Mahmoud Dolatabadi, Celebrated Iranian Writer, Found Dead - محمود دولت‌آبادي: خودکشی

Mahmoud Dolatabadi, Celebrated Iranian Writer, Found Dead - محمود دولت‌آبادي:  خودکشی
by ILoveIran

Mahmoud Dolatabadi, 79, a celebrated Iranian writer, appeared to have committed suicide, the Investigative Committee said on its website A golden pen, which he was awarded upon retirement, was discovered near his body.

Police also found a suicide note on the scene, Interfax news agency quoted a police official as saying.

The suicide note complained about constantly being subject to ridicule in a long-winded multi-part article by, "an insecure man-hating matron who kept a frozen hotdog in her underwear."

The note further stated that, "If women knew how to properly butter a kabab, I would not have been the subject of such venom. A paycheck is not the only thing they should learn how to blow."

The family of the deceased has asked that charitable donations be made to the Center for Cultural Lumpiness and the Society for Penisology in Auckland, New Zealand.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

TS is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Feminism just like any other ideology is wide and varies. My ex is a feminist but has anothing in common with the radical feminists. It is like being an Iranian "refromist" :-) would someone tell me what that is,



by Truthseeker9 on

Not all Feminists are the same. Go and read about what they have achieved for women and your own daughters rights to be treated as a human other than just a "pussy" for mens satisfaction.

It is interesting IC had featured this blog which is sexual harassment of a female contributer on IC.  However much one disagrees with someone on a subject or its delivery, they don't deserve to be humiliated in such a gross way.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

International Zionism seems to have claimed another victim!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

ILoveIran seems to be dead or MIA. Perhaps taken out by Zionists or has taken out a Feminist. For his sake, I hope it's the Zionist.

Mamoor: be extra careful buddy ... they can even get you in Iran. Avoid motorcycles and magnets!


Zionism is the mother of all cancers

by مآمور on

Shazdeh, put your name on the list of devoid of humor, cause u r not funny by any standards!!

what u say are either complains about women no understanding u or IRI agents are not leaving this site so their IQ must be low!!!

I wear an Omega watch


When reached for comment at his home, Mr. Dolatabadi said ...

by ILoveIran on

"Thank you for using a photograph of me that hasn't photoshopped my head into a mis-shapen form or colored my face yellow.  Since recovering from my illness, I've learned that feminists cannot change a lightbulb; they think the lightbulb has to take classes to learn how to change itself." 


Disgusting blog.

by Shepesh on

Disgusting blog.

Soosan Khanoom

Arash did you know banning is medieval?

by Soosan Khanoom on

A semi-autonomous entities, highly reinforcing one's spiritual and temporal power.

 " The ban was a political and territorial institution in the Frankish kingdoms, meaning a grant of power to command men. Following its civil, military or religious meanings, it ended up as a metonym for territory where such a grant applied. "



به به همه لمپن ها اینجا جمعند!




شیطونه میگه بگم آزاده بیاد کاسه کوزه تون رو بریزه بهم!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Or is it an april fool  joke ?

P.S   If indeed is true may he rest in peace.


Arash Kamangir

Another rubbish comment!

by Arash Kamangir on

Typical rubbish comment of Mr. iloveiran who has littered with his junk.  I can't wait to see you ban from this site

Shazde Asdola Mirza

I am glad to see that you have a sense of humor: Good Sign

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


I can never trust people devoid of humor. They have the potential to belong to the groups that have committed the most atrocities in the history:

Tyrants, Communists, Nazis and Islamists.


I love Old Cantankerous Iranian Writers

by bahmani on

While everyone else is suffering and dying left and right from oppression, false imprisonment, torture, and rape, the thing that finally sent this guy off the edge was that after all these years, at age 79, the one clarity moment, and true thing that he had finally logically concluded and resolved, was that his wife was pretty much a bitch...

I must read his entire suicide letter now...

To read more bahmani posts visit: //

Oon Yaroo

Doctor Jaan, finally, the king of lumpens got..

by Oon Yaroo on

lampooned by you know who!

Do you bless like the doc does in this:


BTW, I'll stop by later to pick you up to go milk some cow.


Hot Sex ; )

by ILoveIran on

A woman is fast approaching 40 years of age and is without a lover. This situation has her depressed due to a history of failed relationships. She decides that the best thing to do is to take out a personal ad in the paper: 

"Wanted: A good lover to be my friend; who won't steal my jewelry and won't run out on me." 

After a week the door bell rings. She opens the door to find a man with no arms and no legs lying on the front porch. 

He replies, "I'm responding to your ad for a good lover." 

The woman says, "But you have no arms and no legs!" 

The man says, "I have no arms so I can't steal your jewelry and I have no legs so I can't run out on you."

"What about being a good lover?" she asks

The man says, "I rang the doorbell didn't I?"


ILoveIran jan don't make it so obvious

by anglophile on

Which one was this? April Fool or Doroogh Sizdah? For a second I thought Azadeh might change her mind but ... sigh.


Good Lord ;) ? !

by R2-D2 on



P.S. Have No Mercy ..... !