KNIGHTHOOD: France bestows culture honor on Michael Caine


KNIGHTHOOD: France bestows culture honor on Michael Caine
by Darius Kadivar

Michael Caine, already a British knight, is now a French commander too. He was made "Chevalier of Arts and Letters" by French culture minister Frederic Mitterrand in Paris Thursday Jan. 6, 2011

AFP Report ( Caine Speaks Fairly Good French):

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British Report:

British actor and producer Michael Caine poses with his Indian wife Shakira after being made Chevalier of Arts and Letters by French cultureminister Frederic Mitterrand in Paris Thursday Jan. 6, 2011.

France's culture ministermade the 77-year-old actor a commander of Arts and Letters, the highest rank inthe French cultural order, in a ceremony Thursday.

Cainetold The Associated Press in a mix of French and English that he fell in lovewith France in his youth and getting this award was like being recognized byhis "fiancee."

Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand called Caine "a giant" of the acting profession.

Caine has been one of Britain's most popular and accomplished actors for decades. He won best supporting actor Oscars in 2000 for "The Cider House Rules"and in 1987 for "Hannah and Her Sisters." He received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2000.

20 Great Michael Caine Films :

Alfie, Ipcress File, Get Carter,Sleuth, The Man Who Would Be King, Educating Rita, Dressed to Kill, Hannah andHer Sisters, Children of Men, The Dark Knight and many more.



Miscellaneous Interview, Trailers of Sir Michael Caine’s Films and Career

Michael Caine interview 1960's:

A brief clip of an interview with Michael Caine in the mid-sixties. His views on British society at that time.


Parkinson interviews Michael Caine on playing American Accents:

On Parkison Part One:


On Parkison Part Two:

Frost over the World - Michael Caine - 16 May 08 (Part I):


Frost over the World - Michael Caine - 16 May 08 (Part II):



On Charlie Rose :

Michael Caine speaks about death in Interview with Charlie Rose


On British Politics




Michael Caine: Breaking The Mold : About Educating Rita:


Michael Caine in « Get Carter » :

The Last Valley (1971) Starring Omar Sharif and Michael Caine 


The Man Who Would be King -Trailer (1975):


The Man Who Would be King (1975): 

Sean Connery and Caine prétendto be descendants of Alexander the Great to Steal his treasure 


Masonic References in "The Man Who Would Be King" :

The Italian Job scene :

You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

Italian Job Trailer (1969):

Sleuth (1972) Starring Michael Caine and Sir Laurence Olivier:

Sleuth (2007) Remake :

Caine switches into Olivier’s Role opposite Jude Law who plays his rôle in the 1972 version


The Eagle has Landed (1976):


Trailer for Woody Allen's film "Hanna and her sisters" (1986):

The Quiet American (2002):

Michael Caine winning anOscar® for "The Cider House Rules" (2000):




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