Please watch this clip

GO Please watch this clip: // After watching this clip it made me claerly realize what f***k up you guys are. You people in CA realy please don't ever come home and stop calling yourslefes Iranian You are nothing like the people and the protesters in Iran you are a wannabe.  Let me tell to those Shahi supporters one thing is clear thast Reza Pahlavi the one who is living on the money stolen from the Iranian people in LA is coward and like his father who sold the soul of the country and brought the country to what it is today. To the so called Mujahedin your leader is 10 times worst than the Mullahs regime and to the IRI supporter GO TO HELL. The students in Iran and the Iranian people don't want your support and solidarity stay home, go to your discos and concerts and watch your garbage. The one old man holding the flag of Shanshai is calling others to find that girl who touched the flag so he could beat her up the same way he did to his wife. Just drive your BMWs, or mercedec, get a nose job or a blow job and worry about the hairs on your face or wherever it is growing on your ugly souls. That is one of the main reason I never want to come to CA because I realy don't want to associate muyself, the Iranian heritage an culture with a bunch like you. You are a disgrace and a dissapointment to Iran and Iranians all over. I think your actions in that clip and whoever was involved that day has jeopardized and undermined the whoile movement. Go to Hell all of you, the following group and people should go to HELL: IRI supporters Basijis Iranians living in CA Mujahedin Supporters Shahanshahi supporters Tudehi Supporters Wh goes to paradise: Iranian People The Protesters Those who were Murdered during the recent demosntration by IRI and Basijis Iranian soldiers died during Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988 and the war on drugs Iranian intellectuals who are fighting for freedom and of course my family since we don't live in CA  

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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Jesus Who Sane Chirst, KAVEH

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You are being so classy here toward your compatriots. Tone it down a little. Why are you being so mean in reaction to mean people? You can't fight fire with fire! Like Rosie, I have returned, but with an unlikely blog.





by IRANdokht on

That's exactly what's going on! You got it!

Try to get these people to realize that by trying to differentiate between themselves and the green protesters, they're damaging the movement.

Not all the people in green and black like Mousavi, but we're the ones who have realized that we should show support and unison. 

The "khar gheyrati" ones and the old flag waving fossils who think they have something to prove and take credit for other people's work and sacrifice, undermine all the efforts but feel all righteous about themselves when they come here and label others and use the nastiest language. 



How can you help?


write letters to :

Human rights watch group

Red Cross

Amnesty nternational 

UN secretary General Kim Joon 

Ask them to send representatives to protects the protesters

Ask mercy coprs and other Aide agencies to protect the protestors  by sending representatives and aide groups organization to help them.




Find Filter braker application and post them on twitter

find proxy servers application and make your home computer or desktop a proxy server so that people can use

Buy calling cards and offer their numbers to the people so that theyu can call you and express themselves


If Iranians in CA were smart they would put their money together and rent a call center and an agency that handles calls and let people to call and express themselves from IRAN




Do you guys think the protestors out there are for Mousavi?


If you guys think the protestors out there are for Mousavi then you are fooling yourself.

They have learned to use the system agains the system.

Mousavi comes from that same shitfull system (out of Khamenei Ass) as Antarinejad with diff. smell.

 This is a movement we need to help.






Kaveh Nouraee

Oh For God's Sake IRANdokht

by Kaveh Nouraee on

VIDEO EDITING? Will you just grow the hell up, already?

Regardless of who is being encroached upon, it is wrong.

That arrogant b**ch should never have opened her mouth to try and "educate" the other protestors. The enemy is the IR. Period. End of Sentence. That flag has been our flag for many years before Khomeini approved that tri-colored toilet paper.

And since when are you the spokesperson for this or any other "Iranian Movement"? Your idea of an "Iranian Movement" is reminiscent of a bowel movement. They're both full of shit.

You're not called Hezbollahi because of the color green. You can be wearing pink chiffon and holding a parasol. You're still Hezbollahi.  

HATEIRI: I'm not calling for a return of the monarchy, nor Rajavi. By the way, you have a pretty good carry US flags as well.


Thursday _IRANIAN Bravehearts



another great CLIP for the LIONHEARTS



Kurdish Warrior -- Agreed 100%





Newest CLIP from IRAN - TRUE Bravehearts and Lionehearts


Darius Kadivar

Comme Par Hasard: IRI apologists Trying to Divide us as Usual

by Darius Kadivar on

زمان اثبات برادری رجوی و "رضا پهلوی " برای ارث خواهی





This is not new but

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

we shouldn't generalize everyone in LA...
Hateri; Not all of us behave like those did on street. Its shame to see people fight over flags while people are dying..its funny to see that old man holding human rights sign and was arguing about flag.. I'm no fan of Moussavi, as he was part of constitution and was responsible in 80's for massacre of Kurds in Mahabad and elsewhere. However we should respect each other ideology no matter what. Those who doesn't respect each other and forces their ideology on one another are as bad as mullahs.

Darius Kadivar

HATEIRI and Irandokht NIAC/AIC Galore ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on











Kaveh Nouraee and the rest of you


OK go easy bro

I tell you right now I rather those fascist stay in power and not another fascist like your master Shah or Rajavi come into power.

Since the Mullahs have already stolen what they wanted from us  and now they came to a point that they are fighting amongst each other.

If that coward puppet of the west Shahi bozdel comes to pwoer or that cult like Mujahedin group takes leadership we are going back another50 years.

Iran is for Iranians

I agree dialogue is good but must be done in a civilized and respecful manner specially when you are guset in another country.

The shahis and the Mujahedin and there were some IRI supporter they are opportunistics and they like to  make these their own and IT IS NOT YOUR EVOLUTION 

Thi is the Iranian people revolution who have suffered for 30 yeras of Oppression.

While you were bending that mustache with one hand and the other hand .....

people were suffereing in Iran under the Mullah and fascist regime.

Ali P.

Go with your conscious

by Ali P. on

Doing so, sometimes puts you next to millions, and sometimes you are standing alone. 


Not everyone should go under one flag, candidate or slogan. This is, not only not bad, it is even healthy.

I couldn't make out who did what first in this clip. There are narrow minded people among all of us.

There is plenty of room, at least in America, for everyone to express his/her opinion. Your message does not even have to be right, popular, or pretty, or nice. You can even have your own, one-man demonstration. The only conditions imposed, are:

1) Do it in a civilized manner.

2) Do not encroach upon others' right to do so.

Crashing someone's demonstration, when you can have your own, 100 feet way, in unethical, and maybe illegal.

What many of us have not learnt, is the civilized manner of self-expression. The 15 people holding the 'imperial' flag, have as much right to be there (though, 30 feet away), as the 500, with the green banners. But either side, should stay where they are. If not, tension is created, and guess what? Everyone goes home!

 The temptation to somehow 'get rid' of the annoying one , or the other group, is part of the problem we are facing today.

Democracy, is indeed, being tolerant, while being annoyed.


video editing

by IRANdokht on

It's always easy to figure out who has edited a clip, at least what they had in mind when editing it.

it's not fair to emphasize on a few people's indiscretions and try to make it into the actual theme of the event.

The video also shows the attacks as being one-sided and the flag waving folks as the victims, which is not what you experience when in LA.

I have already commented on what I think of the people who try to take advantage of the Iranian crowds and their sacrifices when they stand up for themselves in Iran. These folks are trying to further their agenda instead of showing support for the Iranian protesters and voters. They called us hezbollahi because we were wearing green! Aren't millions of people in Iran wearing green and getting shot at?

They have no place in Iranian movement anymore. They should go home and watch LA TV stations.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You may have the screen name, but I will put my hatred for the IR up against anybody's including yours, any day of the week.

Yes, the fighting was ugly and embarrassing. But what was truly ugly was that girl who took it upon herself to dictate to others regarding the flag and so forth. She needs to be taught a lesson in history, as well as manners.

The flag (shir o khorshid) is the flag of Iran. Not the monarchy. That girl is so far out of line it's disgusting. This wasn't about bringing back the monarchy. It was about bringing Iran back to us.

"Marg bar dictator" is meaningless. The dictator is the spawn of the IR. "Marg bar jomhuriye eslami" is more appropriate.

If you truly hate the IR, that would include their banner of tyranny, death, and destruction.


Passion is one thing - Patriotism is another but been stupid NO


You can's just decid I want to go on the streets in a country that is your host country or maybe a country that has nothing to do with your country.

The rallies in the host country must be organize and community leaders must educate people about laws and rules in the host country Because you can't upset the ordinary peopl's life especially if you want their support.

Also make sure you carry American flags if you carry Iranian flag this the host country and show respect to their people.

If you want to support the Iranian people I am just saying do it it right and organized. here is freedom you don't have to tweet you can anoounce it on one of you crappy and garbage TV stations. be civilized and obedient. 

At least learn something from the demonstrators in Iran depsite harsh and difficult conditions they are disciplined, focused and obedient. 

Only 10 of you together and you are already screwing each other and stabbing behind each others back. 

 Or please do me a favor sit home and watch your garbage Iranian/CA TV station. 




by capt_ayhab on

For once I agree with you about this [abero rizi]. They were more like demonstrating against each other rather than against one goal. We will never learn to be united against one common goal.

Thanks dude for the clip


Nazy Kaviani

In my neighborhood

by Nazy Kaviani on

Since last Sunday, there have been four demonstrations in solidarity with Iranian people in my area. I attended three of them. Iranians from all political backgrounds attended the protests. Monarchy supporters were there, just as there were leftists, devout Muslims, and people with other political and religious preferences. Nobody told others they had no right to be there or that their flag or protest slogans were unwelcome. There were no unkind exchanges or crowd scuffles. Everybody understood that they were there to show their support for people's peaceful protests in Iran.

From what I am seeing on YouTube, in the tens of gatherings all around the world, Iranians are doing exactly the same. Most people know these events which are supposed to bring unity and attention to what is happening in Iran are not the time or place for political debates. If an unfortunate exception happens among a group of people, how is generalizing it to all Iranians in one city or state accurate or helpful? How does a self deprecating stance help Iranians? How does hate help?



by Iraniandudeee on

WTF are you talking about? You see how many anti-regime t.v stations there are in Cali? In fact the biggest anti-regime groups outside of Iran are in cali.


Please don't try to seperate and divide Iranians. The time for dividing Iranians has ended, let's all unite.


And let's unite for a better government as a whole, not mousavi nor Ahmedi, or any Islamist roach.... Please realize this, or we won't achieve anything.





by Iraniandudeee on

I would knock that fat tub of crap and crack his skull open.... I would also smack that dumb girl.



by Iraniandudeee on

 Seriously, are these people this stupid to put their trust into the hands of that islamist idiot mousavi who is just as bad as ahmedinejad?

Most of the protesters in Iran are using Mouavi's loss as an exuse (in a good way though)... The riots go beyond mousavi or Ahmedinejad, THIS IS A REVOLUTION FOR A BETTER GOVERNMENT!


Iranian dudee

by KouroshS on

How can you know the extent of patriotism among iranians in california just by living in there? have you been in involved in ralliesa and gatherings and etc (which there have been none)? Anybody can make that claim living among iranians anywhere in the world not Just california.



by minadadvar on

Dear Haterir, thanks for your blog.  My reaction to this clip is mixed.  On one hand, I like the passion demonstrated by people. On the other hand, it is worries me.  As BRITS say "divide and conqure". 

Yesterday evening, I was at a demonstration in Washington DC.  There, too, people were divided.  Those who were against IRI and against Mousavi.  Those who were pro IRI, pro Mousavi, but anti Ahamadinejad.  It seems that Mousavi, has united most of the people inside Iran, but not outside Iran. It has created sub-groups.  

I think,  this kind of disagreement is  normal, especially that we as a nation are very individualistic, self-rightous and emotional.  I hope we learn how to express our disagreement in a more civilized/productive manner.  Until then who knows....    


Please look at the facts


First of all I have not taken the video -- CNN did

Second I watched through the whole clip where you can see they are fighting, name calling at one point a women is shoved to the ground. Another women is carrying the flag of the shahi and keeps confronting the other group by force and intimidation

Third the comments left by the outsiders

I rather you guys sit home and shut f***k up and let the Iranians and the people who are realy affected to do their job without you bunch of idiots undermining their efforts.

The Iranians inside Iran are 10 times smarter than your group in CA. Just fight amongst yourself and on your TV shows 

FREE IRAN for Ismalic Republic and the fascist regime




by GOTTI (not verified) on

We can't even pretend or act like we are all on the same page, even for a few hours...LOL
and we wanna "SAVE" the country. Ummm..yeah!
There can't be more than one or two hundred of them standing, and in a 5 min clip there were at least 4 fights or arguments.
Good luck.



by Iraniandudeee on

LOL, dude, calm down buddy. If you have never been to cali then how do you know how the iranians are over there?


I have lived in California for over 2 years, and I can tell you that they are very patriotic.

 Don't exaggerate from seeing one or two videos about iranians in cali.


All Iranians, no matter where they live, love and should their country.


stand united!!


You would not like it

by Alborzi (not verified) on

This is fascinating, Mousavi used to be a hand picked
prime minister. He was hand picked by Khomeini himself. The guys on the street shout allah o akbar. Don't get me wrong I wish them success (even though I think the Liberals and the fanatics will never get along it will be Khatami all over again), however I do not think the foofools here have any idea how the Iranians (especially gorgeous girls) feel. Now go do some foofool bazi.

Darius Kadivar

YOU ARE the Intolerant One ...

by Darius Kadivar on

As I see in the clip you showed the Thugs who resort to Violence like that Big Fat Boy (with the Green Band on his head) and the Student girl ( who tore the other man's Sun and Lion Flag) are the Agressors NOT the People Carrying the SUN And Lion Flag.

Young Guys and Last Minute Patriots aggressing Old people ( WHO ARE ENTITLED AS MUCH AS YOU ARE TO THEIR OPINION) is THAT Your Definition of Democracy ?

You Are Trying the make an Issue Where there WAS NONE !

Wouldn't be Surprised if NIAC/AIC is behind their tricks again ...




Azizam, it's not just in CA!!

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

First of all, your comments are so funny, but important too. "Nose jobs and blow jobs".

Do you think Shahis are only in CA? They are taking advantage of this on all fronts - satellite channels, and other major cities. Check out youtube.

They are the single biggest parasites to these students. Kind of like a computer virus. I even heard one person at a protest say "they are holding mousavi signs because they can't hold pictures of Reza Pahlavi." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!