Prince Andrew slammed over child sex offender friend


Prince Andrew slammed over child sex offender friend
by Darius Kadivar

Britain's Prince Andrew is facing growing calls toquit as the UK's unpaid trade ambassador over his ties with a convicted US sex offender and his hosting of the deposed Tunisian leader's son-in-law.

Prince Andrew 'unwise'to meet with sex offender  (Channel 4 New):

DavidCameron says Prince Andrew's role as UK trade envoy will not be reviewed as aroyal source tells Channel 4 News the prince's meeting with businessman Jeffrey Epstein was "very unwise".

Bradshaw blasts Cameron over Prince Andrew :

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw labels the Government "incompetent" over its handling of the Duke of York's business connections.

MSNBC Reports March 08, 2011:

Prince Andrew Caught Hanging Out With Convicted Sex Offender Billionaire


Frost Over the World –Al Jazeera Interviews Prince  for Arab Network




Frost over the World - Prince Andrew - 16 May 08 (Al Jazeera):

For the last seven years Prince Andrew has been the UK's' special representative for international trade and investment'. In this role he travels the world promoting British business. This weekend he travels to Egypt to co-chair the World Economic Forum on the Middle East. He tells Sir David why the forum is a good opportunity to discuss political issues.


British Iranian Comic Omid Djalili's Outlook On the British ;0)



Bloody Lucky Arab - Omid Djalili Sketch:


Omid Djalili - I am an Iranian in UK Sketch:

Omid Djalili - The Persian Ambassador Sketch:

See Complete Sketch here:

THE PERSIAN AMBASSADOR : Omid Djalili In The Pride and Racial Prejudice


Prince Andrew slammed over sex offender friend  By London correspondent Rachael Brown (March 8th,2011)


Britain'sPrince Andrew is facing growing calls to quit as the UK's unpaid trade ambassador over his ties with a convicted US sex offender and his hosting ofthe deposed Tunisian leader's son-in-law.

The prince, fourth in lineto the throne, has been criticised for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, aUS financier who has served a prison sentence for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.

The 50-year-old prince's judgment has also been questioned over his meetings with Moamar Gaddafi's son,Saif al-Islam, and for entertaining the son-in-law of Tunisia's oustedpresident, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, at Buckingham Palace.

British prime minister DavidCameron has given his full backing to the prince in his role as trade envoy.

But behind closed doors at Downing Street, ministers reportedly believe one more serious incident willmake the prince's role untenable.

Monday's tabloid headlines on the story included "Prince of Sleaze" in the Daily Mirror and"Andrew: I won't quit over my pervert pal," in the Sun.

Chris Bryant, a member ofthe opposition Labour Party, said the government should get rid of PrinceAndrew immediately.

"They should be absolutely clear: 'We are going to dispense with his services'," he told BBC radio.

Sarah Ferguson, who divorced the prince in 1996, said he was a "first-rate man" who worked tirelessly for Britain.

"The duke is a man who does not know how to tell an untruth or behave dishonourably," she told the London Evening Standard.

Ms Ferguson admitted that she had accepted 15,000 pounds from Epstein to help pay off her debts, a move she described as a huge mistake.

Business leaders such as Peter Levene, chairman of the Lloyd's of London insurance market, also issued statements backing Prince Andrew.

The stories were a long wayfrom the gushing coverage the British media have reserved for Prince Andrew's nephew, Prince William, and fiancee Kate Middleton ahead of their wedding nextmonth.

Prince Andrew has long had astrained relationship with newspapers, who have printed photographs of him enjoying himself on yachts or sunbathing surrounded by topless women.

Hehas also been nicknamed 'Air miles Andy' for his use of publicly funded travel.





Highlights of Prince Andrews Life:


RoyalPrince and War Falklands War Veteran


Prince Andrew 1960:

First pictures of baby Prince Andrew with the Queen,PrincePhillip and Prince Charles.

Prince Andrew interview in the Falklands War :

News clips of Prince Andrew being interviewed in the Falklands during the war there in 1982 where he servedas a helicopter pilot. He is briefly shown speaking about his impressions ofthe conflict itself, and is also asked whether he has spoken to his mother, theQueen.

David Frost interviews Young Prince Andrew onTV-am :

David Frost interviews Prince Andrew. On the Navy, on flying, on the sea. TV-am 13th November 1983

Royal Wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah

Ferguson,London 1986:



FERGIE : The Royal Wreck



Fergie is Not welcome at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding :


Fergie's Royal Scandal RilesBritain:

Britons aren't offering much sympathy to Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, after atabloid released video in which she appears to sell access to her husband,Prince Andrew. (May 24th, 2010)



In 2010 Amid another scandal, British royal The Dutchess of York Sarah Ferguson continues with US tour :


Britain's Duchess of York, in a scandal maelstrom over her bid to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew, is on a US tour which has included accepting a charity award and saw her on Wednesday visiting with children in New York. A video released at theweekend shows Sarah Ferguson promising to provide a British tabloid reporter posing as a businessman extensive access to Prince Andrew in exchange for500,000 pounds.


Oprah Talks to The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson 1stJune 2010 :

Trailer to Interview :




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This is a clip from a documentary titled "Crisis in Iran" by the History Channel with Mike Wallace

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British TV Report on the Swiss banks which hold money and assets of the deposed Iranian Shah.


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