 

IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC: Defecting Revolutionary Guard's confession and support to Reza Pahlavi

If anybody has a better idea I welcome your feedbacks. But I am too tired to respond here or elsewhere to the same questions.

All I can say is that I remain Loyal to the memory of those who have died for the cause I believe in :

Fereydoun Farrokhzad - Irani Boodan :


And whose last wish was to return to IRan Not with Hate or Vengeance but Love and in a Bid for a better future for their compatriots.

So maybe I write so that I will never have to see that same sad smile on the face of another Iranian boy like Kamran that last day at school. Whatever happened to him I have no clue. Did he end up leaving the country or end up on the Iran Iraq Front ? Who knows ...and in the end it does not truly matter for what happened to Kamran is happening on a daily basis to our brother and sisters in Iran to the Sohrabs and the Nedas and other Unknown Soldiers of Democracy.

Do as You feel Fit according to your own conscience and beliefs. Bash the Monarchy and monarchists if that is your conviction and defend your vision of what you want Iran to be. That is Your perfect Right !

But Don't Lecture me on Why I write what I write !

I Don't claim I am Right ! I claim I have an Opinion and am entitled to it and Won't apologize for it.

My Conscience is Clear !

And this is my last contribution to this thread !

Shab Khosh !






Fouzul Bashi

Persian Ying-Yang :)

by Fouzul Bashi on

Hahaha :)  Loved it looool  very perceptive :)))))


Dear JJ

by SamSamIIII on


Mind you, eventhough I give your moderation post june 15th an  A+ compare to the somewhat mediocre levels prior & eventhough I,m pleasantly content by the level of your last 15 months superb professionalism, yet, I find that your claime on your  neutrality on the multiple id issue not exactly as advertised by you if you know what i mean ;).

There has always been & will continue to be some form of double standards for some khodis , multiple id,s & their site guarded privacy for that id. We both know it & let it be our lil secret about the "test" character of mine "Jaber ibn ..." whom i created to prove a point a yr & a half ago whose only crime was to merely congratulate few of your "khodies" friend in a most polite manner on behalf of palestinians for their passionate support of palestinians. I wanted to make a point then that your multiple id policy was mostly to benefit certain group of ideologues whom you share some views with whose right to privacy was guarded by you.

The Arab shahhid  dude of mine didn,t last more than an hour since not only his 4 very polite comments of congrat was deleted(out of spite& suggestion of khodies) but in addition his brand new 30 worded blog in which he congratulated every blogger on IC who supported palestinians on behalf of all palestinians got removed & his account was blocked for good. The reason I dont use any other id except the case of my once in a blue moon ommatie lawyer is because 1- transparency 2-I know that if i ever do that info will be shared with few khodies behind the scene within 72 hours if not less. 

Having said all this, I believe every blogger is as good as his last comment no matter what kind of a long lasting contribution he/she has had on this site & that he/she is the ultimate master of his own domain as how he/she wants to be treated by others in general & editor in chief in particular. So heck, go ahead be what you want to be, a jerk, a saint, a clown, a parasite or a cyber fart or whatever but remember to stop whining when you're taken to account for that same charcter you so vehemently tried to portray.



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Why do anything?!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Some of you are suggesting things that will limit the number of interactions and visits going on here. Why would you want to limit that? Quality is not poor here. If you are upset with the quality, stop bitching and start producing. Write something better. People here inspire each other. We also feed off each other's anger, which can be unfortunate. 

It is so beautiful to self-publish. It is so satisfying. It can also be scary and embarrassing, but if you like a writer here, please support him or her. Support each other and the good writers will come back. Don't threaten Jahanshah because he made a decision you didn't like! That's not how it works here.   

If you want to change the site, change it by contributing. I love this site. I love love love love love it the way it is. I don't see anything wrong. Be the change you want to see. Ignore the people you don't like. Don't engage them if you don't have the stomach. If you suspect multiples, ignore! I didn't realize this could be happening, but if it is, then so be it. There's no way to prove it anyway.


A Management Consultant's View of the Problem!

by Faramarz on

I have been following this thread since last night and I totally share Divaneh’s, MM’s and others frustration with the set up that allows the clueless few with multiple ID’s dominate what could  otherwise be a productive conversation. I also share JJ’s vision of free exchange of ideas without any censorship. So here are some thoughts and ideas.

Problem Definition – How can we create an environment that allows the freedom of expressions and exchange of diametrically opposing ideas and, at the same time limit the potential abuses by a few that have no interest in the long term success of this endeavor?

Background – There are a few readers that tend to dominate the conversation on a given topic by either posting multiple blogs that appear on the front page or have excessive number of comments on a single posting. There is currently a 2 blogs/day limit on any user. There are no limits on the number of comments that one can make on any blog topic.

Assumptions – Blogs on the front page are the most popular feature on the and on average 25 blogs appear on the front page. As the newer blogs are posted, the oldest blogs are pushed off the front page. The Recent Comments section which contains the last 100 comments associated with the blogs is generally viewed by most readers as the most interesting area to make comments.

Proposed Solutions – Here are a few suggestions that may limit the number of comments by one individual while guaranteeing the free exchange of ideas.

1.    Reduce the number of postings on the front page to 15 (or whatever appropriate no.) and exercise a more aggressive editorial supervision to balance the ratio of the postings to the makeup of the readers. For example, if 10% of the users are vegetarians, then the same % of the front page postings should advocate vegetables!

2.    Try to limit the number of user ID’s per IP address. It is prudent to assume that there should be one ID per IP. After all, how else would you block a person who has been banned from coming back in with a different ID? It is understood that if someone wants to go to an internet café and register under a different ID can always get in.

3.    Allow a 24-hr. cooling off period between the time that one registers and when they can post a comment. This will ensure that hot heads will cool off and stops the drive-by commenting!

4.    Limit the number of comments per blog to three (or whatever no. that is appropriate.) This will ensure that there will not be an endless back and forth and name-calling between two contributors.

5.    Age the blogs on the front page within 48 hours and do not post comments on the Recent Comment section from the blogs that are more than 48 hours old. People can always go to the Blog tab and have a back and forth away from the general readership view. This should reduce the long, drown-out back and forth.


regarding agents and rules of engagment

by persian_yingyang on

Agent this...agent that......

Get over it folks.  An Agent of IRI, doesn't go around and say God bless Khamenie in front of everyone.  An agent of IRI doens't defend IRI in broad daylight...How immature can you posiibly be.

An agent or a spy doesn't operate in this way.  Let me see, hmmm, an agent gets paid to say pro- IRI stuff on websites.  Let's see, is there a supervisor watching over his head 24/7 as he writes...or does the agent make a print out of all the comments he made and take them to his supervisor?  Oh, and the supervisor is so dumb, he will say that is a great job my little spy.  I have been in the spy business for the past 20 years and I can tell you little one that it is virtually impossible to forge and then print comments just so you get paid!  Get real! People in those positions and especially Iranians get to sucker eery last penny out of you, you think things are this Kashki...

oh well, maybe Kian Tajbakhsh is writing pro-IRI comments because he will know that IRI will surely inspect his computer and then they will find out that he has had a "change of heart" and will release him. 

Regarding rules:  I don't care what JJ decides to do with censoring or flagging comments.  But there should absolutely be no interference to block any blogs unless it would be considered a federal crime in US.  Any obscene or rude blogs about any PUBLIC figure be it politician, actor, musician or someone whose livelihood and success depends on popularity should be allowed no matter how obscene. 


Mr. Divaneh

by capt_ayhab on

Watch the clip please and you will see what I am trying to say ;-)




Divaneh, DK , new rules

by persian_yingyang on

First Divaneh, I think what you may think is actually avoiding "abuse freedom" sounds to many as "controlled" news.  In this day and age, you simply can't do that.  You need to get with the flow and understand the realities.  10 years ago filming a girl dancing in an iranian private party and publishing it was really a taboo and in poor taste.  However, with the advent of mobile phones embedded with cameras, you see all sorts of taboos being broken.  Nowadays, in some villages, they call up a poor iranian super conservative woman on th ephone and prank call her, next thing the whole audio is texted or sms-ed to all the kids in the village.  It's a new world.  It's means that you might get hurt but the stigma is also less because people in general understand that with new technology all sort of irrational things can happen.  5 years ago, gmail was open only by invitation- now it is open to everyone.  10 years ago in Iran, girls wearing chic clothes was a no no, now its in the open and even the government can't do much.  10 years ago, you couldn't find immoral magazines in Iran, today the guard at the airport lets you go through without checking what's on your laptop.  Why? because you can't stand in the face of information and breakdown of barriers in exchange of information.

DK: I disagree with you regarding your support for monarchy, but I find your contributions very good.  Afterall, I need to see for myself what happened in an age before I was born too.  However, I also think that you are boxing yourself.  You are making life difficult for yourself.  Afterall, your well being defends on your physical and emotional stability and health.  You choose to emotionally "torture" yourself by placing yourself in a box- defined as monarchy.  Whether they come to power or not, you will reap no benefit.  They will go and make deal with the Akhoonds in Qom to secure their silence and you will seethe in anger.  That is politics. It is a game of compromise.  People look out for their vested interests in politics.  But for the common folk, its best to just roll with it and not label yourself with anything.  Just as politicians will be ready to change, you should too have the capability to see what would help you achieve emotional comfort.  So explore the new ideas out there.  If Farah Diba can get to praise Mousavi, then its OK for you to do so too?  Unless she praises him, you can't praise him either?  Release yourself from these mental chains and set yourself free.

This brings to a side point: regarding God and religion.  Many think that belief in God is actually a Nekbat.  But the truth is that for many people such beliefs give them hope and bring happiness to their lifes, regardless of how irrational it is.  But even if you believe in Darwin's Survival of the Fittest, you would understand that staying healthy and fit would ultimately make you victorious.  So if believing in Haitian Vodoo helps with that, then you will be ahead of many in the human race.

Regarding some comments that visitors to have dropped:  This is may be true, but to blame it on the "abuse of freedom" is totally misleading.

Visitors and contributors to may be down if so, because of something called and Google Image and Video search. Period.  Also there are numerous other websites out there.  People get on the internet to pay their bills, check their statements.  THings they weren't doing when accessing the web years ago.





by capt_ayhab on

I am just catching up with reading all the comments and I have noticed that Mr. benross might decide to leave.

Mr. benross, you and I have many many differences, but one commonality that we share is of being Iranian. I do hope you reconsider your decision and hope you decide not to leave.[Vali begam A, we sill will have the same opposing views ;-)) ....]

AND Mr. Farhad Kashani...............

If you are seeing this, and IF Mr. Samsam gave you my message back when we BOTH got blocked. I have no ill toward you and I do hope that you would return. 


Jahanshah Javid

Laleh Aziz

by Jahanshah Javid on

People like YOU make what it is.

Have a great new year.


Mr. Divaneh

by capt_ayhab on

Trust me I hear what you are saying and I do agree to the fact that as you called[Agents] should be exposed to what they are. No matter if they are of IR Regime or other entities.

Engaging them in logical manner and with verified facts is not the same as calling them all sorts of names. But here is my point:

If I chose  to stand in the face of extremism, it should go all the way and  can not be selective. In another words, I for example can not constantly engage IR[as you said agents] while sitting silent when other who might be of agents of some foreign organization constantly bombard the site with calls for sanction and war on our people.

Or when lets say I expose the brutality of IR regime in the guise of Human Rights activism, It would be hypocrisy in my part if I were to sit silent when much more brutality is committed lets say by Israel, or Sudan or by occupying forces in Iraq.

We need balance in our engagement and fairness. Ever since I have returned I have made a pack not to get into shouting match with anyone, for one simple fact, it is uncivilized and UNPRODUCTIVE waste of energy. BUT at the same time I have reserved the right to use any form of criticism in respect to public figures, and will not stand anyone calling me names because I use certain words to describe the public official that he/she might be follower of.

As to trying and to find a way to control the people with multiple ID. You have got my full support, since I have been victim of ugly vicious attacks by same type of posters many many times. They have been even generous enough to bring in my family as well.


Pain and misery have no boarders...........



The Respect is Mutual

by LalehGillani on

Marhoum Kharmagas, despite our disagreements, the respect between us is mutual. Happy New Year.

Jahanshah Javid

Multiple IDs

by Jahanshah Javid on

Divaneh! Kheyli Mokhlessam!

I understand your frustration. Web sites, all of them, allow people to have as many accounts as they wish. You can have 2 million yahoo email addresses. You can register with 10,000 different names on New York Times. That's part of the publishing system and internet culture in general.

What we can do is stop abusive language and behavior. And for that, you can flag comments and suggest their removal.

Meanwhile, you can focus your attention on the majority of normal commentors and avoid any one you dislike. I do not read stuff by people I don't like. Who needs negative energy?

Darius Kadivar

Benross Jaan I hope You are Not leaving Definitively !

by Darius Kadivar on

I have to admit that in the 10 years I have been writing on the IC, and other Iranian Diaspora websites it's been an often Lonely Road in the IRANICAN Cyberspace for us monarchists and constitutional Monarchists in particular not only to defend our ideas and vision but merely in trying to express ourselves without having to be apologetic.

To JJ's Credit the IC has evolved in the right direction on many levels by offering a true platform of expression and freedom of speach to everyone regardless of their opinions. In addition I think we have indeed come a long way since the early days because regardless of the diverse opinions and ideological differences expressed here the large chunk of the people who contribute here including JJ himself share in common a genuine dream of seeing IRan Free and on the Track of progress, secularism, national reconciliation as well as the establishment of a genuine Democractic State of Government.

I share that Dream too.

But I have to say that it's nevertheless been a long and hectic road all these years for people like us Constitutional Monarchists as opposed to Republicans ( Secularists or Not)  in trying to express our views without entirely feeling unwelcome not to say rejected by many Diaspora Websites run by people who from the Very Begining were openly hostile to the very concept of the monarchy (be it Constitutional or Not) based on purely ideological prejudice and un ethic journalistic standards because they wish to push their own personal agendas by publishing views that comfort their own preferences rather than see these views challenged by those with a different perspective.

For instance Be it on Payvand or Irandokht both edited from California I have never been able to truly write about what I think about the Monarchy or even mention the name of Reza Pahlavi without the editors frowning at the idea of any such article submission and expecting me to apologize for submitting them.

I don't know if it is intentional on their part but that is the feeling I get so I usually try to only write about movies or on cultural issues and only on the Monarchy when it concerns lets say the empress visiting an exhibition in Paris or some Royal Event of no political consenquence. But even Reza Pahlavis Nowrooz Messages for instance will never be Published on Any of these websites even if one sends them the photos or speaches or videos where as those of Moussavi, Khamenei or Karroubi or even Ahmadinejad are published for general information. But when it comes to Reza Pahlavi he doesn't count IN THEIR VIEW !

How do you expect to get the message through then ? ... Where is the Fairness ?

So as far as the Monarchical or Royal History I cannot even engage in a serious debate on the subject of lets say a Restoration. If that is not censorship or Partisan Editorial Policies I don't know what is ? ... 

The lady who runs for instance avoids ANY reference to the Royals on her website not on grounds that the submitted item may not be interesting but because she is a Republican and considers the Monarchy as an obsolete system. That is her right as an individual but as a journalist to see her refuse an article on The Shahbanou Meeting Alain Delon ( which she finally did publish after I complained) by pure female jealousy or god knows what other personal pretext rather than informing her readers and allow them to draw their own conclusions. All the more that these were news items not opinion pieces.

This has been something I have been faced with all these years even to this day when it comes to speaking about the monarchist or the Monarchist views or even attempt to engage into an openminded debate.

These websites accuse Monarchists of being narrowminded Shahollahis but refuse to accept that they are the ones chickening away from a debate they may not be able to controle or argue against because they fear that Public Opinion may actually be in favor of our views to their own dismay.

Their Editorial Policies Reflect Their OWN INSECURITIES rather than a concern for Fair Reporting. They Have Become Fanatical Republicans who dismiss others on grounds of being Shahollahi but refuse to look in the mirror. 

Now as far as the is concerned I don't know for others and can only vouch for myself.

I have to say in all fairness that I have never been able to express myself as openly anywhere else in the existing Diaspora Online Medias than here on the

I have to credit and thank JJ for allowing what is deemed a Crime de Les Majeste on such websites like Irandokht or Payvand both of whom are published from California and in the case of Payvand is not filtered by the IRI because many articles and views of the IRI press like Mehr News or Press TV are featured equally with other news sources found in the Western Press.

What motivates the editor of payvand to choose featuring such news Items which come across as nothing more than IRI propaganda remains a mystery to me. I think that one reason is to inform people outside of what is the official stance of the IRI press particularly during the Bush Era and the Reformists Years prior to or after  September 11th and the War on Terror. As such payvand provided an alternative press in the global community to balance the views of the neo conservative Press and War mongering Fox News and much of the contributions on that website were and continue to be written by people ( for instance Hamid Dabashi or Kam Zarrabi) who are IRI apologists to say the least.  

But What may have been justified prior to the IRI Clampdown and the Post Election Protests is Not Justified today where the IRI's True diabolical Nature is of No Secret to any honest Journalist and anyone who believes in Human Rights and Democracy.   

I can only hope that the editors realize their own shortcomings in this regard and try and promote a more open minded approach and one that is open to debate in an atmosphere of freedom of expression.

So in Conclusion I have to say that personally I have never been censored here on the

Moderated Yes but Truly Censored Never !

Except last year after an open and bitter conflict with a fellow blogger. No need to explain who he was nor the circumstances nor to say that I continue to think that I was subject to a disproportionate punishment all the more that that individual was not punished equally for provoking the incident in the first place.

But besides this incident I cannot truly recall any similar incident or claim I was censored for expressing my pro monarchy views because that would not be true.  My views or blogs or contributions may not always be highlighted by JJ on the front page but that is his choice and luxury as editor in chief and founder of this website.  But the content has never been censored.

Even if I do share some of your assessments  and indignations as to some of the editorial shortcomings or lack of control or accountability regarding some editorial choices, I nevertheless hope that it will not discourage you to continue with your own excellent contributions and thought provoking comments regarding our shared views and ideals.

Whatever Your Choice I respect it and wish you all the best in your personal endeavors and wish you success and happiness in your personal journey on our Lonely Planet.

I sincerely hope to see more contributors of Your Caliber around here more often.

And I hope that Your decision to leave is not a permanant one.

Warm Regards, 


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Persian Ying Yang your comment was beautiful

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

We all have memories and associations of Iran. I loved what you pointed out about Iran. It's one of if not the most interesting country in the world. There's a lot to discover everywhere, but if you had to be stuck without planes and trains, Iran is the best choice. Hopefully freedom will increase in Iran. The young generation will make sure of it if the outside world will back off.

The part about invasion made me think of 70+ million Iranians. 7 million Israelis. Hopefully it's just a barking dog, not a biter. Don't forget the nukular option though. Israelis love their Iranians crunchy, and they love their gas pipelines even more!


Get your heads out of sands

by divaneh on

JJ and Captain, you have both deeped your heads in the sands and are avoidingto challenge the real issue. Now open your ears and hear this: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WANTS TO SILENCE ANYONE HERE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.

But there is a problem. In the same time that you provide freedom of expression, you also have to stop abuse of that freedom. On one side you have a regime with a number of paid supporters and agents who bombard the site with junk (just look at the comments in this blog by Persian Ding Dong to get an idea), and on the other side you have a community who is ready for any related debate but has no time to waste on rubbish. To pretend that what you are doing is protecting freedom is simply wrong. Just look and see who is cheering for you JJ. You have lost two valuable members in this blog and none of them had any problem articulating their points to likes of Q, SP or other sympathizers who have an argument. They were just fed up with parasites who came here to disrupt things rather than contribute anything to this community. There are others who have left without a farewell. If you still thinks there is no problem then have sweat dreams.

As I already said, it is not easy and I do not ask for the impossible. I do not know the answer and do not have a solution to propose. I understand that it is not easy to prevent these multiple ID leeches from enteringthe site without curtailing some of that sacred freedom, but perhaps we can arrive at a solution by collective brain-storming. Pretending that there is no problem is nothing but self deception. 


JJ Jan

by minadadvar on

If you are serious about improving  the quality of IC and stopping the profanity, character assasination, persoanl attacks.....

                        ELIMINATE MULTIPLE IDS


Which COWARD do you think is hiding behind "peter pan" ID ?  

Do you know? 


Jahanshah Javid

That's what I'm talking about :)

by Jahanshah Javid on

Captain mokhlessetam!

Wishing you and yours a bright and beautiful new year.


Right back at you Mr. Javid

by capt_ayhab on

It has been a delight to be part of this beautiful and diverse [Family] and you have done a fair and excellent job in managing our occasional anger, outbursts and childish[myself] behavior.

Even though for a while I was one of those [blockEE's], But I assure you with all sincerity that I hold no ill toward you nor anyone in this community. We only have ourselves to blame for outcome of our behavior and no one else.

If we propagate and shout from top of our lounge about freedom of expression, how can we in the next breath advocate banning or blocking users who do not hold the same views with us? If we do not have opposing views to ours, how are we going to challenged with what ever that is we believe in?

I doubt it if we ever can learn and progress in our liberty IF every person that we debate with agreed to everything we say?

Without Rush Limbaugh's and Glen Beck's, how can we learn to appreciate Rachel Maddow's? 

I like to take this opportunity to wish you and your beautiful family all the happiness and success in this new year and every coming years. With the hope of FREE and DEMOCRATIC Iran in this year of 1389, God knows we all deserve it.




marhoum Kharmagas

Norouzat pirouz LalehGilani

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Laleh, you are among those whom I have rarely agreed with and many times harshly disagreed with., but I respect. Your statement about this place was among those that I agree with. BTW, lucky for you these days I am very busy with work and I won't be able to argue with you as much as before! Norouzat pirouz Laleh.


Ding Dong is not new to this site

by divaneh on

Ding Dong used to post the same cheap comments here under a different name and boast about the cheap baby sitters in Iran. MM and Onlyiran, do not waste your time on Ding Dong and the other member of the gang, No Courage. They are not in this site to learn anything from you and no matter how much you try, they will be the same traitors that they are. I will not waste my time on them. 


Oh, I forgot - in short time, you will meet Fair - LOL that too

by MM on



پرشن الک دولک


Here is my list for IRI sympathizers:

* are getting a lot of money from IRI to keep quite about atrocities going on in Iran and have a fat account abroad, just in case.

* are normally Islamists who follow orders like the French Fake TV-show, to the point of killing protestors in the name of whatever.

* Would rather talk about Israel/Palestine/Lebanon, everywhere else except the atrocities in Iran.

* do not mind if a few protesters get tortured and raped in prison and consider that shab-e aroosi-e zendaanian.

* think that Neda's murder was a set up by CIA and Neda and her finace' were Israeli agents.

Oh, I forgot, it is now SROI instead of IRI (Satanic Republic Occupying Iran).

LOL that.

No Fear

LOL .. Yingyang.

by No Fear on

I won't be fooled with your  "Gabel nadareh'..

Call it what it is and i will pay you accordingly, and my puma shoe and lacoste shirt are made in vatan , FYI.  



Yes No Fear

by persian_yingyang on

Even before you uttered your thrid word, I was already interrupting you by saying "mokhlesetam, chakeretam, nokaretam, Eradat daram" and repeated those words three times.

When you asked me how much for the cab ride, I told you "Gabel Nadere?"

when you insisted how much for the cab ride from one end of the koche to the other end, I slammed you with "9 toman"

Then you started arguing over how it should be only 3 toman, but I have already noticed that you are wearing puma shoes and a Lacoste shirt


How to tell an IRI supporter from anti IRI

by persian_yingyang on

IRI supporters like to :

- eat a lot of goje sabz (or aaluche sabz) with plenty of salt

- eat a lot of sour cherries with salt

- eat lavashak- especially thin and see through ones

- eat tamr

- drink their tea with Nabat and/or Poolaki and/or sugar cubes

- cook own food for guests

-invite other families over to their Bagh to have a feast and go cherry and apricot picking

-usually own land in iran

-love British chocolate especially British made McIntosh Quality Street. prefer the green triangle ones and long yellow and almond purple

Anti- IRI love to:

- eat gaz

- eat sohan

- drink their tea with sugar - like Westerners

- avoid za'afron on their food when inviting guests

- make their "jello" with alot of water

- order food from outside when inviting guests

-invite men over to bagh to sit around the Manghal

-usually own car dealerships in iran - actually all car dealers in Iran are anti-IRI and should be.....

- like grapes- red and green ones


No Fear

LOL ..

by No Fear on

I had a good laugh reading the comments here... And the anti Iran cheerleaders have failed miserablely , yet again.

persian-yingyang ... you do sound like someone who might have some interesting input to add as a different and fresh outlook to this forum filled with incompetent "cheeseburger democracy" lovers.

I welcome you to this forum and looking forward to exchange viewpoints about our Meehan with you.


پرشن الک دولک


You just told us that:

1. You know that you can go back and forth freely, while other Iranians cannot.  What a country!  Enjoy it while you can.

2. You enjoy the lawlessness that is typical of the IRI and its sympathizers, e.g., never renew your drivers license.  Well, what can I say!

3. How can an exchange student afford to go back and forth so many times, go to different parts of Iran and have a luxurious life? 

The answer is that you are probably a joujeh-mullah whose parents sent you to Canada with a 1 million dollars bought residence, who are investing in their own future too when they get kicked out of Iran.  So, you feel compeled to defend IRI.