Iranians! STOP Stealing other people's work!

by farrokhzad

Someone has ripped-off DVD of "Iran: Seven Faces of a Civilization" by Dr. Rezaeian and posted it on the internet. What's worse, he is apparently well meaning and thinks he has done Iran a favor.  And, judging from the comments, everyone else is also proud to send the link to others to enjoy. Shameful!

This is STEALING!  Dr. Rezaeian and a dozen other researchers and animators spent more than a year making this video and book.  Their work is for SALE! They can't even recoup the cost of their production and already they are being ripped-off by so-called proud Iranians. 

Isn't it time we learned to SUPPORT those who teach us who we are and work to save our country? 


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I can't believe this turned into an argument!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Who would have thought?

David ET

Dear Farokhzad

by David ET on

You have some good suggestions and support here if you ever need one. Best wishes.

May be the person who did it had good intentions too and just did not think of consequence , so sending an conciliatory email to him/her would be a good start I think.


by farrokhzad on

I appologize for the hostility earlier. IT is frustrating to me that we can not correct our behavior and start the foundation of a civil society, one in which people themselves guard their own interests. 

We can not do anything about what has happened to us until we can find causes to unite for. one of these is supporting those who step up to serve us, like dr. rezaeian. This is where general platitudes and directives to others hurt. I'm sorry Irandokht and David for directing my frustrations at you. Obviousely, you are both caring Iranians.

Dear Alborz, I agree with you that my approach needs refining, and I wish I could get some help.  However, I feel these days that intellectualizing issues is a waste of time. In many ways, the main issues are too clear to debate. We need to act somehow to unite and focus our efforts.

David: I promise you I will act. I can not sit still any longer. I owe it Dr. Rezaeian and countless others who roll up their sleevs and step up. I doubt my action will get anywhere without others' involvement. I already registered a website called and hope to expose frauds and thievery in our community. If there are members, we can put pressure on cheaters, and along the way, discover the humble, good ones among ourselves. I could use anyone's help, from web designers to humble, determined workhorses like myself. 

David ET


by David ET on

A government of thieves creates more thieves by example and an ethical government promotes ethics.

As for this specific subject most probably the one who did this does not even live in Iran anyway.

I am happy that you are complaining about lack of action and it is goodto see different suggestions that are made by others.

I look forward to reading about the actions that you will take in this matter.

I hope you were not just TALKING TOO?!!


While we are full of ...

by alborz on

... indignation and disgust for copyright violation of work from one our fellow countryman, my empathy is nowhere near what it is for the plight of the millions that engage in this very act for their livelihood in Iran.  In short "taghlid", that is part of our DNA, infects every aspect of life in our culture, and is at the root of our plight.

Is it wrong to view this case in context and not in isolation?  I doubt it.  In fact would it not have been better for farrokhzad to have raised this issue in a more general form and use the specific case as an example of how people can be hurt by this form of "theft"?  I doubt anyone would disagree.

I hope that the advocate for this cause, farrokhzad, reflects on his approach. Instead of blowing steam on this case and alienating those that sincerely have responded, he can become a considerate catalyst for discussion about this trait and its ruinous effects.

Finally, I hope that legal remedies do pan out and the damage is minimized.



what's with the hostility sir?

by IRANdokht on

I guess the preferred comment would have been:

You're right! damn us all! when would we ever become a civilized nation etc...  

Instead I said I would reply to the email I have received, and let others know not to forward the link anymore. Silly me! You expected a different course of action involving more negativity and skepticism towards all iranians in general.

Sorry for crashing the self-hate blog. Please don't mind my superficial comment and carry on.



Thanks for all the advice, but ...

by farrokhzad on

Where's the action from you, the Iranians. Everybody is a manager these days. No workers.

"The producers should have advertised for it on ..." , "I think it's best for the producers of any similar work to advertise and take the initiative to stop such actions." God bless you khanoom for even replying, but how is a researcher working on ancient Iranian history in Iran under the watchful eyes of the mullahs, take "action" against copyright violators in the US? The Iranian Nobel Peace prize winner was barred from publishing her memoires in the States. How is a researcher with no money advertise, let alone "take action" against copyright infringement?

"Global issue"? Let me ask you MR. open-letter-to-Reza_pahlavi: Do other countries have their cultures misrepresnted inside and outside their homelands? We are next to DIRT these days. Are their  problems nearly as severe as ours?  Don't compare.

Doesn't anybody ever want to stand up and take action? Just talk and punt?

David ET

This is a Global issue not just iranian

by David ET on

- The act is wrong

- It is not only Iranians who do this . Internet is FILLED with copyright violations of videos, films etc.

- It is best and easiest to directly contact the person who posted it. Their account and email is there in all cases.



another way of looking at it

by IRANdokht on

Although I do not condone piracy, I think that was exactly the reason a lot of iranians have seen this work.

The producers should have advertised for it on youtube or google, showing clips and teasers and asking people to purchase it and not distribute it online. If those steps were taken, the iranians who distributed the content through email, would not have done so. (I am not sure about the people who uploaded it)

I believe we all do what we think is right, if we receive such great videos through email, we brag about our heritage and forward the video to our own contact list.

I think it's best for the producers of any similar work to advertise and take the initiative to stop such actions. Did their video have the familiar copy-right warning?

Again, it's very possible that those Iranians who sent the video out have good intentions. Az ghadim goftan dareh khoonato beband hamsaayato dozd nakon.  

I actually received a link to this video just yesterday, I will include this blog in my reply to the sender.   



I thought...

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

I thought we were descendant of Korosh va Dariush, damn!!!! what happened? I think we needed our civilization to be older than 2500 years old, but somehow I doubt it would have made a difference.


Dear DK

by farrokhzad on

It's on They make it hard to object. First, you have to try real hard to even find the page for instruction. Then they warn you to be VERY, VERY sure you are the owner otherwise you can be sued (notice they don't warn posters much), then the formal complaint can only come from the legal copyright holder, with proof and in writing.You can't just let them know they are posting stolen [intellectual] property and pass the onus to poster. Imagine going to police to report a burglary and hearing you have to prove you are the owner before you can object, in writing, in triplicate, notorized, M-F 10:30-2:30 pm.

In any case, I contacted representative in US and gave them the information. 

Darius Kadivar

Maybe They should contact Youtube

by Darius Kadivar on

They should be able to ask Youtube to take it away. Or make it unavailable. Many films are put online ( which is illegal) but I think you should be able to sue those who took the responsability of putting it online. A Cease and Desist Letter should indeed be a good warning to them.


سوالِ خوبیست جناب عطروش


اولا که آدرس سات رو نگذاشتم چون، به خیال خودم، نمیخواستم ترافیک سایت بالا بره و بیشتر لینک شیوع کنه. ولی با ناشر تماس گرفتم، خبردادم، لینکِ صفحه شکایات سایت رو فرستادم و داوطلب کمک شدم.

اما چکار میشه کرد؟ به نظر من:

از خودمون شروع کنیم. "کاربدمصلحت آن است که مطلق نکنیم".  نه  فیلم و آهنگ کپی کنیم، نه وقتی میبینیم ساکت بنشینیم. بلند بگیم "نکن جانم تیشه به ریشه خودت میزنی"چه بهتر اگر بتونیم بیشتر بخریم انگار که حمایت از خلاق خیریه است (که هست). شاید بخندید   به من ولی من همه کتاب هاو ویدیو هایی کودکان رو سفارش میدم اگرچه بچه ندارم چرا که معتقدم من شریک تربیت درست همه بچه های ایران هستم.

من میخواهم یک سایتی براه بندازم نادرستکار را رسوا کنیم. نه فقط این قبیل کپی و لینک، بلکه هر دروغ و تقلب و جعل وفریب. مثل سگ پاسبان. کمک میخوام تا با این اهریمن نفس ایرانی بجنگیم.

مرد این میدان هست؟ تماس بگیرند: 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Cease and Desist! Get a lawyer

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I recommend Lionel Hutz. This is terrible. I hope they stop doing this!

Abbas Atrvash

این حرکت زشت در کجا اتفاق افتاده؟ و چه باید کرد؟

Abbas Atrvash

آقای فرخ زاد شما مطلب بسیار مهمی را مطرح کرده اید - اما یک کلمه ننوشته اید که این کار زشت در چه سایتی و در کجا اتفاق افتاده - چه کسانی این کار را کرده اند. ما که به آقای دکتر رضاییان حق میدهیم چه کارو چه کمکی میتوانیم به ایشان بکنیم؟ پیشنهاد شما چیست؟ فقط مطرح کردن ماجرا و از آن گذشتن که کمکی به این موضوع نمیکند.   


In the old days ...

by farrokhzad on

There were kings and landlords who would protect and support all artists, even semi-Iranian rulers like Mahmoud Ghaznavi.   

What about now? The king got rid of the landlords, the people got rid of the king, and the mullahs want to get rid of the culture. There is noone who would fill the mouth of a poet with gold, or make a wise man his vizir. The land of art and poetry is an orphan.

It is just so sad to see the country disintegrate like this, and to see the people who obviousely love it act so irresponsibly.  I must get involved.  We have to do something. We have to wake up.

Maryam Hojjat

Shame on these Thieves!

by Maryam Hojjat on

In the Dr. rezaeian Case they used it as their own which is very shameful.  It is also a common practice among Iranian to copy CD or Videos instead of buying it as well. 


I agree

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

I agree with you