MON CINEMA: The Guns and the Fury (1981)

MON CINEMA: The Guns and the Fury (1981)
by Darius Kadivar

Set during the Constitutional Revolution in Persia, This is an Iranian Hollywood Co Production shot amidst the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Directed by Iranian director Tony Zarindast and Starring Peter Graves, Michael Ansara, and Cameron Mitchell. The Film was only released in 1981. The Film is at times too didactical but it has the merit of proving that Iranians could make a Hollywood Genre film set in Iranian history and with major Hollywood  and TV stars of the time as well as Iranian actors. It was to be the last Production of the Kind. The Previous one being Caravans with Anthony Quinn and Behrouz Vossoughi which had much more international success at the time of its release in 1978.

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In this period adventure, Cameron Mitchell and Peter Graves star as a pair of Americans seeking their fortune overseas at the dawn of the 20th century. When they discover valuable oil reserves in Persia, they attempt to claim them for themselves, but their plan is not received enthusiastically by the locals, and they soon find themselves battling foes on all borders. Guns and the Fury also stars Michael Ansara and Albert Salmi.


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Darius Kadivar

Your RIght Pejman Jaan ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Actually Tony Zarindast is fully Iranian but with an American Passport. He is sometimes dubbed the Persian Ed Wood because of his awkward style and he has made some awful films but this one seems the most watchable and at least interesting subject. His latest film is called Sargeejeh or Vertigo and he shot it entirely in Iran.

This film Guns and the Fury could have been much better if they had a better script and director and like you say Persian music and actors but for the time it looks good enough for lets say a TV release rather than a Cinema Film. Before the Revolution some Persian Series like Atash Bedooneh Dood or Deliraneh Tanghestan ( particularly this one for it was also set during the Constitutional Revolution) were very good and authentic films that were also entertaining in a cinematic way.

But well as far as this film is concerned its still a commendable effort, I am sure today there are much better Iranian directors who could do a better job, if it were not censored of course. 

My Book is still looking for an editor.

Good Luck for your Film Haydeh at the Noor Film Festival by the way. I heard you were selected at this prestigious festival in LA.

Warm Regards,



Typically American!

by Pejman7 on

Sand, desert + Arabian music !! Typically American view of Persia/Iran!

The interesting points is that the director is not completely American.

Anyway thanks Dariush for sharing it with us. You are expert for finding such rare historical metrials. What about your book "Hollywood and Persia"? It's finished?