Photo essay: The cutest dog in Chihuahua

by Jahanshah Javid
I got back to Chihuahua Sunday and noticed that Mocha, my sister Michelle's new puppy, has grown considerably in just a few weeks. All of us, including my nephews, fell in love as soon as we saw him in Chihuahua's Dog Alley. Two dozen cars and trucks line up the street on weekends and show off all sorts of dogs and puppies. All of them look like pure breeds. Mocha was only two months old. We met his friendly mom and two other darling siblings in the back of a truck. The father and son were selling them for 1,500 pesos, or about $120. Sold! On the way home we thought about what to name him. "Seyyed", "Mossadegh", "Rumi", "Mohammad", "Fereydoun"? We decided on Mocha :)... more

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by yolanda on

Thank you for sharing! Very loving collection of pictures! Candy was very beautiful also. I love to see the way your family members and relatives interact with the pets.