Please watch this clip

GO Please watch this clip: // After watching this clip it made me claerly realize what f***k up you guys are. You people in CA realy please don't ever come home and stop calling yourslefes Iranian You are nothing like the people and the protesters in Iran you are a wannabe.  Let me tell to those Shahi supporters one thing is clear thast Reza Pahlavi the one who is living on the money stolen from the Iranian people in LA is coward and like his father who sold the soul of the country and brought the country to what it is today. To the so called Mujahedin your leader is 10 times worst than the Mullahs regime and to the IRI supporter GO TO HELL. The students in Iran and the Iranian people don't want your support and solidarity stay home, go to your discos and concerts and watch your garbage. The one old man holding the flag of Shanshai is calling others to find that girl who touched the flag so he could beat her up the same way he did to his wife. Just drive your BMWs, or mercedec, get a nose job or a blow job and worry about the hairs on your face or wherever it is growing on your ugly souls. That is one of the main reason I never want to come to CA because I realy don't want to associate muyself, the Iranian heritage an culture with a bunch like you. You are a disgrace and a dissapointment to Iran and Iranians all over. I think your actions in that clip and whoever was involved that day has jeopardized and undermined the whoile movement. Go to Hell all of you, the following group and people should go to HELL: IRI supporters Basijis Iranians living in CA Mujahedin Supporters Shahanshahi supporters Tudehi Supporters Wh goes to paradise: Iranian People The Protesters Those who were Murdered during the recent demosntration by IRI and Basijis Iranian soldiers died during Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988 and the war on drugs Iranian intellectuals who are fighting for freedom and of course my family since we don't live in CA  

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hamsade ghadimi

ahmed from bahrain, hateiri

by hamsade ghadimi on

well said ahmed; although, i might say your optimism may be a bit premature ("the future is very bright"). i think that it doesn't look so rosy in the immediate future and it's yet to be seen how "the man who came to dinner" will act and if there will be any deals behind the scenes to keep everyone happy. however, i'm hoping for a bright future and i think that the dissenters, especially in iran, are very brave and beautiful people.


although, i agree with you on your hope with regard to the end result of these turbulant times; i don't agree with your methods of persuasion. you like to corner people into a corner and threaten them with your fists and grinding teeth. to win over people in an argument, you should use a gentler approach as ahmed suggested. i know many people in california that don't fit your stereotype and some in washington dc that do. to generalize people like that and ridicule them for the way they express themselves is counterproductive. i'm not a shahi, mko or islamist; at the same time, i wouldn't want to live in a free iran where everyone thought like me. it's the plurality that i strive for. there will never be an iran without all of these people and we have to find a way to democratically live with each other.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ey Baba

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

HateIRI. The pahlavis are definitely scummy, but Leila is dead. She never asked to be the daughter of a failed king. She never asked for her mental illness. I have known people with mental illness. It's devastating no matter what their last names are.

I think if I had been in her shoes, I might have never lasted. These "royals" lead very weird, complex lives. It's not even a good system for themselves.

By now you should know that MKO and shahis are not our enemies. Those two groups have been fighting like cats and dogs and they will continue to fight. There are lots of them on each side, so don't add to the scratching and punching! Focus on what you see as important. These groups aren't important. But they still have a right to speak out and stand next to you. Don't be a bully. 

Ahmed from Bahrain

The Genie is out

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Act not out of your ego but look at the whole country. Those who are and those who are not for this and that, are all Iranians and deserve my respect.

I hope someday you choose to look upon others the same as yourself.

As for Iran's future; the genie is out of the bottle. No one can put it back. The future is very bright for Iran especially if Iranians maintain their unity. (gulhayeh rangarang)

Embrace your fellow native regardless of who they are. And whoever fights over a flag and a colour must be colour blind.

Embrace your heritage, your history, your peotry, your life and future.

I see bright and beautiful colours and some must pay with their lives to have this freedom. Take a moment of silence for them and their loved ones. They are your flag bearer. Moussavi paves the way for the future. One step at a time.

And how do you greet your fellow Iranians; salam - in peace.


In silence we hear the voice of the divine in us.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Leave the Shahis alone -- why? its fun to pick on them


I think in one of the blogs someone  was suggesting to leave the Shahis and other cults like MKO alone, but why these people are fun to pick on. They are touchy, they boil fast and have short fuses.

Most will still die for the coward Shah.

I remembered I read in Economist when his sister "Leila" died of drug overdose they estimated her living cost at $4000/night

where did that money come from?





Arash_1970 -- its called direction and by the way this is USA


That is what Iranians in Iran are doing through twitters and that is waht they are asking from us.

I am just passing on what they are asking.

Now no one is telling you or the rest what to do.

But it would be better for you and the rest of CA boys or girls who not only are uncivilized and Jack asses as you put it but as well have no regards for the host nation.

When you block sidewalks here, or try to slow traffic down or try to wave your country flags and not the host nation flag or you speak loud in Farsi your are disgracefull and not courteous to your host nation. You are also wasting tax payers money which the majority have nothing to do with IRAN.

And let me ask you this, what is the point going on the side walk waving the flags of your tribes or cults. What is the benefit?

I am just suggesting if you realy want to make a difference write a letter to HUMANS RIGHT WATCH, UN SECRETARY GENERAL or other agencies and ask them to send observers to help and provide moral support to them.

Do other usefull things that they atre asking us to provide through twitters?

Really no one is hearing you guys and no one realy cares except yourself.




Fascinating !!

by Arash_1970 on

It is fascinating to read all these entries that tell us what to do as Iranians of California !! Who died and made YOU our managers and decision makers ? There is not a set definition of what an Iranian residing in California is or should be. One tells us to sit at home another one wants us to just blog and give money...

Who are You to deliver sentences for your fellow Iranians ??!!! If one or two Iranians act like a jackass in some gathering does that make all of us jackasses ? Direct your energy toward the cause.

"Man is condemned to be free.." Sartre




Seeing the whole clip and then reading those comments and I have visited CA I have lived amongst diaspora and expatriotes for so many years in Europe, Canada and here in USA. One of the problems we have is we want ham KHODA va Ham Khorma, it can't happen you can't have both.

They have big mouth but no action.

They all pretend they know everything but they don't know nothing.

They all have their walls filled with degrees but their brains with garbage.

never they have thought of Iran except themselves.

I am not trying to generalize but let's be honest isn't that true?

Mercedec?the type of house? disco? concert? clth? don't you think that is the top priority of Iranian in CA.

I am just saying please leave the Iranian people alone and let them do what they are doing now which is using strategy and the system to fight the system.

If you want to help just provide logistic support and monetary help to keep the movement inside IRAN alive.





I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


Let them have the biggest flag then where are they going to store it.

None of these garbage matters now.

What matters is the movement inside Iran.

I would have really wanted us the Iranian outside provide more logistic support instead of effortless support.

Sending money, phone cards, providing software application that can break through filters, hire hackers to break the system, have or rent a call center so people can collect call. These are the support we should provide.

Not on the street of LA and cause disturbance for our host nation and the American people. They have nothing to do with this. It is not their issue or problem it is our problem. We Iranian always tend to make our problems the problem of other and we want to be the loudest in the room, me me me me me



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

That was difficult to read Kaveh. Not because I gush for ID

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on






I think what I always liked about your writing, is that you're able to take words like jackass and blend them with more sophisticated ones, like SOPHISTICATED. But I'm disappointed in you this time. Don't use your words to attack IRANdokht like that, when you have the skill you know you have when it comes to writing. That was difficult to read. Very cruel. Maybe you are venting, I don't know. But don't be that girl in the video, when you're condemning her.

Don't say you won't waste your words against her, not because she's the terrible person you say she is, but because you are better than that. You can't just respect the people who qualify as your matrons of Iran. You bestow upon a woman who is holding a flag so much respect and credit, just because of the picture in the middle of her flag. That's ridiculous. To be honest, we don't even need flags. No one in Iran is holding a flag and that's great. Flags are just political weapons anyway.

Whatever she said, she got the ball rolling. She got people agitated and acting - criticizing (mostly her personally), but she got them thinking and talking. She admits that since Saturday, so much has changed and occurred, so much that no one could have predicted. So let's allow cooler heads to prevail. Please. Kumbaya damn it. Let go of this anger!

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Why am I being so "classy"? Dear, these people don't understand the concept of class to begin with.

I have been following this as much as I can, considering everything else I have going on right now. And what I have seen has made me sick.

I am beyond the point of being disgusted by IRANdokht and her holier than thou landfill of vacillating nonsense. First she's not going to vote, then she's going to vote. Fine. Not a problem. I said then and I maintain now my opinion that participating in any so-called "election" by the IR gives these criminals legitimacy.

Then when the monkey is declared the winner, she accepts it, despite the fact it is mathematically and humanly impossible to hand count that many folded paper ballots and add them to any official count in such a short period of time. She must have been the only one to accept that it is legitimate. I cannot find anyone outside of Khamenei or Monkey Boy who thinks that this was legit. And now, with Khamenei calling for recounts and meetings, we have a tacit admission by the head con man himself that this was not only a sham, but a rigged one as well.

Then she feigns "confusion" and lack of foresight at the reaction of the masses, the people, to this con job. Confusion about what? How this scam was to have played out? Lack of foresight about what? The obvious? She must honestly think people are just irretrievably stupid! News flash! They're not!

Of course the masses were going to rise up and say "enough"! And thinking there wouldn't be these acts of violence, bloodshed and loss of life? If you were a foreigner with no knowledge of the situation, I'd understand. But all of us here at least know that the IR rules by force and force alone. Even when it is dressed up as "democratic", it is really by force. Force that has been effective because for the past 30 years, it has been accompanied by instilling fear.

People are demanding their freedom and she expected that the IR is going to do what? Boil some rice? Brew some tea? That's the only thing you can be thinking with this "lack of foresight".

Marge, this charade of hers is over. She cannot continue to treat people as if they are stupid, then claim an benign momentary lapse of reason when confronted with her own errors in judgment.

These protests are not even about Moussavi anymore. Deep down, everyone knows that. He is no different, and certainly no better than Ahmadinejad. It's about freedom.. It's about getting our proverbial necks out from under their shoes.

Whether you wave a shir o khorshid or a green banner makes no difference. That girl who opened her mouth to try and correct an older gentleman who was exercising his right to protest just as she was doing was way out of line.

And for IRANdokht to say that the video was edited, shows that her only concern is for what she believes in, which changes with the weather, and everyone else be damned. People like that deserve no respect, no consideration, no pleasant words, no quarter whatsoever.

I may not be able to fight fire with fire, but when I talk to trash, I'm not going to grace them with the benefit of etiquette, which would only be completely wasted upon them.

I'll check out your blog.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

That was a demonstration of unity and standing with people in Iran. I know this. But people show their unity and support in different ways. 

The McCain example was an extreme one, but it's still relevant. Anyone and everyone should be participating. The more numbers the better. Let the world stop for Iranians. Take a break from the twitter and porn and Jeopardy. Come out!

By the way, do you really think some Jane Smiley Joan who drives by these people sees the flag of Iran then sees Shirokhorshid and says "Oh my oh my. What are these different flags about? These people are not united!"

Na baba! I hate to say it, but aghleshoon nemireseh! These are our disputes. Welcome royalists, welcome communists. Welcome ALL Iranians. Isn't that what unity is? Unity is not the same as uniformity.  


Assal jaan

by puss on

I meant to agree with you and clarify my comments for XerXes..

But the only thing that is in mind now (I am sure that is the same case for you and most of us) that pains me and bleeds my heart is this:




Blue Haired One

by capt_ayhab on

I'll lend you my voice and all I have to help you protect the freedom of expression.

But there are times in life that the stripes needs to be set aside for common goal and against common enemy. That gathering was for demonstrating the unity, and support of those in Iran. It was not to demonstrate the different ideology, at least this is my take from the demonstration. But if you want to compare that to KKK and McCain, be my guest.



P/S btw where have you been? have missed you ha be molla!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

My Flag is Bigger than Yours! :P

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You know what you've done now, HATEIRI? You have basically shot a gun in the air for these monarchists to go to the design shop in town and have the biggest possible flag made. Maybe dozens. 

Now it's going to be a flag war. Great! Anyone know someone who can make a flag big enough to fit on a billboard? Please get us the info ASAP. 


Hi Puss

by Assal_B on

I don't get why you replied to me: I'm wanting the same thing. In my opinion though, democracy begins with tolerance of opposing views. Unless you have tolerance, your democracy will be devoid of substance.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

captain we don't have an ayhab in this situation, you see

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

So we're just kind of well, on our own. And what the hell is this notion of "Manage". Why are Iranians so damned ashamed to admit that yes we have this faction and that faction. 

Do you see how the United States is? You have people like Sarah Palin, who was not far from being VP AND president, if Johnny McCain's heart had anything to do with it AND THEN you have people like Obama.

Remember the KKK meetings AKA McCain rallies? Aren't you glad those people came out and showed what their stripes were? What if they hadn't? I'm sure McCain wanted them to shut up, that's why he took the microphone from that lady with the unbrushed hair cut and said "no no no. He's a decent man. not an Arab." 

And if that lady didn't come out, and see the world laugh at her and make a decision that would render her ideas as not the right ones for the nation, Obama wouldn't be where he is now.

FREE SPEECH. DEMOCRACY. That includes the people you don't like, even the Ahmadinejad supporters. Even the Rajavi supporters. Let's just stop this you and them thing.  


Dear XerXes, Assal...

by puss on

Persoanlly I do not want a country like a turkey..

I want a country that you are not forced to accept others idea or others determine your life style. but willing to respect different opinions..

anyone who wants to be a muslim, can be a muslim..

anyone who wants to be Christian, can be a Christain..

anyone who wants to go  masjed can go there and pray ..

anyone who wants to go club, can go club..

anyone who wants to have 'hejab" can have and should be  respected...

anyone who does not want to have 'hejab' should be respected..

anyone who wants to luxuary life, can have one..if they work for it..

anyone who wants to have a simple life, can have without beign judged... 

and so on....


"Common sense is not so common"




sad part is

by capt_ayhab on

We all can sit around ranting and raving and all kinds of slogans, but IF we can not manage ONE MEASLY demonstration in LA-la Land, we are so [Vel moatal].

These folks need to learn from those youngsters in Iran the true meaning of organized demonstration. Watch see how they go in front of them goons with them guns.

Yet in LA-la land even with full protection from police they can not unit for 1 freaking hour man. This is the sad part.

They do not need our help in Iran, WE NEED THEIR HELP TO LEARN SOME VALOR, SOME HUMILITY AND SACRIFICE....those people in Iran make a person feel very humbled indeed.

God bless everyone in Iran who is standing up for the country. 



P/S Those with Flag of Lion and Sun, they proved how stupid one could be..... Go back to your [Manghal and Vafoor] baba jan. I bet you this is going to be a nice fat opportunity for these guys to start a fund raisers to fatten their pockets.

David ET

LA Iranians, stay home PULEASE!

by David ET on

I know everyone blames each other as always and of course I have my view too but here are some suggestion to Iranians in Tehrangeles:

With this attitude PLEASE if you stay home you will do our nation in the eyes of the world and Iranians inside a lot lot more favor than showing up and fighting among yourselves. Islamic republic is very VERY thankful that you have now have provided them more propoganda tools against Iranian nation.

Let's face it majority of those in LA had nothing whatsoever to do with what is happening in Iran today and never did and the LEAST they can do is not to F... it up for those in Iran. I know I am going to be blamed for telling people not to express their  views or someone is going to be blamed anyway. But the reality is that the best way those in Southern California can help,  is to  do anything but showing up in the front of the Federal building and fight among each other!

You can blame this guy or that girl now but that won't change anything when damage is done. 

I BEG YOU! Stay home. Instead: Twitter, blog, write on, Call satellite TV's , go to a chelokababi , Iranian Cabaret , disco , read a book, watch CNN  or have private meetings but nothing public.

Look I am not blaming most of you but think about this, when you show up, the same typical ones who have always been runining it for all will show up too, and if you have been to couple od demonstrations while living in LA, you know what I am talking about, therefore best not to go. If your goal is to do something positive, such scene on CNN ireport and other media is only negative and you are helping it by being part of it!

This is not the time to fight among ourselves, leave that to future whichever side you are on. I promise you will have plenty of time in future, you can kick or even kill each other, just not now. OK?


   ::::::::WEAR A GREEN RIBBON::::::::::


"Democracy = smiling at those whose views you deplore"-----(me)

by Assal_B on

Viewing this video clip and reading the responses, I just had to share my thoughts as a 25 yr old pro-student movement supporter who lived and attended college for several years in LA, just down the block in Westwood from where these demonstrations were taking place.

I don't support Mousavi. I don't wear green. I think green signifies Islam and I don't believe it should be the color of the movement, but I'm a realist. Right now, green IS the color of the movement of the Iranian people and I respect that and I support their demonstrations, I twitter my support to their cause, and I've written countless human rights agencies in the past several days in support of their struggles.

The number one emotion this clip invoked within me was ANGER.

Not at the shir + khorshid flag; that flag is an honorable flag whose significance is traced back to the 12th century. Not at the old men and women carrying that flag; what else do you expect? Baba, these people have been forced to flee comfortable lives in their country, some have lost their wealth, some have been forced to work long hours in positions they wouldn't let their kolfats and nokars take, they've been forced to reroot themselves in a country whose language is unfamiliar and whose customs are troublingly different that that of their parents. They loved their Shah, and they loved their lives and the course of the revolution of 79 took that from them. The degree of harm may be different, but you can't deny that the revolution stole not only from the people who remained behind but from those who fled.

To be clear; I don't want my country to revert back to a monarchy, so don't call me a Shahi when I post this. I don't believe your bloodline alone qualifies you to lead a nation of 70,000,000 bright, educated individuals. For 30 years, professionals inside and outside Iran have been involved in fields of politics, governance, leadership, etc. Being the son of a shah doesn't mean you get a free ride into a golden throne or whatever kind of chair tickles your fancy. 

My anger arises from this:

To some of you,  it may be cool to watch a foul-mouthed porroo girl my age tear away a flag from an older woman's hands and force her to fall, but to me; it's disgusting. It might be funny to see some kids who don't know any better tear at an old man's flag and cause him to stumble, but I don't see that as any statement of victory over oppression; I see it as ignorance.

If you are saying no to dictatorship, and yes to democracy, you should figure out what democracy is first. It's respecting not only those who think like you, but respecting those that think 180 degrees away from you.

I wish, as a young, educated, democracy-loving, representative government-loving, free-thinking, rational individual, that I could find that girl and smack her in the face. Because Mousavi won't bring her democracy, wearing green won't bring her democracy, yelling at someone three times her age won't bring her democracy. Democracy comes when your society has surpassed petty squabbles and learned to live in harmony. When respect of the individual's right to think comes before thinking only your own thoughts are right. Her act of rudeness and disrespect toward those carrying the shir + khorshid flag is like a shah supporter trying to tear the chador off a religious woman. It's the SAME thing.

I pray for people to wake up and see this little video is a hint of why our people may never be fully free; they are the ones who chain eachother. We are the ones who stand in our own way of democracy.


Those who shamefully wanted Iran to be like turkey

by XerXes (not verified) on

Or any other "Secular" "democracy" take note. If the similar thing had happened anywhere, ANYWHERE in the middle east, we would have thousands of people dead on the spot.
Now do you realize the people's system?

No one in Iran wants the regime to go. Everyone wants the regime to reform. Simple as that.

Now step a side let the air pass.

Darius Kadivar

The Future of the Islamic Republic ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Did Anyone say YES WE CAN ?


The Future of the Islamic Republic ...





Mola Nasredeen

HATEIRI, Don't be hating!

by Mola Nasredeen on

1. You write all the demostrators in the clip should go to HELL. What happens if you end up in there too? Why do I say that? We know haters will end up in HELL, if they're not already living in HELL. Have you thought about that? Think again. 

2. Do you think all the people in California will go to HELL too? If so please let us (Hajagha and I) know where you live so we could move to your state or country and save our souls.


oh boy, you almost got it..

by puss on

what we need is a free IRAN. We need freedom ,  democracy...

First of all we need to protect and support our Iranian youth and all those

brave women and men "obviously they are much better people than us.."

who is fighting for their freedom and their rights... the least we "not brave ones living out of Iran" can do..

No Shahanshahi..

No Mojahedin..

No Ahamdi.. who think he is "Emame Zaman!!!" that ugly face inside and outside..

at least we have mousavi for now to fight against Ahamdis...


By the way, am I not right.. that all Iranian have a sense of style ;) and they all love luxury life and do nose job specially in Tehran ;)



peace & freedom


look funny!

by Souri on

Thank you for having posted this video. Guys, this is the reality, why you don't want to admit it? I told you from the beginning, while our heart is with  our hamvatan, we should understand that "this is not our battle"...

Let get realistic, would you? These young people revolting in Iran, are the IRI generation. They have open their eyes to this world, under a  fanatic Islamic system. They have been educated with all the Islamic rules and Islamic thesis about the world and how it turns.

Now, they want more freedom!! The same thing that you have always wanted for your country. but all the problem is that : You and them do not have the same dictionary!!

Try to understand it. Give them the right to have their values and fight for their own values. They never asked for your help, and if you go to Iran for helping them, you will see the exact reaction as you have seen in the streets of LA.

Now, go ahead and call me "IRI agent" again :) lol

You say : marg bar IRI....while they don't say anything against IRI!! 

You say Marg bar dictator, you mean IRI

They say Marg bar dictator, they mean AN

They say Mousvai, Mousavi, hemayatat mikonim

You say...........? What?

If you also say Mousavi hemayatat mikonim, then you have to admit that you are supporting the IRI too (wanted or not) then no more Marg bar IRI  :)

Now, get real, guys!!

You are doing the same mistake that the Jebheh Melli and the Toudeh y did at the time of Islamic revolution.But at least they were sharing the same goal as the Islamist. That was to overthrow the Shah. . As soon as the mission was accomplished, the Islamist kissed and said goodbye to all other groups who helped them.

Now, you do not even have the same goal as these young people. They are still very respectful to the "magham moazam rahbari" and still hoping that the Supreme leader and/or the Guardian Council would help them to achieve their goals!!

What are you doing there guys?

Your time has not came yet. These young people have not been educated on real (western) democracy. And if you don't help them,  they will probably never learn it. Then educate them!(and please refrain from accusing me of insulting our youth, this is not my intention)

This is where you are now. Trying to inform and educate the young generation, but not sticking to thier battle, which is a young and immature movement yet. You want to support them? good. This is the best thing to do, but please learn to respect their values first. Learn to speak their vocabulary. Otherwise, they will reject your help.

They don't want support and help from a generation which betrayed them(that is what they say) and especially is living now abroad!! lol:)

Some of you say : If not Mousavi, then who?

I wish to see a day, when nobody ask :Who? but instead they ask: What?

If Mousavi brings you three step back from where you are now, only to get you one step further later, would you call it a progress?



Tomorrow Rally is ON lets keep this alive


I hear even karroubi has asked his supporters to join and they are going to counterattack anything Khameie says


let anyone know in your network


we need call centers so people can call by proviing num,bers -- anyone 





by facts (not verified) on

if not, they are going to be strictly governed again to keep everyone under control.



by facts (not verified) on

Doodi, I agree...

The riots go beyond mousavi or Ahmedinejad, THIS IS A REVOLUTION FOR A BETTER GOVERNMENT!


wow, amazing

by Bavafa on

I find myself in total agreement with HATEIRI on this one, thanks man for posting this.

I mean, what sort of Sh1t these people smoke that still talk about Shah or Mojahedeen. Are they for real?




by kashanist (not verified) on

It is so unfortunate that most Iranians (Including educated ones) do not know that the Lion & Sun Flag has much longer history than what they believe to be Pahlavi dynasty flag. Besides even if it represents Pahalvi Monarchy why people let them do what they want,IF they believe in true DEMOCRACY.