SEPARATIST TEMPTATIONS: Don't Let It Fool You ... Treason Exists ...


SEPARATIST TEMPTATIONS: Don't Let It Fool You ... Treason Exists ...
by Darius Kadivar

It Seems Separatists are campaigning hard lately trying to undermine the Yek Parcheghi Iran by bringing up the "Aryan" trump card arguments consisting of accusing Reza Shah  of racism, belittling Ferdowsi and accusing the journalist Ali Reza Nourizadeh of Racism, even Shirin Ebadi is criticized ... Not that I am a Big Fan of hers myself  .. but the clear attacks on these individuals and why they are equally targeted is of no surprise to any informed observer of Iranian Political Arena and the dynamics of our political challenges both inside and outside Iran. On one hand Nourizadeh's close ties to Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi and Shirine Ebadi's Reformist backgrounds both attest to a vision of Iran which while being diametrically opposite ( Constitutional Monarchy VS Secular or Religious Republicanism) are nevertheless inclusive in that they both consider that we live under One Roof: The Undivisible Nation regardless of the ethnic, linguistic, racial or cultural differences.

Googoosh & Mehrdad Shenasname Man :

Please Read my Response ( At End of My Blog) under the thread " NO To "Federalism" YES to "Partnership" (i.e: Round Table)" to the Following article reproduced by a fellow blogger :

How democracy can be the solution to Iran’s ethnic problems? by Dr. Sedigheh Adalati

The Following are a series of conferences and interviews given by those who advocate Separatism under the cloak of federalism, Academic Credentials and Human Rights Activism and Anti Racist Campaigns.

Sorry But Personally as a Patriot I draw a Line between Empathy For our fellow Minorities :

A Thought For Our Fellow Balouch Brothers and Sisters


Dr. Ali Reza Asgharzade Speach

Part I:

Part II:

Interview of Dr. Ali Reza Asgharzade at Toronto Univesity:

Iran's A Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Society - Prof. Alireza Asgharzadeh:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Speech of Dr. Sedigheh Adalati:

Non-Persian Nations and the Modern Process of Democratization in Iran (1/2):

Non-Persian Nations and the Modern Process of Democratization in Iran (2/2):

Fakhteh Zamani Founder of the Association for the Defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners:

VOA Report on Speech of Fakhteh Zamani in U.S Congress In defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners which was criticized by some Iranian Diaspora compatriots:

THE SAME LADY REFUSES TO SPEAK IN PERSIAN: Her interview on VOA Persian is done in English as if she did not speak Persian ( Sorry for Poor Quality of Video):


Recommended Reading:

The futility of advocating pan-Turkism: the case of Madame Zamani by Kaveh Farrokh

Bio of Panalists:

Alireza Asgharzadeh completed a Ph.D. program in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. Currently, he teaches the sociology of knowledge, the sociology of education, and comparative educational systems  in the Department of Sociology at York University.  His areas of concentration and research include Iranian Studies, Middle Eastern Cultures and Societies, Social Theory, the Sociology of Education, and Social Inequality.  Asgharzadeh's work has been published in various journals, including: Canadian and International Education, Language and Education, Journal of Educational Thought, Journal of Post-Colonial Education, Journal of African Studies, and Anthropology and Education Quarterly.  His most recent book is Schooling and Difference in Africa: Democratic Challenges in a Contemporary Context, co-authored with George Dei, Sharon Bahador, and Riyad Shahjahan (2006). He is also co-editor of Diasporic Ruptures: Globality, Migrancy,  and Expressions of Identity (publishing in 2007).


Iran and the Challenge of Diversity : Islamic Fundamentalism, Aryanist Racism, and Democratic Struggles by Alireza Asgharzadeh

This book interrogates the racist construction of Arya/Aria and Aryanism in an Iranian context, arguing that a racialized interpretation of these concepts has given the Indo-European speaking Persian ethnic group an advantage over Iran’s non-Persian nationalities and communities.  Based on multidisciplinary research drawing on history, sociology, literature, politics, anthropology and cultural studies, Alireza Asgharzadeh critiques the privileged place of Farsi and the Persian ethnic group in contemporary Iran. The book highlights difference and diversity as major socio-political issues that will determine the future course of social, cultural, and political developments in Iran. Pointing to the increasing inadequacy of Islamic fundamentalism in functioning as a grand narrative, Asgharzadeh explores the racist approach of the current Islamic government to issues of difference and diversity in the country, and shows how these issues are challenging the very existence of the Islamic regime in Iran.




My Response to How democracy can be the solution to Iran’s ethnic problems? by Dr. Sedigheh Adalati

NO To "Federalism" YES to "Partnership" (i.e: Round Table) by DK

Sorry to disappoint you in your blind enthusiatic endorsements but Federalism Only makes sense in a Region (I.e: Europe) where Frontiers are Secure and the territorial integrity of a nation is not subject to threat.

Federalism in Germany made sense (and makes sense today ) including during the Cold War on it's Western Partition was immersed within the Western European Union and had Only One Frontier to be worried about and that was it's Eastern Front with Check Point Charlie:

Berlin, Germany: Checkpoint Charlie:


It did not stop it from Uniting under One Flag after the Eastern Communist Bloc Melted and the Berlin Wall torn down ...

But for Iran given the political dynamics and geostrategic rivalries in the region that is another matter ...

On the otherhand I can fully understand when ethnic, religious or cultural minorities demand more autonomy, freedom of action and responsability but then that is no different from let's say Scotland in a Constitutional Monarchy like Great Britain where has found a strong spokesperson in the person of Sean Connery:

SNP supporter Sean Connery speaking - 1999:


Which did not stop him from entusiastically accepting Knighthood from the Tip of the Sword of Queen Elizabeth herself:


Debate over SNP supporter Sean Connery's knighthood :


The same could be said in Republican France of the Corsicans:


or the Basque's(Which are divided between France's Republic and Spain's Monarchy) :


both regions which are distinguished by a different language and ethnic background that truly separates them culturally from the rest of the country. Yet they are both part of the Undivisible French Republic which refuses to grant them independance which has been the source often of a violent rejection of Republican Rule by a minor few trying to impose it's stubborn vision on the rest of the population which has no problem in living under the same roof ( including administratively) as the rest of the nation.

I don't wish to brandish a paranoiac argument in defense of territorial integrity each time a minority ( ethnic, religious, linguistic or other ...) has demands which can be understandable and even justifiable in some cases as is the case of the Kurds for instance who have been subject to discrimination by the central government particularly after the Revolution :

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Pulitzer Prize Photo of Rebels Executed by Iran's Revolutionaries (1979)

Secret War on Iran

Iran Urges Iraqi Action On Kurdish Rebels which it brands as "Terrorist Groups" 

Human Rights Watch: "End Repression in Kurdish Areas of Iran"


Or not entirely satisfied despite their recurrent demands of acknowledgment of their specific individualities within the national community:


David & Layla : When Love Transcends Religious Prejudice by Darius KADIVAR


A PERSIAN ROSE BLOOMS: An Interview with actress Shiva Rose McDermott by Darius KADIVAR


THE PRICE OF FREEDOM: Manouchehr Vossough Leaves Iran thanks to Kurd Rebels (1978/79)

DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Shah of Iran Grants Assylum to Kurdish Prince Dawood Beg Jaff (1958)


DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Shah of Iran Grants Assylum to Kurdish Prince Dawood Beg Jaff (1958)


ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah meets Kurdish Representatives (1948)

But Federalism in a region like the Middle East entirely plunged in a constant struggle of geo strategic rivalries which leave little doubt as to the instrumentalization of regional divisions from all powers present makes the very idea of federalism as inadequate to the realities of a nation's survival and peaceful coexistance.

I say this all the more comfortably that within my own camp ( Constitutional Monarchists that is ...) there are talks and promises being delivered that if Iran is liberated such a scenario or eventuality can be considered. I know that the Crown Prince for instance is not hostile to the idea of Federalism. I am ... which means that debate even amongst Constitutionalists is not only possible But healthy.

From that point of view I share some of former Minister of Health of Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar's government, Manouchehr Razmara's concerns:

See Blog by Tapesh

Which does not stop me from being loyal to the Monarchist cause and the the man I consider as my Sovereign Crown Prince Reza nevertheless ...

But Federalism has it's roots in the idea that we cannot live under the same roof without sharing responsabilities of governance in a fair and equitable way.

I stand against that argument for several reasons which I could develope if I had more time but which can be boiled down to three arguments:

1) Democracy is a collective experience which we have failed to practice to the fullest in the past 100 years. We need to prove we can already agree to disagree and live through the political transition from not only the current dictatorship but the democratic society which is supposed to emerge with it's huge demands for freedom. That in itself is a task which we need to come to terms with in the first place in order to prove to ourselves that we can handle democracy and political sharing in a mature way.

2) Before creating dozen's of individual constitutions in order to satisfy a given minority ( in a federal sense of the word) in a bid to opportunistically win their votes, we need to apply a constitution which will be accepted by the majority of the people and mutually acceptable between the elected governing body(i.e: The government) and the nation at large (i.e:  the people).

3) We are Not even culturally Prepared for a United States of IRANICA !

The Transition between a Post IRI Iran and a Fully Democratic Iran with a Flexible institution which can guarantee individual and collective rights, freedom of assembly and Human Rights all within a democratic framework is to ultimate goal seeked by all who genuinely believe in democracy regardless of which ideological, philisophical or political background they belong or wish to belong to.

Federalism can indeed be a far fetched and commendable goal in the context of a Middle East where country's live in peaceful coexistance and fully understand the advantages and responsabilities that such a social construction implies. 

Outside such an ideal context which can only be achieved on the long run if let's say Israel and it's Arab neighbours make peace and that the region evolves towards democratic institutions regardless of whether or not they are Republics like Syria or Egypt or Monarchies like Jordan or Saudi Arabia, ( and even maybe Constitutional Monarchy like Iran in a forseable Future if it were to happen) Federalism is nothing but Smoke in the eyes. It is merely a separatis argument which consists of saying we cannot get along as a nation and therefore let's all selfishly try and govern ourselves without having to rely on the central government.

Sorry that will be simply the end of Iran as we know it.

The current problems faced by the incompetant IRI in regard to the Baloutch terrorist groups is another result of the disastrous policies undertaken by the Current Religious Republic in denying any form of recognition and respect for it's minorities. Something which was less the case be it symbolically or publically under the Monarchy where the Crown was the Symbol of National Unity:

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Pays Respect to Baloutch Sunni Minority (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah meets Kurdish Representatives (1948)

As such Federalism is simply a REPUBLICAN OFFSPRING whose historical roots and ramifications are PERFECTLY KNOWN to All who have a minimum knowledge in our contemporary history :

Video: Soviet Propaganda Film - Iran, Tabriz 1945-46

REPUBLICAN OFFSPRING: Massoud Rajavi at Tehran University during Presidential Campaign (1980)

As Such I firmly am opposed to Federalism on the short term including in a Post IRI Iran. On a long term basis such demands have and should have a place for an open debate in a democratically elected parliament given that everything is subject to change in society.

If collectively we learn to accept such differences and the possibility of peacefully granting freedom/autonomy or even independance of a given region due to incompatible differences which cannot be overcome otherwise. Then Why Not ? But if France cannot give up Corsica or the Basque countryside nor Great Britain give up Scotland ( and I am not even mentioning their old feud with their Irish Neighbours) I do not see why we should precipitate our own chances of a collective national coexistance under one Roof embodied by a Fully Democratic Constitution in the name of another obscure and divisive concept called A "Federal Republic" or "Federalism" for that matter. Which is nothing else than being a Party Pooper and wanting to play it solo as in a classroom when one student doesn't wish to be a good sport in a collective exercise or homework.


Nope Sorry Folks: If we wish to even Hope to see a democratic Iran in our lifetime we need to survive the COLLECTIVE TEST of Living under  ONE CONSTITUION:

be it gathered around a "Round Table" where each party can have it's say and debate freely and without fear on the options available:


But playing it solo as suggested in such federalistic demands even cloaked under the respectable disguise of "intellectual discourse" will be fatal to any successful democratic experience in a Post IRI Iran.

I can only regret that our current Intellectual Elite particularly in our ever clueless diaspora is essentially composed of wishful UNIMAGINATIVE thinkers and day dreamers but alas Not of well thought intellectually honest and realistic Visionaries as one of our greatest patriots who paid the ultimate price for that collective dream we call "Democracy and Human Rights" ...

Lastly may I quote a Great Canadian author's wise words which are alas equally applicable to our country's sad predicament today:

 "A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow

And Remind You All of the Challenges of Our Generation in seeing an end to the UN IRANIAN Regime in Power in our home country if we ever hope to see it achieve democracy in our lifetime Regarldess of Whether or Not You are:

A Constitutionalist Like me :

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... By Darius KADIVAR

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK

Or a Secular Republican:

BHL Gathers Secular Opposition in Paris (June 11th, 2010 )



SON IRAN: Golshifteh Farahani on "Sokoot" (BBC Persian)

Don't Let it be Otherwise ...

à bon entendeur, salut !

My Humble Opinion,


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ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Greeted by "Bandari" People of Persian Gulf (1970's)

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ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah meets Kurdish Representatives (1948)

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ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Comforts Tabas Earthquake Victimes (1978)

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ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Helps Clean Village Sewage System (1970's)

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ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah and Soraya Share meal with worksman's family (1956)



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Azeri-Armenian clashes 'may escalate' say's Hillary Clinton

by Darius Kadivar on

Azeri-Armenian clashes 'may escalate' - Hillary Clinton (bbc)



US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has voiced concern over border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan - hours after three Armenian soldiers…


داریوش  آقا ، 


داریوش  آقا ،  تشکر از  مقاله  و  کلیپ ها .  من به عنوان یک ترک ایرانی بسیار روشن شدم. 

دوست عزیز  توجه کردن به حقوق انسانی  تمامی ایرانیها  و دفاع از این حقوق می تواند ضامت  بقا و آبادی کشورمان باشد.  ملیونها انسانی که در کشور خود قادر نیستند به زبان خود تحصیل کنند  و  شاهد  تحقیر  فرهنگ و ملیت خود هستند آینده خوبی نخواهد داشت.



Guilty as charged

by benross on

I did not entirely read your blog. But by 'overreacting' I meant bringing a false issue to the forefront. They argue for federalism, you argue against it. This whole discussion is wrong. These people don't have constituency for a specific and detailed option, yet they bring it to social discourse to muddy the water and your reaction is helping them. We have a country to free and restore its constitution. The rest of ideas can wait till freedom. Should wait till freedom. There's no other option. There is no real grounds to discuss them now anyways.  Actually these issues can always be discussed. But in the spirit of exploring ideas. Not in the context of this blog and those events. They are not stepping forward to explore an idea. They are defining themselves as political entity with a specific social model as an alternative. This is totally a different matter. Arguing in this context is wrong because they are not a political entity. You are helping them with their pretense.

Darius Kadivar

benross Jaan did you even bother to read my Blog entirely ?

by Darius Kadivar on

I never claimed they were a Majority nor particularly representative of the communities they claim to represent. Nor did I reject Federalism as a concept in itself.

I claimed they ( those in the video except our Crown Prince or Bakhtiar of course) were "traitors" as I understand that word.

Am I being Harsh ? Maybe ...

Wrong ? I don't think so !

Very Much like you I personally know many Kurdish bothers who see things very differently from the above lot:

David & Layla : When Love Transcends Religious Prejudice by Darius KADIVAR

Likewise for other minorities in our common land.

But Seperatism or Federalism as advocated by some people lately is NOT a Model I will support or Embrace at this stage in our struggle for democracy in our country.

My Humble BUT Firm Opinion,


PS: As for the Use of English I was refering to the fact that Fakhteh Zamani was speaking in English with Setareh Derakhshesh pretending she could not speak her native tongue when in another report by  VOA Persian interviewing her after her speach in Congress she speaks FLUENT Persian. I wanted to note the Irony was Not Coincidental but Intentional on Behalf of Mrs. Zamani.





Don't overreact DK

by benross on

Let's cut the crap and get to the point. This asshole speaks Persian and when he finds it limiting for his expression, he gets help from English.

On behalf of who is he talking. Where is his constituency? A bunch of 'left'over kids in this and that foreign universities?!

I know Kurds. I know Azaries. They have issues but they know better. 


Perfect time

by MRX1 on

Guess it's perfect time for all these traitors and seperatists to show their face. IRI has brought down Iran to it's knees at every level and ahmadi nejad rhetorics are icing on the cake. The way these guys talk as if the rest of Iran is picnic and some how no body invited them!


Dear Dariush

by Troneg on

Your blog is very long and I admit I didn't read and listen all.

However I agree with you. Situation is very dangerous

From one side Ahmadinejad is hardening his military aproach toward minorites, because he is looking for a war to achieve his goal and become a 100% dictator for always. He is speaking about one "Hezbeh Velayat" and I bet in 3 years he will ask to change constitution to be again president.

From other side, it seems that Separatist strategy is encouraged by some westerner intellegance agancies as a leverage to put pression on IRI.

All Iranians must fought both of them and push for a Federal Union Iranian Cuture which one day (as Union European) could gather all people who speak parsi and beleive on Noorooz, our Tajik, Afghan and Iraki Kurd will be welcome to this Union.