Iranians in Bahrain

by Daryush

Having 80% of the population of our culture and blood in the other side of the Persian Gulf is a disgrace to all of Iranians. We shall not forget them and try to continuously drive demonstrations to want Bahrain returned to Iran. Bahrain is an Iranian land with the Iranian population and language. Those Wahabi Arabs and savages who can't even ride camels properly need to realize that Iranians won't give up on their Rights.


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Mahadi is Right

by MeeMee Djoon (not verified) on

I agree with Mehdi...Daryush "take it easy guy".

Who cares about Iran? we are settled over here now (refugee status and all of that) and Wahabis are our brothers (I really like the name...WA HA BIZ...could be hawaiian)

I think we should get rid of South of Iran as well. I hear it is all settled by Iraqis now (the original inhabitants since 2003). Really friendly folk... they even celebrate the old iraqi "Republic Day" by raising the Iraqi flag right in the middle of cool!

Azerbaijan is troubling me too. My family are Azeri and they are as argumentative as hell! A bit like Daryush, always insisting on the country and we lost this and lost that...I say lets get rid of them.

Dont start me on the Kurds now!


You are an instigator, aren't you?

by Mehdi on

You really love to have a revolution ha? Just some kind of war, any war. Why are you so interested in starting some kind of fight between people?