"Sooteh Delan" Starring Aghdashloo, Vossoughi and Mashayekhi


"Sooteh Delan" Starring Aghdashloo, Vossoughi and Mashayekhi
by Darius Kadivar

Majid is a mentally handicapped man living with his mother and step brother. He has ajob working in a party rental shop for Habib. Majid falls in love with the girl who sells tickets at the cinema.
Apparently Habib never married because of his brother's handicap. A traditional doctor suggests to Habib that he should find Majid a sex partner. They find a prostitute for this purpose. When the prostitute and Majid met, they fall in love, and they get married against Habib's wishes. Although Majid was starting to get better due to his new life,Habib tells him about his wife's past, causing Majid to regress. Habib regretting his words, takes his brother to a wholly place hoping for a miraclebu Majid dies en route.

"Sooteh Delan" marks one Shohreh Aghdashloo's early debut in motion pictures. 


"SootehDelan" directed by Ali Hatami starring Shohreh Aghdashloo, JamshidMashayekhi and Behrooz Vossoughi

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