If I ever get a dog

If I ever get a dog
by Jahanshah Javid

I got back to Chihuahua Sunday and noticed that Mocha, my sister Michelle's new puppy, has grown considerably in just a few weeks. All of us, including my nephews, fell in love as soon as we saw him in Chihuahua's Dog Alley. Two dozen cars and trucks line up the street on weekends and show off all sorts of dogs and puppies. All of them look like pure breeds.

Mocha was only two months old. We met his friendly mom and two other darling siblings in the back of a truck. The father and son were selling them for 1,500 pesos each, or about $120. Sold! On the way home we thought about what to name him. "Seyyed", "Mossadegh", "Rumi", "Mohammad", "Fereydoun"? We decided on Mocha :)

My sister's previous dog, Siah the Shih Tzu, had been given away a few months ago to one of her son's friends. He had become too rowdy. Mocha on the other hand is the sweetest little character. Robert and I took him for a walk yesterday. Enjoy the pictures.

I've always wanted a dog. A collie like Candy when we were growing up in Abadan. But with my lifestyle, a big dog wouldn't be practical. A basset hound like Mocha will do very nicely. Or I'll get a small abandoned dog from a shelter. That's what I SHOULD do.


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

The fact is animals show us how to be better.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

A person's quality of life improves when it includes a dog.

Peter Pan

Chauvinist bitch?!?

by Peter Pan on

I don't know much about their different breeds. But I do know this much: Within the relationship, they are like women. You have to own them, otherwise they will own you.



by capt_ayhab on

Every living breathing creature in this vast of life has their own way of feeling and  emotions.

To be so arrogant to think that we as maslan human beings who have been killing each other for  everything other than sustenance, including but not limited to power, money, glory, women, , land etc...etc etc are good and naKASEEF and  those animals as KASEEFS only represents our arrogance in the face of mother nature.

Animals, in particular dogs, have these keen sense of recognition, they have an acute sense of smell and sight, which gives them the over hand in recognizing FEAR, HATE, and malice.


If you think that you hate an animal, particularly a dog, I assure you that IT knows your fear and your hatred, that is why it chases you, and barks at you like you are a demon sent from abyss.

Our demise as human race will arrive when and if we take the nature for granted and ASSUME ourselves as the masters of beings. We are but spec of life in the vast ocean of livings. 

I do hope I have been able to shed some light on your otherwise hateful despise of everything alive but yourself.

This goes  special delivery to our new found Ying-Yang of no harmony.....


Red Wine

MM Jan

by Red Wine on

Thank you for this intresting information .


"سگ‌ها کثیفند"...


این دیگه دفه اول هستش که میشنفم سگِ بیمار با آدم حرف می‌زنه، سالم شون حرف نمی‌زنه، چه برسه به مریض. وگرنه سگِ شاه ، حتما به بهش میگفت:قربان من اینشاالله با پرواز بعدی میام، شما این هویدای بنده خدا رو با خودت ببر.


عقب افتادگی ذهنی‌ و فرهنگی


انسانی‌ که این چنین با تننفر از حیوان‌ها و موجودات دیگر صحبت کند بیمار روانیست. من توصیه می‌کنم شما دوستان به یک دکتر روانپزشک مراجعه کنید.

در ضمن آقای یینگ ینگ (`یابو`) خودتی، سگ‌‌ها همیشه یک موجود پلید رو خوب تشخیص میدهند و به او روی خوش نشان نمیدهند. فکری به حال روح بیمار کن.



by MM on


By: Mahmoud & Teresa P. Omidsalar

......Frank Hole and his colleagues concluded from osteological evidence that the dog had probably been domesticated in Khuzestan in 5500 B.C.E. Remains of domesticated dogs have also been found at the site of Haji Firuz in Azerbaijan province (radiocarbon dated to 5500-5000 B.C.E.).  

.....A dog belonging to Darius III (336-30 B.C.E.) supposedly refused to leave his corpse after he had been struck down by Bessus.  


A statue of a Persian Mastiff from Persepolis


The Saluki Dog Breed is the Persian Greyhound

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سگ‌ ها کثیفند و در انتشار بیماری به آدمیان حرف اول را میزنند.این سگ‌ و سگ‌ بازی هیچ وقت در تاریخ ما پارسیان خدا پرست جایی‌ نداشته است و این عادت نشانه دیگریست از آنان که غرب زدگی را رواج دادند در جامعه ما !


To all dog-haters.....

by MM on

Dogs have been man's best friend for more than 10,000 years.  You either:

1. Think that dogs are NAJES in which case there is no hope in changing your mind.

2. Have an innate fear of dogs, which dogs sense and so treat you as a subordinate.  In this case, watch the Dog Whisperer on the Discovery Channel (or get his videos) and you will learn how to handle and love dogs.


I hate dogs- Don't read if sensitive-caution:Obscene & offensiv

by persian_yingyang on

Ok, I hate dogs through some direct experiences.  But I hated dogs the most because I truly hated the people that owned them.

As I kid, I remeber being chased by a dog, when finally my mom stepped in between us and shooed it away.  I was like 8 yrs old, we were in Switzerland.  My mom pured some water and stuck her gold necklace in the water and made me drink it.  Whatever the heck that was.

As I grew up, I felt there was always tensions between me and dogs.  Then I remember one of my neighbours who owned two dogs, a chihuaha and another black dog.  This neighbor was loud and a true bum. 

Hearing the dogs bark while I studied made me wanna go and choke them.  But i couldn't, so I fantasized about dropping raisans in the grass or chocolate around and have these dogs eat em and end up with diarrhea or something and die.  Other times, when my neighbor's music was too loud while I studied a complex matter, I fantasized about knocking neighbor's door and point blank shooting his dogs in the head and see him react, " Now take that motherfucker...how do you like that ...."

So the moral of the story is this: People will hate your pet, if they hate you.  They would want to kill your pet if they hate you passionately. 

Part of the reason I felt that way with my neghbor and wanting to shoot his dogs or poison them was because he would survive to see his dogs die or be in misery.  Part of me imagined that lazy bum neighbor being such a loser that he had descended from making human contact and had "stooped" to the level of dogs.  I felt his life was worthless.  Especially, since in OUR PERSIAN culture dogs are Najis.

Another experience: this fat girl used to work in an office during my externship.  She was habitually late.  She had curly head, unsmooth skin and was fat.  I was already trying to avoid her.  But, oh, wow, when I learnt she had 4 dogs...I started imagining how dirty this bitch must fucking be.  I mean, you fat slob, must be sop dirty with 4 dogs..probably sleeps with them too,,gross...she can't get a boyfriend so she probably is having sex with them too...gross...i started imaginging this girl was worthless..and started kidding with the guys at the office about whether they thought she was having sex with the dogs or not...

Nowadays, when I see a girl who looks somewhat ugly and has a dog, I start thinking...does she actually have sex with the dog...oh how gross she must be, how low could she get...

I despise dogs and wish them harm especially if I hate their owner.  I have also come to understand why Islam and Propeht Mohammad never liked dogs.  They are very "offensive" animals.  And most Persian women in IRAN hate dogs.  Infact most people in Iran hate dogs, maybe it is because when you arrive at a dog owners house, the fucking dog starts sniffing you.  How, dumb is that fucking host to allow something rude like that. 

Another thing, I have seen on You Tube videos, is a guess something dogs are known for.  That is humping or "jerking off."  You see shameless people allowing dogs humpp their legs or whatever.  It is no wonder that most moslems and Eastern cultures hate dogs- they are offensive and rude just liek Westerners. 

It is no wonder they eat them in China and Korea.  It is no wonder that Japanese incinerate them on a monthly basis as fashion changes and they need a new "accessory."  In Japan, they are seen as accessory or a "cool" Western fad. 

In the West, they sleep with these dark devils. 

I have nothing aainst hunting dogs, or guard dogs that protect livestock.  Only dogs as pets.

Oh yeah, those old white women that have these tiny dog - chihuahas or whatever... these women should be trying to ask God for forgiveness instead of living alone with their dogs and treating their dogs like their kids and then leavinig them a fortune in their will.  These white old ladies are another example of worthless people as far as I am concerned.

If this stuff hurts you, then you shouldn't have read it.  Also most Muslims and people of Eastern cultures feel the same way.  PS: don't post 2or 3 kids in Iran walking their dogs and claim Iranians love dogs.  If you want to prove Iranians love dogs, get me a video or picture of Iranians in Parks with dogs all around them.  Then I might believe you.


I love dogs

by capt_ayhab on

Having a dog is one of the better experiences of life. We have always had dog as long as I remember, both in Iran and here.

This last one we have [Sky] is a huge female German Sheppard. and amazing specimen of a dog. After our last one passed of old age, 2 years ago, we adopted her from local shelter.

Soon after we found out that she was a fully trained companion  of older lady who had passed and the family could not keep her.

She is an amazing and loving part of our family. She is ALWAYS happy to see us when we get home, no matter how bad we might feel. I love to email you her photo and would love it if you posted there along with you photos.