BELIEVING IN LOVE: Prince William to marry Kate Middleton


BELIEVING IN LOVE: Prince William to marry Kate Middleton
by Darius Kadivar

Prince William, second in line to the British throne, is to marry his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton next year, it is announced. The wedding will take place in the spring or summer of 2011, in London. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course. Wishing the Future Royal Couple all the happiness they aspire to. (See Related News)

Googoosh - I believe In Love:

BBC Announcement:

Sky News - PM David Cameron speaks about Royal Wedding:

CBS News:

Kate Middleton parody by Chenille Steele:

Wedding of Prince Charles with Lady Diana Spencer - Fox News (1981):

Wedding of Prince Charles with Lady Diana Spencer (1981):

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Thin Lips, Fox-Eyes

by HHH on

Thin Lips and Fox-eyes of the bride means she will stay with him kindly only if he becomes a king, but if not, she will leave him within 2 years to get a multi-million dollar settlement plus a book deal and movie deals from Hollywood producers.

I hope I'm wrong.


As David Letterman said

by Mammad on

everything is set, but the date of their divorce!



How to perform prayer in Islam

by Anonymouse on

Since dancing is not permitted in Islam, here's an Islamic prayer for Prince William to have a blissful wedding night.

Everything is sacred


Oh No I'm telling off those who deserve it

by Escape on

Those who have insulted me and my belief,I'm not 'converting' anyone here buddy.Unless you convert to Insultation.I have tried to explain the difference of my religion and why it is not the Terrorism that is Islam.I could go on with the difference of other Religions as well but I would have to study them further.We've had no problem here in Western civilization with all our Religions,until Islam.

My main message here is - Try being a part of Western Civilization buddy instead of a leftist NUISANCE publishing itiotic statements in the name of Iranians......

Look at this post,it's about the Royalty getting married in a CHURCH isn't it? I guess a stupid person would think they must be ISLAMIST'S as well.


Escape, obviously you're fascinated

by Cost-of-Progress on

by us Iranians otherwise you would not be posting on every day!! However, the only ones with whom you may have anything in common are the very people that you don't like as you try to distinguish between one religion and another. I bet you thought you'd become a member here to try to persuade those in diaspora to join your religion - I remember a post about the glory of chrisitianity from you somewhere...Boy, were you wrong...?

Dude, All religions are equal in their strive to opress the masses and to secure power. If you don't want to believe that, then you're just fooling yourself.





More for you Religious ignorants

by Escape on

Call me a Islamist,well I guess somewhere in the mind there it must be when a 'Crime against God' is committed in Iran and the people are hanging in the street ,there would be you thinking -'Oh that's just religion.'..That's just how Religion is....Duh..Stupid.........

Or that when Iran became over-ran and you hit the road you just thought it may as well have been Christianity that overtook Iran,or Judaism or for that matter 'Zoroastrianism'....

When Islam becomes the same as every other Religion, there will be - Only Islam left.It can only happen because ISLAM HAS CONQUERED...
That is just how WRONG you are lumping every Religious person in with Islamist..

When you go outside,try to examine THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN (the west). Notice the abundance of Churches and a large variety of Religions and Religious people active in their religions freely.

The difference is so large,its the difference betweem WESTERN CIVILIZATION and the MIDDLE EAST.Well welcome to Western Civilization,leave yoyur FREAKING CAVEMAN MANNERS AND BRAINS AT HOME.

We have Religious freedom and tolerance and understanding unlike what you are used to or apparently the way you have been brought up.I googled Kim Kardashian,what came up? A bunch of itiots at calling her a slut..

You itiots do a great job making complete you know what's of yourself..




Just another sucker

by azadi5 on

Let's give this marriage some time and see how long this woman will stay with him. I hope he has an air tight prenuptial agreement and an army of lawyers to make sure she doesn't abuse his resources.



by Doctor mohandes on

What is Molook doing here???


How did Hezbollah get into Prince Bill & Kate Middleton's news?!

by Anonymouse on

من فقط خواستم تبریکات مولوکانه و دعای خیر امّت همیشه در صحنهٔ ایران رو به مینی اعلاحضرت و علیاحضرت رسانده باشم!  بالاخره هرکس به زبان و رسم خودش! 

Everything is sacred


Sure I could have said all Iranian's are terrorist too

by Escape on

since difference's don't matter in simple minded generalizations.Yes proving once again that the Iranian diaspora is not quite the intelligent mythological group they are portrayed to be,they cannot even tell the difference between Islam and any other Religion.But then again,I don't really expect to see a proper representation of the Iranian diaspora here,rather tho a pack of paranoid leftist atheists who are left to ponder their own exiled fate and what to do while their people and country are overran by Islamist's founded to rise against Isreal.

Yet why would Islamist's against Isreal if all religions are the same?

Oh no matter dealing with the reality of the situation of A COMPLETE OBVIOUS RELIGOUS DIFFERENCE THAT CONTROLS THEIR OWN ENTIRE FATE OF THEIR OWN EXILE, they choose not see it.


Darius Kadivar

That was a good One MM Jaan ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Reminded me of the incident between Clinton and Boris Yeltsin:








escape - fair enough, but you could have simply said........

by MM on

من مسلمان هستم ولی اسلامی نیستم.


Phillip makes a boo-boo on camera

by MM on

We always see a formal side of this bunch, but here is a series of pictures taken when King Phil cuts a loud and/or stinky one, thinking no one will notice!  The look on the royals especially the cold / calculated QE2 is priceless, and the expressions of the rest of the bunch look spontaneous. Prince Billy was spared.




Here is what I said and why I said it,plain and simple

by Escape on

I said or meant to convey this message 'Don't believe in God here or else you will be referred to as a Hezbollah by Athiests who don't know the difference from a regular belief in God and Hezbollah'.

I said this because I was being referred to as a Hezbollah in this blog because of a conversation on another blog and previous blogs where I have defended the belief in God to Atheist's.And I posted the song here 'GOD save the Queen' and refenced it as a 'religious message as a joke.

This is about Bullish Iranian exiles trying to push their Athiestism and offending those who still believe in God regardless of the atrocities of Islam..


Mehrdad - if u understood, pls translate into english or farsi

by MM on



oh gosh. Thanks Escape for bringing so much laugh to us

by Bavafa on

Souri/Doctor jaan,

The trouble is that Escape's English is not much better then his/her Farsi. I had to read his post (in English) at least three times to make some sense out of it.




by Souri on

Doctor Mohandes jon,

ghash kardam az khandeh ;-)

Also please, can you trasnlate what this Anonymouse is saying here?



by iamfine on

DK is in love with British Royal Family. I can understand your love for  Pahlavi, but cannot accept the British. They have done so much harm to our country. 


Hezbe Kabab

by Doctor mohandes on


Dorost benevis bebinam chi migi?

What the hell is this?

Aya bavar be khoda az shoma khahad... Hezbo Allah tavasote mardom ke tafavot nemidanam be nam...

Baba The elections are over, Wake up! essmell de kofeeee


  آیا باور به


  آیا باور به خدا از شما خواهد حزب الله توسط مردم که تفاوت نمی دانم به نام


حزب الله میمیرد، ذلّت نمیپذیرد!


Everything is sacred


What for

by MRX1 on

with his good looks, power and money he can bang so many till the sun stops shining! what a waste,,,,,

Darius Kadivar

FYI/How Truly Democratic is The British Monarchy ? (Documentary)

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

FYI/The British Royal Family at Work (PBS : 7 Parts)

by Darius Kadivar on

Farah Rusta

May they bring peace on Earth

by Farah Rusta on

British monarchy remains a model for the rest to follow. 

Wish Wills & Kate long happy years together.




Yes, those post on BBC blog

by Bavafa on

would be exactly my sentiments if I had to cough up for their wedding.

I wonder when are British going wise up and make this family work for for a change just like any common and decent person.



Why should I care?

by reader1 on

I wish them all the best but why should I care? More than half the Biritish population could not care less.


Learn from the British

by Simorgh5555 on

As someone who lives in the UK there is widespread support of the monarchy despite the scandals and the facts the country is going through an economic recession. The monarchy plays a symbolic role but everyone regardless of their 'class' has a feeling of deference for them. If they monrachy were to be abolished the country would lose all of its prestiege and little influence it now has in the world. The country has few natural resources, rampant teenage pregnancy, faltering public services, knife crime, unemployment, high rise council house estates, no  social cohension as a result of the failure of the multi-cultural society. Now imagine if they abolished the Royal Family as well? No one would pay the slightest bit of attention to this small island. Despite all the crap people still think that England is a quaint country, small cottage houses, Buckingham Palace and Wibeldon. Every time there is a Royal Wedding the world goes crazy from US tourists or members of the commonwealth countries who want to  be part of the whole event. And despite all the problems the Brits know that if you take away the only institution that brings in millions of pounds in revenue every year and makes sure the people are not fogotten. The don't bitch about how much the Queen costs them or that how much weddings cost because they are more cleverer than that. 

Think about it. A country which has nothing. nothing. Not even enough sunshine to grow a frickin banana and people across the world want their Orders of the Garta, titles, honours and knighthoods. 

If our own Shah functioned properly (he had his faults), combined with our rich natural resources, commodities, luscious landscapes, 3,00 years of history and culture, Iran today could have been the greatest county on earth. 

In contrast, look at OUR people. The Iranians accepted the Islamist-Marxist propaganada and took away the greatest instiution in our country. Yesterdays theives, beggars and opium addicts have now become today's rulers. Any reputation that Iran had during the 1970s is now in tatters and become a byword for terrorism and mass murder. YES, the Shah was an absolutist monarch and not a constitutional monarch but the Shah was on a verge of changing and relinquishing his powers fulfilling a purely symbolic role. I don't blame the poor in Iran but I am specificaly attacking the intelligentsia and the bourgeois middle class who had recieved the Shah's scholarship grants and were sent to universities abroad who still had a chip on their shoulder. Their stupid Republican, Islamist and Marxist ideologies from abroad screwed our country and not 'imperialism'.  Dur Az To Andisheye Badha 

Stupid, STUDPID people. How hasty Iranians were.  You never know a good thing when you have one. You never know who your true friends and enemies are. 

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Have your say on the Royal Wedding (BBC)

by Darius Kadivar on

Interesting comments by BBC Readers notably on the "Wedding Costs" in times of economic crisis, the Future of the Monarchy, Should Britain become a Republic or Not ? etc ...




maziar 58

mabarak !

by maziar 58 on

2nd in line to the throne !!

prince charles will die before the queen and the Brit conspirators will get rid of the 2nd in line in no time . way to go mates.      Maziar