Khosro Fravahar Challenges Abbas Milani & ex-Maoist “Comrads” to an Open debate on Shah’s Rule


Khosro Fravahar Challenges Abbas Milani & ex-Maoist “Comrads” to an Open debate on Shah’s Rule
by Darius Kadivar

Khosro Fravahar a Constitutionalist Monarchist from Austria cordially invites historian Abbas Milani , and less cordially the ex Maoist activist Khanbaba Tehrani and ex communist Bahman Nimrud ( affiliated to the Baader Meinhoff and leading member of the Confederation of Iranian Students in West Germany) to come and explain their views of the Shah’s rule in the light of their own past activities.


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I agree with him. Good luck

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I agree with him. Good luck mate. You have my support