Please watch this clip

GO Please watch this clip: // After watching this clip it made me claerly realize what f***k up you guys are. You people in CA realy please don't ever come home and stop calling yourslefes Iranian You are nothing like the people and the protesters in Iran you are a wannabe.  Let me tell to those Shahi supporters one thing is clear thast Reza Pahlavi the one who is living on the money stolen from the Iranian people in LA is coward and like his father who sold the soul of the country and brought the country to what it is today. To the so called Mujahedin your leader is 10 times worst than the Mullahs regime and to the IRI supporter GO TO HELL. The students in Iran and the Iranian people don't want your support and solidarity stay home, go to your discos and concerts and watch your garbage. The one old man holding the flag of Shanshai is calling others to find that girl who touched the flag so he could beat her up the same way he did to his wife. Just drive your BMWs, or mercedec, get a nose job or a blow job and worry about the hairs on your face or wherever it is growing on your ugly souls. That is one of the main reason I never want to come to CA because I realy don't want to associate muyself, the Iranian heritage an culture with a bunch like you. You are a disgrace and a dissapointment to Iran and Iranians all over. I think your actions in that clip and whoever was involved that day has jeopardized and undermined the whoile movement. Go to Hell all of you, the following group and people should go to HELL: IRI supporters Basijis Iranians living in CA Mujahedin Supporters Shahanshahi supporters Tudehi Supporters Wh goes to paradise: Iranian People The Protesters Those who were Murdered during the recent demosntration by IRI and Basijis Iranian soldiers died during Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988 and the war on drugs Iranian intellectuals who are fighting for freedom and of course my family since we don't live in CA  

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This is such an embarrassment


Read the comments people have ;eft as well


man you guys are total chaos


Please stop demonstration in CA and sit the f*k home and let the Iranian people handle this