Israeli General's Son: "Israel is genocidal apartheid country, we have been lying to the world"

by ILoveIran

I'll also note how interesting it is that Bahais who live in Israel don't criticize Israeli atrocities or war mongering against Iran, but the Bahai student Union at U.C. Berkeley ran propaganda on the front page of this site against 'Iranians treatment of Afghans' when the fact is that Iran took in 3,000,000 Afghan refugees (no small task) and saved them from the Taliban and 20 years of war caused by foreign powers without being reimbursed $1 of its costs by the International Community.  


Read "Thousands of Persian Speakers Killed" and educate yourselves.




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Israeli lies are collapsing

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Israeli General's Son: "Israel is a genocidal apartheid country" ... and there it is; as plain as the noses on your face.