Mesmerized by this photograph

Mesmerized by this photograph
by farrokhzad

Is it just me or is this photograph something really special? Gorgeous woman, wonderful pose, great lighting-  the hands, the eyebrows, the angle of the head, the sipping of the champagne with elegant abandon, the fingers bent against tabletop, the hair, the curves, the stance, everything is beautiful about this photograph. 

It was here in just a couple of days ago in the singles promo.

This is like an icon of a modern Iranian woman. I just love it! Who is she? who took the picture?


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Yes, there is something special...

by SOmething special (not verified) on

assuming she is Iranian, it is special that she had all the work done on her breasts and none of it on her nose. That is very unusual. No work, nose only or both are common. Boobs no nose is rather rare.


nothing special about her

by Monseiur Van Gogh (not verified) on

I think it is just you! :)



by Anonymous Answerer (not verified) on

I believe in describing her you missed her breasts. Why don’t you contact her through iranianpersonalsdotcom instead of asking us? Don’t you think she want to remain anonymous?