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by Freedom5
History of Jahanshah Javid,

Mr. Javid Jahanshah Biography
a bit of history

1962 - Jahanshah Javid was born in Abadan, Iran

1974 - He traveled to Egypt with his family, this trip had a significant impact on him to grow future Islamist Tendencies.

1976 - He moved to United States of America to finish High School.

Jahanshah Chameleon's Patriotic Face!

1979 - Islamic Revolution (Reaction) of Iran occurred and Islamist Fundamentalists, occupied the government offices of the progressive civilized Iran! The plan was to push Iran back to 7th century AD!

1980 - Jahanshah voluntarily went back to Iran to help the Islamic Reactionaries and the Islamic Republic's Occupying Regime to establish a Theocratic Dictatorship upon Iran! He grew a beard and a mustache. Like a devout Muslim, he started praying 3 times a day. In the past, he had mild religious tendencies, yet suddenly he had turned to a full-blown Islamist! His first job was a translator position for IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency).

Next, he changed his name from Jahanshah (a Persian name) to "Mohamad" (an Arabo_Islamic name)! At the time that True Iranian Nationalists were going back to their Persian roots and changed their Islamic names to Persian names, this gentleman done the opposite! For example Mr. Reza Mazluman changed his name to "Kourosh Aryamanesh". My Master (Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh) sincerely believed that to own an Islamic name for an Iranian is a disgrace and considers as Treason to Iran and Iranians; therefore, he found it necessary to change his name to a Good Iranian Name. On the other hand, this Born Again Shiite, Jahanshah Javid went by the fashion and fad of the day and sold his Iranian birth name, yet bought a worst possible Arabo_Islamic name that he could get his hands on from The Islamic SuperMarket of names! Like a Chameleon, he changed colors and face, like a camouflaging lizard, Chameleon Jahanshah became Mohamad!

Now named Mohamad Javid, became a full-blown Muslim Revolutionary working for the IRI Government. His hobby was photography yet propaganda photos! He made a career out of taking pictures of the Islamic Pro IRI demonstrations and Islamic revolutionary slogans and graffiti on the walls of Tehran! What an artist!

Later, he married an IRNA typist named Zahra Pirani. Supposedly he was rebelling against his social class, he was of the middle class so he married a religious woman from a lower social class. At this point he was going more and more towards Religious Fanaticism. Also at this time,
known IRNA propagandists were amongst his friends and during this period, he became a reporter-photographer for IRNA and a flaming Islamist Propagandist. He managed to gather a gang of extremist Islamic Fundamentalist Reactionaries and Hot Headed Islamic Militants and students around him! At this point, he became a professional propagandist for the Terrorist Regime of Mullahs! People like Jahanshah Javid are the reason that Iran got destroyed!

1982 - His daughter, Mahdiyeh was born. Please pay attention to the deeply religious name which he chosen for his daughter: "Mahdiyeh" (female version of Mahdi, the mythical 12th Imam of Shiite, whom in childhood had disappeared in a well, and upon his return, the justice shall come upon Earth)!

1981 - 1985 - Many of his photos appeared in the Iranian broadcasting organization's Soroush magazine. He was also working for IRNA in Tehran as a reporter/photographer.

1982 - 1988 - He continued working for IRNA and in addition Kayhan International which was the international English version of Hezbollah's propaganda tabloid (Kayhan) published in Tehran.

News Agencies, same as NFL American Football Teams or International Soccer Teams, trade players; however, the players in this case are writers, reporters and photographers. This is a tradition amongst the news agencies to trade players, trade information and keep up the good public relation.

British Government as always, had a perfect relation with Mullahs of Qom; furthermore, British policies were one of the major factors towards the success of the Islamist Reaction of 1979. Diplomatic relations of Great Britain and Islamic Republic is more complexed than a simple official relation, yet it's more like a Diplomatic Love Affair! UK, gets cheap oil, number one (best) and top of the line Iranian food products, produce and can goods in wholesale prices, and naturally the rest of the natural resources of Iran at bargain prices! In return, Mullahs get to have the British Green Light to stay in power, oppress the masses and do as they please! In addition, UK, France, Germany and Italy remain as IRI's Top 4 trading partners and avoid participating in any possible sanctions or blockage posed by United States upon the IRI. So UN, EU, Russia and China, leading by the reluctant UK, sabotage any possible sanctions upon IRI. The perfect love affair made in heavens!

The same type of love affair and mutual wheeling and dealings also goes on between the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Islamic Republic's News Agency (IRNA)! The beautiful trade of information, agents and the usual flirtations in a Secret Rendezvou goes on behind the curtains! These rendezvous were going on pre and post Islamic Revolution! Naturally, Mohamad Khan-e Javid, the born again Shiite was an obedient trustee and servant of IRNA and IRI; therefore, they traded him with the British. Mohamad Javid at first became a liaison and then an agent. During this period, Mohamad Khan started to first become an IRNA Agent in British Hierarchy and then a Double Agent working for both BBC and IRNA. Jahanshah Khan or better said, born again Shiite Mohamad Khan, started to climb the ladders of International Journalism or better put International Treason to Mother Persia!

During this period, he was working for IRNA in Tehran and London, Islamic Organization of the Crescent International in London, Kayhan International Newspaper (Tabloid mouthpiece of Hezbollah in English) in Tehran, reporter at Non-Aligned Movement summit for IRNA in New Delhi, India (1982). During this era, Mohamad Khan was officially working for IRNA, yet he was making connections and establishing himself to eventually move on to BBC.

Jahanshah chameleon was working hard to learn the fine arts of opportunism, incognito information trades, propaganda and double cross!

1988 - 1989 - He acted as a reporter and an agent of IRNA to cover assignments in Belgrade (1989) and at Iran-Iraq peace talks in Geneva (1988 - 1989). He was also freelancing for Tehran Times, another IRI mouthpiece media.

1990 - 1992 - He went back to school, continuing his education at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and while he was there, he was working at the Daily Lobo. On 1991 He done some freelance for Associated Press in Tehran.

1991 - 1996 - He started his official work with BBC Persian Service, yet he was still working for IRNA in New York and UN. He continued his education in media studies in Hunter College of New York. His studies continued for decades (From Birth to Grave!) but has he ever managed to get a lousy degree? Only Allah knows!

1994 - 1996 - One of Jahanshah's darkest eras in life was working as a propagandist mouthpiece for the Islamic Regime, as a direct Agent of The Islamic Republic in the infamous "Aftab" Cable Television in New York.

At the same time, he was working with Iran Business Monitor also in New York.

IRI's America East Coast Operations
- Aftab TV (later changed to IRI International Jame Jam TV)
- Alavi Foundation (New York)
- Muslim Student Association
- A number of other organizations and Front Businesses

Aftab Television, Alavi Foundation and Muslim Student Association, were some of the most infamous front organizations of IRI in New York to operate their well connected network to sabotage Opposition networks and activities via collecting huge amounts of Islamic Charity and donation funds to operate their network of espionage, money laundry, illegal weapon purchases, illegal business transactions, spreading Islamist propaganda, drafting new Muslim agents, and other terrorist activities. These three organizations were Front Businesses for IRI's illegal activities in "America East Coast Operations."

IRI's America West Coast Operations
- Iman Foundation (Los Angeles)
- Muslim Student Association of California
- A number of other media and satellite televisions

IRI has a separate network of Espionage in west coast which is called "America West Coast Operations", which includes Front Businesses of Iman Foundation, Muslim Student Association of California, and a number of Media mouthpieces including newspapers, magazines, websites and Satellite televisions.

1996 - 2001 - Mr. Javid continued his activities with BBC Persian Services and also added Washington, DC to his area of operation.

On November 6th 1995 Mohamad Javid created a new mouthpiece front business, yet this time in the form of a Net Media named "The Iranian Magazine":



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Dear Darius

by Nur-i-Azal on

Your notions of Higher Authority and those who answer to it and what their characteristic ought to be appear quite limited. But you are not to blame here, since that is a mainstream, consensus reality thing. Where I come from there are no holds barred and Higher Authorities do not demand fluff and light in all cases or circumstances. Sometimes a hard boot is required, at other times a caress. All scriptures, whether Abrahamic or non-Abrahamic, and all masters, whether Abrahamic or non-Abrahamic, testify to this -- and if you wish a theological or philosophical debate about all this, I am happy to engage.

That said, I hold no personal grudge or vendetta against JJ, but I do believe that justice needs to be served and the past needs to be completely rectified, and as such he needs to come squeeky clean about this past. If this needs to be jiggled out of him using various methods or means, then ajiggle we will go. Also consider that it might not be me with the grudge or vendetta here, but perhaps JJ himself.

Finally, without God(ess)head/the Pure Spirit, there is no human thing. Period.

OM Shanti!


Dear Nur-i-azal

by darius on

The person who only answers to higher authority, does not hold grudge against another human being, he opens his heart to any one that

has done something wrong. I am not sure you and I  believe in the same God or supreme being.Discussing people's past and trying to hurt them in public is not one of God's order of the day.

So, lets keep the God out of this and do your human thing.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

No matter what one does or says........

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

one will never feel like they have atoned for the past.

The shadows of the past will always be there.......waiting for us.

tormenting us................we all have them......the only difference is the depth of the shadows.................



by Nur-i-Azal on

The past exists and acts in the present unless it be liberated through complete unveiling (thus knowledge) otherwise it will continue to act and influence the present -- and the future. This simple truism from Indian metaphysics says it all. In Judaism and Christianity this notion is almost analogous to the concept of atonement.

JJ and his gang of fellow Dezfulis at the University of New Mexico in the 1990s have not, in my opinion, completely atoned for everything they were up to back then. There were Iranian students who swear they were being informed on by these people, specifically JJ and a cousin of his, to the IRI authorities back home, some of this informing then affecting their families and friends in quite a direct, immediate manner. If the Jews and the international community still hunt for Nazis 64 years after the end of WWII, it stands to reason that unless certain reckonings and atonings are made, we as a people cannot move on to anything. JJ, as far as I am concerned, has not come clean on any of his activities of the 1990s whatever he has confessed regarding his sex-addiction or what have you. Besides, as far as I am concerned, such confessions could be construed as a form of smoke-screen from having to face the real music. Indeed consequences exist and such consequences must be faced, and must be faced head-on.

As for American, Israeli, Iranian, Russian or whatever intelligence authorities are concerned: I have never been afraid of these stiffs in the past nor am I going to start being afraid of them in the future. Besides I only answer to a much, much Higher Authority Whose Hand is way, way above theirs in any case. 

[Crossposted to USENET]


Why Are You Guys Addicted To The Past?

by darius on

Why can't you all look forward?We still swear at Shah and think of Mossadegh as an Icon or build a shrine for Khomeiniand make him a false Imam.

JJ has told so many story about his life publically , addiction to sex, fanaticism, his mistakes and his personality.

He may fall again and follow another extereme path but in reality and fairness it has nothing to do with us.

He is not or cannot twist any one's arm and force them to read his site or be a member , it is your choice and you are doing it at your own risk.

You have to remember one thing, as soon as you publish your first entry and it may contains something that interest America, IRI or Israel etc, you have accepted to be subject to secret or public scruitny.Do not blame JJ or his affilation with any organization , it is you as a person who willingly accepted to enter the scene of politics and you are the sole person responsible for it.

Forget the past , those are only a reference to correct our path, make necessary adjustment and avoid the same mistake again.

JJ was not alone in betraying Iranian in 1979, our parnets ,ourselves some how are gulity of betraying our own future,tand still following the same track.

This is not in defense of JJ, but his past and his mistakes belongs to him and him only, he is either paying for it or he will pay for the good and the bad he has done in future.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

The plot thickens.......?

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on





by Nur-i-Azal on

Is otherwise known as Ahriman. He is the owner of the Iran-Politics-Club site, which has articulated some mindboggling ultra-rightwing positions in the past that would make the Republican National Committee, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity proud. Although I completely disagree with his politics, I like this person as a person and have participated in a yahoogroups list he used to manage. His concerns are legitimate, and need to be addressed (which JJ actually hasn't done), even though they might be articulated in a little overboard fashion. Indeed a big question mark does hang over JJ and his connections to the regime in Iran during the 1980s and 1990s. He might have taken his distance from the IRI now, as have many others as well, but in the Albuquerque of the 1990s he was very much an advertising and propaganda point man for the Islamic republic in the area, and was widely regarded as such by the opposition amongst the Iranian student body, myself included.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

You are not the first to post such information on JJ on this web site or any other web site for that matter.

Even JJ has blogged about his past. He has in essence become an open book on this particular issue.

The fact that he allowed your blog to remain is evidence that he will not run from the past.

What is that saying? Oh yes, "He without sin cast the first stone.". I wonder how pure or truly brave Freedom5 is. Won't even use his/her real name our image. Hmmmmm.....makes one wonder.


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Many of us so called "hard core addicts" to this web site know that in the past some of the previous moderators have proven to be less than emotionally and mentally stable.

At first they seemed okay but then the power of being a moderator went to their heads.

So, JJ decided to cut back on the moderators.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Nur & Only - my last post on this thread

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have followed your arguments and you both make points. As you many have noticed I am big  on freedom of speech. But I also agree that this site is a private business. That means they get to publish anything they want and not publish anything they don't.

The legal argument is not the way to go.  We don't need to start bashing on another with legal stuff. We are still an emerging community in the USA. We should not use our resources to hurt each other. We can yell and scream; that is fine with me. But I would recommend we do not use the law to trash each other. We can resolve our own differences without the need to resort to the big hammer of courts and law suites and so on.


Burn the law degree you were granted: OnlyIran

by Nur-i-Azal on

agencies use the CFR to enforce their rules.


Yes. But that is not an issue here unless you are insinuating that this site is a government agency. And only when there are apparent conflicts in such enforcement does the CFR become a critical point of the legal discussion. When the enforcement is not at issue, which is not an issue here at all (at least yet), other areas of law apply. And this is what you don't seem to understand about the nature of public administrative law and the CFR specifically. You are also citing the wrong statute. If any Federal legislation applies directly here besides FCC regulatory elements, it isn't the CFR, genius, it is the Federal Communications and Decency Act.


[Crossposted to USENET

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Freedom5 was banned. What part of banned don't you get? Your "prediction" is not much of a prediction since JJ and others have already confirmed this. It is like predicting in 2003 that the bubble would burst. It is obvious.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Weird

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Hunter S Thompson


Anahid Hojjati

Freedom5, you will soon stop contributing to IranianDotCom

by Anahid Hojjati on


Freedom5, today, I am really getting good in predicting future and for you, I will see in your near future that soon you will stop contributing to IranianDotCom.

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

This thread is really weird. 


FCC & other administrative

by Onlyiran on

agencies use the CFR to enforce their rules. Title 47 is telecommunications and title 17 is securities and exchange.  So, if someone complains to the FCC or if you claims that the FCC licenses websites such as IC (not true) those laws are found in Title 47 of the CFR.   The FCC cannot function, set rules, or enforce rules without using the CFR.  That is the law that they use.  Christ you're dense!  

Anyway, enough of this nonsense.  Have a good night.   



Legal illiteracy of OnlyIran

by Nur-i-Azal on

The Code of Federal Regulations is a compilation of laws that govern
the conduct of administrative agency and the implementation of laws,


Exactly, which is precisely what I said. The code governs the area of Public Administrative Law between executive/legislative agencies/depts. of the US Federal government. It refers to the public sector. FCC regulations or licensing that governs issues related to the operation of  sites and business such as this are not immediately referrable to CFR. Have a lawyer explain this to you because you obviously do not know what you're talking about, and, while you're at it, have any attorneys representing this site contact us. M'kay?

BTW your proper first name isn't by any chance, Javaneh, is it?

[Crossposted to USENET


pretty shamefull

by SamSamIIII on

Anonymous writes;

""...I think his reason is if he allows it, we'll see commentators' IP addresses and with the kind of people who may abuse this information I can see why it'd be a problem ...""

Thats the exact question i asked IC tech when some one broke into my email using my site password and it was during the time that jj had given moderating rights to a few folks at odds with the likes of me. Foad came to my thread and told me there is no personal info available to anyone but the site manager&tech dept. I can see now that they were full of bowlcrap . taking some ones trust and putting their personal info in the hands of buncha strangers with ill wills . freiggin shamefull & indecent . who else did they share my info with btw. man i,m pissed. jj you need to address this crap .either i got it wrong and anonymous is wrong or this went on which is totaly unprofessional .


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Mr. Azal

by Onlyiran on

The Code of Federal Regulations is a compilation of laws that govern the conduct of administrative agency and the implementation of laws, the execution of which are relegated to that administrative agency. They are essentially the "laws" that everyone must follow in dealing with administrative agencies such as the FCC. Contrary to your claims, the CFR is not a manual that is solely designed to govern the interaction between the executive and legislative branches.  For example, 49 CFR Section 391.21 governs the procedures in which a private commercial motor vehicle carrier must follow in processing the application of a commercial driver.  That is prescribed in the CFR because commercial motor carriers are regulated by the Department of Transportation, and administrative agency, and that is the law that the DOT will use in enforcing its requirements.  

But I am not here to educate you on the law.  What I do want to suggest to you is that you learn a bit of humility and to know your limits.  If someone asks me about the Bayani religion, flying a 747 or overhauling the engine on a 1975 Ford Pinto, I will tell that person that I know nothing about those subjects.  In other words, I am humble enough to know my limitations.  You, on the other hand, cannot fathom that concept.  Instead, when you are confronted about your lack of knowledge about something, instead of simply admitting it and moving on, you resort to name calling and insults and in the process, make a fool out of yourself.  You also come across as being a know-it-all pompous bully.  The simple answer to my comment would have been "I'm not a lawyer and I will leave those matters to my counsel".  Instead, you ramble on for half a page about a subject that you apparently have no idea about just to compensate for your bruised ego.

This will be my last exchange with you on this thread.  Have a good day, sir. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: my advice is / amirkabear

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



Freedom5 was banned. JJ himself confirmed it. That is why you don't hear his/her voice alright? I am not supporting his/her position but it makes me sick to have someone banned; then mocked why they are not responding. It is like gagging someone then laughing at them for not talking.

Frankly the more I see of the "regulars" on this site, the more cynical I get. The most disturbing part is the lack of opposing voices. But now I understand they have a habit of getting "banned".


my advice is

by amirkabear4u on

Mr Javid should report this. 

As far as I can see this freedom5 or what ever his name is has not responded to any of the comments on this blog. Therefore I can conclude he is after JJ not fun.

I live in 'foxland', here the police can estimate an area a letter is posted from, by checking the postal stamp. The greatest thing about electronic codding is that a lot of people do not know inetrnet can be traceable. If they want they can find out where a blog is comming from. (if you are reading this Jahanshah please do not argue with me, I know they trace it to the person's computer)

If I were JJ, I would take this seriously. I know he is generally relax but it is his business to follow it.


Q jaan think d reason JJ doesn't allow moderation is IP exposure

by Anonymouse on

Q when I was blogging elsewhere I had moderation over my own blogs, now I don't blog elsewhere and things may have changed in some places.

In any event I don't think the reason JJ doesn't allow it is for petty dictators or worrying that bloggers might delete too much and too many comments.  I think his reason is if he allows it, we'll see commentators' IP addresses and with the kind of people who may abuse this information I can see why it'd be a problem.

So for this IP reason, I can agree not to give moderation to registered users.  And a blog is a belog! regardless of serious or not so serious aspect of it.  MPD for example deletes his blogs when he gets crazy comments or when it gets to be a fight and when he reposts the blog those same commentators don't comment again.  So he achieves his goal (moderation) by deleting and reposting and he doesn't care about the number of comments. 

Now if can make it so that bloggers can't see the IP addresses and deny that priviledge then that should take care of the IP problem.  But just like anything else Iranian, is another khooroos ghandi (rooster candy ;-) that breaks down every so often! so it can't be trusted to work all the time!

Everything is sacred.


Nur what "more" do you want to say? Your comments here are proof

by Anonymouse on

I might be wasting my time but as I see it you've pretty much said what you want to say.  Your comments here are proof positive that you can say what you want.  Unless these comments are not enough. You also post blogs but you can't force people to like your views.

There are several thousands registered users at but there are millions of Iranians living abroad.  So let's say these few thousands are a representative of the larger population at large.  

Of these thousands perhaps few hundred (if that much) contribute.  The rest either comment once in a while or just register to check stuff.  Of these few hundred I think there are about a dozen or so who write materials about Bahais, half dozen or less that write against Bahais, half dozen who write in favor of Islamic regime, and so on and so forth.

The point is anyone can post material here.  Minority or majority.  Even if JJ is biased towards Bahais, so what?  You and others can still publish.  But you don't find that enough.  You want more?!  What?  You want people to read your material and bah bah and chah chah?  You want dance?  Okay here:

Aah! Aah! Peck! Peck! Hair! Hair! Ear! Ear! Clap! Clap! Shoulders! Shoulders!

Is that good now?  As for legal hot water, before JJ has to worry about legal matters, KKK websites who openly discriminate and others who post beheadings and other jak and joonevar websites should worry who don't. 

Bottom line this is a website where people write stuff.  When you get banned you get banned from writing stuff.  You're not put in prison, you're not tortured.  You get banned because you pushed some one at charge here to ban you.  So either stay or go.  

Everything is sacred.


Keep your day job

by Nur-i-Azal on

And before you go, do you mind citing the appropriate Securities and Exchange Commission regulatory code where a self-identified online social network site is allowed the kind of unregulated structure with shareholders and for profit operation that this site apparently claims? Let me ask you the question another way, according to the  material you have filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, exactly what is the proper nature and structure of Who are the shareholders here? Silent partners??


BTW the US Code of Federal Regulations governs the branches of the US government, usually between the various executive and legislative levels/depts, etc., and has no relevence to anything this site may or may not have violated. Different areas of law are involved. CFR is part of public administrative law, or didn't they teach you that in the law school you went to? Unless, that is, you wish to suggest Iranian.Com is a branch or agency of the US Federal government?


If you wish to be cited any further legislative, regulatory or case law material, I suggest you have the attorneys representing this site contact us, as we have previously asked, and we're happy to cite them a whole plethora of material until we're both black and blue in the face.

Finally, I thank you for addressing me by my proper last name unlike the other members of the dominant clique on this site.

[Crossposted to USENET]



Oh, I get it

by Onlyiran on

the FCC is now involved?!!! And it has to issue a license for Mr. Javid to operate the site?!!!  Very funny.  You know, Mr. Azal, mentioning the name of a government organization and posting a link to it doesn't make logic out of your nonsense, and neither do threats. 

Have a good or whenever it is in wherever it is that you live, and please go right ahead with your lawsuit(s).  Good luck!

PS/ before you do, though, can you please cite the exact federal statute or the specific section of the Code of Federal Regulations ("CFR") that govern the issuance of "licenses" to social websites?  Thank you.  



Hyperbolic ignorance of the pitch-forked mob

by Nur-i-Azal on

So?!!!  Let's assume all of that is
true.  First of all, any sane court will know not to even ask that
question because as a private enterprise, Mr. Javid and
have the absolute right to publish, write and promote whatever they

No, he cannot. Ayat'ul-Dot-Com Javid's private enterprise is also marketting itself as a free social forum and is declaring (the empty) gimmick and moniker that nothing is sacred.  His private enterprise/social forum is also  governed by regulations set-out by the US Federal Communications Commission that licences and allows him to operate in the current set-up and capacity so long as this site abides by those regulations. Should there be violations of such regulations or any unlawful misrepresentations  made by the Supreme Editor, whether these regulations be those  governed by the FCC itself or any other government oversight body that acts as a watchdog regarding such things, any licenses held by His Supreme Wholiness which currently allows Him and His various shareholders/or employees to operate this site, can be easily revoked and henceforth the continuing operation of this site in its present capacity would have a legal question mark attached. And since in the United States the Federal and state non-discrimination laws are fully operative where sites such as this are concerned, the argument can be made that this site and its Supreme Editor are discriminating against people on the basis of a religious/political ideology/preference. There's reading you the Riot Act!

Now instead of hanging on my every word, I suggest you look up the meaning of insane and then educate yourself a little about  the law in the United States because, beneath your nonsense, you sound pretty worried to me -- as you should be! 


[Crossposted to USENET]


This is rather insane

by Onlyiran on

"In a theoretical hearing situation, a court will want to learn, for example, why there has been so much (almost exclusive) Bahai related human rights items whereas hardly anything on other minority groups; or, whenever there has been anything on other groups, it has been more along the lines of a token nod for appearances sake rather (and only after certain people like myself have pressed the matter and put our foot down over a period of time) than a sincere longterm, sustained effort to feature the plight of these other minority groups."

So?!!!  Let's assume all of that is true.  First of all, any sane court will know not to even ask that question because as a private enterprise, Mr. Javid and have the absolute right to publish, write and promote whatever they want.  What business is it of courts, or any individual or entity for that matter, to question the content of this site?!!! Mr. Javid can advocate racial segregation if he wants to (and there are many sites that do just that).

Second, as I have suggested to Mr. Javid, I don't know why he keeps accounts open for certain users.  If I were him, I would end this circus right now and close all these abusive accounts. 


Jahanshah Javid

There's more

by Jahanshah Javid on

Daie Jan Napolen smells a rat:



by Nur-i-Azal on

What your comment doesn't address is the cases, numerous in fact, where the Supreme Editor himself contributes and actively promotes the proverbial crossing of the legal line into outright libel and defamation, whether by himself or other contributors -- which this site and its editor have in fact crossed. Second, allowing this site to function as a sort of soap-box and bully-pulpit for certain sectarian agendas and interests while systematically and deliberately marginalizing others doesn't help JJ's case either. In a theoretical hearing situation, a court will want to learn, for example, why there has been so much (almost exclusive) Bahai related human rights items whereas hardly anything on other minority groups; or, whenever there has been anything on other groups, it has been more along the lines of a token nod for appearances sake rather (and only after certain people like myself have pressed the matter and put our foot down over a period of time) than a sincere longterm, sustained effort to feature the plight of these other minority groups.         In short, where the minority question is concerned, the Baha'is have been given pride of place, the lion's share, and as such dominated this space and deliberately rammed an exclusive narrative, making themselves appear as the sole and exclusive persecuted minority. And it's not just Baha'is in the generic we're talkig about, either; but specifically the HAIFAN Bahai organization, and not any other of the Bahai sects -- who have actually consistently been given the cold shoulder here and, again, marginalized. Call this Baha'i-basing all you want, where I come from this is called truth in adversting and the level hand, which does not exist here even with the best face put on it! Moreover it has taken JJ almost three years to come out and tell one of the Bahais here to quit with the single quote blogs, which in fact has been nothing more than outright prosletyzing (tabligh). I wonder if anyone had come here and blogged single quotes  over and over again from the Qur'an or hadith,  or any other scripture, how long they would last here? Not very long. So who is kidding who?  One should also state the following: since none of you here are professional mental health specialists, and even if you were you have no clinical diagnoses at your disposal to articulate  a professional opinion, the incessant commentary about people's sanity or lack thereof is nothing more than a group-think weapon used by the dominant clique hereabouts to censor, marginalize and silence people they happen to dislike. And His Supreme Editorial Holiness (faraj'ullah maq'adahu) has rubber-stamped this state of affairs with His Most Wholly fiat deletion button again and again and again! Such tactics are the usual strategy of fascists and totalitarians such as the Islamic republic you all claim to dislike. Yet on this site the pitch-forked in-group mob carries on as if this place were a Hezbollah rally in Iran of the 1980s. In that vein Iranian.Com very much looks and feels like the Islamic Republic or the worst excesses of the Pahlavi years, just the names and labels are different. And I am not the first person who has pointed this out nor will I be the last.       Q: what exactly do want me to blog, again? If you want me to write something about how Iranian.Com represents and typifies the deep cultural dysfunction of the Iranian diaspora in the West,  and how this dysfunctional culture is poles separated from the mindset and mentality of average folks back home, I can write you a book! [Crossposted to USENET]


Not really Anonymouse

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we have "blogs" and then we have "BELogs"!

Huffington post, Dailykos, redstate, many of the sites allow you to publish your own articles (what is a "blog" anyway?), don't give you any rights over anybody's comments. You can publish your piece. Sometimes they are featured, sometimes they are not.

That's the closest parallel we have here.

You don't have control over comments, but you also don't have control over layout, background or ads or anything. The space belongs to, not the blogger.

If you really want your own blog, you can go to blogFa or and get one there. Those places aren't like, they are just technical services with no content of their own. But people want to write here because they want to be associated with this website. Well, if you want the association, it's not too much to ask to follow the rules, however "unfair" they seem.

Yea, I agree, it's a minor nuisance at best and only hardcore addicts like us really care.