BHL Gathers Secular Opposition in Paris (June 11th, 2010 )

BHL Gathers Secular Opposition in Paris (June 11th, 2010 )
by Darius Kadivar

Members of Iran's Secular Democratic Opposition in exile were gathered in Paris Studio Gabriel on June 11th, 2010 by French Philosopher Bernard Henri Levy on the anniversary of the Green Protest.

To Watch Go Here (Mostly In Persian)

Speakers in order of appearance:

Mehrdad Khonsari (Former Diplomat and Constitutional Monarchist)

Mohsen Makhmalbaf (Filmmaker)

Abdollah Mohtadi (General Secretary of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan)

Ali Reza Nourizadeh (Independant Journalist)

Gholam Reza Hosseinbor ( Baloutch Party)

Hasan Sharafi (Hezbeh Democrateh Kurdistan aka Democratic Party of Kurdistan)

Mousa Sharifi-Farid (?)

Amir Hossein Jahanchahi (Businessman and Republican and self proclaimed Diaspora Green Leader)

Messages read on behalf of two absent panelists:

Mohsen Sazegara (Expat Journalist and former founder of the IRI Revolutionary guards)


Mehrangiz Kar (Human Rights Activist)


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Fell Short on the Q&A ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Interesting Initiative but badly organized in the end ... No possibility to hear the Press and audience ask questions or hear the responses of the panalists after they delivered their speeches.

Apparently they had problems in terms of security and from what BHL said in the begining of his intervention it appears that this video has been available online only recently because it was crippled by IRI hackers ... 

Too Bad ...