THE DEVIL WE KNOW: Dealing With The New Iranian Superpower

THE DEVIL WE KNOW: Dealing With The New Iranian Superpower
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Former CIA Operative (1976-1997) Robert Baer talked about his book, "THE DEVIL WE KNOW: Dealing With The New Iranian Superpower." In the book he explored the gap of information between what is going on in Iran and what Americans know.

Mr. Baer visited Iran to interview suicide bombers, a grand ayatollah, the chief of staff of Iran's military forces and the chief of Hezbollah.

Overall, a fascinating read. Hope you enjoy this presentation:


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by evden eve nakliye (not verified) on

Very nice article thank you very much...

Haj Seyd Mammad

Dear Jaleho

by Haj Seyd Mammad on

Thank you for your kind words. The following is a link of this video directly to C-Span:


I want you to know that as a general rule, I do not provide a direct link to the videos while my blog is being featured. This would provide an incentive for people to visit, rather than seeing the videos direct.

Take care.


Excellent Book

by Hamid Bakhshi (not verified) on

This book has the potential of becoming a classic like Stephen Kinzer's 'All The Shah's Men'.

I have read most of it, and the one thing that comes across to me, is the clear understanding that Robert Baer has of the Middle Estern people in general, and Iranian people in particular.

I highly recommend this book to everyone - Even if you disgaree with his point of views, it's worth reading it.


The power!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Indeed, the U.S. is on a decline trajctory as a super power. Nearly all its hegemonistic designs are met with formidable challenges (e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, ME road map, missile defence...) while its economy plunging down the drain! It ultimately has to come to terms with its new, fitter and lighter place in the new world order (as the American auto industary does)!

On the other hand Iran has for a long time been a power to be reckoned with (IRI, Pahlavi and Qajar which are only footnotes on Iranian history notwithstanding) due to its people's adaptability and resilience. As Baer said, Iran was written off as falling apart at the begining of Iraq-Iran war, but it emerged as a regional power not due to Khomeini's power but because our people decided to rally around him against the rest of the world.

That is the power and resolve of a people who do not accept democray as a hand out on the tip of a bayonet, but seeking to find their true place in a hustile environment in spite of the US military threats and IRI's repression and not because of them! In the American eye this may be seen as superiority complex, but so what?! It beats the hell out of being bombed (I mean liberated) by the people who brought the world the Gitmos and Abu Ghraibs!

Darius Kadivar

JJ Why Should YOU feel Targeted ?

by Darius Kadivar on

I accused Baer of distorting Facts NOT YOU and I hope to have clarified why I did so in the previous post. Thats My Staunch Opinion and I have offered my arguments.

You wish to defend him or his position that is your right but I don't think that I attacked YOU for that matter ?

Abarmard called Abbas Milani a Neo Con War Mongerer and I was the only one to contradict him. You remained neutral either because you share the same doubts, or did not read his comment or did not want to interfere which again is your right. But me calling Baer a "Double Agent Hoax" shocks you ? That's fine maybe you are even right on this but why this selective indignation ?

As a matter of fact I don't recall attacking you personally on any matter. I may disagree with you on some issues and have expressed them openly but I don't think I ever attacked you on any personal level or because of your past or present opinions. On the contrary I have even defended you whenever you were subject to personal attacks including from people claiming to be monarchists or any other group that did so in the past and particularly in the wake of 9/11. But maybe you forgot ? I don't expect to be thanked for it either. I try to be fair as much as anyone else on this site and there are many with a minimum of objectivity and gratefulness for what you have done in allowing and guaranteeing our freedom of expression ( albeit moderating it which is understandable and justifiable) over the years.

As for the Monarchy and being on the Pahlavi Payroll ...I believe I have been accused of THAT MORE THAN ONCE in the past 9 or 10 years writing on this website by so many people that I have lost Count.   Even when I would write about Art, Cinema or Culture or when I bring up Human Rights issues like Nazanin Afshin Jam's campaign ( whom I was the first to draw serious attention too in the Iranian Media and particularly on Iranian,com ) but never did I see you come out in my defense (nor did I expect or require it from you ) in the face of these accusations.

For That you can even trust your beloved Azam Nemati  who called me and my brother a "Crowned Cannible Monarchists" several times without EVER hearing or reading your public comments moderating hers !

Maybe that's because I am a bloody Monarchist and my views disqualify me as someone who could be equally concerned by Human Rights issues like my fellow Iranian Jomhurikha compatriots ? ...

On the otherhand I give you full credit and I know that you are perfectly right in that my accusations toward Baer are more rightly a "Far Fetched Wild Guess" on his motives rather than an "Objective claim based on proof".

Well Recent events in the region if they do not prove my point, I think that they ALAS comfort my suspicions :

Please Read this AFP Report ::

Iraq Kurdistan comes under Iran, Turkish bombardment

Where do you see in Baer's Curricular Interest in the region any form of Passion and even less Compassion ?

I simply see a former Spy ( probably Still spying. In this profession I doubt one ever retires completely) making Blunt Comments under that arrogant Professoral University disguise (which I am sure many of us who have attended University are familiar with, except that this is not a course in Physics or Mathematics but Espionage where human lives are at stake ). Now if some think he is cool and sexy enough to share a cup of tea with the Kurds, befriend them and then Stab them in the Back but is ready to sit down with the people these kurds are fighting and who are responsible for his own colleagues death ... I suppose indeed that we don't see EYE to EYE on this character.

You call that Passionate on behalf of Baer, I call it Cold Blooded Unemotional Calculation !

And lets say I were on Reza Pahlavi's payroll ( which I'm not but wouldn't find it dishonerable personally no more than seeing you be on NIAC's Payroll ... they do pay for the Ads on your website I hope ? ) or simply a monarchist loser with illusions on a long lost Empire. So What ? I have to my knowledge responded personally and publically to these baseless attacks or accusations when I felt they deserved an answer  as for my views on the monarchy I have defended them at best with Arguments and Not Slogans (except in rare occasions when I want to be subversive or provocative, I don't think I have or can stop others from doing the same and rest Assured They DO ! ) the same way you have responded to similar baseless accusations that the was a platform for IRI apologists or worse that you were Pro IRI and a Traitor. But is Baer a contributor to this site to deserve to be defended in the face of such outrageous claims that put people's lives in the line ?  True I would understand if HE sued me for my accusations but NOT YOU !.

As for Defending Reza Pahlavi I think that in all  all honesty I have only defended the "Institution" of the Monarchy as I understand it from a Constitutionalist Point of view and NOT Reza Pahlavi. I have defended him when I feel he is being attacked unjustly or if I feel what is being said is inaccurate or if I oppose someone's assessment I try at best to offer my arguments. Sure I have been subversive and provocative at times like anyone if I feel I am challenged in my convictions. Do you know anyone who doesn't ? Is Marge any more Objective when she screams her head off just for the sake of calling Reza Pahlavi a Big Fat Lazy unemployed bum or a US Puppet or equate the Pahlavis to Traitors ? That's Slandering too and anti monarchists are experts at that.

As for the historical memorabilia I doubt that I am breaching anybody's Freedom to express their thoughts on what is posted besides its not  Propaganda but a pictorial testimony of the passage of time. What stops others to post about the history of the Islamic Republic in the past 30 years ? I'm afraid their is less to be proud of. I would even welcome being enlighted by their knowledge. After all its MY Time and my Blog so why should I feel guilty if I choose to waste my time and energy with it. Others are free to think its My Stupid and illusionary romantic choice. I challenge You or any one else to claim that I EVER posted anything regarding Human Rights Violations under the Pahlavi or Qajar Rule and claim it was a Good thing or worse It Never Happened ? On the contrary whenever I come across something like that I actually will post it even if it may seem uncomfortable to me. As for Those who support Ahmadinejad support a Man who claims that the Holocaust did not happen and some ( NOT YOU) still have a nerve to defend him or find excuses for his comments ?

Before Being an Iranian I am first and foremost a Human Being. I think You are Too !

Now If I  should be considered as subversive and of being on Reza Pahlavi's Payroll so be it. I couldn't care less what people may say or think in this regard for  My Consciounse is clear. That is the only thing that matters to me. I intellectually try to defend and justify a Political Institution which until further notice Reza Pahlavi happens to embody (unless of course someone else is running for the Job and I am unaware of it and I am willing to listen to his or her arguments) and which known as a Constitutional Monarchy as Opposed to an Absolute Monarchy ? I have always been open to debate and welcome the challenge but I don't think this is the issue we are discussing here. 

Anyways No Hard Feelings ... 

Merry X Mas by the Way Hope you got my e-card ? ...

Good night got to go to bed on this side of the Atlantic !




WoW! ... Iranian Super Power

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Are you kidding me!? Perhaps America is fading a way and that is why Iran has all of a sudden become a Super Power!? So much B.S.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Go thank Your Beloved Expert !

Santa Baer is comming HO HO HO ...

Iraq Kurdistan comes under Iran, Turkish bombardment

Published Date: December 19, 2008 AFP

ARBIL: Turkish warplanes and Iranian artillery pounded border areas of northern Iraq yesterday as they pressed an offensive against Kurdish rebels, an Iraqi Kurdish security forces spokesman said. "Turkish and Iranian forces are continuing to bombard the Iraqi border region on the pretext of fighting the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the Haj Omran and Qandil mountains districts," Jabbar Yawar said.

These Turkish and Iranian bombardments have caused a great deal of damage in the villages and the villagers have fled," he added. The Turkish military confirmed it had launched air strikes against suspected PKK rear-bases in the Qandil mountains for a second straight day. "The planes completed their mission successfully and returned safely to their bases," a statement on the army's website said, adding that it had made every effort to avoid casualties among the region's civilian population.

The PKK has fought a bloody campaign for Kurdish self-rule in southeast Turkey since 1984. An estimated 44,000 people have died in the campaign. Ankara charges that some 2,000 PKK rebels are operating out of rear-bases across the border in northern Iraq where it accuses the Iraqi Kurdish authorities of turning a blind eye to their activities. The Qandil mountains lie where the borders of Iraq, Turkey and Iran meet and Iran too has accused the Iraqi Kurds of harboring rear-bases for rebels operating inside
their territory.

Iranian officials charge that many of the fighters of the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) are in fact Turkish Kurds, not members of its own Kurdish minority. In October, the Turkish parliament renewed an authorization for cross-border operations into northern Iraq first granted last year. Ankara persuaded its NATO ally Washington to provide intelligence support for the raids. Turkey has often accused the Iraqi Kurds, who run an autonomous administration in the region, of tolerating and even aiding t
he PKK, but has said it will still pursue dialogue with them to resolve the problem.

Last month, Iraq, Turkey and the United States agreed to form a joint committee to track the threat posed by the PKK and enact measures to stop the militants' activities. Turkish foreign ministry spokesman Burak Ozugergin said that talks were under way to outline the details of the committee's structure. "But I can say it will start working very soon," he told a news conference, adding that Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari is to visit Ankara in the coming days. "We expect the Iraqi government and the
regional authorities (in northern Iraq) to punctually fulfill the pledges they have made" to act against the PKK, Ozugergin said. - AFP



At last!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Finally, an intelligence expert who gets Iran and Iranians (note his noticing of our zoroastrian-based national holidays...) and understands the IRI power structure. And yet, we have to trash him just because he does not live in the same dream world as some of us do!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh give it up Darius. Forget about flags. Ok it's the mars flag

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You have no idea what you're talking about. I have seen 5 or 6 interviews with this guy and each time he stresses what an idiot Ahmadinejad was and how useless he is. What he is doing is EDUCATING the American public about the various roles of officials in Iran. For example, this wiping off the map crap. 

Baer has said that Ahmadinejad has no power to launch any military strikes. I wonder if some Iranians know that. He has also explained the complex politics in Iran between moderates and hard liners. Yea we already know you don't care because with you it's Pahlavi or nothing. But don't dismiss him like that.

You know, one day you'll be in a position where you'll have a message, and everyone will say DARIUS KADIVAR IS ON THE PAY ROLL OF REZA PAHLAVI. HE IS GETTING PAID WITH STOLEN MONEY .... MONEY OF IRANIAN PEOPLE. Notice how irrational and stupid that is? Stop accusing. You look worse than you already do by doing that....especially when you try to defend it.

Darius Kadivar

YOUR Flag Marge NOT Mine and Check out the Kulechov Effect

by Darius Kadivar on

If that suits You Fine ... In My Book the current Regime is Not Behind the Devil but way in Front of Him ( or Her)  ...

JJ doesn't seem to have an opinion maybe you do regarding Baers comments claiming the Kurd Rebels as "Terrorists" ?

Or about this VERY dishonest report here which is simply a perfect example of the use of the Kulechov Effect (which anyone with a minimum of knowledge in Cinema theory would recognize) in suggesting things that you don't even see but take for granted :


As for the Islamic Flag, I only respect those who have fallen for it during the bloody and useless Iran Iraq War defending their homeland including monarchists which when not executed were to put their own lives in defending their motherland as staunchly as any of those Brave Men and women and ... Children who lost their lives in this useless war. A War that the Ayatollah Refused to put to an End by claiming that making Peace with Iraq was like drinking Poison and which resulted in prolonging this useless War.

I wonder what made him conclude that the following report calling Pro Regime Change Iranian Protestors as being Pro-WAR Iranians was accurate ?  


All the more that the photos displayed shows them with such banners ( Clearly Stating their opposition to WAR but Support for Regime Change) :


Isn't THAT Far Fetched to claim that Pro Regime Change Demonstrators were the aggressors in this demo ? After all this could have been equally triggered by an Anti War Demonstrators who may have provoked a Pro Regime Change Demonstrator. Go figure ? This is another example of a typical reaction to a Kulechov Effect .

Now go and call me a Pro Pahlavi Demagogue ...

But well JJ is Right I have no Proof of what I am Claiming. But Let me put it this way then Does he or You have Proof that he is NOT a Double Agent ?

Maybe JJ is right after all that I made a Far Fetched Guess about Baer being a double Agent Hoax. I'm ready to retrieve my claim that Baer is a double Agent ( I hold him accountable though for calling the Kurds Terrorists) but I continue to claim that he is a Hoax.

Since when were the Iranian Authorities who set FATWAS on any one who is against them from intellectuals like  Salman Rushdie ( lucky to still be alive) to fereydoun Farrokhzad or Bakhtiar or Forouhars qualified to call any one a Terrorist and even less a Traitor ?

Don't Ask me to spill crocodile Tears for their Endorsers be them a Foreign CIA operative like Baer or Pro IRI lobbyists like Mr. Houshang Amirahmadi founder of AIC.

I said it before Baer given his background is the same type of middle man as the likes of Manuchehr  Gorbanifar who were involved in the Contra Affair back in the 80's. They would betray their mother if that could serve their own interests.

His interests is to sell his book, turn it into a good movie and probably get back his Job in the CIA.

Have a Nice Weekend.



داريوش جان

مورخ (not verified)

اين كتاب، كتابي بسيار جالب مي باشد٠ ممكن است كه شما با تمام عقايد ايشان موافقت نكنِد، ولي ارزش آنرا دارد كه بخوانيد٠

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Ok Darius, what you are saying is that you do not like Baer's positions about Kurdish fighters and the Islamic Republic, etc. You think his OPINIONs suck. That does not make him an agent of the IRI or anybody else.

You post photos from the Pahlavi era every day and you strongly defend Reza Pahlavi and the monarchy. Should I go around and say that you are on RP's payroll? I believe you are passionate in your views and you express them. Same as Baer.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

LOL DARIUS!!!! You took the words out of my mouth!!!!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I loves me some "payroll" accusations. Have you read the book beyond the title? I think anyone who isn't a Pahlavi adoration crew member is automatically is on IRI payroll. Arrest him! Blacklist him immediately! I thought you would LOVE this book since it has the Iranian flag behind the word Devil. Who knew!?


Thanks Haj seyd Mammad

by Jaleho on

for consistently providing valuable links. Could you please provide a better link, in a comment maybe, so one can listen without interruptions which makes it incomprehensible a bit. People can stil listen to it from this site and provide comments. I remember once before you were able to do it, really appreciate. Thanks.


This guy is a good reflection of how the US has been FORCED TO back-paddle its constant threats of the past thirty years, and accept Iran's rise as a regional super power to reckon with. Still, he can't stop the typical American reflexive BS of "Israel might find itself forced to take action,"or US has to rein them in, or initiate something to control its own attack dog.... 


AND, wouldn't it be funny to see the face of ALL THESE Americans who are sure that Ahmadinejad will be wiped out OBVIOUSLY in the next election, and will be replaced by Khatami again? Let's see if bringing oil prices to the lowest in half a decade would do that!

Even when they are forced to back-paddle, the wishful thinking American and Israelis never fail to dream things from their own vantage point!! 

Darius Kadivar

I stand my Case JJ ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Calling Baer "a Hoax and Double Agent" appears an outrageous accusation but presenting Kurd Rebels as "Terrorists" by Baer is a FACT in Your Book ?

What FACTS were presented in this documentary ?:


Apart from the known fact that Kurds have always struggled for independance. Distributing alcohol and smuggling them into Iran is an act of Terror ? Is Defending themselves against Revolutionary Guards equipped with Tanks and all kinds of sophisticated weaponery an Act of Terror ? Where were the Facts Presented unbiaisly in this Report ?

As a Film Historian and former film director I know a minimum about how images can be manipulated by commentary and suggest things that hardly appear in the footage.

You should too after all the exposition we got in this regard back in 1979 and the Propaganda War Khomeiny and the Shah used against one another through fake tapes or distorted reports to stir and manipulate public opinion one way or another.

Many Iranians living today in exile were able to flee Iran's theocracy THANKS to these rebels who were able to smuggle them safely out of the country amongst them were Bahai's, Zoroastrians, political activists, journalists or anyone who was deemed "terrorist" and "dangerous' by the regime of Tehran. Why Doesn't Baer Mention THAT FACT ?  

I know Baer's reputation as an "expert" on the middle east and have even written fondly about his book Syriana and the film adaptation many years ago:


But his geo strategical observations regarding Iran are nothing new or unknown to anyone with some knowledge about the region. But come on this clearly appears as a blue print set under the noses of the next US Administration for direct talks with Tehran at the expense of Iran's civil Society and genuine Democrats struggling back home.

I won't stand Against such negotiations but I Will NEVER Endorse them as an Iranian living in exile. Whatever this Regime and its henchmen decide to do or not to do with the next  American Administration in terms of opening dialogue or even an American Embassy in Tehran, to me the Islamic Republic remains accountable for the cold blooded assassination of many innocent Iranians and Great Patriots in the likes of Shapour Bakhtiar, Farrokhzad  or even the Forouhars couple ( even if my personal political stance were at odd's with these slained man and wife).  

If that's fine with some IRI lobbies like AIC and its founder Houshang Amirahmadi to go out and shake hands with Ahmadinejad or other members of that Theocratic Regime then he better not speak or claim to do so in the name of the Iranian American Community who for the majority went into exile precisely because of the founders of the Islamic Republic many of whome are still pulling the strings of power.

Why Should WE accept to sleep with the enemy who is responsible for our exile ? That may be fine with your conscience and past experiences and I don't hold them against you but don't bring in the argument of REAL POLITICS here ?

The Same argument was used by dubious intellectuals like Michael Leeden in defending the neo con agenda and in that strongly supported by some hardline monarchists and probably even indirectly by Reza Pahlavi ( more by ommiting to criticize Leeden publically than by any visible accurate support).

I'm not Naive into thinking that Politics is about GOOD VS EVIL but Why don't these so called grass root organizations ( who basically find common ground with Baer's arguments here) claiming to represent US Iranian Americans hold the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable for all the crimes they have commited in the past 30 years ? 

Did NIAC ( which until further notice I won't equate to AIC nor Mr. Trita Parsi's approach to that of Mr. Houshang AmirAhmadi ) ever bother asking the families of the victimes their endorsment before asking the American Congress to stop helping financially the Iranian Opposition and All that in the Name of ALL Iranian Americans and without their consultation? Oh sure Polls ... Since when have Polls been a petition ?

This innefficient Opposition regardless of whether we like them or not or find them useful or not Exists Precisely Because the IRI exists and because the country is hardly a democracy and even less a Religious Democracy that the likes of Khatami and Co have been trying to sell us. Ask the Baha'is or the Jews if they think Iran's Theocracy is a Religiously tolerant regime ?   

Its Easy to blame people who often to high personal risks have been fighting the IRI as "Traitors" because they call for regime change. In that case we should equally call these so called "grass root" organizations as "Collaborators" ...

Equating the Monarchists, Leftists, Kurds or Nationalists to the MKO as the Islamic Republic has been recurrently doing in the past 30 years in an aim at dissolving ANY FORM OF OPPOSITION both Inside and Outside Iran is in itself an act of treacherous collaboration which shocks me more than Mr. Trita Parsi's Book Title Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the U.s.

Why should WE be asked as Iranian Americans to sleep with the enemy ? You may not consider the regime in Tehran as being our Enemy, I DO until they accept some accountability for the horredous crimes they have commited against many Iranian compatriots and continue to do so to this day.

Bakhtiar warned us against these People many years ago and we keep falling for their Treacherous Arguments Time and Again.


Bakhtiar PAID with HIS LIFE for Heaven's sake. Was THAT For Nothing ? What has NIAC or AIC have to say in this regard ? And then you blame us not to look at these organizations with some suspicion ? What about LOYALTY at least towards the innocent victimes.

We Saw that Ahmadinejad was NO MOSSADEGH now we should gobble that IRAN is a SUPER POWER ? This is called psychological Warefare and Baer as a former Spy knows better than any of us how it is used. Sorry but I Don't Buy this type of BS. Iran would be in such a position if they had the BOMB and then we could indeed claim that dialogue is inevitable just like Nixon with China. But Iran is not a Super Power but an important regional Power that needs to be contained in its ideological ambitions and bellicous rhetoric. If Khatami's election can lead to curbing Iran's provocations and easing the tone between Iran and America, All the better but I personally won't change my opinion regarding the very structure of the regime or overlook its accountability on grounds of Real Politics.

As for my personaly assessment I believe that the American administration should listen to people who have Iran's civil society and their genuine demands for Democracy and Human Rights on their mind and give voice to them be it amongst the exiled Intelligenstia with people like : 

Abbas Milani :


or Akbar Ganji


neither of whom can be accused of being Monarchists or supporters of War and YET they Do Call for Regime Change.

Both have responded to Interviews on VOA Persian and accept dialogue and debate with Iranians and even have extended invitations to debate with the leadership in Iran and political personalities deemed moderate in Iran likes of  Khatami but they have ALL refused systematically to respond to these invitations on grounds that VOA is a propaganda media.

At Least VOA despite its imperfections even managed to draw reformists like this outspoken deputy


As well as Shirine Ebadi :


Why Doesn't Trita Parsi and NIAC members accept Debate with the PNN  Journalists then ? What Are they Afraid of ?   

But back to Robert Baer I stand my Case that his arguments simply serve in this psychological warefare that opposes those who believe in reform of the current regime in Tehran to those who call for regime change. If he is not a double Agent then he is at best Naive Pion on the chessboard of antagonist Wills in the battle for a Future Democratic and Secular Iran.

As an politically independent Iranian lucky enough to live in a Free country today I simply say that I was, am and will always endorse Regime Change in Iran But through support for Civil Dissobedience ( when it does not endanger those who are in the front lines) and with the hope that this discontent can lead to an Iranian SOLIDARNOSC as in Poland or other Eastern European countries who achieved Peaceful Transition towards Democracy.  



Jahanshah Javid

Opinion vs. Fact

by Jahanshah Javid on

"He's a Hoax and Double Agent for the IRI" according to...?

Darius Kadivar

He's a Hoax and Double Agent for the IRI

by Darius Kadivar on

I noted his treacheous comments comparing Kurdish Rebel Freedom Fighters to Terrorists for defending themselves against Iran's Revolutionary guards.

See Below:


Baer is nothing but a double agent on the IRI payroll. In recent months actually his comments were put to practice with the arrest of a dozen kurds who await execution in the dungeons of the Islamic Republic. Iran has also been arresting many Iranian journalists belonging to minority groups like the Azeris and Kurds : 


Iran has interests in eliminating the Kurdish Rebellion simply because they are the only ones to stop the Islamic Republic Agents from infiltrating Iraq and forment Shia's to revolt against not only the Americans but also the Iraqi government. 

Now that the Americans are going to leave Iraq, Baer's arguments are simply a pretext to enhance Iranian influence in the region. When in Fact unlike most Iraqi's the Kurds are actually very greatful to the American presence in Iraq for it has allowed them to create an autonomous administration and that makes the Iranians and Turks as well as some Iraqis fearful of an independant Kurdistan which would give hope to Kurdish minorities in their respective countries.

I don't support a Kurdish independant State but I would support them in the face of assholes like Baer and the Islamic Regime in Tehran for calling the Kurds "Terrorists" as he did in another innaccurate report posted on this site by another blogger. This is like calling the American Indians criminals only because they fought General Custer and his Army.  

To Support Baer is to support the IRI and endorse the Mullah's regime and the crimes commited by the Revolutionary guards.

I Don't TRUST this guy because he is a dihonest hypocrite. And I hope that the IRI Lobbyists in the US won't use this as a pretext to Promote Robert Baer Book and dubious intentionsof this so called "expert" as they did with Stephan Kinzer's naive outlook on the events of 1953 in his book All the Shah's Men ( Even if I won't compare Kinzer's naivity to Baer's Evil Intentions) only to try and sell us Ahmadinejad as the New Mossadegh of Iran. Now that THAT Scheme failed Baer and his likes want to sell us Iran as a "Super Power" it is not. He never speaks of the Iranian Civil Society in the making and how they are being arrested and tortured on a daily basis by the Same Revolutionary Guards he feels so sorry about. The Recent Student Protests in Iranian Universities are a clear indication of the insatisfaction of Iranians and that they are bold enough to stand in the face of oppression if they would be supported by the international community.


Baer simply wants to reassert Iran's foreign policy in the region and at least pave the way for the Likes of Clowns like Khatami or anyother so called reformist just to gain time for the regime's own survival.  


You call Afghan President Karzai Corrupt and Owner of Heroin plantations. Wow That concerns YOU but What about Rafsanjani in Iran then ? He owns all of Iran's economy and is one of the most hated people in Iran and Do you call him a moderate Reformist too ?

Last Thing I would expect from a former "Spy" is being given a lesson about morality.  

Fool Us Once, Not Twice