Israeli General's Son: "Israel is genocidal apartheid country, we have been lying to the world"

by ILoveIran

I'll also note how interesting it is that Bahais who live in Israel don't criticize Israeli atrocities or war mongering against Iran, but the Bahai student Union at U.C. Berkeley ran propaganda on the front page of this site against 'Iranians treatment of Afghans' when the fact is that Iran took in 3,000,000 Afghan refugees (no small task) and saved them from the Taliban and 20 years of war caused by foreign powers without being reimbursed $1 of its costs by the International Community.  


Read "Thousands of Persian Speakers Killed" and educate yourselves.




more from ILoveIran

Zero tolerance for enemy of Iran and Iranians

by Siavash300 on

Jahan khalili was in need of psychiatric help. I tried to help him till he started to call Iranians "Dogs".  Who gives permission to anyone comes on this site and insult Iranians ? I personally don't like some one insult Iranians. Good job from adminstration to block the enemy of Iranians. That has nothing to do with democracy. it is "decorated state of war". If you don't believe me, jut browse into any sites from different nationalities and insult that nation, you will be banned in a heart beat or you will get a "death threat". Human nature is human nature. It doesn't matter what nationality you belong.

Now, I am glad this idiot get blocked as well. Iran enemy number one is stinky ruling mullahs and enemy number 2 is arabs. Why? because the Islamic rag head criminals imprisoned, tortured, and massarced our people in thousand for last 32 year. They promoted drug addiction and prostition and poverty in our beloved country. So they are enemy number one.

Arabs are our enemy number 2 who has had a long history of invasion into our country throughout the course of history. Arab dogs killed millions of Iranians, destroyed Iranian libraries,
Iranian homes, ravaged our people and culture, and forced a desert cult on us.
It started from 1400 years ago and continued till these days. Their latest invasion was in 1980 under leadership of Saddam Hossaine.

Zero tolerance for enemy of Iran as shah said once in his interview with Mike Wallace.

Mohammad Ala

Democracy will not come to us by talking about it or ...

by Mohammad Ala on

Rostam and Kaveh jan, thanks for your attention.  No I did not read all of JahanKhalili’s blogs those which I read; my comments were/are posted.  Not a single time JahanKhalili attacked me personally.  The IC site has become a zoo full of members who lie and resort to threats using words such as Mozdoor or harass posters by saying… “report him,” or “deport him.”

I learned today several other members such as TigerLilly and Disenchanted were banned …  again I ask why? 

IC Admin should have rules for what can be posted or what is tolerated before banning a member.  In my view, if a member is banned, he or she should be permitted to return if he  or she accepts to obey the rules… the rules should apply to all members equally.

The Admin is responsible for letting bogus members harass people such as “Hafez-for-the-beginners.”  The main faults fall on the shoulder of publisher of this site.  Harassing members must stop immediately.

Anyone who threatens members is risking criminal intent. This needs to be included, so Iranians actually understand what personal responsibility is, as well as personal liability.

Admin, maybe you should post what is allowed, what the rules are, and what the consequences of breaking these rules would be.  In some blogs, out of 17 comments 10 mostly negative belonged to the person who posted the blog… blogs have become like “gha-veh khoneh.”

Sad to see several good members are not posting anymore…. So much for “freedom of speech.” 

Democracy will not come to us by talking about it or posting articles about it or harassing members who you disagree with them… the idea of democracy is great but many at IC are not ready for it….

Kaveh Nouraee

Mr. Ala

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Personally I am surprised that you would even ask why ILoveIran and Jahan Khalili have been blocked.

Seriously, I read your comment and wondered if you had actually read anything they posted.




by RostamZ on

I think you are confusing the issues and it is much simpler than that. Here on this site we have IRI people that post articles. Nothing wrong with that. However as you can see they are not posting anything whatsoever useful to Iranians and their cause. They just attack this and that country or people and post about Palestine which has no effect for Iranians. How am I supposed to respond to that. Obviously they just want to push the doctrine of Faghih. That is where things start going wary.

I assure you if JJ does't clean up this site it will be a mess in no time. Good riddance on ILI.


Dear reality bites

by darius on

Thank you, I am with you  on that ,live and let other live

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Professor Ala, very good statement by You!

by Artificial Intelligence on

You say Iran will not change  until people are "accountable"?

Dear Professor Ala, 

Can your please explain the below and be"accountable" about it:

"Blacks have been destroyed in America and white race is next in line to
be destroyed through lies of media and junky Hollywood culture.  Guess who is controlling the media and Hollywood?  Please at least give credit to Dr. MacDonald for using his real name. "

Professor Ala, who is "XX" in the below statement? Be accountable!

 there is a book entitled… xx accomplishments, according to a good friend who is xx, 1/3 up to ½  of the material in that book are not true.  However, xx have accomplished more than Muslims.  I have been busy, I would like to write something about Hollywood. 



Mohammad Ala

Bogus Members Iran will NOT change for better unless you change.

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks Darius.

Bogus members feel entitled to hide their own identity but ask personal or specific questions from members who are known inside and outside of Iran.  Pathetic. 

Bogus members resort to profanity, accusations and threats thinking they are exercising their freedom.  Bogus members’ reasons for hiding their own identity should be the same and respected for others…. ??? double standard?!?

Taking a word out of context and magnifying it with words which are not true is nothing but dishonesty.  Being coward is understandable but being coward and dishonest are difficult to understand.

IC members who viciously attacked Jahan Khalili whose account is closed, Hafez-for-the-beginners (Afsaneh), and VPK are still around and continue their attacks especially at known members.  ??? IC Admin permits this???  What gives???

Bogus members have resorted to personal attacks by calling people who post different views as “mozdoor,” and repeatedly have indicated the known members should be “reported,” “deported,” and complained to their place of employment because of what they have said on IC…. ???is this freedom of speech???

Iran will not change unless people learn to respect varying views, be accountable, and responsible. 




by Reality-Bites on

Just to respond your point here:

"..If you really are so courageous and care about Iran, Israel or anywhere else and you have nothing to hide then reveal your name be like a ny freedom fighter..."

I'm not courageous (and never claimed to be), I do care about Iran and the good people there, couldn't give a rat's ass about Israel, I do have something to hide in that I'm an Zionist/IR double agent and I'm definitely not a freedom fighter because (besides being a lover not a fighter) I believe in preserving freedom, not fighting it!


Reality "Rabid Dog" Bites

ps: I'm all for your live and let live mantra, but if we never callenged each other's views, at least once in a while, this would become a totally sterile place,.... not to mention that not much in the way of exchange of views would take place. 

G. Rahmanian

Dear R-B & Simorgh!

by G. Rahmanian on

Have mercy on the poor fellow. He's in mourning for his comrade, late ILI!

Shahab Ferdowsi

ننه من غريبم

Shahab Ferdowsi

You people are masters are it but can't lie very well.


Why does it bother you so much!?

by darius on

Why does  it bother you so much what Shahab Ferdowsi says? If you do not like what he says, don't read it, do not participate.

You are free to choose, no one is asking you to read his comment, respond to his comment and tell him what to think.

I see some people are acting  like  rabid dog and just love to attack and bite anyone that is not in synch with them .

Well too bad , use to learn to hear other points of view and  behave otherwise show me you have balls and guts , reveal your name, your affiliation and stop being bully.

If you really are so courageous and care about Iran, Israel or anywhere else and you have nothing to hide then reveal your name be like a ny freedom fighter.

You say yours and let other says theirs. 







Who are "you people"?

by Reality-Bites on

Are you back to seeing "secret agent" Bahais behind everyone who takes you to task over your views? Take about self-induced paranoia.

This situation in Iran, the plight of millions of Iranians and the miserable lives they lead in Iran has nothing to do with Bahais, Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, Mozambiquans, Sardinians, Duffy Duck, Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore morons or anyone else. It is because of the narrow-minded, cruel and intolerant clergy that rules over the country.

But for you every subject, however irrelevant, somehow has to be twisted and hijacked so you can end up blurting out your usual vitriol about Bahais that feeds your personal hatred of them. And YOU moan about "gooz" and "shaghigheh"?

Shahab Ferdowsi

گوز به شقيقه؟

Shahab Ferdowsi

If the IRI and the Baha'o-Zionists are both thieves, which they are, what does that have to do with the price of eggs here? The money stolen from the people of Iran isn't your money or mine. It is the national revenue of the people of Iran and its sovereignty is that of the people of Iran (plural). But you people claim to have no country and claim mankind as your citizenship, not Iran or the people of Iran. So what do you care about the money stolen by the mullahs, especially since your own leaders stole and pocketed millions from their own and out of the Sherakat-e-Naw Nahalan and Sherakat-e-Umana in 1978/79? The crocodile tears are all yours, 'azizam (emphasis on 'crocodile').


Shahab Ferdowsi joon

by Reality-Bites on

Your all consuming obsession with Bahais not withstanding (under multiple usernames on this website - another shared trait in your bromance with ILoveIR), the money that should be spent on the Iranian people, over which you shed crocodile tears, and billions and billions petro-dollars of it, is in the clutches of the IR goons that you and ILoveIR so pointedly ignore in your contributions here. And a lot of that money is either getting fat interest in Swiss secret accounts or being sent to the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Mahdi Army. All of which should cheer you up. Pas chera inghadr hanooz joosh mizani daadaash?


The Haifa Disney folks didn't steal Iran's national income to spend on their shrines, did they? They don't go round taking over other people's businesses, homes and livelihoods under "mosaadereh, do they? It's their private money and they can do whatever the hell they like with it for all I care. The scumbags who rule Iran do. But of course, that reality doesn't feed your obsession, does it?



by Simorgh5555 on

single one of these Babylonian Hanging Garden terraces of the Haifa-Disney religious theme park would cost upwards of 30-50 million US dollars. When was the last time you spent this kind of money on the people of Iran?

You have some front. And the IR does not spend millions of petrodollars on building schools, hospitals, bridges in South Lebanon while millions of Iranians are below the poverty line? Ahmadinejad has systematically rebuilt the entire civil infrastructure in south Lebanon following Israel's carpet bombing of the country largely at thr expense of the national wealth of the Iranian people. Why should anyone invest money in Iran under the IR knowing full well that the money will be chanelled for Islamic and Arab philanthropic causes.
If you really want to complain about wasteful expenditure on shrined and parks then look at the amount of money your beloved IR spends on renovating and restoring mosques and holy shrines in Karbala and Najaf. But you won't complain, will you? You will sacrifice Iran for the Greater Good of Shia Islam. May Allah reward you for being a Good Muslim Boy. I mean that sincerely. Nationality has no place in Islam. Your only allegience is to the Spiritual Leader and to the hidden Imam Zaman.

Shahab Ferdowsi

آقا جان پولم کو؟

Shahab Ferdowsi

شما کارات نباشه یالله برو پول مارا بردار بيار

G. Rahmanian

Of course, she'll be back!

by G. Rahmanian on

In the meantime, though, her comrades in defense of IR will cover for her.

Shahab Ferdowsi

More power to him. Who is desparing?

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

As the saying goes, with some people it is necessary to read Ya-Sin as if one is reading Ya-Sin into the ear of a donkey (ya-sin beh goosh-e-khar khandan). But if it is all the same to you, beyond the empty gestures and euphemisms, where it counts you people seem to care more about the welfare and the health of your own pockets and the revenue falling into the coffers of the Israeli tourism industry than you have ever cared about the people of Iran. Let deeds not words be your adorning. These are the financial deeds of your community in Israel where it spent hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars on meglomaniacal architecture and garden projects on Mt Carmel in Haifa: // A single one of these Babylonian Hanging Garden terraces of the Haifa-Disney religious theme park would cost upwards of 30-50 million US dollars. When was the last time you spent this kind of money on the people of Iran?


ILoveIR fans, don't despair

by Reality-Bites on

He'll soon be back under (yet) another new username to carry on spamming IC with his anti-Israel/Jewish rants and completely disregard the situation inside Iran and ram it down everyone's throats that the welfare of Palestinians (as well as hatred of Israelis) is far more important than the welfare of the Iranian people.


In addition..

by Sassan1 on

You are clearly Islamic Republic stooges creating multiple identities

G. Rahmanian

Oon Yaroo warned the "Doctor!"

by G. Rahmanian on

Oon Yaroo advised the "Doctor" to slow down a bit, otherwise he would get blocked. But he did not pay attention. Maybe, he wasn't making enough as a "doctor," after all. Poor guy!


I can tell you why

by RostamZ on

It is because ILI is promoting hate against another country.

Mohammad Ala

Why? IC members deserve an explanation.

by Mohammad Ala on

Why ILoveIran account is blocked?  Why is okay for some members to call him names such as Mozdoor but they are permitted to continue with their "rants."?

Another member, Jahan Khalili's account was blocked without explanation.  Why?

IC members deserve an explanation.  Thank you.


Long live Israel

by RostamZ on

An Israeli dog has a better life than an Iranian living in Iran under IRI.


Sorry to break it to you buddy

by Sassan1 on

But there has never been a Palestine. I do support a two-state solution but Israel is a sovereign nation with a people who have contributed greatly to humanity through science and reason. Israel is the only democracy in a region of despots; and the Iranian people and Israeli people go back 2500+ years as historical brethren.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

and educational, thanks for posting this video here.

It exposes the depth of lies created by the world's zionist movement who will kill and lie in order to keep their occupation of Palestinian land.

And why not? They've got used to build on 'free land' someone else's land in this case, 

free money, the American tax payers money to the tune of 3.1 billion dollars a year,

free political cover to kill and take, 

and the free space here on this Iranian website to spew their hatred against Iranians. 

Israel is not a democracy but the last Racist Apartheid regime in the world, if you don't know it by now then watch the man to explain it to you. 


Israel is the only democratic nation in the region

by Sassan1 on

Some people in general and specifically with Islamicists and extreme leftists tend to blame
Israel or the “Zionists” for all the world’s problems. Some people
preposterously claim that Israel is “just as bad" a human rights violator
as the barbaric, fanatic, and apocalyptic regime of the Islamic
Republic. First off I am an atheist and an apostate (since
“technically” I was born a Muslim) therefore I am not "Jewish" or a "Zionist".

Israel should be an emulation by
the Arabs and Islamicists if they ever wanted to better themselves and their own societies but they are too ignorant and brainwashed to do so. In regards to Iran, the Iranian people have
both learned under the most brutal of manners of the barbarity of
Islamic rule (as well as the fact that our culture is pre-Islamic)
therefore the vast majority of Iranians have no issues or problems with
Israel and we recognize their sovereignty and right to exist.

Back to Israel. Islamicists in particular who use
Israelis/Jews/”Zionists” as scapegoats for their own societal ills are
utterly ignorant. Israel is the only democracy in the entire region and
the Israeli and Jewish people have contributed GREATLY to mankind.
Simply look at the Nobel Laureates of the last half century and in
addition look at all that they provide for science and reason. The fact
is that 60% of Israelis consider themselves secular and an estimated
15-30% of Israelis are atheist Jews whom do not believe in a celestial
dictator. In addition, 20% of Israelis are Arab-Muslims with the same
rights as other Israelis.

No nation is perfect but the Arab Muslims should learn and understand
that their lives will forever remain miserable in their homelands until
they realize that the problem to all their miseries is not the Jews or
“Zionists”. They need to stop scapegoating and look inside their own
culture and infallible beliefs in which they are not only not allowed to
think with reason and ask questions about the cosmos and the universe;
but they either chase our or kill off most of their great thinkers as
they do not “accept atheists” or free thinkers into their societies. In
contrast, in Israel they embrace reason and rationality on an
institutionalized wide level.

Moral relativism is getting out of control these days. The Islamic
Republic is among the cruelest regimes in the entire world. It is a
regime that rapes our young sisters before executing them so that they
don’t “die as virgins” as these maniacs believe “virgins go straight to
heaven” so to “deny” this to them too. This is a regime that is guided
by apocalyptic goals at their core in bringing back the “return of the
hidden imam” and for this they require their inherently guided core
beliefs ever since Khomeini in bringing terror, death, havoc, and chaos
throughout the world through their Islamic Imperialist goals and
apocalyptic visions.

*I suggest to all those who have some time to please watch this
remarkable investigative journalism which I uploaded myself.. It is
based on the tragic end of the life of 16-year old Atefah Sahaaleh whom
was executed by the hooligans of the Islamic Republic when in fact she
was the sexual abuse victim of a 50-year old pervert ex-Revolutionary
Guards thug. The reporters in this film were able to sneak into the town
where she was from and speak with her Father & family who risked
their own lives to even speak to the undercover reporters. Truly telling
of these hooligans…:


IRI's domestic terrorism against Iranians:

by vildemose on

 Islamic Republic's Crimes against its own citizens:



A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


This doesn't happen in Israel

by Simorgh5555 on


You can distract from the IR's crimes all you want. Let Iranians be the judge.  

This doesn't happen in Israel



More Supporting Information

by Faramarz on


عمه یک سوپور اسرائیلی هم گفت که رژیم اسلامی خیلی باحاله!