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by Freedom5
History of Jahanshah Javid,

Mr. Javid Jahanshah Biography
a bit of history

1962 - Jahanshah Javid was born in Abadan, Iran

1974 - He traveled to Egypt with his family, this trip had a significant impact on him to grow future Islamist Tendencies.

1976 - He moved to United States of America to finish High School.

Jahanshah Chameleon's Patriotic Face!

1979 - Islamic Revolution (Reaction) of Iran occurred and Islamist Fundamentalists, occupied the government offices of the progressive civilized Iran! The plan was to push Iran back to 7th century AD!

1980 - Jahanshah voluntarily went back to Iran to help the Islamic Reactionaries and the Islamic Republic's Occupying Regime to establish a Theocratic Dictatorship upon Iran! He grew a beard and a mustache. Like a devout Muslim, he started praying 3 times a day. In the past, he had mild religious tendencies, yet suddenly he had turned to a full-blown Islamist! His first job was a translator position for IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency).

Next, he changed his name from Jahanshah (a Persian name) to "Mohamad" (an Arabo_Islamic name)! At the time that True Iranian Nationalists were going back to their Persian roots and changed their Islamic names to Persian names, this gentleman done the opposite! For example Mr. Reza Mazluman changed his name to "Kourosh Aryamanesh". My Master (Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh) sincerely believed that to own an Islamic name for an Iranian is a disgrace and considers as Treason to Iran and Iranians; therefore, he found it necessary to change his name to a Good Iranian Name. On the other hand, this Born Again Shiite, Jahanshah Javid went by the fashion and fad of the day and sold his Iranian birth name, yet bought a worst possible Arabo_Islamic name that he could get his hands on from The Islamic SuperMarket of names! Like a Chameleon, he changed colors and face, like a camouflaging lizard, Chameleon Jahanshah became Mohamad!

Now named Mohamad Javid, became a full-blown Muslim Revolutionary working for the IRI Government. His hobby was photography yet propaganda photos! He made a career out of taking pictures of the Islamic Pro IRI demonstrations and Islamic revolutionary slogans and graffiti on the walls of Tehran! What an artist!

Later, he married an IRNA typist named Zahra Pirani. Supposedly he was rebelling against his social class, he was of the middle class so he married a religious woman from a lower social class. At this point he was going more and more towards Religious Fanaticism. Also at this time,
known IRNA propagandists were amongst his friends and during this period, he became a reporter-photographer for IRNA and a flaming Islamist Propagandist. He managed to gather a gang of extremist Islamic Fundamentalist Reactionaries and Hot Headed Islamic Militants and students around him! At this point, he became a professional propagandist for the Terrorist Regime of Mullahs! People like Jahanshah Javid are the reason that Iran got destroyed!

1982 - His daughter, Mahdiyeh was born. Please pay attention to the deeply religious name which he chosen for his daughter: "Mahdiyeh" (female version of Mahdi, the mythical 12th Imam of Shiite, whom in childhood had disappeared in a well, and upon his return, the justice shall come upon Earth)!

1981 - 1985 - Many of his photos appeared in the Iranian broadcasting organization's Soroush magazine. He was also working for IRNA in Tehran as a reporter/photographer.

1982 - 1988 - He continued working for IRNA and in addition Kayhan International which was the international English version of Hezbollah's propaganda tabloid (Kayhan) published in Tehran.

News Agencies, same as NFL American Football Teams or International Soccer Teams, trade players; however, the players in this case are writers, reporters and photographers. This is a tradition amongst the news agencies to trade players, trade information and keep up the good public relation.

British Government as always, had a perfect relation with Mullahs of Qom; furthermore, British policies were one of the major factors towards the success of the Islamist Reaction of 1979. Diplomatic relations of Great Britain and Islamic Republic is more complexed than a simple official relation, yet it's more like a Diplomatic Love Affair! UK, gets cheap oil, number one (best) and top of the line Iranian food products, produce and can goods in wholesale prices, and naturally the rest of the natural resources of Iran at bargain prices! In return, Mullahs get to have the British Green Light to stay in power, oppress the masses and do as they please! In addition, UK, France, Germany and Italy remain as IRI's Top 4 trading partners and avoid participating in any possible sanctions or blockage posed by United States upon the IRI. So UN, EU, Russia and China, leading by the reluctant UK, sabotage any possible sanctions upon IRI. The perfect love affair made in heavens!

The same type of love affair and mutual wheeling and dealings also goes on between the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Islamic Republic's News Agency (IRNA)! The beautiful trade of information, agents and the usual flirtations in a Secret Rendezvou goes on behind the curtains! These rendezvous were going on pre and post Islamic Revolution! Naturally, Mohamad Khan-e Javid, the born again Shiite was an obedient trustee and servant of IRNA and IRI; therefore, they traded him with the British. Mohamad Javid at first became a liaison and then an agent. During this period, Mohamad Khan started to first become an IRNA Agent in British Hierarchy and then a Double Agent working for both BBC and IRNA. Jahanshah Khan or better said, born again Shiite Mohamad Khan, started to climb the ladders of International Journalism or better put International Treason to Mother Persia!

During this period, he was working for IRNA in Tehran and London, Islamic Organization of the Crescent International in London, Kayhan International Newspaper (Tabloid mouthpiece of Hezbollah in English) in Tehran, reporter at Non-Aligned Movement summit for IRNA in New Delhi, India (1982). During this era, Mohamad Khan was officially working for IRNA, yet he was making connections and establishing himself to eventually move on to BBC.

Jahanshah chameleon was working hard to learn the fine arts of opportunism, incognito information trades, propaganda and double cross!

1988 - 1989 - He acted as a reporter and an agent of IRNA to cover assignments in Belgrade (1989) and at Iran-Iraq peace talks in Geneva (1988 - 1989). He was also freelancing for Tehran Times, another IRI mouthpiece media.

1990 - 1992 - He went back to school, continuing his education at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and while he was there, he was working at the Daily Lobo. On 1991 He done some freelance for Associated Press in Tehran.

1991 - 1996 - He started his official work with BBC Persian Service, yet he was still working for IRNA in New York and UN. He continued his education in media studies in Hunter College of New York. His studies continued for decades (From Birth to Grave!) but has he ever managed to get a lousy degree? Only Allah knows!

1994 - 1996 - One of Jahanshah's darkest eras in life was working as a propagandist mouthpiece for the Islamic Regime, as a direct Agent of The Islamic Republic in the infamous "Aftab" Cable Television in New York.

At the same time, he was working with Iran Business Monitor also in New York.

IRI's America East Coast Operations
- Aftab TV (later changed to IRI International Jame Jam TV)
- Alavi Foundation (New York)
- Muslim Student Association
- A number of other organizations and Front Businesses

Aftab Television, Alavi Foundation and Muslim Student Association, were some of the most infamous front organizations of IRI in New York to operate their well connected network to sabotage Opposition networks and activities via collecting huge amounts of Islamic Charity and donation funds to operate their network of espionage, money laundry, illegal weapon purchases, illegal business transactions, spreading Islamist propaganda, drafting new Muslim agents, and other terrorist activities. These three organizations were Front Businesses for IRI's illegal activities in "America East Coast Operations."

IRI's America West Coast Operations
- Iman Foundation (Los Angeles)
- Muslim Student Association of California
- A number of other media and satellite televisions

IRI has a separate network of Espionage in west coast which is called "America West Coast Operations", which includes Front Businesses of Iman Foundation, Muslim Student Association of California, and a number of Media mouthpieces including newspapers, magazines, websites and Satellite televisions.

1996 - 2001 - Mr. Javid continued his activities with BBC Persian Services and also added Washington, DC to his area of operation.

On November 6th 1995 Mohamad Javid created a new mouthpiece front business, yet this time in the form of a Net Media named "The Iranian Magazine":



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Freedom of speech is bull crap cause some have a hard time w/ it

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


so who exactly is curtailing anybody's freedom of speech here?

by Princess on

What is stopping this individual? Where is s/he?


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I support freedom of speech. If you considwer that "my problem" so be it. I don't have to agree with him/her but I support the right to express an opinion. Is this so hard to get?


Can any of the historical

by Maziari on

Can any of the historical DATA and not the opinions presented by Freedom5 be disproved?

What DATA is disputed?




by Princess on

What exactly is your problem? The fact that this nonsense has been featured and responded to with a lot more patience than it deserves? Or the fact that the slander and unfounded accusations its writer has indulged in has practically no feet to stand on? 

If there are any debates to be had from her/his side, then where is s/he? Because I don't see any debate. What I see is a cowardly approach to try to discredit an esteemed member of this community, who frankly is doing a lot more for freedom of speech and freedom of expression than most of us put together.

Open and tolerant does not mean we have to debase ourselves! Now go and try your guilt trip somewhere else.



Freedom5 is Freedom-NOT! Let's salavat for his departure! Idiot!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

It looks like freedom5 was cut off

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thanks guys, you are really proving this to be an open and tolerant site (NOT). I am seriously reconsidering any interest I showed in it. You have managed to make a real impression. No wonder our nation is backwards and stays backwards.

I will give it a bit more of a chance but it does not look good.


Dai jan napelon, just one question for you

by TheMrs on

When is the son of your progressive king going to get an Iranian name?

American Dream

Freedom5, biggest loser on

by American Dream on

Freedom5 is the biggest loser on

He can not debate facts.

All he does is personally attack other people.

Now he is silent, once and for all.


Freedom5 cat cut your tongue? Yesterday you were oozing all over

by Anonymouse on

Yesterday you were calling others vatan foroush left and right and on every blog and article. You were going all looney and crazy angry.  Now you've shut down?  I hope you stay that way!  Laalmooni gerefti? laal beshi. 

Everything is sacred.



by sag koochooloo on


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: I do not understand

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The basis of debate is to discuss your views with those who you disagree with. Otherwise it will be a choros of "yes" or as Tofigh used to say "Sahih ast ahsant". What is the point of airing views where there is no opposition?? 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Did the British do it?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The long and checkered history of British in our neck of the woods is well known. It is well documented and there for all to see. So go ahead and make fun of the "British did it" crowd. There is plenty of evidence that the British have had a negative hand in the ongoings in much of the world. Anyone denying it is simply sticking their head in the sand. 

If anyone is questioning British involvement in mischief around there, take a look at Iraq. Not good enough? Read history of India; Afghanistan; Iran; Kuwait; Jordan; and the Islamists favorite subject "Palestine". 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

To: Nazy Kaviani

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Thanks for the information.

I am not really out to criticize JJ. Anyone has a right to take sides and to change their minds. It would be nice for people to at least acknowledge their mistakes though. I would consider any support of IRI a mistake.

I know many good people where influenced by writings of the charlatan "Ali Shariati" and for a time became IRI supporters. I did not because of my strong antipathy towards religion. At this point with IRI's true colors exposed I don't see how anyone could possible support it.

Nevertheless I see plenty of Iranians living in the west and  making  excuses for the IRI: "sange Islam ra be sineh mizanan". I  had a debate with one in person. These are mostly older ~40+ many original  supporters of the revolution. Like a parent with a bad child they are unwilling to accept that their kid is a problem. So they come up with reasons and excuses. How their kid is misunderstood and it is all someone else's (read USA or the Shah) fault. Meanwhile India and other progressive nations move on.

Why should Iran be kept backwards while the rest of the world advances? Why should Iranian kids waste their times learning about "Imam" this and "Imam" that? Why should they be raped and murdered when they open their mouths to protest.
Meanwhile some Iranians sit here in their nice cozy western homes and make apologies for IRI? This was the gift of the 60's generation to Iranian children. Their other gift; the one that did not bear fruit was Islamic Marxism; thank god that did not happen.


1) I have met JJ in person but it was a long time ago. I remember him fondly.

2) I know there are a lot of hard feelings between various people. It is hard to separate signal from noise. For example the case of NIAC.

3) As for coming  across sanctimonious, I don't really care. This is not about me. Iran is more important than that. I will survive.


What a pathetic loser!

by Q on

One thing you have to love about pathetic losers, especially the "British did it" crowd is their extraordinary ability to find the most common and publically available pieces of information but pretend they discovered "ganje gharoon!".

JJ, it's funny you brought up that other loser who calls himself "Ahreeman", (but acts more like Ah-reedan). I was just about to respond to him for something he wrote about me on his stupid website.

Between you and me, I don't think they are the same person. This guy is way far gone, AX doesn't buy the British stuff, but he's still not sharp enough to spot satire when he reads it!

And Kadivar, it's really funny that you liken this guy's personal attacks with my repose to YOUR vile attacks against Trita Parsi, even though I said nothing bout your personal life or religion. You always did have an overgrown sense of victimhood to go with your self-centered hypocrisy. I guess it's not surprising that you can't understand what this guy is doing to JJ, is exactly what you are doing to Parsi. Same tone of accusation.

Same bullshit "facts" (which may be true but opportunistically used for personal politics without regard to people's lives or family) and the same dirty insinuations.

So DOCTOR PARSI's Father must have been VERY LUCKY !

Oh by the Way Zoroastrians to which DOCTOR PARSI's Father Belonged to have always been under the protection of the Pahlavis so his story sounds strange regarding his fathers arrest during the Pahlavis ... All the more that he was not according to Parsi a Political Activist,

So basically he is a child of the Revolution and not the Pahlavi Era like most Iranian Americans who came to the US shortly after the Revolution and who witnessed that period firsthand.

He basically grew Up in Post Revolution Iran at Best with no real living experience of the events of 1979 (nor the Pahlavi Era he seems to criticize so much ) from an adolescent or adult Perspective. He was exposed to the realities of that period like many youngsters of his generation through the eyes of his own parents. His father I believe was arrested before and after the Revolution so that may explain his animosity towards the exiled Opposition ...

Sound familiar?

At least Freedom5 has the decency to attack JJ's own life, not that of his Fathers!

Why do I have a feeling you will find a way not to understand, yet again, my hopelessly monarchist friend!


A Chameleon or A Caterpillar?

by Anvar on

A chameleon constantly changes its colors, but the caterpillar turns into a butterfly once.

Let’s hope that we all can learn from our mistakes and do our best to rectify our own situations.

We should acknowledge *JJ*’s honesty and appreciate the effort that he puts into this website.  He has already seen the light.  Let’s shine the light on others who may need a shave – metaphorically speaking.


Sargord Pirouz

New here too

by Sargord Pirouz on

Impressive biography. Learned something about IC, too.

I must say, though, I do find the recurring political extremism on this site rather boorish.



by yolanda on

 This is a long blog. I have not read the whole thing yet....Is this authorized biography? Unauthorized biography? Tabloid journalism? fiction? Non-fiction? realistic fiction?......Well, this blog is featured, does that mean it has JJ's blessing?

I am new here....I just don't want to read something to pollute my mind!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"



by sag koochooloo on



Tell us something we didn't know...

by Princess on

instead of regurgitating this nonsense.

And just for the record, I for one, would not exchange a single strand of Jahanshah Javid's hair for thousands of the likes of you. I wish you had a tiny fraction of the capability JJ has to learn from your mistakes. Moreover, I wish you had 1/100 of the courage it takes to admit to those mistakes openly in a public forum.

That's as much time I am prepared to spend on this vomit!  

persian westender

The true color of JJ is exposed now...

by persian westender on

I happen to see the JJ’s photos in his recent trip to New York. Has anyone noticed that in visiting the ”Katz Delicatessen “,  JJ ordered Pastrami ? here are the evidence:


Somewhere in back of my mind it seemed sort of fishy ...Then inspired by disclosing blog of freedom5, I google-searched and found out that pastrami actually is made of beef! why no one asked while JJ had a lot of choices, he avoided ordering pork meat???: YES MY FELLOW COMRADES!...THATS THE ISLAMIST CHOICE! Very much interesting indeed..

JJ Confess yourself !we all know that you’re an insider and iri agent..., and thank you freedom5 for this very revealing blog and thank you whoever featured it, otherwise I would’ve skipped this gem.




Nazy Kaviani

by Nur-i-Azal on

Ditto Nur-i-Azal who has had a vendetta against Jahanshah since their college days, as seen below.


Apparently having legitimate concerns with this site and its policies (or similar policies prior to the creation of this site) is equated as vendetta where the Almighty and Infallible Supreme Editor, Hazrate Mustataab Ayatu'l-Dot.Com-al-Uzma Vali-i-Amr'ul-Tehrangeles, Jahanshah Javid (faraj'ullah maq'adahu), or his policies are concerned. No probs. Apparently there is a whole long que of people each holding numbers from 1 to a million who seem to be on a similar kind of "vendetta" with JJ with concerns going way, way back. One wonders why that is? Stay tuned in 2010 to find out exactly why that might be...

[Crossposted to USENET]

Nazy Kaviani

Khorasan Prophet

by Nazy Kaviani on

You say you only just got here. Welcome! As you seem to have strong feelings and political convictions, if you really wish to join this discussion, I suggest you catch up with some required reading about Jahanshah Javid, mostly from his almost autobiographical blogs, features, and photo essays on this site.

For most of us who have read his writings and who have had the good fortune of knowing him personally, what Freedom5 has to say is absurd and infantile. Ditto Nur-i-Azal who has had a vendetta against Jahanshah since their college days, as seen below. You will need to spend a little more time around here to know all this. You need to know the humility and generosity of the individual in question before you start criticizing him, otherwise you would appear as sanctimonious. I can assure you that I have never met another human being who is as honest and open about his past actions and decisions, good or bad.

Please take some time to read past postings and articles, because none of this is novel to the rest of us who have seen different incarnations of these characters over and over again, individuals who are allowed free reign on the website of no other than one Jahanshah Javid.

Here are Jahanshah's blogs:



More fun facts

by anonymous111.2 on

1999 - JJ becomes employee of the month at Red Lobster in Providence, RI;

2000- He wins the Coney Island hot dog eating contest;

2002- JJ becomes the neighborhood crime watch president for Murphy Street and 1st Avenue in Toledo, OH;

2005- He is abducted by aliens while visiting a farm in Iowa and is subjected to the dreaded [insert choice of body orphus here] probe;

2010- Against all expectations, loses lawsuit filed by nut job in Australia (magic and sorcery suspected in deciding the outcome), and pays out 30 million dollar judgment;

2012- Seen pushing shopping cart in San Fransisco's Marina district.


The End.


[sorry, JJ, you know I love you.  I just couldn't resist]. 


JJ Re: Daily Lobo @ UNM

by Nur-i-Azal on

As editor of the Daily Lobo at the University of New Mexico, esp. in 1994, you consistently censored and denied any articles submitted to the campus paper critical of the Islamic Republic. You did this to several people, including myself, and it was only by going behind your back with other editors at the campus paper that we managed to ever publish anything critical of the regime. In fact some like Sa'id S even argued outright that the Daily Lobo was a sort of mild cheerleading platform for the Islamic Republic during your editorial stint. During this time you were also the official liason person with Albuqueque's local cable access station and the Aftab Television Network, being the person responsible for delivering the weekly video programmes to the station for this IRI propaganda front. In fact, as I recall, you even got into a brief tiff with members of the Mujahidein-i-Khalq Organization who were at the time likewise attempting to air their Sima-ye Azadi program on this public access channel which you were very frantically attempting to prevent. Now I believe you when you say you are not an agent of the IRI today. But you need to explain yourself to a whole host of opponents to the regime enrolled at UNM in the 1990s who were being consistently censored and stifled by you in their criticisms of the IRI which they had every right as enrolled students to submit content  to the Daily Lobo as you had to edit/censor. And if  your argument is going to be that the content submitted was bad, then please explain why the other (American) editors at the Daily Lobo were in fact allowing these articles to go through when you weren't?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Interesting points

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


All this may have been old news to some but I am relatively new to this and find it quite enlightening. I certainly understand the roots of all the censorship on this site. And my respect for it just went down the drain.

Honesly I cannot see how any Iranian would support the "Islamic" revolution or this nonsense. I can see how in 1979 people could have been fooled by them. But seeing  all the current posters cheering the IRI goes against all reason.

When I read most of the posters on this thread, my heart sinks and hope vanishes. Maybe people do get what they deserve.

I did not like the Shah in 1979 very much. But I did not work against him as I did not trust the "revolutionaries" even more. Now I realize that the Shah was a progressive and we were much better off with him. To compare the Shah to the IRI is ridiculous. On his worst day the Shah was 1000 times better than IRI on its best day.

I am proud to say "I NEVER  supported the revolution!", and I never changed my name to an Islamic one to show my devotion to it.

What I don't understand is: what are all the IRI supporters doing here? Why not go to the wonderful place they created? The Shah is gone! Ali Shariati's utopia is a reaity! What are you waiting for.

Shifteh Ansari

شربت سودا (عصارهء مویز)

Shifteh Ansari

شربت سودا ( عصاره مویز)

ترکیبات : عصاره مویز

خواص : این دارو به طور معجزه آسایی تمام بیماریهای روحی و روانی ، افسردگیها ، هم و غم بی مورد ، استرسها و نگرانیهای بی مورد و ... را تسکین میدهد. در روایات وارد شده : کسی که با بیست دانه مویز قرمز صبح کند انشاء الله بیمار نمیشود مگر بیماری مرگ، سودا را میزداید و بلغم را دفع میکند.

نحوه استفاده : نحوه استفاده هر شب یک استکان هنگام خواب

توضیحات : علت اصلي اين بيماري استرس ها، اتفاقات ناگوار، آلودگي صوتي، مشکلات و گرفتاري هاي روزمره و .....است از نظر خوراکي نيز اگر بعد ناراحتي و استرس و ... ترشيجات مصرف شود در اين حالت خلط سوداء بر طبيعت غالب آمده و فرد دچار حالات مذکور مي‌شود. منشأ اين مرض طحال (سپرز) است. طحال عضويست در بدن که بعضي از اسيدهاي لازم در آن جمع مي‌شود که بعد از تخليه معده قدري از آن اسيد به معده ارسال مي‌شود که شخص در آن حال احساس گرسنگي مي‌کند. حال اگر ناگهاني و به طور اتفاق شخص با يک موضوع ناملايم برخورد کند، اين اسيد در خون تأثير کرده و چون خون در کل بدن گردش دارد وقتي به مغز مي‌رسد شخص احساس نگراني، ترس، تشویش خاطره،دلهره و اضطراب و استرس مي‌نمايد که ابتدا با ضعف اعصاب مشتبه مي‌شود و زودرنج و افسرده مي‌شود. آمادگي او براي گريه بيشتر مي‌شود. رنگ چهره تدريجا تيره مي‌شود. پس از معالجه نبايد کوتاهي کرد.

علائم بيماري :1- فکر و استرس بي مورد/2- کم خوابي/3- کم حوصله شدن/4- تنفر از جمعيت و سروصدا/5- تيره شدن رنگ زبان و دهان/6- احساس بوي بد در دهان/7- دستگاه گوارش از اعمال وظايف کوتاهي مي‌کند به طوري که قوه دافعه ضعيف شده و بر اثر يبوست معده ممکن است مبتلا به بواسير شود./8- ديدن کابوس در خواب/9- وسواس بيمورد به اطرافيان/10- لکه هاي پوستي/11- تمايل به گوشه نشيني و انزوا/12- تمايل به تنها بودن در جاهاي تاريک و کم نور/13- نا اميد بودن از زندگي/14- تمايل به پوشيدن لباسهاي با رنگ تيره/15- بيمار مايل به خوردن غذاها، لبنيات و ميوه هاي ترش مي‌باشد./16-اين بيماري در موارد حاد به ورم هاي سرطاني و جنون منتهي مي‌شود.


I have 3 things to say

by Monda on

1) Happiest Birthday to lovely Mahdiyeh

2) JJ looked really good with beard 

3) Martini shaken or not And dough do not go together and as much as I respect JJ's taste, I believe he would never commit such serious mistake (this is in response to bahram 9821 btw)


DW Duke


by DW Duke on

Did you by chance get a hornet in your knickers?  LOL


any one can change

by mahmoudg on

So what.  the proof is in the pudding, He is now fighting that regime vehemently.  Moreover unlike those who act as if they are against this regime (i.e. Trita Parsi), but still deep inside believe in its salvation, JJ does not.  He has on many occasions denounced religion.  You can not denounce religion and Islam in particular and still be an agent.  my gauge is if you call Mohamad for what he was (a child molestor) and Islam for what it is "worthless" then you are truly against this regime. Go JJ.