NY Times Dumps on Iran- AGAIN.

by farrokhzad

In an article on the fron page today, NY Times headline reads:

"Starting at Home, Iran’s Women Fight for Rights"

TRANSLATION: Women in Iran have just decided to start fighting for their rights, but only indoors for now . (This is not how I remember things. From fighting in the streets with machine guns and getting excuted by the thousands at the beginning of the revolution, to protests at soccer matches and marches down streets, to a woman family court lawyer winning the Nobel peace prize, they've been fighting pretty good all along.)

"Ms. Qassemi took a step that might never have occurred to an earlier generation of Iranian women: she filed for divorce."

TRANSLATION: Women in Iran used to NEVER even think about divorce up to now.  (Never mind that they've had the right for more than a thousand years.  That's not how I remember things.)

"And it is not just women from the wealthy, Westernized elites."

 TRANSLATION:  You see, fighting for your rights is a Western gift. Amazingly, in this backward society, not just the women we have trained, but even natives have somehow come up with the idea of protecting themselves! 

"One in five marriages now end in divorce."

TRANSLATION: I know I just reported they're beginning to start to think about divorce, but somehow the rate is up to 20% already.  

The writer is a Nazila Fathi.  


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Change the translation filter

by Anononononi (not verified) on

I think farrokhzad is reading what s/he wants to read as opposed to what is there. As far as I can tell the reporter responsible is Iranian. On top of that I don't think the NY Times does anything as a corporate body. reporters file reports.

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

Talk about demonizing lol


US/British Press Demonizing and DeHumanizing Iran

by Laleh5234 (not verified) on

Not a day goes by that I don't see an article somewhere in US and UK that does not demonize Iran, directly or indirectly. And they wonder why Iranians hate these two countries. If this is freedom (media controled by Jewish owners demozing Iran and making their public think negatively about a targeted country) then I hate freedom. This is the same freedom that was used by American Food company in Guatamala in 1953 to demonize that country using US media and US lobbiest until the CIA carried out a coup that cost the lives of 300,000 human beings in the civil war that was started as a result of the CIA coup. I never understand why American and British are so sinister and why they allow their government to do such horrible things - as we all saw with attacking, invading, and occupying Iraq which cost the lives of 600,000 Iraqies. I am glad that US and UK are having financial problems, because now they don't attack other countries. God is working its magic and now Americans and British are suffering - thank god for justice.


To farrokhzad

by My two cents (not verified) on

All these reporters HAVE to be extremely careful not to cross the red lines set by the IRI for foreign correspondents otherwise their office would be shut down in Iran, they would be expelled, and/or they would not be given entry visa next time to Iran.

I believe these journalists are also advised by their own employers to follow the IRI's rules.

My impression is that the foreign news media would rather have a reporter in Iran regardless of what they report or how accurate their report is than not
having any reporter at all over there.

Remember a few years ago how that Guardian reporter Genevieve Abdo was forced to flee for her life out of Iran because of some report she made which mullahs found offensive and too revealing for their regime.

p.s. journalism now is a business, not necessarily about fact finding


You said it!

by mrlayl on