MKO LOBBY: Former US senators seek to lift MKO off Terrorist List

MKO LOBBY: Former US senators seek to lift MKO off Terrorist List
by Darius Kadivar

Washington (February 19, 2011) - in a conference titled "Middle East in Transition: Prospects for Iran," former top-ranking U.S. officials urged Obama administration to remove the main Iranian opposition group, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran(PMOI/MEK) from the US State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

You're OK dude ?


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Darius Kadivar

US warns MEK to leave Iraqi camp

by Darius Kadivar on

US warns MEK to leave Iraqi camp (bbc)


The US warns an Iranian dissident group it must leave a camp in Iraq, if it hopes to be removed from a US list of terrorist groups.


  You seems to believe

by Escape on

  You seems to believe that everyone here represents the regime - WE DO NOT. There are a few who do, but most do not.


Isn't it also Ironic that You and others do the same to those who believe in God or anyone religious.(See Mehrdad's comment below).Now if you can't take the treatment why dole it out?

G. Rahmanian

The paid IR

by G. Rahmanian on

Agents are going up the wall, again!!! A while ago someone wrote that some Americans sell their mothers for money. I tell you, there are some Iranian folks who would do more than that for handouts from IR.


Here is a litmus test for the clueless

by Disenchanted on


       Do any of these who are so "genuinely" concern about Iranian people democratic rights ready to meet IN PERSON with Masoud Rajavi?! So why they want people of Iran his leadership god forbid!

       Do you really want to turn the whole Iran to Camp Ashraf? 

      I am telling these naive, gullible or downright hypocrites that if you want to alienate Iranian people and rest of the opposition bring MKO to the table.

      Let it be known to these boneheads that Iranians are disgusted with MKO becuase of their past history and are frightened by them because of the tyranny that they would bring to Iran.

      YOU, ignorant, gullible folks, remember MKO is the patent holder of the "suicide bombing".    






by Cost-of-Progress on

Are you for real?

Did you even read my posts before? Hamas and hezbollah in lebanon are NOT iranian. MEK/MKO IS. People do not want to trade one tyrannical regime for another. What are you tripping on man?

"Look how scared everyone seems to be of the MKO but could not give a hoot about Hamas and Hezbollah,the Taliban,Mutq Al Sadr,Al Qeada,Al Aqsa Brigade,Islamic Jihad,etc."

THE STEMENET ABOVE SHOWS HOW CLULESS YOU ARE. You seems to believe that everyone here represents the regime - WE DO NOT. There are a few who do, but most do not.

I'm done with you man. You have no business here discussing things you absolutely do not understand. Stop smoking that peace pipe!





Cop I don't support the MKO

by Escape on

I just think it's Ironic those that support Terrorists have their own Terrorists re-emerging onto the scene.Look how scared everyone seems to be of the MKO but could not give a hoot about Hamas and Hezbollah,the Taliban,Mutq Al Sadr,Al Qeada,Al Aqsa Brigade,Islamic Jihad,etc.

You get what you deserve.You know the saying,Payback is a *&***.I wonder what Iran's reaction would be if the MKO blew up some building in Iran killing 3000 Iranians?

Soosan Khanoom

Shah ,  Fadee .....

by Soosan Khanoom on

" Shah " , " Fadee " ..... "Todeei "......" Hezbollahi" ...... and the number one assholes of all " Mojaheedeens " are belong to the  past ...........  this time Iranian youth are not going to fall for these craps........  I am serious ....... America has never been a help and will never be ........ let them do what ever they want ......

 Truth Shall be Prevailed  


Darius Kadivar

Roozbeh_Gilani Jaan enghadre Beh Khodet Zahmat Nadeh ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


My "Qajar Princes"!!!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Dear Darius, Of all the names I have been called on this site, this one beats them all! But hey, why not!

To make it absolutely clear, In my opinion, Monarchy is an outdated feudal system. I know you'll hit me back with examples of UK, spain and Monaco, where royalty rules and everything is dandy. Then I'd tell you that none of these royalties were established through a coup, and then you call me something else, so I leave it here.

Darius, just read what our friend ELS says. He makes lots of sense. You know I never comment on blogs related to Royalty as I see it serves no purpose, and can be counter productive by creating division and froction. I only commented on this blog, because believe it or not, it follows IRI's line of propaganda. Did you hear what that scum bag in charge of "ministry of infrmation" of IRI said on TV only yesterda? He called everybody a MKO agent! does this not tell you something? We both share our dislike of MKO's ideologyu (I find mixing Marxism with Islam the most ridiculous soup of all time!). But MKO is not the issue. Their violence against Shah was a sign of those times. We need to support the Green movement, overthrow the islamist regime, and let all of Iranians, even the current supporters of islamist regime, so long as not guilty of crimes against people,decide the future political system of Iran through a free referendum.

Sorry for "roodeh derazi", and I hope I make some sense.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

بت شکن

Walk like an Egyptian

by بت شکن on



Why don't you take a page out of the Eyptian book of doing things. By all accounts they have been more successful than us EYEranians in the last thirty years.

If the MUSLEM BROTHERHOOD who are historically much more established than the MUJAHEDIN and despite a past history of terroristic activities are allowed to have seats in Egypt's parliament, then surely the PMOI have every right to take part in the democratic process.


Watch the Bangles:


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

In a land of blinds, a one-eyed man/woman is a king/queen!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

As much as MKO folks are despicable for all the wrong choices and all the crimes they have made and committed against Iranians over the past 50 years when it comes to the rest of the alternatives they are the most organized and persistent opposition with the most critical mass behind them! That doesn't mean they are the best people or the best option!

Every nation has a leader, every organization has a leader, every corporation has a leader, and every group has a leader. It is mind boggling that the only group that is not willing to rally behind a leader or any leader is the group of Iranians. You don't like Kahroubi. You don't like Mousavi. You don't like Reza Pahlavi. You don't like this you don't like that. Then who do you like? Are you waiting for the rag-head Imam Zaman to arrive? So, you don't want to step up to the plate and grab the bull by the horn then someone else or some other group will do it instead of you! Hence, MKO! 

It's as simple as that!?



by Cost-of-Progress on

You still make no sense dude. I think politics may be too much for you man. Anyway, I do not understand your support of MKO. I really don't. Must be some weird sense of religious ideological hangup that makes the bond with that group for you. No?

BTW, I mean no offense.




Darius Kadivar

Roozbeh_Gilani So ? What made Your Qajar Prince Accept the Job ?

by Darius Kadivar on

In the First Place If he did not consider the new Dynasty legitimate for ousting his incompetent family off the throne ? 

pictory: Mossadegh The Gentleman (1950's)


If not to Betray The Head of State at the First Opportunity ?


YES, PRIME MINISTER: A Step By Step Guide To Mossadegh's Premiership and the Coup of '53 ...

Based on your argument then All Iranian Dynasties since the times of Cyrus the Great should be regarded as Illegitimate since they were ALL established by Force and conspiracy.

And Since you are Quoting from the British language for your information you wouldn't be speakingit were it not for King James Bibile:

BBC Television Marks King James Bible 400thAnniversary  


As such America as a nation is an equally Illegitimate one, since it has inherited something which is not genuinely Native American.

Including it's Bill of Rights which the American's simply Copy and Pasted into their own constitution:

1688 and the 'Bill of Rights'

There is nothing democratic about Nation building. It is often built on blood spilt and acts of injustice.

The Current British Dynasty was Founded by far more dubious methods by spilling innocent blood, coups and counter coups, assassinations, poisoning you name it:

CASTING A KING: Shakespeare's Play On The British Monarchy

They even beheaded their King which didn't stop them to Restore his Son the point of which Parliamentary democracy took root with this Fellow:

Charles II Song - Horrible Histories With Lyrics!


And These are the Ancestors of the Fellow who is Going to be married to Kate Middleton in April :

HORRIBLE HISTORIES - The 4 Georges: 'Born 2 Rule'

HORRIBLE HISTORIES - The Wives of Henry VIII (Terrible Tudors)


The Pahlavis in comparison to the British or any  Iranian dynasty that preceded them or Republic which followed them are therefore as much if not more Legitimate and entitled to the throne of Iranzamin :

PRAISE FOR REZA SHAH: Adjoudani Slams Lack of Recognition for Pahlavi Dynasty's Founder


What Dynasty or Republic did the MKO run to claim to any form of historical legitimacy ? Even the Mullah's they helped bring to power can claim to a  more legitimacy given that they ruled Iran under a Turbaned Dynasty.

Their Dynasty however is far more Illegitimate than Any Royal Dynasty which has run Iran because they parted from a historical tradition which has defined our country's identity since the dawn of time and that is the Monarchy:

BEYOND WORDS: Group Reading of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh

Now if the MKO wish to conquer Power and establish their own system of government, that is their problem. I will oppose them even more firmly if they intend to use violence or other dubious methods. Either way I will NEVER Trust them, let alone their leaders. In a democratic environment however I have no problem with seeing them return to Iran but not immediately and only after a sufficient period of time has passed so as to make sure that the democratic transition has proved stable. In the same way that in Spain Juan Carlos allowed former Republicans who fought Franco to return home. But it ends there.  

As such I have no problem with anyone not liking the notion of the monarchy or any organization at odds with the Pahlavis but then don't try to define something you fellows clearly don't understand ...

 Words For Eternity ...

G. Rahmanian

Genuine Opposition For Genuine Democracy!

by G. Rahmanian on

For anyone who genuinely wants to free Iran from the barbaric rule of the mullahs and establish a democracy, this is great news. I have said this many times, and say it again: Unless Iranian opposition forces who seek democractic freedoms for Iranians unite, Iran will never be free! For three decades there were two main opposition groups which scared the hell out of the regime, the MEK/PMOI and the Monarchists. Even now, with the Green Movement which, in fact, includes all Iranian opposition groups, the regime still speaks of "Monaafegin." For years, the IR's propaganda apparatus tried hard to tell the world that the two main opposition groups had no backings. And of course, unfortunately, many among the opposition in exile have been regurgitating regime's lies and spouting the same nonsense. After any uprisings, though, the regime in Tehran blames the "Monaafegin" which is a euphemism it has used  when referring to PMOI. The regime must have good reasons to be fearful of the organization. Those who remember the historical events right after the revolution, when Iran's population was only about 30 million, MEK would easily get more than a million supporters at "Meidan Aazadi."  And they didn't even bus people in form other towns and cities, promising them all sorts of incentives!


Iranian-Americans: Write to your elected officials about PMOI

by MM on

Using the US government site for contacting elected officials, I just sent a message to the President, my senators and US representative regarding PMOI.  Very easily done. 

Contact Elected Officials (//


Contact information for state and federal elected officials.



Dear xxxxxxx,

I am writing to bring your attention to an important issue to the Iranian-Americans.  As you well know, the People’s Mujahedin Khalgh of Iran (MKO, MEK, PMOI) is currently on the US terrorist watch list, however, there is a push by several former US officials to release PMOI from the terrorist watch and enable them to roam freely amongst us.  I urge you to vote no on releasing PMOI from the terrorist watch list and prohibit US officials from courting this cult-like organization.  See, e.g.  Middle East in Transition, Prospects for Iran - February 19, 2011: // and John Bolton and others speak at a Mujahedin rally in Paris (//

As an Iranian-American, I need to inform you that PMOI has minimal popularity amongst the Iranian Diaspora as well as Iranians inside Iran.  That is because PMOI showed their true self throughout the past decades, for example: 

* Pre 1979 Iranian revolution, PMOI was a terrorist organization working against the Shah’s regime.

* Post 1979, PMOI became a collaborator with the Islamic Republic (IRI) and showed that she was even more brutal that the IRI.

* After PMOI and IRI parted ways, PMOI became an ally of Saddam’s regime and fought against the Iranian army during the 8-year Iran-Iraq war.

* Saddam even sent PMOI to the Kurdish regions to quell the uprising called by President Bush, Sr.

* Their selected president-for-life is revered like a cult symbol, and the whole organization is run like a cult with forced marriages, etc.

Now, PMOI wants to be an IRI opposition party by taking herself out of the terrorist watch & probably legally recruit more Iranians into their cult-like organization.  If the true purpose of supporting an IRI opposition group is to bring democracy to Iran, PMOI is certainly the wrong choice here.  As it is said in English; if you want to get out of a hole, stop digging.  Or, as the Persian proverb tells us; we hate to get out of a hole and fall into a well.

Here are some sites where Rajavi’s husband, the true leader of PMOI, is courting Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, PLO leader,

Pictory: Massoud & Maryam Rajavi Greets PLO leader Yasser Arafat (year ?) (//

pictory: Saddam Hussein Greets Massoud Rajavi as "Opposition" Leader (1986) (//

and, the paragraphs in Farsi writing in the following site divulges loyalty to Khomeini when they saw fit to court their hated opposition, shows their brutality in killing their opposition and one of their news briefs shows the killing of an American advisor by PMOI: //

Thank you and I strongly urge you to vote no to make PMOI (MKO, MEK) a US-supported opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). 

Yours sincerely,




G. Rahmanian

Great News

by G. Rahmanian on

For those who are genuinely fighting against the murderous regime in Tehran.


They are Iranian proxies

by Escape on

sorry your insulted but the truth is the truth. And just like I know I don't make any sense to you,neither do Iranian's saying 'Allah Ackbar' do they? Well when you hit reality about Iran let me know.


Zer ke mizane heech, ter ham mizaneh

by Bavafa on

If it was up to Escape, the Christian version of Mullah would be ruling in US




by Cost-of-Progress on

as usual you are , as we say in Persian, Zerr Mizani, as in you're talking pure nonsense.

Hamas and hezbollah and those other groups are NOT Iranian, but MKO is and has betrayed Iran. Your post is nonsense, and very insulting. Why would you say such thing?

Besides, what do you know about MKO, and Iran anyway????




Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Why do we want someone, a person, to solve our problems or lead us?  Are we bunch of sheep(s)?  Coward and selfish yes, sheep no!

The other day, I wrote to JJ that if we wanted to have a better Iran, we needed to become better people; yaani:  People who put their country and heritage first.  People who care for each other and their environment.

Once again, I want to use my quote:"The people get the government they deserve.  The way to change a government is for the people to change."


When you write them about Hamas and Hezbollah

by Escape on

I would take seriously any effort to condemn the MKO. And let's not forget Al Qeada and the Taliban,Islamic Jihad and the Eeevil P.L.O. As for your past standings on Terrorists,you have no credibility.Ironic or Iranic?


This is a wake up call

by Simorgh5555 on

This is a wake up call to Shahzade Reza Pahlavi and other Iranian opposition groups to propose credible solutions to remove the Islamic Republic. By opposing violence and military action unconditionally opposition groups have shown themselves to be ineffective and irrelevant. No more velvet revolutions. No more civil disobedience. The Islamic Republic will NOT be removed without an armed struggle which is why is something the MKO understands and which is why it has has grown in membership and political influence. Fight or content yourselves to being exiles dreaming of a free Iran during your lifetime. 


Marxism - Monarchism

by Doctor mohandes on


 maybe they are cooking up something totally new! taking the Title that Maryam khanoom has right now, you know, Maadaam La president, reaarange the letters, add some new ones and call her the Queen which by extension will promote Mashti massood e Taryaki To The King!

The Yanks have gotten it all figured out. Don't you folks worry about nothing!


COP: those are pretty much my sentiments

by Bavafa on

Wtih the exception that it ought to read...

"If this is the best can be done for Iranians"

This may however be a good example of US support for Iranian [NOT]

As if religious nut cases has not been bad enough for Iranians, lets add a pinch of Marxist idiology and a whole lot of traitorsim (if there is such a word) to the group and bring it to Iran.



The Iranian-Americans need to voice opinion on this issue.

by MM on


The Iranian-Americans need to voice their opinions on this issue.  * MKO was a terrorist organization <1979. * After 1979, MKO slept w/ IRI & showed more brutality. * after differences with IRI were obvious, MKO slept w/ Saddam and fought against Iran's army, & they were sent to quell the Kurds. * Their selected president-4-life is revered like a cult symbol. * Now MKO wants to be an opposition party & probably legally recruit more Iranians into their cult-like organization.  Please tell your senator, representative and the White House how you feel about MKO.

These politicians do not care who fights IRI, but the old Persian expression is very clear here: We do not want to get out of a hole and fall into a well.

Contact Elected Officials (//

Contact information for state and federal elected officials.


Let's do a reality check on the "legitimacy" thing in English!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 the British English!

I'd leave it to rest here, frankly...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Darius Kadivar

Roozbeh_Gilani Maloomeh Tarikheh Mashrouteh roh Nakhoundi ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Fargesh een hast keh Shah dar Keshvar Hokoomat meekard va "Legitimicy" tebgeh Ganooneh Assasyeh Keshvar dasht:


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?

Isn't Calling for the Head of State's Death usually called "Treason"?


Halah aghar Oon Ganooneh Assasy roh Shoma Ghabool nadareed:

pictory: Soviet Propaganda Film - Iran, Tabriz 1945-46


ya harguez nadashteed oon yek Massaeleyeh Deegareest ...

Akhareen bary keh MKO "Legitimicy" Dasht Key Bood ?


REPUBLICAN OFFSPRING: Massoud Rajavi at Tehran University during Presidential Campaign (1980)

Pictory: Massoud & Maryam Rajavi Greets PLO leader Yasser Arafat (year ?)

pictory: Saddam Hussein Greets Massoud Rajavi as "Opposition" Leader (1986)

Maghar Eenkeh beh "Legitimacyeh" een khanoumeh Mohtarem eshareh meekoneed ?

pictory: Nude Scene with Marjane prior to becoming an MKO Icon (1970's)


But Then again maybe Too Much Butter has blurred Your Objectivity:


MARIA's LAST TANGO: Bernardo Bertolucci's Iconic actress Maria Schneider dies 





آقا داریوش، شما هم که چه حوصله‌ای داری ها!


صدام یک عالمه با اینا کیف کرد، حالا بذار اوباما هم بکنه!

در ضمن، امیدوارم بهت بر نخوره، ولی‌ بقیه کردن، چرا اینها نکنند؟

Darius Kadivar

Nope there is even Better to come ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

See My Comments to Fred's thread:

How many Iranians does it take?


If this is the best we Iranians can do

by Cost-of-Progress on

after 32 years of clerical rule, then shame on ALL OF US!

This seems like a tactic to prop up MKO, the traitor islamic marxist nutcase cultists.

Going from mullahcracy to Islamic marxism. That's their answer for Iran's situation now? WTF?

When are we going to learn?