Trita Parsi interviews Azar Nafisi on her new book

Trita Parsi interviews Azar Nafisi on her new book
by Haj Seyd Mammad

Azar Nafisi, the author of: "Things I've Been Silent About: Memories", interviewed by Trita Parsi, President, National Iranian American Council.

The author of "Reading Lolita in Tehran" tells a more personal story of her life in Iran.  She brings readers into her childhood and reveals the family dynamics that shaped her life choices and world perspective.

Azar Nafisi is a visiting fellow and Director of the Dialogue Project at Johns Hopkins University's Foreign Policy Institute. Previously, she taught western literature at Tehran University.

It should be noted that Azar received quite a bit of criticism for writing such a book after the passing of her parents. Many believe that this book portrayed her parents, especially her mother, in a very negative light. The criticim was directed more towards the fact that the parents are unable to respond to such charges.

Hope you find it interesting:


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anonymous fish

i'm looking forward to reading this as well

by anonymous fish on

i enjoyed "reading lolita in tehran" for the most part.  it was confusing at times trying to keep up with the time period.  but her characters were engaging and well fleshed out.  i always like to read an author at least twice before forming a strong opinion especially if it's a first attempt.  it's hard to say what the intention is regarding her parents.  she definitely had respect for them but respect doesn't necessarily mean agreeing on everything!  i think it's silly to overly criticize her for writing the book after they died.  how long is she supposed to wait?  besides, her parents might have seen transcripts of the book.

anyhoo.... i'm looking forward to getting this book to add to my growing collection!!!  :-)

Azarin Sadegh

Amazing writer, compelling subject!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thank you for sharing this very interesting interview!

I have just finished reading Things I've been silent about and found it to be even better than Reading Lolita in Tehran! I was particularly impressed with the quality of writing (the craft of writing)...and this wonderful mixture of her personal story alongside the history of Iran. Writing this book seems to be Nafisi's special way to honor her parents (both of them, not only the father) through understanding their mistakes, even to justify them.

Azar Nafisi for sure is NOT "another intelligent Iranian woman gone to waste"!

Thanks, Azarin

PS: Actually, I found Trita Parsi's questions very interesting and relevant. Good job Trita!