Photo essay: Our dog in Abadan

by Jahanshah Javid

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by Harappa on

Well, I grew up in Pakistan and had an almost identical set of two dogs. The stock came from the British army which apparently used them in Kashmir to take messages between troops, and 30 years later were still pure bred. One died soon, but the other, Lassie, survived for 13 years in the heat of Islamabad just fine. I also have a sister called Sorayya! Coincidences, indeed.


My kids now just visited India and fell in love with another mini-collie at a relative, which pants its way through the heat of South India. Now they are demanding one here in the States. It is hard to say no when one realizes, like in your case, what a wonderful companion a dog is for a child.


As a child, my family lived

by T Morris (not verified) on

As a child, my family lived in Braim, Abadan 1976 - 1979. We were devastated to have to leave our german shepherd, Bandy, behind when we were evacuated. I wish my mother had been bold enough to sneak him out. We left him with a neighbor and cried all the way back to Canada.


Jahanshah David's "Dog in Abadan" Photo Essay

by Andrew Sussman (not verified) on

I'm American, not Iranian. My wife and I and our American cat, Jasmine, lived in Shiraz (1974-1976) and Abadan (1976-1979). Your essay brought back a bunch of good memories.

We were in Abadan (where we taught English at AIT) during the revolution. When it became apparant that things were falling apart and were not going to get any better, I made arrangements to get my wife out of Iran on a British evacuation flight to Europe.

The Brits made it clear that pets would have to be left behind. My wife smiled politely, went home, punched some airholes in a carry-on bag, and on the day of the flight stuffed Jasmine in it and smuggled her out of Iran.

There is a short list of ugly things that my wife does not care about, even a little. Heading the list is the looks that the other passengers gave her when Jasmine's little head popped out of the bag shortly after takeoff.


Question to JJ?

by Cat Man (not verified) on


Was it your love for the animals in the early childhood that made you to develop affections towards Ayatollah Khomenei later when you grew up to be a teenager?

Thanks for the nice photos.
Cat Man from Boston

Rosie T.

Farrokh, if you like Abadan memorabilia...

by Rosie T. on

you MUST see these if you missed them, along with the sender's essay. It was late 50's not early 70's but it is extraordinary.


And it is even more moving when taken in conjunction with people's letters in response talking about the injustice and economic disparity of it all.



To: Annonymous 456

by Farrokh (not verified) on

Well, if you have any pictures to present why don't you go right ahead, we'd be glad to see them!
I'm not Abadani, but hese pictures of the dogs show a time and place which is close to my heart and brings back memories of those years.
I had family who lived in Abadan and we'd visit often and have the greatest of times.
Even in Tehran, you couldn't find the same things and the openness you could find in Abadan back then! ;D)


Your collies are beautiful.

by skatemom (not verified) on

Your collies are beautiful. I don't understand why Iranians or rather muslims hate dogs so much. My grandfather had Salukis and hunted gazelles with them. What an impressive creature. Loyal and fast as hell. He wasn't taghouti. He lived in a dahat in Khorasan. I love my dogs and the've taught my son responsibility and humanity. Without them I'd probably sit on the couch all day eating gheimeh. Keep up the photo essays and Khoda biamorz Candy and the rest of your furry friends.


it is not "said enough" it

by Anonymous-456 (not verified) on

it is not "said enough" it is "enough said" . learn INGILISH wallak joon.


Mr Anon-MOUSE 456 : Its Called having ROOTS!

by faryarm on

Said enough!


Shoma abadania ham service

by Anonymous-456 (not verified) on

Shoma abadania ham service kardid maro - next will be picture of your toilet in Abadan - it seems that Abadani's have real personal or psychological issues that even when they fart they metioned that Walak mo az abadanom - Baba grow up, who gives a rat's ass!!!!


Poor Gorgi was so fortunate...

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Our first dog was GSD named Gorgi! We got him in 1971. He was a wonderful dog. He waited for me until I got home in the afternoon. My late mother said to me that Gorgi knew the sound of my school minibus and would rush to the door and wait until I opened the door. He loved the Capsian sea, the snow and especially my grandmother's ghameeh.

Unfortunately, My late mother and I had to flee in 1979 and had to leave him in a bagh in Karaj. I went to visit him one last time before we left in May 1979. The locals shot him, because he was "taghotee" dog. Poor Gorgi he had never hurt anyone and even at 8 he was like a puppy full of love.

Your pictures are lovely. It certainly brought many memories back!
Thank you.


Difference In Lifestyles

by Mehdi on

I could never have a dog. My mother hated most animals and she had all kinds of horror "information" about animals. She would relay such "information" as how dogs bring diseases and how cats will viciously plan to eventually gouge your eyes out because they enjoy that! Seeing these pictures gives me a better understanding of why some Iranians absolutely hate some others. There can be such a gap in understanding. Thanks for the post. 

Sahar Dastmalchi


by Sahar Dastmalchi on

Seeing candy makes me miss my doggies... ruffy was a Husky, Bonzo, ocalyptus and tootool were shepherds and sosis looked like a sausage..:) all of em lovely , although ruffy was a bit scary at times mostly because he was 3 times my size....

Niki Tehranchi

Moving photo essay

by Niki Tehranchi on

Are you planning to adopt another canine companion? I think you should :-)

Rosie T.

Well, then...

by Rosie T. on

pasdar-to-be OR not-to-be.....and whether 'tis nobler....still you were a cute little thing...



Your photo essays are the

by Niki on

Your photo essays are the best. Poor Candy, sounds like she may have died under mysterious circumstances!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Rosie joon ghorboonet beram. I was never a pasdar. I wanted to be one. But I got rejcted. They had an office in Maydan Baharestan in downtoiwn Tehren. It was 1981, the war with Iraq was in it's first year. And I had to do military service. So I walked inside the recruitment office and a pasdar behind a desk asked me to show him the proper way to do vozoo. I FAILED! I was not Muslim enough to die for Islam and my country. So instead I joined the regular army.

Darius Kadivar

We Had Lassie then Rostam ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

How Cool JJ,

We also had a Collie. Her name was Lassie but she was half a street dog. A loveable one and my French Grandma had tought her to give her paw as a handshake to friends and family. She was a real gem like your Candy. Then when we left for France we had a sausage dog too called ... Rostam ! (Sorry Bruce ;0) ) He lived for more than 15 years. Khoda Beeamorzateshoon for all the good memories.



Rosie T.

Ah, well...

by Rosie T. on

my comment was...something like...what an ADORABLE little pasadar-to-be he was in 1971 while Shah and Farah were making their great Hollywood epic to enthrall me (all for me!) in New York in Life magazine...and here we all are now in cyberspace...and I remember an AMAZING photo document here of Abadan back in the day sent by the son of an American accountant in Abadan...and another further back on JJ's mother then....and okay so that WASN'T exactly my first cat was Bootsie, he died of cancer when he was only eight.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I had to delete and repost this feature because there was a mistake in it. Unfortunately, as a result, three kind comments from Darius, Amou Sonny and Rosie T. were lost! Sorry folks.